Michigan Exit Polls: Hillary Clinton alienating black voters, one state at a time


According to exit polls taken today, more than two thirds of African American voters voted against Hillary Clinton and for the Uncommitted slate in the Michigan Primary.

Category % Total Clinton Dodd Gravel Kucinich Unc.
White 72 63 0 1 5 31
Black 23 30 1 0 0 68

The Michigan Democratic Party moved its presidential primary up into the pre-window period, which was only to include four states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. As a result, Michigan was stripped of all of its convention delegates and its primary tonight is nothing more than a non-binding beauty contest which will not count toward deciding the Democratic nomination for President.

After being stripped of its delegates, all major candidates removed their names from the Michigan ballot and only Hillary Clinton and a few also rans remained. Her 56% showing tonight is nothing short of anemic. Fewer than a third of African American Democrats voted for her. When its all said and done, I believe that fewer than a quarter of African American Democrats nationwide will pull the lever for the Borg Queen of American Politics despite her heavy investment in securing high profile black endorsements.