Hillary vs. Obama: Who won the debate and who will win South Carolina


Former Clinton strategist Dick Morris, now a Clinton nemesis and right wing columnist, has written an interesting article on the South Carolina Primary.    I’d be interested to know your thoughts.

Hat Tip: Rasmussen Reports, By Dick Morris

Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly lose the South Carolina primary as African-Americans line up to vote for Barack Obama. And that defeat will power her drive to the nomination.

The Clintons are encouraging the national media to disregard the whites who vote in South Carolina’s Democratic primary and focus on the black turnout, which is expected to be quite large. They have transformed South Carolina into Washington, D.C. — an all-black primary that tells us how the African-American vote is going to go.

By saying he will go door to door in black neighborhoods in South Carolina matching his civil rights record against Obama’s, Bill Clinton emphasizes the pivotal role the black vote will play in the contest. And by openly matching his record on race with that of the black candidate, he invites more and more scrutiny focused on the race issue.

Of course, Clinton is going to lose that battle. Blacks in Nevada overwhelmingly backed Obama and will obviously do so again in South Carolina, no matter how loudly former President Clinton protests. So why is he making such a fuss over a contest he knows he’s going to lose?

Precisely because he is going to lose it.

If Hillary loses South Carolina and the defeat serves to demonstrate Obama’s ability to attract a bloc vote among black Democrats, the message will go out loud and clear to white voters that this is a racial fight. It’s one thing for polls to show, as they now do, that Obama beats Hillary among African-Americans by better than 4-to-1 and Hillary carries whites by almost 2-to-1. But most people don’t read the fine print on the polls. But if blacks deliver South Carolina to Obama, everybody will know that they are bloc-voting. That will trigger a massive white backlash against Obama and will drive white voters to Hillary Clinton.

Obama has done everything he possibly could to keep race out of this election. And the Clintons attracted national scorn when they tried to bring it back in by attempting to minimize the role Martin Luther King Jr. played in the civil rights movement. But here they have a way of appearing to seek the black vote, losing it, and getting their white backlash, all without any fingerprints showing.

The more President Clinton begs black voters to back his wife, and the more they spurn her, the more the election becomes about race — and Obama ultimately loses.

Because they have such plans for South Carolina, the Clintons were desperate to win in Nevada. They dared not lose two primaries in a row leading up to Florida. But now they can lose South Carolina with impunity, having won in Nevada.

But don’t look for them to walk away from South Carolina. Their love needs to appear to have been unrequited by the black community for their rejection to seem so unfair that it triggers a white backlash. In this kind of ricochet politics, you have to lose openly and publicly in order to win the next round. And since the next round consists of all the important and big states, polarizing the contest into whites versus blacks will work just fine for Hillary.

Of course, this begs the question of how she will be able to attract blacks after beating Obama. Here the South Carolina strategy also serves its purpose. If she loses blacks and wins whites by attacking Obama, it will look dirty and underhanded to blacks. She’ll develop a real problem in the minority community.

But if she is seen as being rejected by minority voters in favor of Obama after going hat in hand to them and trying to out-civil rights Obama, blacks will even likely feel guilty about rejecting Hillary and will be more than willing to support her in the general election.


39 thoughts on “Hillary vs. Obama: Who won the debate and who will win South Carolina

  1. Allison

    The last segment of the NBC Nightly News tonight featured a story by Tom Brokaw on Black Talk Radio in South Carolina. A caller highlighted asked if, ” [Obama] were not Black, would we be backing him, and if Hilary was a Black woman, would we be jumping on her bandwagon?” I cannot deny that as a registered Democrat, I have ignored John Edwards because he is not African American and he is not a I can’t believe I might ultimately be choosing between the two. While I would not vote for race or gender if I disagreed with their issues, I am a white female, so I am intrigued by the hypocrisy being suggested that some Whites from all parties are voting for Obama now, to bring attention to race and build a sense of fear among other Whites that he might actually win, thus increasing the vote for Hillary or even others, over the long term. I’m sure it is happening, and actually thought this might really be happening after the vast difference between polling and election results in New Hampshire. People of all races and genders might say they support Obama, but behind the curtain their racism and hypocrisy runs true. As the news segment was ending, I shuddered to think of the racist White voters sitting at home watching the same broadcast thinking something like, ‘that Obama, or whatever his name is, will be the President of the United States over my damn body.’ I can almost hear the voices ringing in my ears as I type. When I read suggestions of those such as Dick Morris, I can only think of my counterparts who do not want to think about race, let alone talk about race, so they will avoid dealing with all together by not even listening to Obama’s agenda. Unfortunately, Morris is probably right, and White Obama supporters like me are only marginally aware of the horrid unjust implications that the discussion will bring.

