Maxine Waters sells out to Hillary Clinton



News just came over the wires that California Congresswoman Maxine Waters,69, has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Out of all of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Maxine is my favorite. Until today, she could always be counted on to hold up the blood stained banner of progressive politics. I am absolutely beside myself with outrage.

This craven capitulation to the Clinton machine after a series of racially polarizing statements by Bill Clinton and Clinton campaign surrogates is nothing short of amazing. Whatever she sold out for, I hope it was worth it.

This makes Hillary Clinton 3 in 1 for the members of the Congressional Black Caucus in California. Congresswomen Laura Richardson and Dianne Watson have also endorsed the Borg Queen. Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee is the sole holdout for Barack Obama.

48 thoughts on “Maxine Waters sells out to Hillary Clinton

  1. Evan

    Good! Glad to see Congresswoman Waters isn’t falling for Obama’s race card “victim” game. As a black man, I too will be voting for Sen. Clinton. I’m not casting my vote for Obama just because he’s black. The Republicans are hoping beyond hope that Obama gets the Dem. nod, because they know they can chew him up and spit him out, ultimately regaining the White House in Nov. However, they know they’ll have a fight on their hands with Sen. Clinton. Good for you Mrs. Waters!! Good for you!

  2. Dayum, I thought Maxine was smarter than that. The only thing I can think of is that in Obama being his own man, he’s pissed off a whole lot of the Black Caucus and they’re making him pay for not towing the line by becoming Handkerchief Heads for the Borg Queen.

    Jim Clyburn warned them, so if the Black Caucus gets burned when the Borg Queen becomes POTUS and she conveniently forgets these Negroes toted her water, I will be the first one at CBC Legislative Weekend telling them to drink their six-packs of STHU if they start whining about how she and the Big Dog forgot about their collective asses.

    Our CBC Monitor Report Card will be online at Black Agenda Report tomorrow and here’s a heads up – NO MEMBER OF THE CBC SCORED HIGHER THAN 80%! NOT ONE.

    Several “Honor Society” members will be found with “Underachieving status”. You will find Richardson and Watson among that number.

  3. I’m so disappointed, I can’t even express it. Putting a Handkerchief on Maxine -if you ever told me I’d even consider it, I’d have slapped you. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. Maxine Waters is, was, and will always be one of my heroes. Just because she’s not jumping on the Obama bandwagon doesn’t change that. It could be that a sister who has boldly stood up for Black community against Republican, Democrats and whoever else stood against us expects unambiguous politics and experience from Black leadership. If so…she’s continuing to show bold Black leadership that does not equivocate.

  5. Rikyrah:

    I’m just as disappointed, but I coulc have told you Obama pissed off Maxine when he first got to Congress with those “there is no Black America” comments.

    I still haven’t hopped on the Obama train, and at this rate, I’m writing in my candidate, because voting for Obama because the Clintons have pissed me off with their race-baiting tactics, isn’t enough without substantive issues (and he hasn’t provided any).

    I’m at a loss as to how, when a Southern guy like Jim Clyburn can see the writing on the wall concerning the Borg Queen (so much to the point he told Bill to dial their rhetoric back), why would these Northern Yahoos ignore those code words and continue to carry the Borg Queen’s water? Especially Maxine, who can de-code with the best of ’em.

    While I won’t go as far as putting a Handkerchief on Maxine’s head just yet, I am disappointed, but I understand. Obama didn’t take the lead on issues like the Ohio voting count, legislation regarding relief for Katrina victims (she has several pieces of legislation ready for Senate passage and she went to Obama to get them started in the Senate – he blew her off), and finally, his stances or lack thereof in allowing Roberts and Alito’s nominations to come to the floor when he could have invoked cloture – pissed her off (I know, because she told me personally).

    While I understand Obama’s being his own man, he can’t afford to get arrogant and piss off some of his CBC colleagues like Maxine Waters (Tubbs-Jones, Jackson-Lee and Corrine Brown don’t have any power or influence, so their endorsements don’t mean squat except to increase the numbers of CBC members toting the Borg Queen’s water).

