Kwame’s Ho resigns; investigation ensues



Hat Tip: Detroit Free Press 

Christine Beatty, 37, resigned her post as chief of staff to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick this morning, saying the text-message scandal engulfing the administration has left her unable to do her job effectively.Kilpatrick’s office had no comment on Beatty’s resignation, and the mayor still has not been seen in public today.

Beatty resigned five days after the Free Press reported in an exclusive investigation that she and the mayor had lied under oath in a whistleblower’s suit against the city. Text messages exchanged by the two and obtained by the Free Press contradict what they said on the witness stand about their relationship and about their decision to fire a police officer who was investigating possible wrongdoing by the mayor’s staff.

In her letter of resignation, submitted to the city this morning, Beatty said, “I’ve served the administration and Detroit citizens with diligence, strength and perseverence and I hope that my efforts will one day show through above all else.

“In spite of this, however, I believe that it is clear I can no longer effectively carry out the duties of chief of staff. Therefore, this letter serves as my resignation effective February 8, 2008, to allow for an orderly transition of my duties with the new chief of staff.

“I painfully regret the devastation that the recent reports have caused to the citizens of Detroit, to my coworkers, to the mayor’s family and to my family and friends.”

Kilpatrick’s spokesman James Canning said the mayor’s office “had no further comment at this time” on the resignation.

Beatty’s departure brings an end to more than a decade of working with and for Kilpatrick, her former Cass Tech High School classmate.

Their work together started when Kilpatrick ran for the state House in 1996 after his mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, decided to give up her seat to run for Congress.

When Kilpatrick gave his farewell speech to the House in December 2001 as he prepared to take office as mayor, he credited Beatty.

“I ran for this position at 25 years old, in 1996. I was just a young guy out there who couldn’t get any support. Nobody would support us. Everyone told us to pay our dues, that we’re not old enough, come back when you learn a little more and you have a little more money,” he said in that speech.

“I say us, because, I had a meeting and I asked for everyone that wanted to support me and endorse me to come to that meeting and two people showed up. Those two people were Christine Beatty and Derrick Miller. We ran a three person campaign with ten thousand dollars. We walked and knocked on every single door in our district and we worked as hard as we could. We didn’t get any of the endorsements, none of those big Democratic endorsements that you want. None from labor and none from the Congressional districts. We just knocked on doors and we ran a real grass-roots and focused campaign and by God, we won!”

After serving as a legislative aide to Kilpatrick, Beatty ran the day-to-day operations of his 2001 mayoral campaign. After Kilpatrick won, he named her chief of staff and she had an almost omnipresent role in the administration.

Until Kilpatrick named his first deputy mayor, Anthony Adams, in 2004, Beatty unofficially filled that role, stepping in to run the city when Kilpatrick left town.

Beatty had direct oversight of the departments of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Human Services, Health & Wellness Promotion and Senior Citizens and of the Mayor’s Office, Neighborhood City Halls, 311 Call Center and communications. She had a major role in Kilpatrick’s Next Detroit Neighborhood Initiative.

But Beatty also ran into trouble. She was accused of pulling rank when Detroit police pulled her over on a traffic violation, resulting in a lawsuit that is still pending.

Before Beatty’s resignation was announced, Canning said this morning that the mayor was not scheduled to issue a statement today. He has “nothing on his public calendar,” he said.

“When he has something to say, we’ll let you know.”  


14 thoughts on “Kwame’s Ho resigns; investigation ensues

  1. The title of this post cracked me up.

    You know my feelings about this.

    He lied to the Guvmint.

    We know what the penalty is for BLACK FOLK that lie to the Guvmint. If he doesn’t know, ask Marion Jones and Barry Bonds.

    His mother is going to have to pimp out what’s left of her position to keep him out of jail, and thus will become a wholly owned subsidiary of whoever does that for her.

  2. Phil,

    To make a long story short, he committed perjury and stands to lose both his law license and his freedom. Unlike his idol, Bill Clinton, there will be no accolades, no allowances for his “public service,” and no $150,000 speaking fees. The only thing there will be is a jail cell and a toilet with no seat.

