Is Vice President Ford Billary’s out


Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King raised the specter of a Harold Ford, Jr Vice Presidency yesterday.

I blew chunks and messed up some good shoes.

I have feared this for some time and my nightmare scenario is confirmed by a serious black columnist speculating openly about this possibility.

Upon further reflection, however, there is a certain logic to his elevation to the meaninglessness of the Vice Presidency in Billary’s triumvirate of neo-liberal tyranny because his career demonstrates the willingness to be nothing more than an empty vessel and high-yellow corporate whore willing to prostitute himself for the white power structure.

How else can one explain his slavish support for the Iraq War and the elimination of the Estate Tax for huge estates in excess of $10 million dollars while representing the urban poverty and decay of black Memphis in the U.S. House of Representatives. It gives new meaning to the plantation epithet of House Nigra.

Now a Vice President for Merrill Lynch, the Whore represents an investment banking firm and corporate parasite responsible for Enron and ImClone, two companies whose implosions were the result of the de-regulation of the financial services industry advocated by Merrill Lynch.

It should come as no surprise that Merrill Lynch has been a generous contributor to Senator Clinton’s presidential campaign. Her twelfth largest contributor, its employees and executives have given a munificent $165,000 to Billary’s royal restoration bid and the securities and investment industry has given her more than $5.8 million. To ensure compliance with their nefarious neo-liberal economic agenda, they’ve also broken off $5.3 million to Barack Obama.

Merrill Lynch has invested a pretty penny in the Fox News Democrat and they intend to recoup their investment. Perhaps they can surreptitiously suggest that Billary make Harold Vice President if she wins the nomination to guarantee the furtherance of their dictates on financial policy and deflect the racial animus of blackfolks sure to be generated by her defeat of Obama.

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  1. Anon 1

    I don’t think Hillary needs Harold Ford since she won Tennesee by big margins. If Hillary is the nominee she needs to look for a VP in a traditional red state that the Democrats have a chance to turn blue. I think the VP choice must be given with much thought. SHe has been gettign more of the Hispanic vote thasn the black vote. If she piss off the Hispanics noway she can win. Since blacks are already pissed off with her she has to try and unite all the races. Of course she needs to rekindle the ties in the black communities. The Media really did a horrible job especially MSNBC portraying the Clintons as racist because of factual comments the Clintons made. I find nothing offensive in stating that Jesse J won SOuth Carolina. Infact he went on to win 11 primaries.

    The GOP will not be afraid to attack Obama. They will not be silence for fear of appearing racist for attacking Barack. Of course the MacCain can always choose Condi as a VP also. lol Obama needs to start talkign about policies. When Black folks really look at his stance on reparations, I doubt if they will vote for him. ALthough I support his position on reparations.


    As Congresswoman Maxine Waters said: People in my district have a lot of hope. They go to bed hungry, they have trouble heating their homes but they have a lot of hope that things will get better. They don’t need more hope, they need help.

  2. Denise

    I don’t see HFJr on the ticket.

    It looks like his ground game was tight enough to deliver TN for Team Clinton, and he’ll be rewarded for it, but not with the VP spot. For starters, I don’t think he can deliver the black vote.

  3. Denise

    I think McCain would be very wise to place a conservative woman on his ticket. (No, Condi, it’s time for you to cash out in the private sector)

    Another a white man on his ticket would give a new school opponent (either Hillary or Obama) a strong case for a “same soup, same bowl” argument.

  4. Angel

    I to had thought about something like this happening. I also thought that since Ford is working in New York, he’ll probably try to run for Senate up there since him and the Clintons are buddies and Hills Senate seat might be up for grabs. These are just thoughts. He should just stick to teaching and working for Merril Lynch.

  5. Zeitgeist9000

    Your Arch Nemesis, Harold Ford Jr. It’s so delicious when you talk about him because it’s like he’s Moriarty to your Dr. Holmes! IF he were a Senator from TUN-EH-SEE now, then yes, I do think he would be high on the list. But he’s not, and I don’t think he will be considered. Yes, he would be an “out” from picking Barack as a running mate, considering that Harold Ford and the Clintons align more closely in ideology. I think, though, that you will you soon see the Clintons campaigning from him HARD in 2010 in the gubernatorial race. That “Snowflake” thing you talk about in older post is harsh, but they kept that way under wraps when he was running in 2006. I am going to keep my eyes peeled on how that one plays out in the gentile Upper South.