    And remember, when Obama showed up in DC during CBC weekend in 2004, a lot of these old sistas was trying to get him in the sheets (I know, that’s just nasty), and he took a pass on all of ’em. The same way the brothas was trying to get Cynthia McKinney in the sheets the same way; she blew them off and they slung her under the bus when the Capitol Hill Po-PO harassed her.

    Nothing is worse than a sista scorned, even if all of ’em were too old to be offering Obama poo-nanny, but there you go.

  6. Juan Betancourt

    from wikipedia…

    Waters was named in 2005[4] and 2006[5] as one of the “most corrupt” members of congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. They said, “Her ethics issues arise from her exercise of this power to financially benefit her daughter, husband and son.” They said that Waters’ daughter Karen charges other politicians to appear on mailers sent to constituents in Los Angeles showing her mother’s support for the politician. Karen has received $450,000 in fees from this endeavor and Waters’ son Edward has received $115,000. Waters’ husband Sidney benefited from his wife’s connections with his hiring as a political consultant by a firm, Siebert, Brandford, & Shank, seeking government investment. Sidney Williams earned $500,000 from this consulting, which consisted of introducing Siebert to politicians his wife had supported. Sidney and Edward Williams also benefitted when they won a contract to run a Los Angeles golf course, with the decision made by a county supervisor who had won a close race after Waters’ endorsement and from which they made financial gain of between $140,000 and $400,000.[6] Citizens for Ethics says this violates House ethics rules for family members’ financial gains.

  7. druggstohr

    If y’all so worried about OREOs, why don’t you dunk Obama in a BIG glass of milk. How gullible can y’all be? Check it out: Cuomo says you can’t shuck and jive your way to the White House. You know what? you C’aint! Hilary says it took Dr. King AND LBJ to get the Civil Rights Acts passed. You know what? it DID! Bill Clinton said Obama won SC because of all the black people. Guess what? He DID! Bill said Jesse won SC twice because of the black folk. you guessed it — right AGAIN! What’s so racist about that? Now HERE’s something racist: when a commentator asked Obama if he thought Bill deserved to be an honorary “black” Obakma replied that he’d have to see him DANCE first. Now, if Hilary had come back with, “Oh, do you want to see him eat some watermelon too?”, you’d be going ape! Wake up and smell the black coffee. Yeah, I’m black too (old shcool Angela Davis brotha) but fair is fair, and don’t even get me started on Al Sharpton.

  8. Bay

    Hmm. I guess Barack didn’t want any of that old fish either, huh? I’m convinced this is what all these sistas endorsing Hillary is about. These old broads got turned down by the new fine ass young brotha, and they’re still pissed. The only reason they didn’t push on on Harold Ford like they did Obama is cause they know Harold only eats whitefish.

  9. TPJ,

    You crack me up, everytime you bring this up, because, I admit it – I can’t wrap my mind around it; it gives me the heebie jeebies.

    And Bay, you just made me LOL with your Dark Sith/Whitefish comment.

  10. Bay, you just took what I said to a whole ‘nother level. ROFLMAO ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And Juan, Maxine has done nothing that white members of Congress do every day they hold office. So, what’s your point?

    She’s survived at least six investigations of ethics (call CREW to check) and they have found nothing, because if she was taking payola from those that matter, she’d be pulling down corporate money. She doesn’t. In fact, her warchest for re-election has never been more than $250,000 – someone like Al Wynn had to raise at least 10 million to compete against grassroots activist Donna Edwards, and it looks like Maryland’s going to have a new rep in November, because Wynn’s showing how damned desparate he is, even to filing false charges with the FCC:,0,3234118.story

    And they told him to come back when he learns FCC law.

    As corruption goes, Maxine Waters is no worse than Fat Albert Wynn, a DLC bagman and misogynistic pig who’s scared that a woman will beat him for his seat (and she will).

  11. h

    Considering the racist nonsense that came out of the Clinton campaign for the last month, I am surprised by Maxine’s decision. It will be interesting to see how her constituents in California feel about her endorsement.

  12. Bay

    See, y’all think I’m playing but I’d dead serious. Like the political junkie said, beware a woman scorned. Especially an old woman! Some of these ladies ain’t been “touched” since the first Clinton administration. Of course they rolled up on the cute lightskinned-ed Obama at CBC weekend, granny panties all wet and everything. And he said “aww, hell no!”

