Bastardizing the Dream: Alveda King


This is the week set aside in honor of one our own, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Normally a time for celebration, I have come to dread our annual commemoration because of photo-op’s like the one above with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Dr. King’s niece, Alveda King, has fallen off the mountaintop, bumped her damn head, and become a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy.


Employed full-time by the religious right, she is an aggressive pro-life activist, minister, and professional public speaker. As she has moved steadily to the right, Alveda has provided political cover and given full license to those who would distort, defame, and destroy the dream of her late Uncle in the name of a fictitious colorblindness that is really white supremacy.


A long time opponent of Affirmative Action, she is entangled in a network of right-wing preachers hell bent on destroying the progressive social change that Dr. King fought for. While Dr. King spoke of the power of love and the creation of the beloved community, the glue that holds their little movement together is hatred, homophobia and a fixation with stopping same sex couples who love each other from having the right to marry.


In the month of Mrs. King’s death, Alveda participated in “Justice Sunday,” a wingnut gala consisting of the full constellation of reactionary politicians and their talabangelical brethren dedicated to fighting for the confirmation of Bush’s judicial nominees like Samuel Alito. Alito, an archconservative with a history of hostility to civil rights, provided the fifth vote to strike down voluntary Affirmative Action plans in the public schools last year. Weakening the legacy of Brown v. Board of Education without the guts to admit it, Alito and his allies on the court dealt the principle of ending separate but equal education a mortal wound.


Among those beating the drums of fascist religiosity with Alveda were Justice Sunday colleagues Tony Perkins, Head of the right-wing Family Research Council and a former Louisiana politician who paid white supremacist and neo-Nazi David Duke for his mailing list, and Jerry Falwell, a former segregationist who smeared Martin Luther King, Jr. as a tool of communists.

During most of Dubya’s first term, he found some way to paw Coretta Scott King in a manner that made my blood boil. Born on the same day as my grandmother two years apart, Mrs. King was always an icon in my household. I would NEVER allow George W. Bush to put his damn hands on my grandmother and I could never understand why Mrs. King visited the White House of a man who stole the Presidency. Her graciousness was always taken advantage of by this White House and she invariably became a colored prop in Dubya’s annual racist stage play of deceit every third Monday in January.


My personal favorite was the 2003 King Holiday. Within days of the holiday, the Administration announced a bold frontal assault on Affirmative Action by filing a brief against the Affirmative Action Admissions programs for both the University of Michigan and its School of Law. Writing a powerful Five-to-Four opinion upholding the principle of Affirmative Action, Sandra Day O’Connor ended her twenty years of steady opposition to Affirmative Action programs. Within two years, she resigned from the court only to be replaced by Alveda’s choice, Samuel Alito. It is only a matter of time now before Affirmative Action is destroyed by the Roberts Court.


Monday, I kept hearing reports of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee being invited to attend King Day services at Ebenezer Baptist Church by a member of “the King Family.” While not identified, I have a hunch that the black fool in question was Alveda. She was the one sitting next to the presidential contender that told White South Carolina Republicans that they shouldn’t tolerate anybody dictating to them about where, when and how to fly the confederate flag. After desecrating the sanctuary with his presence, Huckabee used the occasion to accept the endorsement of a group of black wingnut preachers, the “Coalition of African American Pastors,” a group Alveda has claimed a board membership of on her website.



This week, Martin Luther King III, “deeply” concerned about politicians misappropriating the legacy of his father, wrote John Edwards a beautiful letter telling him to keep fighting and stay in the race. If he was truly concerned about folks distorting the dream, he would have stopped his Mama from being used by George W. Bush, stopped his sister Bernice from demonizing gays and lesbians, put his foot down to permit the man who paid for his Daddy’s funeral, Harry Belafonte, to eulogize his mother instead of the ignorant patrician in the White House, and done something to put his cousin Alveda in check.


As adherents of the drum major for justice who preached non-violence, it would be unseemly for the members of the King family to take Alveda aside and beat her ass until she remembers what the hell the dream is really about. Nevertheless, let me be the first one to say to the King family that all of black America would happily forgive y’all if you laid down the principles of non-violence temporarily to “lay hands” on Alveda with “the love of the Lord.”


I won’t tell nobody and I am quite sure that Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, a King family friend, would help. After all, she has kept her girls outta jail, despite the mess they’ve been involved in, and I’m very sure a discrete word from the mayor to the Po-po would squash it. If Shirley can’t help, somebody can always call Bishop Thomas Weeks, Juanita Bynum’s soon-to-be ex-husband. The way I see it he’ll pop either the question, Alveda, or both.


Although I can’t help but lampoon Alveda and make light of this situation for the sake of my fragile sanity, bastardizing Dr. King’s dream is no laughing matter.

20 thoughts on “Bastardizing the Dream: Alveda King

  1. SB:

    Mammy Alveda King aside (cause she wishes she was revered like Dr. King’s children and she isn’t), consider the source of why Gee Shrubya feels he can paw Black Women and not get his face slapped.