  2. What he got wrong is this:

    But if she is seen as being rejected by minority voters in favor of Obama after going hat in hand to them and trying to out-civil rights Obama, blacks will even likely feel guilty about rejecting Hillary and will be more than willing to support her in the general election.

    She’s burning so many bridges to thinking Black folk – you know, the ones who actually vote – it’s ridiculous.

  3. Chesapeake

    I don’t know if the Clintons’ intend to scare white voters, but they have succeeded to knock Obama off his game. He is spending way too much time explaining and defending this and that, and he is sadly spending precious time “out blacking” the Clintons when he could be working to put some meat on his campaign and figuring out how to get the independent and republican vote without invoking Ronald Reagan.

    His answer to the question about Clinton being the first black president could have been much better than “… I have to see him dance.” That was not funny AT ALL. We can’t keep feeding people that grin and entertain junk! How about a simple “no, I will be!” … period

    The reason the Clintons have succeeded in sucking Obama into this mindless – yet effective – bickering is that Obama’s soft. He’s a nice guy. Sometimes, he’d rather be just “present.”

    He could have nipped all this in the bud by the weekend after New Hampshire, at the latest, by simply spending some hours coming up with plans/proposals (instead of the rhetorical “we should … hope … we can … I have said … change …”) to deal with separate and unequal education, trade agreements, and union busting – issues that would resonate in South Carolina. It’s too late to make his plan as good as Clinton’s or Edward’s, but he could have gotten advice on the weaknesses of his healthcare plan and been prepared to defend it, anyway.

    One thing you can say about the Clintons and the Bushs: they do not play – it’s a fight to them, not a game, and it is not over until they win. Whereas Clinton has cleaned up her campaign and the heads are rolling all over the place (no more leaks of anything from inside, no more talk of library documents, no more talk of scandalous donations and fundraising tactics), she has now focused her attention on breathing down Obama’s neck on one day, and letting Bill blow smoke the next day while she hits the issues. Meanwhile, Obama twists and squirms.

    In the end, whatever the Clintons’ strategy is, they may be able to push white voters away from Obama AND make a case that he lacks judgment and poise under pressure.

  4. Bah.

    Dick Morris is out of the game. Has been for…damn near 12 yrs.

    The fact that Fox News employs him AND Mark Fuhrman as…”ahem” experts tells me all that I need to know.

    The reality is that the Clintons wake up every morning pissed that they even have to fight this out. This was SUPPOSED to be a coronation. And NOW they have to empty the playbook just to get out of the early rounds.

    They are Tres’ irritated. And it shows.

  5. This is Dick F-ing Morris. The only time you can believe what he says is when he’s on your payroll. It’s stupid “Black people will feel guilty about rejecting Hillary.” Complete bollocks. “You have to lose openly and publically to win the next round.” Since when? This mutt didn’t even deserve your link to him.

  6. Denise

    “One thing you can say about the Clintons and the Bushs: they do not play – it’s a fight to them, not a game, and it is not over until they win…”

    And with all due respect, this is the same zero-sum game played by world leaders like Musharaff, Kim Jong Il, Putin, Olmert, etc.

    The difference being that the stakes are higher than votes. National security, nuclear weapons, oil, clean water…HELLO??

    Therefore, I say “show us what chu workin’ with, Senator.”

  7. louis

    Let’s get real. PLEASE PEOPLE WAKE UP! USE YOUR BRAIN! Dick Morris is totally off base. One let’s look at his not well thought out hypothesis.

    Whites will vote for Hillary since Blacks are supporting Barack?

    Well, if this is the case. Could we use the same hypothesis to say Men will vote for Hillary since a large percentage of women are supporting Hillary?

    So, if that is the case, everything cancels out.

    Realty is that Hillary may win the nomination (even though I am not voting for her in the primary nor the general election), but she has lost the general election.

    She is not likable. Her so-called policies are limited, and she lacks experience. The Republicans are licking the chops waiting for her nomination. Her and Bill have so much BAGGAGE to rummage through it’s ridiculous.