    Some women can’t take being rejected like that. And you know they hate just Michelle. Child, please. The CBC has shown themselves to be so unprofessional, I wouldn’t doubt that what happened at that CBC Weekend to be a deciding factor for some of these women.

    That said, Gennifer Flowers did write in her book that Hillary is a fan of sushi. I’m not talking about California rolls, either.

  13. Sonya

    The Political Junkie,

    Are you saying that Maxine endorsed Hillary because Obama wouldn’t have sex with her?

    If that’s not what you’re saying, please clarify because some people may conflate her endorsement with the sexual desperation of other “old sistas” who allegedly pushed up on Obama. Maxine may not be perfect, but she shouldn’t be tagged with something like that if it isn’t true.

    I don’t support Obama or Hillary.

  14. Befree

    It’s about half and half of the CBC that supports Clinton and Obama. Obama supporters won’t stop whining until it’s 100%, not gonna happen.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t tell people Obama “transcends race” ( which is balonely) and then tell other black people they can’t transcend race and choose who they want even if I disagree. So ALL the accomplishments of black politicians depends on if they endorse Obama or not. This is wrong, plain and simple. Obama chooses who he endorses and has picked white over black ( which I leanred from this site!) Now if the got are sellout, so is he. Give it a rest already!

    For people who say the believe in Obama’s message sure don’t act like i. I thought he said focus on a positive campaign, not being divisive and it not about race, but many of you seem to demonstrate exact what Obama said not to DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Denise

    So let me get this straight: when the Kennedys or Kerrys endorse a black colleague, it’s always honorable. But when black candidates do not support black colleagues, it’s always shady?


  16. Denise

    damn!I should have typed:

    “when black colleagues do not support black candidates …”

    Frankly, I don’t think anyone’s deal is inherently better or worse. They’re all deals, period.

    Popcorn, please!!!

  17. Denise

    I hear you, Rikyrah. And let me say again that I think Mr. Obama is, first and foremost, a MAN of integrity and personal honor.

    That said, I have absoluately NO reason to think that Maxine Waters is operating in a manner that betrays the trust or interests of the people she represents.

    All ice is cold ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sonya:

    I know Maxine wasn’t looking in Obama’s direction inthat way, because she’d have Sidney on her ass if she did.

    My comment was directed at the rest of the Mammys in the CBC whose toting the Borg Queen’s water. I witnessed them trying to push up on Obama back in 2004, when he was running for the Senate, and had just stolen Harold Ford’s thunder during the Democratic Convention in Beantown. I had a front row seat to that sad comedy of those sistas, old enough to be Obama’s mama, offering old poontang, and had to walk off in a mixture of disgust and laughter.

    “Who in the hell do he think he is?” one of them sneered after he kindly rebuffed by saying he was happily married.

    Woman can be scorned, even if she’s 65 and needs KY jelly to get it going… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Rikyrah:

    “Uncle Ruckus” moments? Try flat out Stepin Fetchit personas.

    Looks like they locked up their daishikiis, afro pick with the fist handle and Black Panther gear to go to the plantation, instead of digging up and putting down in the Fields. With the exception of Keith Ellison, Maxine (surprisingly), Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott, Danny Davis (cause those two are trying to correct the criminal justice system), Conyers (and I don’t know how much longer he can last) and maybe Don Payne and Gwen Moore, the CBC needs to CLEAN HOUSE. They can all go home and hold down real jobs. They’ve been on the Hill long enough to collect all those perks we can only dream about, as well as a fat pension until they die. Never have to worry about a Social Security check, either. So they can go home and allow some new Field Negroes like Donna Edwards in their place, for all the good they have done for Black America in the last 15 years.

  20. Pater Fam

    My, my, my. The poster that keeps on harping about the old cougars going after Barack for a roll in the hay, must be a little jealous that he is not getting some of that vintage poon – tang.

  21. hope

    I hate to say this, but it is probably a benefit to Obama that they don’t all support him because it diffuses the charge that he is the “black” candidate. And Maxine hasn’t backed a winner in quite awhile, so let’s hope the trend continues.

