Congressman Scott defects from Hillary, Lewis on the fence


Hat Tip: Yahoo, Associated Press, story by David Espo

In a fresh sign of trouble for Hillary Rodham Clinton, one of the former first lady’s congressional black supporters intends to vote for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, and a second, more prominent lawmaker is openly discussing a possible switch.

When Israel was in Egypt’s land,
let my people go;
oppressed so hard they could not stand,
let my people go.

Rep. David Scott’s defection and Rep. John Lewis’ remarks highlight one of the challenges confronting Clinton in a campaign that pits a black man against a woman for a nomination that historically has been the exclusive property of white men.

Go down, (go down) Moses, (Moses)
way down in Egypt’s land;
tell old Hillary
to let my people go!

“You’ve got to represent the wishes of your constituency,” Scott said in an interview Wednesday in the Capitol. “My proper position would be to vote the wishes of my constituents.” The third-term lawmaker represents a district that gave more than 80 percent of its vote to Obama in the Feb. 5 Georgia primary.

“Thus saith the Lord,” bold Moses said,
let my people go;
“if not, I’ll smite your re-election dead,”
let my people go.

Lewis, whose Atlanta-area district voted 3-to-1 for Obama, said he is not ready to abandon his backing for the former first lady. But several associates said the nationally known civil rights figure has become increasingly torn about his early endorsement of Clinton. They spoke on condition of anonymity, citing private conversations.

No more shall they in bondage toil,
let my people go;
let them come out with Egypt’s spoil,
let my people go.

In an interview, Lewis likened Obama to Robert F. Kennedy in his ability to generate campaign excitement, and left open the possibility he might swing behind the Illinois senator. “It could (happen). There’s no question about it. It could happen with a lot of people … we can count and we see the clock,” he said.

We need not always weep and mourn,
let my people go;
and wear those slavery chains forlorn,
let my people go.

Clinton’s recent string of eight primary and caucus defeats coincides with an evident shift in momentum in the contest for support from party officials who will attend the convention. The former first lady still holds a sizable lead among the roughly 800 so-called superdelegates, who are chosen outside the primary and caucus system.

But Christine Samuels, until this week a Clinton superdelegate from New Jersey, said during the day she is now supporting Obama.

Two other superdelegates, Sophie Masloff of Pennsylvania and Nancy Larson of Minnesota, are uncommitted, having dropped their earlier endorsements of Clinton.

On Wednesday, David Wilhelm, a longtime ally of the Clintons who had been neutral in the presidential race, endorsed Obama.

The comments by Scott and Lewis reflect pressure on Clinton’s black supporters, particularly elected officials, not to stand in the way of what is plainly the best chance in history to have an African-American president.

“Nobody could see this” in advance, Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, the highest-ranking black in Congress, said of Obama’s emergence. He is officially neutral in the race, but expressed his irritation earlier in the year with remarks that Clinton and her husband the former president had made about civil rights history.

One black supporter of Clinton, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, said he remains committed to her. “There’s nothing going on right now that would cause me to” change, he said.

He said any suggestion that elected leaders should follow their voters “raises the age old political question. Are we elected to monitor where our constituents are … or are we to use our best judgment to do what’s in the best interests of our constituents.”

In an interview, Cleaver offered a glimpse of private conversations.

He said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. of Illinois had recently asked him “if it comes down to the last day and you’re the only superdelegate? … Do you want to go down in history as the one to prevent a black from winning the White House?

“I told him I’d think about it,” Cleaver concluded.

Jackson, an Obama supporter, confirmed the conversation, and said the dilemma may pose a career risk for some black politicians. “Many of these guys have offered their support to Mrs. Clinton, but Obama has won their districts. So you wake up without the carpet under your feet. You might find some young primary challenger placing you in a difficult position” in the future, he added.

Obama and Clinton are in a competitive race for convention delegates. Overall, he has 1,276 in The Associated Press count, and she has 1,220. It takes 2,025 to clinch the nomination.

The New York Times is reporting that John Lewis has left Hillary’s plantation, a notion rebuted today by his press spokeswoman.

56 thoughts on “Congressman Scott defects from Hillary, Lewis on the fence

  1. I think Wynn’s loss scared the bejeezus out of them.

    Cause they’re sweating at night, thinking about the ‘ Donna Edwards’ in their districts, sending out a mailer with a picture of them and Hillary.

