Women for Obama tour a roaring success


Caroline started off, Oprah broke it down, Michelle kept it real, and Maria Shriver surprised everybody and spoke from the heart. The Kennedyesque themes of hope and opportunity are reaching people all over the nation and Obama is rapidly closing the gap. Nayayers like Juan Williams believe that Hillary still has a huge advantage, others see that this race is far from over and will not be decided on Super Tuesday.

Senator Obama himself spoke to a crowd of over 20,000 in Delaware while Bill Clinton was banished to the chitlin circuit of Los Angeles black churches to hawk his snake oil for Hillary. CNN described his foray as a “mea culpa tour.” I think its too little and too late for most blackfolk. Clinton is reduced to having Negro surrogates vouch for him and introduce him to African American audiences now. Before he sought to racially polarize people, that would have been unnecessary. He could have gone anywhere to talk to blackfolks and been received warmly. Now, folks have to remember that they are in the House of the Lord and remain polite. Sad.

The one thing that mystifies me is the stasis field a lot of African Americans seem to be stuck in torn between Hillary and Obama. I never thought it would be a tough choice for somebody like Snoop Dog. The Clintons would like nothing better than to diss somebody like him for a 21st century Sistah Souljah moment. I thought the brotha could see that.

The Clintons are so desperate for Negro support now that they will go anywhere and do anything for it. Hopefully folk won’t fall for the okeydoke.

As for the polls, they’re all headed in one direction-toward Obama. The only question is whether there is enough time between now and Tuesday to overcome Hillary completely.

15 thoughts on “Women for Obama tour a roaring success

  1. I got to see it on C-Span. Maria Shriver was so from the heart. Caroline Kennedy’s awkwardness added to her authenticity.

    Oprah is Oprah..:)

    You know I drink Michelle’s Kool-Aid, so I was ‘all up in dat’…..LOL

    PS-OT,and I hadn’t thought of it in this way,but Cynthia Tucker said it on The Chris Matthews Show, and I had to agree with it: The Kennedy Endorsement, stopped, in its tracks, Billary’s attempt to ‘ Ghettoize’ Obama.

  2. You know, it’s pretty amusing watching Bill on the Chitlin’ Circuit. They had so completely decided to dis the Black vote – after all, wasn’t it all about the Hispanics…uh huh.

  3. Bill looks more than ever like one of those shyster televangelists on late night cable TV. I remember well his 1992 “SSM” and I’m glad that tactic backfired in his puffy face this time.

  4. E,

    I would hafta agree wholeheartedly. I admired Sistah Souljah’s uncompromising boldness. A powerful speaker, she told her truth and let the chips fall. That was a remarkable thing for a young girl in her twenties. I saw her speak twice while in college.

  5. rikyrah,

    You’re absolutely right about the Kennedy endorsement. It was the magic touch. He obviously didn’t think Bill’s tactics were cute. He repudiated them as firmly as I’ve ever seen. When Teddy passes, I will cry real tears.

  6. I forgot to add this…

    Errrrbody knows what Oprah Meant when she said

    I am a FREE Woman

    Free Woman my behind.

    Let me set folks straight. WHat she was saying was..

    I am a FREE NEGRO, and all that entails.

    But, she’s brilliant herself and knows what she can and cannot say that and wasn’t going to do anything to hurt the ‘ O’ Man… 🙂

    Free Woman…..snicker…snicker…snicker..

  7. Andrea


    I want to THANK YOU for having the courage to call Snoop Dog out. I really think that is GENERATIONAL COURAGE because our generation has too long sat quiet on him and wrecklessly co-signed on his behaviors and refusal to evolve into a more balanced and mature citizen. (I didn’t even pick on his betrayal of his manhood yet…but he really has godfathered Black Male Lethargy in which I am happy you are not suffering from.)

    I want to say more but I’ve got work to do for awhile. I will say more but I read this post while watching Morning Joe when I was supposed to be getting dressed. Imagine what you made me feel like. I felt like someone was defending our virtue from that fool finally in our age bracket. That’s makes a difference that one of his peers, in you, did it. You exhibited the courage to say “no more, fool”.

    He could have endorsed Hillary, in which I know he wanted to say, but he wanted to have it both ways without having to take a hard proactive, progressive stand and explain his SELFISH reasons behind wanting to support her.

    I have a few more things to say but I gotta do some work.

    Again…THANKS for standing up against another one of our UNTOUCHABLES (celebrities) that has had a hand at shaping our present turmoil.

  8. Denise

    No argument from me on that point, Rikyrah. Michelle Obama is his biggest asset as far as I’m concerned.

    I missed the live broadcast but I’m sure C-Span will re-air it.

  9. Bay


    Yes, Oprah was indeed saying “i’m a free negro!” I caught that too. I love me some Oprah. Child, not I only did I hear “I’m a free negro”, I heard Sophia saying “I said, hell no!”. She called those white women out as white women in that sentence alone. In other words, “Get mad all ya want Missy Anne O’Hara, but you don’t own me. Fact is, I could buy and sell your suburban white ass a billion times over.”

    That’s what that sista was saying. I love me some Oprah. And Michelle killed it as usual. They both feel like home to me. I know those women. We all do.

  10. sherry

    where is oprah now in the obama campaign? I hope people haven’t scared her away with that ” you turned on women” comment

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