Billary turns to a sistah



Hillary Clinton’s long-time campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, a scion of the Chicago Solis family active in Chicago Politics, has stepped down in favor of long-time Clinton retainer Maggie Williams. Williams, a former White House Assistant to President Clinton, Chief of Staff to the First Lady, and a former PR Executive serving as President of the venerable PR House Fenton Communications becomes the second African American woman to run a major Presidential Campaign. Following in the very large footsteps of Donna Brazile, a legendary Louisiana political strategist and organizer, Williams faces the daunting task of righting the listing Clinton ship.

The upside of the Williams appointment, aside from her race and the unique ability that has to blunt the criticism of Bill Clinton’s unconscionable racial polarization games, is her competence and the complete confidence that Billary has in her. Normally reassuring, I chose my first candidate for Nebraska Governor, Ben Nelson, because his campaign manager was black-which turned out to signify nothing progressive. This development annoys me for its transparent political implications. Why does it always fall to the loyal Negress to pull whitefolks coals out of the fire. The plantation overtones of this necessary shake-up nauseates me.

Thematically the Clinton campaign has no message other than “It’s my turn, damnit.” It hasn’t worked well thus far and won’t work in the upcoming Chesapeake primary contests in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Obama is on fire and in danger of consuming all of Billary’s air for the next two weeks. Williams must move quickly to retool the message, tighten up the field organizing and slow Obama’s momentum. I’ve counted Billary out before and been wrong. I won’t make any dramatic predictions tonight, however, it does seem that Obama is more than capable of driving a stake through the hearts of the triangulating vampires once and for all.