    So for idiots such a Charlie Rangel, Sheila Jackson Lee and all the other non-thinking folks get ready to have another Republican President.

  8. Rikyrah, you hit the nail on the head. The Borg Queen will have burned so many bridges, a submarine wouldn’t be able to navigate her back to Black People to support her.

    Back in 1984 and 1988, the powers that led the Democratic Party were smart enough to realize that if they burned bridges with Jesse Jackson, all bets were off on the Black vote. So they played it smart, and wisely kept Jesse in the loop.

    In 1992 – Clinton almost burned a bridge with us when he wouldn’t put Jesse on the ticket at VP; but he had to promise Jesse a whole lot of Black Folks would get Cabinet positions in exchange for his support. Whomever Jesse supported, Black people followed.

    Honestly, I think Bill Clinton was showing us what he was about in 1992, but we wanted Bush and remnants of Reagan out of the White House so bad – not to mention Perot got 19% of the vote that would have gone to Poppy – we fell for Clinton’s charm, hook, line and two sinkers.

    I think it’s time Black People send a message in November – if the Borg Queen gets the nod, we should remind her of this mud slinging, and unless she’s willing to sign a Promissory Note on what she’s going to do to mend fences with Black people, we should tell her to go to hell, because it’s obvious she believes she can win POTUS without Black People’s support.

    I blame the Congressional Black Caucus for that, because instead of staying true to the Game, these Mammys, Stepin Fetchits and Uncle Ruckeses – especially those who got there since 1998, have all shown how cheaply and easily they will sell out our interests. Hell, we saw them lead the charge to bring legislation like the BK bill, CAFTA and the Telecom bills to the floors for votes. They voted to continue spying on US, the American People. How quick they forgot COINTELPRO. And should we forget how fast they slung Cynthia McKinney under a bus for protesting being molested by the Capitol Hill Police, but threw a ring of protection around probably the most corrupt member of the CBC, William Jefferson, who gives new meaning to the phrase “Cold Hard Cash”?

    The CBC could have kept their credibility and prevented this campaign from disintergrating into this slug fest, but they’re so angry with Obama for not shucking and jiving, that they would rather tote water for the Borg Queen, while she’s playing these strategies and set us back another 20 years.

    Whatever she promised them, think that it is the equivalent of less than 30 pieces of silver – in other words, just like the Native Americans got bilked out of prime real estate now known as Manhattan, for some pretty sparkling beads you can get ten for a penny.

  9. Denise


    “Never get into a wrestling match with a pig,” Senator John McCain said in New Hampshire this month after reporters asked him about Mr. Romney. “You both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”

    Mike Huckabee’s pugilistic campaign chairman, Ed Rollins, appeared to stop just short of threatening Mr. Romney with physical violence at one point.

    “What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn’t get in the way of my thought process,” Mr. Rollins said.”


  10. Chesapeake

    TPJ, I disagree that Clinton thinks she can win without the black vote. She knows she has to have it, and, if Obama doesn’t win (assuming Clinton wins), he, the nice guy he is, will make nice and throw all his support behind her.

    Not only that, Edwards won’t run as an independent, so you can bank on the fact that if the republican nominee is not Huckabee, Clinton will take ninety percent of our vote. Besides, while she’s ticking off some of us, she still carries a large block of black vote with Obama in. It won’t take much. The wildcard is Mayor Mike!

  11. I am a staunch Obama supporter and I believe that he should not focus on the Clintons or black vs. white at all if he wishes to win this race. Not only are the Clinton’s bringing up his race, John Edwards has taking to saying that we [we being democrats] cannot win because he [Obama] will not translate in every state. Wow talk about racism in its boldest state.

    I think Obama should take the moral high road and not answer questions on the Clinton attacks or counteract the attacks with ads. If I were Senator Obama I would concentrate on the issues. Get the issues out so people will know what we are voting for. That is what I would do IMHO.

    I will continue to organize and campaign here in Houston for Obama though.

  12. We’ll see, Cheasapeake; although I have to partially agree with someone upthread who said that the Clintons wake up pissed every day because they actually have to get off their asses and fight for the nomination.

    Hillary thought by virtue of being married to Bill, the Democrats were going to gift-wrap the nomination to her.Obama, if nothing else, is making her fight for the nomination. so I give him credit that his campaign is pulling off the covers and revealing her to be a manipulative bitch who’s painting Obama as an Angry Black Man.

