31 thoughts on “Obama wins Nebraska and Washington State

  1. I like the blue – it’s my favorite color, and soothing. So, I’m not voting for the change to white.

    He also won Louisiana and the Virgin Islands..LOL

    May I give a shoutout to The Huckster. He won Kansas, and is leading in Washington AND Louisiana…I think this is hilarious.

  2. Well, Mullah Dobson has endorsed the Huckster, but wait until McStain gets the nod for REAL.

    We will see heads explode like they did on Chappelle’s Show, during that “Clayton Bigsby” skit, and he took off his hood… 😉

    I also expect the Borg Queen to claw her way back into this contest, even if she has to sling the Handkerchief Heads supporting her under her own bus.

  3. NuPolitico

    I grew up in Nebraska. Every black person (and some white folk) I’ve met outside of Nebraska has given me a double take when I tell them that I was born/raised there. And then I have to precede to list every famous black person born/from there (Malcom X, Preston Love, Don Cheadle, Gabrielle Union, Kathy Hughes, Bob Boozer, John Beasley, etc.) So watching Nebraska vote Obama was very personal for me.

    What surprised me was all three Cong Districts went Obama. The Omaha area is more cultural diverse than the rest of the state, but for Obama to get central and western Nebraska was huge. It’s like 90% white and the other 10% are Hispanic. White people out there have never seen black folk in person! When I was in law school at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, some of my classmates from that area had never been in class with a black student before!

    As an aside, I voted in the Louisiana primary today. Obama’s campaign has released a report citing voter discrepancies. When I went to vote today I had a few problems. First, I would like to point out the woman saw my driver’s license with my full name plainly printed on it. My initials are R.C. She flips to the “R”s to sign me in. She looks up and tells me that she can’t find me. I had to point out to her that my last name started with a “C”. She flips to a *blank* page under the “C” tab, looks at me and tells me that she can’t find me. I once again pull out my voter registration card and show her that I AM registered to vote in today’s election. She then flips to the supplemental pages and insists that she can’t find me. I make her flip back to the “C” section and flip through the pages slowly. I SEE MY NAME, she *shrugs* at me and tells me that she can’t find me. I point out my name and she looks at me and saccharinely tells me that it was her mistake.

    I get into the both and notice that the electronic ballot has the Republican side lit up. I step out of the booth and ask for the Democrat electronic ballot. At this point, I was ready to turn the place out! I had to call my momma to not flip out. The same lady comes over to my booth and claims to have flipped it over to the Democrat side. I step back inside and the electronic ballot isn’t even turned ON. I brought this to all three of the workers attention. Finally, I get the correct ballot and am able to vote.

    Even though Obama won Louisiana, I’m concerned about others who may not have been as persistent. Now, I’m newly relocated to Louisiana and have never voted here before. I’m not going to make the claim that this is or isn’t normal, but we got to keep our eye on each and every primary/caucus. As many of us as possible need to be in Denver for the DNC to make sure that this campaign of possibilities doesn’t get snatched away because we weren’t vigilant.

  4. I have to say that I continue to be stunned….HOW in the hell does he continue to win RURAL America? Watching CNN, and that dude who does that statewide map, county by county, and Obama’s winning RURAL America. I don’t get it.

  5. Andrea

    First…I am clipping and pasting NUPOLITICO’s comment to send to my co-workers that deal with voter ethics/disenfranchisement/empowerment. None of them travelled to Louisana but we were asked to report stories we overhear about voting irregularities.

    Because I can’t disclose where I work, I can clip and paste part of what he asked of us to look out for:

    • How long did you wait? Trouble parking or getting in the building?
    • Was anyone having trouble at the polling place (voter, pollworker, etc.)? What happened as a result?
    • Were there enough supplies?
    • Were the machines working?
    • Were they doing something new and different?
    • Any funny or compelling stories to share?
    • Etc., etc. – we’d like to hear it all (absentee voters, too).

    If any of you have additional comments, can you post them here and I will will extract them and transfer to my co-workers. I never considered these issues before because I have been, I guess, fortunate to not have experienced fraudulent or shady scenarios when voting. But this is exactly what they look for so they can send a field operative down the next time with credentials to go undercover.

    My co-workers are not reading this blog because they are 1) too busy but they are interesting in knowing what Blacks are thinking and saying considering they know their is media bias. This information from above posted by NUPOLITICO is essential data.

  6. Andrea

    My second comment: Has anyone peeped what is going on at MSNBC?

    Did anyone notice the coverage Friday, yesterday, and this morning?

  7. NuPolitico

    *Rural America

    Rikyrah, I don’t understand this either. Areas where people aren’t heavily exposed to blacks love Obama. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t appear “threatening” and whatever else that does or does not implicate. He so far has been able to sidestep the angry black male stereotype. But deeper than that, Obama is a part of rural America. White mama from Kansas? How many other small town folks got a biracial grandbaby running around? He’s their grandchild, cousin, nephew.

    *Voter Irregularities
    I campaigned for Obama last weekend in Alabama, specifically in Birmingham and Bessemer. In Bessemer, there was talk that black Clinton supporters were going to post up at a few key polling locations and try to dissuade potential Obama supporters from voting for him. I don’t think this came to fruition since the black constituents overwhelming chose Obama over the Alabama Black Caucus’ endorsement of Hillary. My point being some of the voter intimidation being done against Obama supporters are being done by blacks as well as whites. I think this is what’s making sifting through irregularities more difficult. As a black person, I would have assumed that another black wasn’t trying to disenfranchise me…welcome to post-partisan, post-racial(?) politics.

