O. J. Simpson gets locked up


O. J. Simpson is a damn fool.  Probably as a result of a drunken musing, he told his bail bondsman to contact a co-defendant in his sports memorabilia theft case, a clear violation of his bail agreement.   O. J. is too damn old to get locked up.  It serves no purpose, but that’s exactly where his old arse is going.

The Associated Press picks up the story, “O.J. Simpson was taken into custody Friday in Florida and will be brought before a judge next week on allegations that he violated terms of his bail in a Las Vegas armed robbery case, court officials said.”

“Clark County District Attorney David Roger alleges that in a November voice message, Simpson told his bail bondsman to contact co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart and express frustration about testimony given at hearing where Simpson, Stewart and a third man were ordered to stand trial.”

“I’m tired of this (expletive),” Simpson is quoted as saying in a transcript that was included in Roger’s motion to revoke bail filed Friday. “Fed up with (expletive) changing what they told me. All right?”

Simpson had been instructed by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure in September not to have any contact with anyone involved in the case — not even by “carrier pigeon.” Simpson was to go before a judge Wednesday.


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  1. The jury that let Simpson go after his double-murder trial should be locked up with him. They let him go when he was obviously guilty, and Simpson continues to endanger people who cross his path. Is this Las Vegas jury also going to let him get away with these crimes?
    I’m not making this up! There was actually a sign on the fence at Simpson’s Rockingham estate during the double-murder trial which read: “O.J., whether you did it or not, we still love you!”

  2. OG

    I am giving up on OJ, and about to give up on Tiger, I am hoping that Mr.Woods will comment further on the comments made on the golf channel. Mr. Simpson was at one time more popular then Mr.Obama , one of my child hood heros, (THe Juice) but I guess it isnt fashionable to be Black anymore. These House Negros who dont want to be Black anymore!!! hell , we were all black when we couldnt sit at the font of the bus. I never heard Adam C. Powell,Jullian Bond ever claiming to be any thing else but Black and proud. Boy some of these Brothers got some seriuos issues. This is Tgers chance he has an in , now and I am waiting o hear from him.

  3. Cliff


    We all know that Tiger Woods probably does not possess the political activism, to speak out against the remarks made by Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel. If he will not speak, we will have to speak for him, not only because you are conscious enough to speak, but you have the forum through SB and others to do so.

    Holla if ya’ hear me.

    We all know that they used to get away with comments like these in secret, and in broadcasts, but of course was not under heavy scrutiny like now. Private racism, private comments, and private thoughts, are some of the tactics that they should utilize from 2008 and beyond, because black people are watching and listening to the Golf Channel and “Imus in the Morning” now, and we’re expanding our views and perceptions on reality. In retrospect, it will be very hard for them to hide their thoughts, following “Jena 6,” “Meagan Williams,” etc., with brothers who recognize the consistency of every endeavor of action or reaction in society, always ending with the same result (The black man in jail or the in grave, case proven with OJ). They even have TV screens at the gas station showing me today of how they’ve finally after 455 years locked another black man up.

    Hmmmm, is this a consistent or inconsistent pattern?

    Really I thought I was not a slave anymore. I thought Weez Free.

    Therefore their thoughts actually become rather easy to correlate with their actions. One day of freedom, is something that I’m still dreaming about. To wake up in a world where I’m not considered a slave, or a fraction of dog, or the filth on the bottom of someone‘s shoes. A world where my soul and my mind is free, which would allow my effervescence of spirit to be endless with joy, and happiness.

    With that said, let’s handle some business.

    “Anchor Kelly Tilghman was suspended for two week for saying that young players who wanted to challenge him, should lynch him in a back alley”.

    Inspired by a rap group called “The Roots,”





    Prove: The square root of white supremacy within the golf channel is irrational.

    Assume: Square Root (White Supremacy within the Golf Channel) is Rational.

    Definition of Axiom 1:By Stipulation of White Supremacy, reporters/announcers/broadcasters of white descent have the right to verbally attack, dehumanize any athlete of Negroid hue, or African descent.

    Assumption 1: Black People of North America would never be insulted by comments made by an Athlete of African descent, of being lynched in a back alley, since they fully, and totally agree with the criteria of Axiom 1.

    Assumption 2: Black People of North America would never think of a white sports announcer having any memory of any historical account of any lynching of themselves, because they are free to roam society with no thoughts of present lynchings, because they’ve never been lynched, physically or spiritually.

    Assumption 3: Black People of North America never have to worry about withholding their natural talents, to measure or challenge any sports/games as previously dominated white males, for fear of being lynched in a back alley, or drowned or hanged.

    Assumption 4: Black People of North America, such as Tiger Woods, has the right to master a sport normally dominated by white males, without producing the thoughts in the minds of his white counter-parts of any non-existent historical accounts of being lynched.

    Assumption 5: Black People of North America, such as Tiger Woods does not fall under the racial definition of Axiom 1, would never be considered a fraction of a dog like Michael Vick or Marion Jones, and thus would never be considered a black master of white game.


    Assumptions (1-5)

    which implies…

    The square root of white supremacy within the golf channel is irrational.


  4. Cliff:

    Add Bob Johnson to the list of:




    This campaign is going to get nastier than when Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter for the nomination back in 1980 and everyone told him to STHU and get on board the Carter bandwagon.

    And you know how that ended. Twelve years of Reagan-Bush, and trickle-down economics which basically meant Reagan and his ilk pissed on the working class for the last twenty years (cause Clinton kept it going for another eight years; we’re only beginning to see the effects).

    If Hillary blows all the African-American population to hell for attacking Obama, she will lose to Mike Hucakbee or John McCain the same way Reagan beat Carter – LANDSLIDE.

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