    When Condi Rice got picked as his National Security Advisor in 2001, they held a press conference and when she came out, the camera zoomed in on Bush’s gaze on Condi.

    The man looked at her like a hungry dog looks at that steak bone you tossed him. Just HUNGRY, you know?

    Then, instead of giving her the congratulatory handshake or hug, he’s kissing and slobbering all over her for a good 45 seconds before he lets her go.

    I thought the man was going to slip her some tongue on national televison (ewwwwwwwwwwwwww).

    I was over my girlfriend’s house – Shirley’s got 13 years on me and is a staunch product of the civil rights movement. When she saw Bush slobbering all over Condoleezza, she turned to me and said “That bitch just set all women back 50 years, letting Bush slobber all over her like that. We can forget about sexual harassment complaints because if the POTUS is harassing the women who work for him, every boss in America, especially a white boss, will feel entitled to start rubbing on us and raping us again, and threatening us with our jobs if we complain about it.

    “I’ve gone through that shyt and I’m damned well not going to do it again. I will knock the fool out who thinks because I work for him, he can put his hands on me that way.”

    That’s why Bush feels he can paw any woman visiting him, be they Coretta King or the German President Angela Merkel (and I wish she’d slapped the taste out of his mouth when he gave her that “backrub” and embarassed America on a global scale).

    I think you know I work in EEO. Since Bush slobbered all over Condi back in January 2001, I can confirm that sexual harassment complaints in the sector has tripled – many from women who have bosses that behave as Bush has done.

    He set the standard; Condi should have stood her ground as a woman and told him to back off touching her or get slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

    She didn’t. And declared open season on working women by their male peers and bosses.

    Remember girlfriend who was in the military, contracted to KBR, got raped and then had to leave the job because of that, and now, she’s suing? Where are the men getting the notion it’s okay to sexually assault their female co-workers?

    Look no further than Condoleezza Rice. It’s not like she would have been burned if she’d called out Bush on openly harassing her in public. He also telegraphed to the public that Condi is his “bubbling brown sugar” with that behavior as well.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted you to have the perspective of why he has no respect for revered women like Coretta Scott King.

  2. You guys crack me up, I swear. GW has cojones if nothing else and I am appalled at Dr. King’s immediate family. Appalled. I didn’t even know all of this was going on because I have had my head buried in a book for the past 5 years and got 4 more to go.

    All in all we need to change the climate of the country we live in. God help us, but where is Obama?

  3. Zeitgeist9000


    Adding that word to the English lexicon was well worth reading your article as far as I’m concerned.

  4. I oppose homosexual marriage – does that AUTOMATICALLY make me “hateful?”

    Too many blacks allow the gay lobby to equate their “movement” with ours. Race and a “sexual preference” are two very different things.

    Homosexuality is damn near a religion in America now.

  5. OG

    There are 14 million Black folks in this country, so maybe there is 14 million ways to be Black.We have Condi,Ward,Larry Elder,and Rev.AL. I even belieave that affirmative action has benefitted everyone else except the people it was ment to help. I just hate to see Black folks on t.v or in the news talking bad about other Black folks. It seems as if when they want to bring a Black person down it is always other Black Folks leading the Charge. We have got to Love one another first. I wonder if Dr.King would approve of what he has became to some people. I wonder if he would even know himself what he has became to some of these folks. Just like Muhammed , Gandi and Jesus.

  6. the political junkie,

    Thanks for your insight. George W. Bush pawing Coretta King is such a repugnant and viceral image for me. In addition, Alveda’s blantant and serial betrayals just bubbled over. I have waiting a long time to write about it without totally going off.

  7. SB,

    I have been subjected to this woman too many times on Booker Rising. She’s a one-note clown on abortion. I hate to sound so cold, but she takes the most tangental of subjects and somehow works it around to abortion.

    I just loathe Black folk, calling themselves ‘Christian’, who have adopted and coopted that White, Evangelical, supernarrow view of Christianity, which means ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALS.

    See, I give the White person the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know THEIR church. I do, however, know that Alveda King grew up in the BLACK Christian Church, and she KNOWS BETTER. She knows the Jesus that she was taught Sunday after Sunday. And, she knows THAT Jesus was about a LOT MORE than Abortion and Homosexuals.

    Simply put – I consider her the female Alan Keyes -she’s as irrational as he is, and thus, disgusts me to no end.

  8. Patrick

    I think we all Blacks and White people are victims of selective amnesia,we remember what we are told to remember and we forget what we are told to forget.As black people the words that should be coming out of our mouth to these White polititians that care so much for Black people and the Blacks that present them as saviors to our community is F@#K You,F@#k You,and F@#k You!Where was Hillary when four of her constituents were gunned down for no apparent reason at a wedding party the groom dead.Not a peep.The unarmed young African shot countless times by NYC police. Nothing.

