Obama presser on racial tiff with Clintons



11 thoughts on “Obama presser on racial tiff with Clintons

  1. abe ny

    Crabs in a Barrel!

    What Bob Johnson said is unforgivable. He should be ostracized by African Americans from here forward. This is the second notch against him. The first being his profiteering from the degradation of black females and blacks in general as promoted in his BET programming. What’s tragic is that Bob Johnson could have been a hero to folks. He provided an alternative venue for Black music, in response to MTV’s exclusion. But rather than promote positive images and thereby influence the music industry in a lasting way, he chose what was easiest. When the FCC set aside a percent of media ownership for minorities I doubt they intended to degrade black woman and promote criminality. Under the cover of affirmative action, Johnson decided he too could exploit blacks and subject the race to ridicule. Now he shucks and jives for Hillary. What did Hillary do for African Americans?

  2. blacksurvival

    I am numbed that we find ourself in a position that when we see an example of overt deeply felt racism as exhibited by Hillary Clinton we must turn a blind eye,or be labeled racist,or accused of playing the race card.White people in this country(worldwide for that matter) do not know what racism is because they have never been victims of it.To the contrary they are the propagators of it.From the WHITE House, all the way back to it’s slave owning founders,to the inferior splintered quality of life experienced by a vast majority of black folks. To the average black person racism is a all encompassing institution that affects every aspect of our lives
    Knowing the above puts Obama at a great disadvantage to Hillary.The events that have greatly obsessed the the media in the past week illustrate the fire storm that would descend on Obama should he choose to broach the real issues that have shaped our society,and is at the core of all our problem.Hillary on the other hand can openly discuss the problem that affect our community without the same backlash,and look like a shining hero.Remember though she has no idea what we go through and to say that she does is a slap in the face.I’m from Chicago’s southside a very short distance from the Lily White comunity where Hillary grew up,and where Obama reside at present and has by chose.He has fought for issues that affect our community and sees the issues from both perspectives not just the Europian American perspective.Hillary’s sense of intitlement and her deeply rooted supreriority complex tells me that when she speaks of change she is only telling Bill to move over and let me drive for a while.This will only lead to eight more years of someone who doe not even know the definition of functional Racism.
    Cudos Obama you are a scholar and it seems a true Gentleman.
    When I say Remember Harold I mean Harold Washington.We can achieve the sme thing on a national level.

  3. Akech

    There is nothing more painful than using a man’s own family members to club him. I used to think Clarence Thomas position on issues affecting Black ommunity was bad. Nothing prepared me for the assault Bob Johnson, a billionare, launched at Mr. Obama. That was lethal to say the least. It is one thing to disagree with a person. Assaulting his heritage the way Mr Johnson did was stunning.

    I hope Billary Clinton go back to the White House because they have indicated they willing to mow down anybody who dare to stand in their way using all means.

    I understand the base of Democrats is the African American Vote. Mr Bob Johnson should have no problem sending out many Black folks to voting booths nationwide!!!

  4. Anon 1

    Barack Obama is running a very immature campaign. He cannot expect to run for the Presidency and not have anyone criticize him. Had he immediately said that the Clintons are not raicst and they support civil rights and equal rights just like him, he would easily have won the nomination. Instead he allowed far liberal whites on his campaign to taint the Clintons as racist. Perhaps, his strategy to allow the Clintons stew in the pot for almost a week might work in Nevada and South Carolina. But he cannot win in the end.

    Obama has been using this whole race thing long before from his wife comments on 60 Minutes to him comparing himself to Kennedy and King. Anyway, I hope they all stay on issue.

    Mr. Obama is known to duck many issues especially if he feels they maybe controversial. I want a leader who is fearless and is not afraid to make a decision. I love his great oratory, but he must be prepared to follow up with actions and work.

    Barack Obama is playing the affirmative action card and this will not work for us other blacks. He was quick to discuss his drug use as “experimenting” with kids in New Hampshire. Why can’t he address his drug use to the public and shut up Bob Johnson once and for all. He cannot win by blaming the Clintons for every negative attack on him. This is just naive. As a black woman, I want him to show how he can handle adversity. I’m afraid he is not immune from negative remarks. Every candidate in the history of this nation has gone through it. No preferential treatment. It only makes us blacks look weak. Now I see why Shelby Steele refer to him as wearing a mask. Hence, he is “the Masked politician” to me.

    John Edwards made a huge mistake by appearing to be sucking up to Obama and only attacking Hillary CLinton. Perhaps, he is afraid of being called a racist.

    Finally, the Democratic Party has three solid candidates competing, who differ very little on policy and beliefs and I hope the best Candidate wins.

    I doubt if this country can tolerate another 4 years of Republican rule.

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