    Brothas have 500 years of anger stored up – now she’s trying to say Obama can’t get pissed with her mud slinging. She basically wrote off South Carolina – a fact that should not go ignored by Black People in November. She needs to sweat like a pig and promise her first born grandkid before I would even consider her, and even then, I’m writing in my own candidate if it’s her – just because of this mudslinging.

    I can’t even enjoy Olbermann anymore, because all the focus is on the mudslinging she started. I just hope Obama has enough self-respect to get and stay angry when this is all over, because she needs to pay for putting her selfish agenda before the needs of the American people.

  13. Rick

    Obama went into the last debate with two primary objectives. They were both accomplished.

    The first was to demonstrate that he can dish it out just like he was taking it. There will ALWAYS be critics to say someone is being thrown off when they choose to set boundaries and take a stand to defend themselves. That’s cool. But, how can someone be expected to take a stand for others if he or she lacks dignity/respect to stand up for themself? I would not vote for such a person. So you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. (better to do).

    But I thought it was textbook of how he put Hillary in check with out coming across as the proverbial “ANGRY BLACK MAN,” or podium-approaching Rick Lazio type — either which would have sealed the nomination for Hillary that same evening. Obama his maintained poise. He was firm, quick and direct. Drew laughter from the audience. And with the exception of a few hand gestures for emphasis, maintained perfect non-threatening body control. This isn’t about “nice”. This is about being intelligent, not falling into traps, while still putting *ish in check when it’s called for. But, there’s a way you do it; and he did it. (If were are a black man in corporate america watching this, you appreciate the tightrope, because you also walk it every day. This is nothing new. Just the first time most americans get to see it on display so openly).

    re: Obama’s primary objective

    But Obama’s primary objective was to paint Hillary Clinton (and by association, Bill) as someone who does not tell the truth and is someone that we can not trust — a direct assault on their characters. Did it work?

    The New York Times, Hillary’s own liberal homestate paper, was raising similar questions the day after the debate. Even the rival (and conservative) Wall Street Journal was echoing similar sentiments in its opinion pages, going as far as to express a lil empathy with Obama since conservatives “knew what this felt like.” (i.e., going against Clinton lies).

    There you have it: Hillary has effectively been “transformative” in getting black people and conservatives alike to share the view that the Clintons can’t be trusted. Perhaps I am giving Obama too much credit for working this…since Bill and Hillary are so masterful in doing this all by themselves.

    Go Obama!

  14. Rick

    “Brothas have 500 years of anger stored up” – TPJ

    There is a chapter in Cornel West’s book “Race Matters” that devotes discussion to how Malcom X “articulated black rage in a manner unprecedented in American history.”

    Well, on Monday evening, the day we celebrated MLK’s birthday, Senator Barack Obama lent voice to an anger that a new generation blacks can also relate to.

  15. Lucia

    I learned how important the Black vote must be for Billary during the funeral service for late Mrs. King.

    Hillary had to jump onto the podium where Bill was giving a eulogy despite the fact that she was not invited to speak. She was determined to not leave anything to chances. At the time, Mr. Obama had not declared his candidacy.

    Billary and Democrats use Blacks to beat Republicans. The Republicans rarely solicits Black votes. However, in order to galvanize white backlash against the democrats, they use issues like affirmative action or Willy Horton story. This is exactly what Billary Clinton are engaged in right now. I do not believe there is a difference between the two parties unless the Black community feels that the party that uses them is better than the one that overtly does not give a damn about them!!

    I do not think this vote should be obtained in exchange for financial gains or token appointments by well connected Black individuals. Folks, black kids are heading to jails because of unfair justice system; college loans and predatory lending are demolishing many black youths to the extent that many of them cannot get jobs, particularly, those jobs requiring good credits.

    In America, people make money by borrowing money. Many Blacks cannot borrow because they are overloaded by predatory lenders’ debts. One of Hillary’s votes in the Senate to tried to stop people like these from declaring bankruptcy while her corporate friends are allowed to do just that. What does this tell you about this God fearing woman who crying for the first time in her life because he cares about something, whatever that thing is!

    Hillary spoke very eloquently about “Slum Land lords” (kicking Obama in the groin). Do these well connected Black elites who are either getting paid or vying for token positions in Billary’s future administration know who these “slumlords” are? Do they know the kinds of people are victimized by these “slumlords”?