  22. Howie

    “a series of racially polarizing statements by Bill Clinton and Clinton campaign surrogates”

    Wow I am simply amazed that people still listen to the bull that goes through the media. Both President Clinton and Senator Clinton have been deeply involved in black issues, much more deeply than Barak Obama has ever attempted. In behind the scenes negotiations, Obama cut deals with many corporations that would ultimately send jobs out of black (or generally low income) neighborhoods to get their financial support for this primary season.

    Please, as a fellow African American, I’m begging you, look at the facts. The media twisted the fairytale statement, as well as many others, watch the entire comment that Bill made. The only comment that seemed truly racially charged came from Bob Johnson, who is a fellow African American.

    I am truly saddened to see a sell out sold to so many of our black brothers and sisters, while someone who really cares about us is labeled a racist. Only in America…

  23. Befree

    It’s beautiful thing to see black people use racist epithets towards other black people. How truly liberating to take the same racist words and imagery and use it on black people, we have overcome!
    Now, am I on SB or stormfront! It’s one thing to disagree, but calling black women mammys and Handkerchief head Negroes, plantation negroes ect? How progressive to degrade black people….wait white people have done it for hundreds of years, not so progressive. Sorry. It disgusting and please don’t tell me that Malcolm X did it. No one doubts that Malcolm loved us, but to adjust the quote by Lloyd Bentsen to Dan Quayle “You are no Malcolm X”

  24. Bay

    Pater Fam,

    I know you ain’t talking about me? I don’t push up on married men, but if I did push up on Obama, he’d know it ain’t vintage, boo. I’m too young for Obama just as some of those CBC sistas are too old for Obama. And I got this info from a quote from Barack’s own pastor. The man was so shocked and traumatized from those old ladies trying to serve him rancid tuna dip, he had to take it to God and pray on it with his pastor!

    Read it yourself!

    Longtime Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendell quotes Wright in his biography Obama: From Promise to Power:

    “He had gone down there to find out who would support him and found out it was just a meat market,” the pastor said in an interview, breaking into a laugh. “He had people say, ‘If you want to count on me, come on to my room. I don’t care if you’re married. I am not asking you to leave your wifeโ€”just come on.’ All the women hitting on him. He was, like, in shock. He’s there on a serious agenda, talking about running for the United States Senate. They’re talking about giving [him] some pussy. And I was like, ‘Barack, c’mon, man. Come on! Name me one significant thing that has come out of black congressional caucus weekend. It’s homecoming. It’s just a nonstop party, all the booze you want, all the booty you want. That’s all it is.’ And here he is with this altruistic agenda, trying to get some support. He comes back shattered. I thought to myself, ‘Does he have a rude awakening coming his way.’ “

  25. Denise

    Wait, only the black women conduct themselves this way in professional settings??

    :: evil side eye ::

    Fool, please! LMAO

  26. Bay, that was a good comeback, piece.

    Anyone under 50 does not have old poon…regardless of what Pater thinks. And Pater, you just showed your ass on this board with the responses to factual comments.

  27. Denise, LOL

    The brothas in the CBC taught the sistas how to get their freak on during CBC Legislative weekend.

    It’s become “Freaknik” Congress-style. And just like those brothas can’t do squat for a sista, the sistas crushing on Obama couldn’t do shyt for him, either.

    You’d think they would act like elected officials, but they are no better than folks in the club on a Saturday night and it’s last call.

  28. Denise

    Going slightly OT, TPJ, let’s tell the truth.

    The real power league is NOT designed for us. For starters, sistas don’t enjoy the same level of professional mobility and “privilege perks” (e.g., plum assignments, A-list references, professional support, etc.) available to other women anyway.

    Plus, any the sista bringing “sexual wagger” and focus to this game is a threat to EVERYBODY .

    So, as a member of the least powerful and, I dare say, most abused segment of the workforce, what talented, ambitious sista has time to waste on some dead-end foolishness ?

    Not many. Not many.

  29. Terrence (chicago)

    Max is a sell out, she’s just like the black preachers in chicago. secretly getting something behind close doors. Let just face it. Max is a Clinton platation slave, but you negros in California will elect her again.