    I can go on and name countless instances where we needed these polititians to speak up for us yet we heard nothing.What meaningful legeslation has Hillary proposed that would affect any people of color in a positive way.As president did Bill Clinton stop what we now know was an intentional flow of drugs into our community by C.I.A. operatives,did any White polititian bemoan the poisoning of an entire Black generation. No! I still remember Congress woman Maxine Waters threatning that someone would pay for what they have done to her community.That was the end of it.
    As millions of Black African have died in mass genocide over the past few decades I hear no White or Black of politico indignation.Yet when Whites were dying in ethnic cleansing in Kosovo,Bill Clinton and the U.S. Calvalry to the rescue,just like that.

    It seem as though they Whites really consider us to be disposable humanity.I hold the some disdain for the Blacks that cosign for these Whites.The Alveda Kings,The Alan Keyes,The Condelezza Rices,The Charles Wrangles,The Bob Johnsons,and the Timberlands only to name a few need to realize they are lending their voices to our demise.I don,t think they understand or care for us to flourish as a people.

    For four or five I’ve been looking at the daily coverage of the case of one missing White woman Stacy Peterson,thousands of hours of media coverage;print,tv,and internet.While hundreds of Black
    go missing and are even murdered everyday with no more than a bi-line in the city desk.When a White politico can address these disparities in the value of human life,before the fact or when he needs to tell me some good S#$T to get my vote F@#k You.

  9. “The Female Alan Keyes”.

    Rikyrah, you said it all. She’s worse than Star Parker and LaShawn Barber combined. At least they get fat paid for their spewing of ignorance – Alveda King to her cousins Martin III, Dexter, Bernice and Yolanda, is like Dr. King himself was to Ralph Abernathy. Like Abernathy showed his jealousy by writing that supposed “tell-all” book about Dr. King back in the 1990s (and Bryant Gumbel clowned him on the “Today” Show when he went on to promote it), Alveda King is trying to capitalize on her uncle’s legacy while envying her cousins who have legitimacy to their claim.

    She DOES know better; she is Choosing to ignore her teaching, which will burn her in the end.

  10. SB,

    You’re the one who drops the knowledge on us; I just follow up on it with my two cents, when applicable.

    It is just as repugnant to me when Bush paws ANY woman; he doesn’t even respect his own wife. I’ve seen him pat Laura on the ass in public and the MSM wrote it off as the POTUS “lovingly showing playful affection” towards his wife.

    When Laura slaps him in public, that behavior will stop… 😉

  11. MACK

    Such hatred and anger! WOW! You are poison! Are you any different than the ones you are so cirtical of. Do some research on the Black Genocide.

  12. Kendra

    I am white. I did not realize that black churches are different than white churches. I did not attend either. My church was full of people of every shade. I was taught to love my neighbor as I love myself. I was taught to love my enemy. I was taught that if Jesus can forgive me of my sins, how much more should I forgive those that sin against me. I live in a very mixed neighborhood. I was raised in a predominately black neighborhood. I was never taught the terms “black people” or “chinese people” or anything else at home. I didn’t learn that people are classified by skin color until I started school. Even then it took my sister and I time to learn people are divided that way. My parents never referred to anyone by their skin color or race or ethnicity. When my sister started kindergarten, she came home and told us she had a new friend. My mother asked her to tell us about her new friend. She said her new friend was a boy and he was brown. My mother never said a word other than she was happy that my sister had a new friend. I’m glad I had the upbringing I did. I’m sorry that I’m disliked because of the color of my skin. I’m sorry that any of you have been treated differently because of the color of your skin. Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in His sight. We are ALL brothers and sisters in Christ. Peace and love to all of you.

  13. knowingthetruthsetsyoufree

    I met Alveda King for the first time today & I loved her! Most of you on this blog wouldn’t know the truth if it ran over you.

    You are so infected with hate that you need a “brain washing”. You will only destruct yourself & those around you with this hate. Your pride & blindness will keep you this way without an intervention from the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Repent, turn from your gods, and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation.

    Romans 5:9 For God demonstrates His own love to us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (abortionists & homosexuals included)

  14. an unaborted human being

    Alveda King is a lovely and courageous woman with truth on her side. I wish her more power in protecting the last openly and aggresively persecuted people in the world: pre-born human beings.

    13 million black babies have been killed since Roe V Wade legalized the killing. THIRTEEN MILLION! Why doesn’t that bother you? Has it escaped your observation that Margaret Sanger’s beloved eugenics movement is becoming successful?

  15. Jenna

    Amen to Alveda King! She stands up for the truth just as her grandfather and father did! I just wish that Mr. Obama and my fellow American would just see the great injustice of abortion. Iwith they would look in the background of Planned Parenthood. An organizations founded by a white racist woman. Yes, Margaret Sanger was a racist. She loathed, despised and hated people of color. This a fact that Planned Parenthood hides from the general public. Abortion is racist. The majority of clinics are established in poor neighborhoods. Ms Sanger’s desire was to eliminate “negros” as was the term used in her day and age. She implemented sterilization and birthcontrol. Don’t buy in to Planned Parenthood’s agenda! Abortion is evil! God does not sanction abortion! Please let Mr. Obama know that abortion is an injustice against women, babies and most especially the African American woman because she is the main target. God Bless Alveda

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