    Why are Blacks the only community whose votes are solicited in exchange for payouts or token appointments to individual elites without tangible benefits to the community as a whole?

  16. Marla K.

    I think we should be cool. Sen.Obama is still holding it down. I am sure he is aware of the senario suggested by this Dick Morris. I had considered this as well, and so did Roland Martin who ran it down on CNN. However I believe Obama still has a good chance for his required share of the white vote. I hope he continues to stay focused on the issues and not address any more attacks….which appears to be what he is doing. Hillary and Bill shook him only momentarily…they’re old time pros in it to win….their desperate. Dont be mad at them.

    As to whether Bill Clinton was the 1st black president, checking to see if Bill could dance was funny!! Granted “No he wasnt,I will be” would have been a fantastic return….but that’s easy for us looking on and are not running for the presidency, besides he claims the presidency all the time. I think he will take Hillary and has a better than average shot at the presidency if we can stop the republicans from stealing it again. Unfortunately there seems to be deliberately no paper trails on voting ballots in South Carolina….

    Lastly, some of you are scaring me saying you won’t be voting for the Democratic nominee if it’s not Barack…please, we cant get that mad…mad enough to play into the hands of another four to eight years of “conservatism” which is nothing less than blatant racism and classism….it’s killing us and half of them. Let’s not get that MAD. Please.

  17. Chesapeake

    Rick, you’re right about the tightrope bruhs have to walk in corporate. For Obama, that not only applies to him as a candidate but also as a president, should he be elected. Thus, assuming for argument that he’s at all passionate about real “change” – upending US policies to create opportunities and incentives for people who most need them – that tightrope will keep him right where he is in the campaign. That is benign, vague, beholden, and taking advise from the established (like Axelrod). In 2012, he’ll still be talking about “hope.”

  18. Marla K.

    Have some faith Chesapeake, after all this will not be the first Revolution. Benign…look again. I like the view ahead…all he will need is a Democratic majority in the senate.

    I believe there is more of White America looking forward to the overhaul of the country back towards a real democracy as John Kennedy wanted and was headed.

  19. Hi Maria,

    With these southern strategy tactics, the clintons have burned a bridge and a half with me. Objectively, from the POV of black partisanship, the 1st Clinton administration was a republican administration. Good old Bill simply knew how to talk soothingly to black folks, and how to patronize our so-called leaders.

    I am seriously thinking of voting McCain if Hillary gets the nomination.

  20. Rick

    Hillary has two things going against her if she were to win the Dem. nomination. The first is that she has alienated blacks. The after-effect is that this could cause black voter turnout to be low in the 2008 presidential election, causing her to lose ultimate prize.

    Black voter turnout in the 2004 pres election reached record levels NOT because we were crazy about Kerry. We came out because were remembered the botched process in Florida that put George W. Bush in office in 2000 and his policies during his 1st term that threatened to wipe us out! Blacks were galvanized to vote and most of us did, again in record numbers from every corner – including the hip-hop community (“Vote or Die” slogan, etc.)

    Two things are very different from 2004. We have a democratic ‘front-runner’ who has alienated the black base. Importantly, there is no Republican candidate on the other side — with the exception of Rudy Guiliani — that is capable of galvanizing the black community against it the way a George Bush was able to do in 2004. While, I think it would be a stretch to say many blacks would vote for McCain if HRC got the nod, I find it reasonable to believe black turnout could be low, and/or we can do what TPJ may do and write someone else in (something I may do as well). Low black turnout is just as bad news for Hillary, especially since 50% of americans are polled as saying they won’t vote for her.

    My prediction is that HRC will ultimately come to see the negative effect that her campaigning has had in alienating the black community. If she won, she would be forced to put Obama on the ticket to make ammends and to get blacks to still come out and vote in high numbers. She loses a 2008 national election against McCain if black turnout is low.

  21. Rick

    Chesapeake, agree that Obama can’t afford to let his message get lost. What the Clintons are doing isn’t fair, but I guess life isn’t fair. Seems like they get to do, and get away with, whatever they want and no one holds them accontable. that’s very frustrating.

  22. LOL. I probably won’t.

    I have read that hillary is counting on the Hispanic vote to supplant the black vote in this election.

    By selecting an attractive latino VP, she will win enough SW states and latino votes to make up for low black turnout.

    Can someone post or comment about this?