    He is, after all, a Negro. And the “first black President” is not.

  3. Zeitgeist9000

    Listen, I have almost been regretting my vote for Kilpatrick in 2001 over Gil Hill (yes, Eddie Murphy’s boss in the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies and a former city council man and president). My dad knew a hustler when he saw one, but my mom and I were attracted to Kilpatrick’s youthful energy. The night before the election, Gil shutdown at 8 o’clock but Kwame did an all-nighter. I liked that. But like I said my dad voted for Gil because he knew a street hustler (Kilpatrick) when he saw one, and almost seven years later, I’m having daily conversations with my dad and saying, “You told me so!”

    Also, when Freman Hendrix, a former deputy mayor ran against Kwame in 2005, he nearly beat him, a close margin of victory for Kwame which is absolutely unprecedented for a Detroit city mayor running for re-election. But the local black media–I mean the “real” black media–savaged Hendrix because his mother was Austrian and she nicknamed him “Helmut” as a child. It was disgusting what Kilpatrick’s street gutter politics did to Hendrix. And while Hendrix was having tea parties in the various sitting rooms of the middle class homes in the city, Kilpatrick hit the barber shops and beauty parlors and won re-election with “guerrilla” style antics in a close margin of victory.

    Now, my mother and father’s and many other home owners’ high property taxes–high for a city like Detroit with no real city services to show for them–have to pay this man’s $9 million sexual escapade fee. And let’s not even talk about the bash that happened at the Manoogian mansion in 2001 upon Kilpatrick’s election–a party which everyone knows happened and which my dad has been decrying for seven years like a lunatic in the wilderness–and which was investigated by the state attorney general, one of many Republicans Kilpatrick is in cahoots with, such party possibly resulting in the unsolved murders of two area prostitutes….

    TIP OF THE ICEBERG, FOLKS! It’s deep in Detroit, but what do I care, I moved to CA years ago….

    You know, I really didn’t want to go there, but y’all drug it out of me!

  4. Pater Fam

    Man, this chick must have a snapper, because she is not fine at all. For the mayor to put it on the line and step out of his marriage for this, is something else.

    What is it about powerful men that attracts women, even if the man is married ?

  5. Zeitgeist9000, I threw up in my mouth a little when I heard that McPhail was one of his advisor’s. Talk about the blind leading the blind!!! I cannot believe I voted for her over Dennis Archer in 94′.

    Poor Freeman/Helmut! I wonder what he’s thinking now???


  6. Dang, if he pulled a Giuliani and used the Mayor’s office for his girlfriend’s perks, he has a shytload of trouble.

    I wonder if his wife has received her GTMG (Get That Money, Girl) kit from my friends over at Spilled Tea?

    “Kwame’s Ho.” You can’t make this shyt up. The Field Negro already put him in the fields as the House Negro of the day, chastising him for “eating where he shits”.

  7. Denise

    be sure to check out the coverage – and side splitting commentary – over at rhymes with snitch. HILARIOUS!!!

  8. What is it about powerful men that attracts women, even if the man is married ?
    by Pater Fam January 29, 2008 at 6:30 am

    Um, Pater, try the fact that he’s POWERFUL. That’s a strong aphrodiasiac for women, even if dude’s married.

    Marriage didn’t stop Monice Lewinsky from blowing Bill Clinton in the Oval Office; marriage doesn’t stop a lot of sistas who troll here in DC during CBC Legislative Weekend hoping to hook up with a CBC member, and it wouldn’t have stopped Christine Beatty from essentially engaging in quid pro quo sexual harassment, even if it was mutually consensual between Kwame and her – he’s her BOSS, and if she hadn’t been willing, he could have easily forced her, but then he would have had to pay out for creating a hostile work environment.

    He should ask former State Senator John Ford about that – he’s paying child support for at least three or four children he’s had out of wedlock with women who used to work for him, and felt they had to consent to sexing him or else lose their jobs.

    The question I have is what the hell was Kwame thinking when he started texting her those emails and messages? He wasn’t thinking with the big head, that’s for sure… 😉

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