  30. Lionel Roberts

    Maxine is an idiot period. We need younger & more progressive thinking Blacks & less Negroes who still harbour the Slave Mentality & will do anything for their slave masters. Maxine sold out to the greedy immoral and unethical Clintons. We the electorate will take care of morons like Maxine in due course. OBAMA FOREVER.

  31. Jemille from CA

    Maxine sold out, and will probably come to regret it if she has not done so already. I had my picture taken with her down in Liemert Park (Los Angeles) at a balck women’s function, back when I had the utmost respect for her. I am stunned at her selling out. To me there can be no sufficient explanation for it.

    Hillary is no friend of black people, and Bill…well I won’t even bother with him.

    Barack has my vote and I am so encouraged at how quickly most blacks in America are coming to see the light.

  32. Vincent in Dallas Texas

    I Found this EXCELLENT blog while doing a search on the NAACP’s Maxine Smith that also returned “Maxine Waters sells out to Hillary..”. Reading the many replies here, it’s clear that “personalities” not “principles” drives about half of writers’ passions and, one would guess, bottom-line politics as well.

    I plan to post intelligently about their legislative records after reviewing them a few days, but my view from here — after 42 years of voting first “straight Democratic ticket” til about age 23, then on issues and platforms with a bent toward Christian and conservative values, but with the welfare of people and families always first priority — is that Obama IS the man for this season.

    Those who are hyped about a possible woman president, ‘nostagic’ about Bill C’s political era being reincarnated in Hillary, and any other EMOTIONAL impetus should return to reality and look at changes that are needed in our nation’s life. So please consider the following as we prepare to cast intelligent votes … (btw, i don’t work for any campaign and am not affiliated with any)

    –> PEOPLE ARE HURTING! and a compassion for change in national management which is where change it will have the widest impact is needed most in leadership, even before the smallest international politics concerns.
    –> EXPERIENCE (& LACK OF) is overrated. A person’s annointing (gift, penchant, talent, … pick a word) for x-raying and solving issues is WAY more important than how good he/she is at leaning on advisors and reports. New CEOs and sports coaches with such gifts turn around troubled organizations all the time. John Kennedy (and brother Robert) were such persons, and it’s a testimony to that possible gifting that Obama has gotten publicised support from those who lived under the Kennedy overseeings (I was one) and John’s daughther Caroline who as an older child and now an adult possibly knew ‘accidentally’ more about such giftings from within the family than all Kennedy historians put together.

    Hillary’s persona smacks of …
    (1) A political robot with an incidental political pedigree by marriage but little direction and little administrative gifting at all.
    (2) A sneaky, snake-y person with allegiance to self and untrustable with the public’s trust.

    I admit before you and God the last one is purely a personal opinion, but I’ve heard it echoed too much to be mine alone.

  33. Hbemis

    Great to see another sistah siding with Hillary. As an Illinoian, Obama has done such a mediocre job as our Senator that I’m dumbfounded that his mediocreness hasn’t been reported. Just to think, this guy was a State Senator a few years ago, was elected by beating Alan Keyes (ok yes it was hysterical) and immediately began posing as presidential candidate the second his Senate key turned the lock. Wake up. We have so many high achieving black politicians and this is the one people walk lock step with.

  34. Shawn

    Bill Clinton is smart, he understand the House Negro mentality and used it on very-pro-black politicians. Maxine Waters and others as superdelegates, have sold-out, made personal deals that will prevent Sen. Obama’s nomination. Sen Clinton was a Goldwater-Girl, that have not changed. She stood against Dr. King actively by working for Barry Goldwater. Look at the pattern, everytime Obama is ahead, out of nowhere old negative videos floods the national TV media.

  35. Terrence (chicago)

    Maxine is one of those ‘we shall over come negros” alone with Andrew Young. Thinking that Bill Clinton was the 1st black pres. All I know is you California negros need to take care of business. I would hate to be a runaway slave on the clinton plantation. The head negro Maxine would make sure they cut my feets off.

    Hilary is bi and Max looks very masculine.

    Chicago T

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