  6. Rick

    If Hillary get the nomination — a scenario that can happen if the DNC sells Obama out by changing the rules to allow Michigan and Florida delegates to count for Hillary — then I see a compromise simultaneously being brokered where Obama is asked to be VP. Whether he should is a different story. Whether this will be to Billary’s liking is a different story. The Democratic establishment would enforce a compromise to prevent the democratic party from breaking out into an open revolt.

    I mean WTF? Let’s separate Obama from the equation for 1 second:
    * What happens to all of us — the millions of people young and old, black and white — who have publically financed Obama’s $multi-million campaign?

    * What happens to all those people who endorsed Obama: the Kennedys? The Kerrys? The Oprahs? The media outlets? Would they be silent? Will all of these people have no say? Will all of these people remain silent? Will there be no repurcussion? Would they let Obama — who has run a classy campaign for the ages, encouraging massive record turnouts, given people a reason to have “hope” in an otherwise bankrupt system — would they let him go out like that?

    Heck No. I don’t think so. It ain’t going down like that.

    Some might say Obama is “too nice”. That he would just watch and let that *ish happen. To that, I am reminded of the LA King riots and Rodney King making an appeal: “Can’t we all just get along?”

    I remember the very clear response by the masses: “No MF’er, we CAN’T just get along.” In other words, at a certain point, it was no longer just about Rodney King. It was about a greater injustice about police brutality.

    Not saying there literally will be riots, but more like what Emerson termed feminine rage of the educated class. I refuse to believe that Obama’s supporters would allow him to be passed over like that and just have nothing to say about. Obama has come too far. He has earned a spot on the national ticket.

    I just refuse to believe otherwise. I refuse to believe his supporters (not just black voters) would just be silent and let that happen.

  7. Andrea

    SB…I find your humility gracious and benevolent. I understand. Oh, I understand.

    I…I was jealous of Obama and I have confronted a few people about their personal idiosyncrasies rooted in jealousy towards Obama. For me it was a short period and not rooted with weeds. I just looked at him, looked at his audacity, looked back at my audacity, and sighed because his audacity was working when mine didn’t. Simple. And then that haunting marginalization reminds you that he does not come from where you come from and you think you have ever right to haze him for not having had it as bad. You measure to validate your human frailty. But one person in particular that I confronted of harboring jealousy against Obama is that friend that went to work on the Billary Campaign. She is young and she, like Anon, points out flaws in Obama that Hillary has not even met either. My friend — former friend that is now— has this standard set for Obama that unquestionably really no viable, competitive politician of any color can have in exhibiting complete altruism in the arena of politics — for politics invokes unwilling and voluntary self-compromise and collateral damage along the way, unintentional. Hell…She questioned me using social enterprise as my vehicle to execute when I explained to her that I was not a trust-fund baby who could self-finance my own crusade for her salvation. She remained silent after that nonetheless still committed to jealousy.

    You know those Brothas and Sistas, college-degreed, that want to be the NEXT because they were told they were the “best and the brightest” so they doubt any and all ideas that are not rank-in-file because they are waiting to be ushered into the Establishment, thinking that if the Establishment had them as a member, we, the pleblians, would live happily ever after? Well, that is who my former friend is with unattainable expectations of Obama whereas she is not addressing the exemption she affords Hillary who too, does not meet the matched criteria of measure. So I see the excuses to camouflage her jealousy.

    I see the camaraderie in those she seeks to surround herself with in repelling Obama because he is not the reincarnate of Dr. King, the romanticized, fictionalized figure Spelman taught to her. Black people want Dr. King to rise like Lazarus for their personal salvation so when Obama asserts and falls short to drive it home the way they think it should be rendered, they get furious. She wants Obama to play the theatrical parts of being the political martyr of our time. A lot of people who are supporting him think this is the next performance in political theatre that he will star in. The idea is formulaic in that it seems through how stories are retold hence King died and the Civil Rights era has been romanticized that all is needed is, if, and for someone else to COME and give of himself as the sacrificial lamb, then we all would somehow be propelled in deliverance. Then justice will prevail. So which what means he must offer himself in self-sacrifice for the approval of the Black Community as a HOPELESS Romeo sacrificing for her indifference as a detached, hen-pecking and hazing Juliet, she remains doubtful and resigned self-righteously to align with Hillary as an excuse that Obama failed her instead of her having to have faith in herself and him to not put her cross to bear on his back. I mean we manifest our salvation as for one person to carry 38 million crosses to win our approval. I realized my issues were not that deeply imbedded in malignant self-oppression. I don’t see that you were coming from their either.

