Democrats choose Julia Carson’s grandson to succeed her


Hat Tip: By Mary Beth Schneider, Indianapolis Star

Democrats have selected Andre Carson to run in a special election to fill the U.S. Congressional term of his grandmother, the late Julia Carson. Carson, a member of the City-County Council, garnered 223 of the 439 votes cast. He was among eight candidates seeking the nomination. Julia Carson, a legend in Indiana politics, died Dec. 15 after a battle with lung cancer, and her presence loomed over today’s caucus which began with a moment of silence in her memory.

Many of the precinct committee men and women leapt to their feet, cheering and clapping, when Carson’s victory was announced.

“We love you Andre!” one woman shouted out as he bounded to the stage.

“We did it!” he shouted. “Thank God, we did it!”

Now, he said, he will launch a “grass-roots effort” to win the seat his grandmother held.

“We need candidates in office who aren’t puppets for big business and corporate interests. We need to get our troops home from Iraq immediately. We need to make sure funding is available for every child to meet the requirements of ‘No Child Left Behind,'” he said to cheers.

And, he said, “we all have to come together. No matter who you were for, we come together and show Republicans that this is a Democratic seat.”

Andre Carson will face determined white opposition to retain this seat in the Democratic primary and  to be re-elected to this seat in the fall. The coalition between black and white democrats seems to be fracturing in Indianapolis and I will be keeping tabs on this seat.

5 thoughts on “Democrats choose Julia Carson’s grandson to succeed her

  1. indy democrat

    The celebration will probably be brief….the anti Andre coalition is growing daily…people don’t like the idea of ‘entitlement’ to a Congressional seat….I think a lot of people will be surprised by the primary results.

  2. I’m posting this here, because I feel so strongly about what I have to say, I want to make it more likely that you’ll see it:

    Wow, broatha. I was about to compliment you for your salience on this post here:

    But then I wanted to see what you now had to say after Barak’s win in Iowa; and thanks to some good oratory I see that you’ve now drank the kool-aid.

    This is a prime example of how knowledge is not enough. You have the knowledge of the issues at hand, as demonstrated it by the October post, but you ignore what you know do to mystification:

    You go from one extreme of saying he can’t win the nomination (which wasn’t the part of your post that I liked so much because that was too presumptuous) to the other extreme of believing he had it all wrapped up after one caucus win. You gotta get some balance brotha. Like the India Arie song says, Come Back To the Middle.

    I mean, I’m not against you voting for Obama, but to have abandoned all reservation when you’ve detailed some of the potent reasons for reservations; and only due to some good speeches and white folks in a rural state saying we like him, is something else.

  3. Flood

    There is no white oppression within the Indianapolis democratic party. Nearly all the democrats running were black and the white ones were not trying to oust the others because of their skin color. Additionally, Julia Carson ran against a black republican in 2006. Indianapolis does not look at race when it comes to electing qualified officials. There is no reason to say that white democrats (myself included) would try and keep Andre or others out of the election, I have been a supporter of his grandmother for years and support Andre’s campaign.

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