  23. Chesapeake

    I don’t know, Brotha and Caged Lion. I’m tuning in to the republicans a little more, just in case. I know Guiliani or Romney are poison. But McCain and Huckabee are mildly viable, now. Clinton might be able to push a brother there.

    It’s remote – it’s still a tough three-way contest all the way to the convention. But if Clinton continues on this path, and Caged Lion is right that she thinks she can shun our vote, it is no dream or illusion that we can make some waves in the republican party. Either McCain or Huckabee is open to dialogue. McCain’s been around the block, and he’s a fairly decent guy. Huckabee: yeah, he’s a Southern Baptist, but there are glimpses of the apologetic reformed side.

    The question in this remote scenario is: who would represent us at the republican table setting up the platform? … SB!

    I’m just sayin’, tho. We don’t have to wait until the nominee is a foregone conclusion to organize this! We need to be meeting somewhere!

  24. Rick

    If things go down the way Caged Lion described — and McCain is the Republican nominee — then I would vote for McCain. (The Huckster made some statements about the SC confederate flag I can’t get with, so I won’t vote for him).

    There aren’t enough latino votes to offset black votes for McCain if the Democratic party dissed us like that. It would be an uneasy alliance between blacks and republicans, but if it meant keeping the clintons out of the white house after they circumvented the black democratic vote…so be it.

    Luckily, I don’t think they are that stupid.

  25. I was starting to look at Huckey until the Confederate flag flap. I have not looked closely at his record except his insane support of Bush’s war policy. The other thing that stands out for me is his repudiation of the Southern Strategy in SC the last time, after he got routed by Bush.

    What made me say I could vote for McCain is that I could see him coming to the table, and making some consessions to pull blacks away from Billary.

    Now, if Bloomburg runs, we could see the first president from a 3rd party since the 19th century! All bets are off. I would definitely vote for a Bloomburg/Obama ticket.

    Actually, maybe Obama should pull a Leiberman, and run as an independent. Make that an Obama/Bloomburg, or an Obama/Winfrey ticket.

  26. Sorry: A corrected post below:

    I was starting to look at Huckey until the Confederate flag flap.

    I have not looked closely at MCCAIN’s record except his insane support of Bush’s war policy. The other thing that stands out for me is his repudiation of the Southern Strategy in SC the last time, after he got routed by Bush.

    What made me say I could vote for McCain is that I could see him coming to the table, and making some consessions to pull blacks away from Billary.

    Now, if Bloomburg runs, we could see the first president from a 3rd party since the 19th century! All bets are off. I would definitely vote for a Bloomburg/Obama ticket.

    Actually, maybe Obama should pull a Leiberman, and run as an independent. Make that an Obama/Bloomburg, or an Obama/Winfrey ticket

  27. Marla K.

    OK Chesapeake,Caged, TPJ,Rick,SB,Tanesha, everyone, I still say let’s stay focused…..and keep it simple. Of the candidates most likely to persue a progressive agenda to the economic benefit of the people of the United States are John Edwards and Barack Obama,and Obama has the most delegates at this point and the most momentum. Although I dont trust the media very much at least two networks say their polls say Barack and Hillary both would tie or beat John Mccain.

    I plan to do what I can to get the vote out.

    So Chesapeake let’s not have the Republican Summit yet, OK? After all John Mccain has been a power broker in the senate for over 20 years. I thought we all at least agreed we want a “change”( right Caged?)…..besides McCain gets his jokes from Dick Chaney.

  28. Are any of you actively campaigning for Obama? If so, what are you doing? I have done nothing but give him money. I would like to do more, but am not sure about an effective way to help or volunteer.

  29. Chesapeake

    It’s still remote, Marla, but it would be nice to keep the discussion going … just in case! With Skeptical Brotha’s blessing, this blog is a wonderful place to gather and maybe even assemble a block of votes for the remote alternative.

    I yield.

  30. I’m less than thrilled with the “choices” come November (I’m in Michigan so I have already been disenfranchised out of the primaries).

    Pick your poison: McCain will keep feeding po’ folks into the meat grinder of Iraq while the Clintons will keep sending them into the Prison Industrial Complex.

    Huckabee is a shyster, he even looks like tricky Dick Nixon in his shifty-eyed prime. His only allegiance is to Wall Street, like all Republicans.

    And Bloomberg is poison, too. His grand plan for NYC is to “export” all lower income people to the upstate woods and make any affordable housing into penthouse suites.

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