    But whereas his speeches draw out the thirst and hunger of so many, it took me awhile to realize that so many were that needy of seeing and hearing his broken-record repetition of the same thing in inspirational pep-talks. My 4th , 6th , and 9th grade and 7th grade Physical Education teachers was more inspiring but that mold has been hence broken for so long now. Most only had regurgitated romanticism of dead heroes to cling too. For others that know what Obama has to bring to the table in meat, they want more. I did. I still do. But I stood back and realized that so, so, so many have never had inspiration or having had been part of it before and for that, one muster taper their judgements to understand what he is doing in pacing the people to be able to “get” certain things. So whereas those who had already had HOPE knows that more has to come and that it won’t be easy, they find him a fraudulent deliverer incapable of delivering. It’s easier to be cynical rather than divest from it.

    I figured out that I was doing close to that same thing we, Black People, do in wanting to be so superior in judging those that put themselves out there with vision — when we get mad that their vision is not exactly how WE WANT their vision to be and play out. Since Obama won’t play the martyr, he draws out the rejection in some of our own that believe the only way to help us is to give up everything and mimic a messianic figure. Oh, the theatre we crave that we think will shame Whites to gift us justice. We don’t want to work for it. We just want someone to be that person that fights for us, conquer, and exalts us. I know this so very well because I went through it with our people.

    But Obama has confused us and I should have not doubted his modus operandi for too long because I really have always understood it innately. I think a lot of understand innately but we can’t believe it because it is ambitious and ambitious void of our co-dependent needs in what we want in arch-typical leadership. I’ve never met anyone but myself that took risks so unpopular so I can see how people don’t believe him. It’s unpopular and a gamble that can ruin you. I know.

    I realized I was judging him on merits of an altruistic activist like myself, but not realizing that I was doing what people did to me in “backwards” plantation behavior. It was so very hard for slaves to understand that their risk taken, if taken, might not reward them THE GLORY while in their lifetime but that that glory could be heirloomed to their future offspring if they trusted in that one leading who wanted them to take unconventional risks. What Obama is altruistically trying to do is not something we are guaranteed to feel immediate gratification from in our lifetime but our children — future Blacks and mankind overall — could. There has yet been that discussion to clarify to the masses that he is not doing this for us only. That reality in itself is a deal-breaker for most.

    I was not wanting to understand the difference in that he was a politician first and no longer an activist, first. I should have known better. I caught myself last year and realized that we should hold our elected officials to high standards but the bias that Blacks have against Blacks that want to lead is so excruciatingly unfair. I knew this having had lived through the hazing, doubt, jealous, and beat-downs to realize I was putting my personal desire to see an uncompromised maverick and that is not what he could or still can deliver.

    It is not plausible for anyone to do this as a bona fide politician. So you put your personal needs first not realizing that no one — not even Bush, Bloomberg, or Romney with all their riches — could by-pass having to compromise a little here and a lot there to build a constituency.

    My friend (former), immature and unseasoned with understanding her intentions, she rebuked my assumption that she was jealous of Obama and hence so much more engulfing the issue of resolution to support Hillary. I see how easy it is to assume that pious position of judging someone because you are jealous you can’t be them (Obama). Ouch!

    “He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings,”

    1 Timothy 6:4

    I know how many people will reason base on simple jealousy, as well as complex dynamics of jealousy, because they don’t have or can’t muster the courage to be ingenious or willful. Fighting slave mentality really has to be an all-day/every-day exercise of cognizant vigilance. No organization I know or institution promotes this. So we don’t do it as post-modern post-Civil Rights babies and members of society.

    SB, I think the (your) service you offered us was not in anyway UNFAIR. Your service is: the duty you must serve. You know this, right? I realized when I sent you several articles and you did not respond to them, you either knew something more that I did not know. I also realized and rationalized that Obama needed to be vetted and you did that for us.


  8. Once upon a time, I would have thought such a ham fisted choice to be beneath Team Clinton. THOSE days are long gone.

    replacing Obama with Harold and hoping folk don’t notice.


  9. Chesapeake

    That’s scary, SB. As frightening as a Clinton/Ford ticket sounds, it’s is conceivable. Merrill will for sure get something for its money, no matter who the candidate. Clinton’s price might well be the VP spot to assure continued monetarist economic policies. If that’s the case, Obama will support the ticket and save Clinton from any backlash.

    By the way, Rick, I don’t think the Kerrys, Oprahs, and Kennedys know or perceive the huge differences between Ford and Obama (Kerry pushed real hard for Ford in Tennessee, too, while Gore was relatively quiet). They’ll be less giddy, but giddy nonetheless.