    *Nobel Prize winner says Obama will be assassinated

    My question about the following is, is this responsible journalism for reporting on the idea of assassination or the media fanning the flames of sensationalism?
    STOCKHOLM (AP) — Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing believes Barack Obama would be assassinated if he were elected U.S. president, the British writer said in a newspaper interview.

  8. Lucia

    The wiseguys called SUPER “bloody” DELEGATES should not be allowed to engage in VOTERS NULLIFICATION by selecting who the Democratic candidate for the general election should be.
    Millions of Americans have vested interest in a particular candidate. These frickin super delagtes should not be the determining authority because they do not speak for the millions of voters!!
    Otherwise, the voting process should be scratched out so that we have government by THE SUPER DELEGATES ; for THE SUPER DELEGATES.
    The rest of us must quiety be at their mercy with a hope that some scraps fall down from the tables where these supers eat on to our laps!!!

  9. Lucia

    The Democratic Party feels that Blacks voters should permanently be loyal to them without demanding anything for that loyalty. Some of these democrats become very abusive if that loyalty is not readily given.

    Bill Clinton crime bill sent a lot of black young men to jails. This bill was instituted to prove to Americans that Mr. Clinton very tough on crime. Meaning, Blacks are the only criminals in America and sending them “en mass” to jails scores that point.

  10. Rick

    Hillary Changes Campaign Manager:

    “WASHINGTON – Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton replaced campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle with longtime aide Maggie Williams on Sunday, engineering a shake-up in a presidential campaign struggling to overcome rival Sen. Barack Obama’s financial and political strengths.”

    “The surprise announcement came hours after Obama’s sweep of three contests Saturday and shortly before the Illinois senator won caucuses in Maine on Sunday.”

  11. Chesapeake

    Like the site. It’s easier on the eyes.

    On another note, a vote by the Superdelegates to undo the nomination of Obama by the primary and caucus delegates might warrant mass defection. It’s really hard to predict how the democratic leaders will deal with the pressure from the Clinton camp. The party has never had to deal with what seems to be coming.

    Is there a list of identifying the Superdelegates? Likely there are more Clinton supports on the list.

  12. Marla K.

    Does anyone know whether superdelegates were in play during the last presidential election? If so, was their role the same?

    Also, what about the number of states that are caucusing instead of having primaries; was this the process for these states in 2000 and 2004?
    I never realized there were so many caucuses as opposed to primaries. I can use other means to find out but if anyone knows I would appreciate any information you have.

  13. john in california

    rikyrah, it is not all that hard to understand when you hear Obama speaking like this


    It’s like all those years between JFK, MLK and RFK and now are sloughing away and, finally, a fresh, uncynical, believable, hopeful realist has stepped on the national stage. Every time I hear him speak I get more optimistic (and, I must admit, more fearful for him) and more willing to believe he really will accomplish true change in American politics. A lot of old white guys like me had just about given up on American politics because of all the lies and deceit coming out of ‘our’ party. Obama is a once in a lifetime politician, anybody, of any color can recognize that.

  14. Rick

    “On another note, a vote by the Superdelegates to undo the nomination of Obama by the primary and caucus delegates might warrant mass defection. ” — Chesapeake

    And to keep that from happening, there would be a deal for Obama to be on the ticket as VP. Now as I have said, whether or not this is in Obama’s interest to accept is a totally different question.

  15. Zeitgeist9000


    A black guy from Chicago, the Borg Queen and a Serial Philanderer all in an oval office and told, “Okay, you have power now; we’ll check on you in 100 days. Good luck solving all the nation’s problems in that time.”

    Add Michelle to that equation, and there’s gonna be a ruckus in that room. Somebody might get cut.

  16. whydidyoudoit

    Solis Doyle, is dispensable, she has served her purpose to help us win the latino vote in the big states. We no longer need her or the latino vote to capture the white house. The women vote will now carry the Hillary campaign the rest of the way. Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton replaced campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle with longtime aide Maggie Williams on Sunday. Ms. Clinton believes Maggie Williams is a better choice to target the women vote. Clinton said in a statement. “I am lucky to have Maggie on board and I know she will lead our campaign with great skill towards the nomination.”

  17. anony mouse

    Don’t look now, but Obama went and took Maine. That was supposed to belong to Hillary, though. And she fired her campaign manager? Looks like the wheels are coming off.

  18. Chesapeake

    Understood, Rick. But if Obama accepts VP after winning the primary and caucus delegate race, can Obama inspire his supporters to accept it? For instance, granted I’m not the biggest Obama fan to comment in this blog, but I don’t think I could accept it: I might be following SB through the exit.

  19. Rick

    Chesapeake, that’s a very good question. I hope it doesn’t come to that. Speaking for myself only, I would be very pissed if that happened, but if Obama was on the ticket I’d vote for it and then pull for Michelle to kick the Clintons’ tails when they are all up in the White House — hat tip Zeitgeist9000

  20. Andrea

    I like this blue.

    And…I will not vote for Obama if he is on a ticket with that lady. I never voted for her husband either time and I never intended to support either of them EVER.

    I can’t really call that one, y’all. I feel as though it would not work anyway. That’s just too many egos and Obama is not going to want to have worry about corruption charges you know The Clintons would have arising again. Come on…these people keep shit going whereas they have to keep defense attorneys on retainer.

    That’s too much stress just thinking about being affliliated with them not knowing if you are going to caught carrying the bag.

  21. Chesapeake

    SB, I got a picture with Andy Young, John Lewis, Magic Johnson, and Bob Johnson – all together. You want to put it in your header instead of King, Shabazz, and Abernathy?


    … Naah. The site is developing nicely.

  22. Brown Girl

    I love the blue, I love the photo (though looks as though you need higher resolution). You don’t need categories on both the side and bottom of the page. I like drop down archives, rather than list. Could you use a bigger font in general? Hope this helps.

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