  10. john in california

    First, rumoring Harold Ford is, maybe, a way to threaten Obama that he isn’t indispensable on a future hillary ticket, even though hillbilly knows that if they win the nomination, Obama must get first rights-of-refusal on a vp nod, he just can’t ask for to much. I think it is a weak, cynical play, but that seems, more and more, to be the hillbilly style.
    Andrea, that was one of the most insightful (as well as beautifully written) thing I have ever read on the web. As a DK supporter, I am well aware that taking the ‘best’ stand may lead to the political bone yard (Pelosi-we-support-incumbents-like-Al-Wynn is doing nothing for DK’s primary fight) and so am willing to withhold some judgment on Obama’s lack-of-left positions. Though I think putting your faith in policies rather than people is the best way to create a better society, you are right that sometimes you just have to trust that a person with Obama’s talents knows best how to hold up his end and, as he always says, we can hold up ours. Again, great comment!

  11. NuPolitico

    This is off topic, but I got to post this. The Nebraska Caucus votes are being reported. Two of the most populous counties (Douglas, Sarpy) went 77%, 75% Obama! These two counties boast a lot of women, Hispanics, white men, and blue collar workers. I hope the mainstream media will stop saying that Obama only has an advantage with blacks, or educated, or middle-upper class folks! Let’s just keep it real, the brotha has an advantage across all socioeconomic/racial/age groups (with the exception of 65+ white women).

  12. Rick


    I believe those folks know the difference. Obama won his Senate seat in 2004, and demonstrated his electability/influence not just in the midwest, but also in the South.

    Ford may have helped Hillary win delegates in Tennessee, but he himself LOST his Senate bid there in 2004. I give Kerry and others more credit for understanding the HUGE differences between a proven ‘winner’ like Obama and a Ford who LOST his own Senate bid in 2004.

    Separately, Chesapeake, not sure how much economic clout Ford brings to the table given certain issues with his employer which could instead distract attention and prove to be a liability on a Hillary/Ford ticket:

    I don’t see it. I just don’t see it.

  13. Chesapeake

    Bearing in mind that Obama has implied, if not said, that there’ll be no more runs for president if he loses this time, in the scenario of Clinton taking the nomination:

    1. Wouldn’t Obama’s service in the role of VP handcuff him?;

    2. Would it not be better that he continue to establish himself and lay in the cut ready to challenge Clinton’s second term if she unfortunately falters as president?; or

    3. Will Obama be able to get part of his agenda off as VP to Clinton, thus enabling him to end his elected-office career with a bang and move on?

  14. sall

    Why can’t blacks just sit the election out if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee? White republicans stay home when they aren’t satisfied with their choices. The Clintons and the democratic elite are counting on blacks pulling the lever for her anyway. How could any self-respecting black person do that now? Why don’t most black people see this? Perhaps I’m not giving black people enough credit. I just suspect that they are probably right.

  15. chesapeake,

    I ultimately don’t know what Obama will want at the end of this process if he isn’t successful. Part of me doesn’t care. But if even if Hillary publicly asks him to join the ticket and he refuses, I am through with the party for awhile. I’ll go over to the Greens and Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader cause I’ll do absolutely nothing for Billary.

  16. lmwright

    Who really cares. What can Ford bring to the table? And, I agree with you Skep, if Obama loses the nomination I will vote either green party or republican.

  17. Marla K.

    Thank you Skeptical Brotha for all of the political updates, and your creative delivery is very entertaining!! I really didnt see this coming at all…..if this is Bill’s next big move….frankly I would be disappointed…….

    First of all, I really dont believe it would pacify African Americans, I believe most of us are voting for Barack Obama who happens to be an African American( Hillary still gets 20% of AA vote but it’s from the lower income who tend to be lesser educated)
    I truly believe Harold Ford,Jr would never have won South Carolina from Hillary, not to mention he certainly would not have gotten out of Iowa with a win
    (I can definitely appreciate your skepticism, that’s your job…however, in my humble opinion Barack Obama is a true Progressive)
    Barack Obama is a leader people can trust who should be president …which is the main reason he will be

    Secondly,although Ford may serve to pull a few conservative votes from John Mccain which I assume would be the secondary goal of such a move, but there are just so many better possibilities to reach out to conservatives

    My only real concerns for this election are:

    1. Superdelegates….this should not be allowed. I agree with Rick that the SD’s will not be allowed to rob Obama. This will not be allowed by his “continuency”…..those of us who will have elected him

    2. Michigan and Florida delegates possibly being
    seated. Obama has requested these primaries or caucuses be redone. I hope this will be done immediately

    Other than these concerns Sen Obama should take the Whitehouse withstanding anything out of order from the Republicans….even Newt Gringrich knows this

    I’m not worried about MCCain. Caged Lion maybe….but not Mccain.

  18. First, y’all have to know that The Dark Sith absolutely hates Obama, and you also have to know how low Harold will stoop to get his own agenda achieved.

    How conveniently he forgets that Obama had to bring his ass to Tennessee to campaign for Harold to get that Senate seat – he was truly pissed that the event he organized for Obama’s appearance brought the masses out not for him, but for OBAMA.

    He would like nothing more than to one-up Obama anyway he can. And trust me, if Hillary puts Harold on her ticket, we’d better practice saying “President McCain” on the real.

    And, I’d be curious in how that fiancee of his will sit in the White House, when he kept her under wraps for three years, while he was running for the Senate.

    He might have delivered Tennessee to the Borg Queen, but that state’s so full of bigots, she might have very well won that state on her own, cause all the Blacks in Memphis went for Obama; that’s how he got that 30% of the vote in the Volunteer State.

    If you want to know how craven Harold Ford is, look at who he’s taking his paychecks from:

    Propaganda Network that participated in airing that “Harold, Call Me!” ad (Fox Noise)

    Brokerage Firm that has bankrupted big Corporations, including themselves (Merrill Lynch). They’re still paying out sexual harassment and discrimination claims in the millions of dollars, too.

    Is head of an organization that features Republican lites posing as Democrats (Democrat Leadership Council).

    Need I say anything more? If the Borg Queen wants to mend fences with Black People, she’d best leave Harold Ford under that rock where she dug him up.

  19. Quanli

    So basically the Clinton camp would be adding a little color to their side to make the choice easier: “look see, you can have a Clinton AND someone who looks like you”–it’s win/win. Please. Furthermore, I do not think Barack would accept any VP slot if it ever came to that. If he came this far and has publically stated this will never happen again then I truly think it’s all or nothing. Plus I don’t think Michelle would be too pleased with the notion.

  20. Denise


    I hear you, sista, but I think it’s fair to say that there are a lot of egos and personal agendas at play right now. HFJr ain’t the only one.

  21. Andrea

    You know, I didn’t mean to post that confession on this about Harold Ford, but the sentiment of jealousy was connected to what I see about him. I think he is concilliatory on camera and is just probably as two-faced behind.

    In admitting the idea of consideration that we need to understand that jealousy undermines most of the division and bias towards supporting Clinton. Obama is old to me. He is old enough and a grown-ass man but…he is called “kid” and considered “inexperience” in spite of the experience he has because…he doesn’t have their corrupted “wait your turn” and how Politcal Junkie describes — he wasn’t willing to tote their water.

    Imagine if you were in Washington longer than him and you submitted to “pay your dues” to the Establishments and this guy who should have been on their teams, not only not get in line and wait his turn, he started a line for himself. That uppity and utmost disrespectful like an impudent child. So when they say things like he doesn’t have as much experience, they are not talking about his resume. His resume is fine.

    Most people in Washington build their resumes by following the formulas. It’s like high school in ranking up titles and associations, standing behind a senior member and waiting for them to die or retire. So to even senior, long-term CBC members, he didn’t follow the formula and again did what he wanted to do instead of what Harold Ford and other 30 and 40-something year-old peers invested in doing.

    So I can see Harold Ford as a leveraged broker in assisting Billary because he has been in Washington longer (started as an intern to remain stuck behind senior members who won’t retire), comes from a political dynasty (no matter how much corruption), and obviously has been touted as the godchild of the party (losing to Pelosi but still being taken care of).

    I even think all the old-heads from the Black Establishment supporting Hillary are jealous.

    I tell people all the time…”Jealousy does not leave fingerprints”. “Jealousy never makes testimony…it hides behind distractions”. People lie and find a fact to support their stance to deflect that envy is oozing out of their pores.

    And The Clintons smell it on us. Like dogs…they track our jealousy to find who they can use to use against our supposed best interests. They are the ultimate slave masters.

  22. Denise

    “Asked last year whether he would consider being a vice presidential candidate, McCain, a prisoner of war in Vietnam, said:

    “You know, I spent all those years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, kept in the dark, fed scraps — why the heck would I want to do that all over again?”

    I guess it’s like they say: “you don’t win silver, you lose gold.”


  23. Rick

    @Marla K-
    thanks for the plug. It’s looking like those SuperDs may be the difference in this thing, Marla. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that…Rick

  24. Denise,

    It’s that kind of comment that, despite myself, I can’t dislike John McCain. Yeah, I know all about his votes, but I just can’t…..and I think it’s the amusement I feel watching those Conservative Rabid Dogs going crazy at the thought of him at the top of the ticket, considering that they were instrumental in helping Dubya do him so wrong in 2000.

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