  2. Scott got one of those primary challenges back in 2006. Donzella James got 30% of the vote in his district – enough to make him straighten up and fly right.

    If the CBC members don’t want to use their superdelegate status to honor the wishes of the voting public, they all need to get primary challenges, both this year, and if not this year, definately in 2010.

    The CBC Monitor will be developing a list of Handkerchief Heads to be targeted for primary challenges in 2010. Book it.

    Did you see this year’s Report Card yet, SB? It’s over at

  3. Bay

    John Lewis has finally summoned the courage he had on that day in Selma and has decided to leave the plantation. I’m still mad at him for how he treated Barack, but we all deserve forgiveness. Don’t these niggas know they free?!
    It’s time to come home and rally around this brotha, not because he is black, but because, like Oprah said, “He’s BRILLIANT!!”

  4. Lewis escaped the plantation. Must have had a “Selma” flashback.

    We’ll see how long that lasts, but it serves all of them right – they shouldn’t have endorsed the Borg Queen so early – ask them how they want their plates of crow; I don’t know if there’s enough hot sauce to make it go down any easier.

    Let’s see if Maxine follows him off the plantation and takes off her handkerchief. I know Sheila Jackson-Lee’s is tied tight around her head, cause her district’s going Latino with a quickness and the only way she survives is with a Cabinet position in the Borg Queen’s administration.

  5. TPJ,

    Sheila ain’t going nowhere. She is a fixture for life. Her district has a latino population but remember Hurricane Katrina dumped over 100,000 new Negroes in Houston. She and Al Green will be fine.

  6. I have to believe this is the money quote for them from Billaryland:

    from the Boston Globe:
    Clinton is determined to “take the Democratic nomination even if she does not win the popular vote” with a plan to “persuade enough superdelegates to vote for her at the convention.” Clinton “will not concede the race to Obama if he wins a greater number of pledged delegates by the end of the primary season, and will count on the 796 elected officials and party bigwigs to put her over the top, if necessary, said Clinton’s communications director, Howard Wolfson.”

    THIS, ladies and gentleman, is them saying, ‘ BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY’.

    I have people who I never thought, in my life even voted, talking about SuperDelegates. This conversation is happening in Black America, and we’re watching it like a hawk.

    There are few things that rile Black people more than changing the rules in the middle of the game. Burns us to our very souls.

    Barack Obama has come out of nowhere. Played by a rules not set up for them. Mastered them, and when they ‘moved the ball’ on him (every Black person in Corporate America understands this), he caught the ball, adapted and ran with it. All of this, and the Clintons believe that they can steal this and all will be forgiven?

    The Democratic Party will burn to the ground before that is accepted.

    John Lewis knows what I know: ANY Black person caught on the wrong side of this, IF she winds up stealing it from Obama is DONE.


    Black folk turn a lot of cheeks. This is a cheek that won’t be turned, and any Black person seen as in collusion with BillaryLand….well, they might as well become Republicans, because the Black community will be DONE with them.

  7. I honestly believe it was BillaryLand putting it out that they fully intend to STEAL it – no holds barred:

    Hillary Clinton will take the Democratic nomination even if she does not win the popular vote, but persuades enough superdelegates to vote for her at the convention, her campaign advisers say.

    The New York senator, who lost three primaries Tuesday night, now lags slightly behind her rival, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, in the delegate count. She is even further behind in “pledged” delegates, those assigned by virtue of primaries and caucuses.

    But Clinton will not concede the race to Obama if he wins a greater number of pledged delegates by the end of the primary season, and will count on the 796 elected officials and party bigwigs to put her over the top, if necessary, said Clinton’s communications director, Howard Wolfson.

    When she puts out there that she fully intends to STEAL IT.

    IF it goes down like that, what Black person is going to want to be in BillaryLand?

    They might as well become Republicans.

  8. They already started stealing in New Mexico. After declaring her the winner of the New Mexico caucus, some boxes of uncounted ballots were found to have spent the night in the home of the Democractic Party Chair, whose husband is a Clinton superdelegate.

    There’s also rumors flying of her buying superdelegate votes because she’s given money to the campaign coffers, too:

    Now if Obama donated the most money, he should be getting the superdelegate count, right? But according to the article, the Borg Queen has the support and is leading here.

    For my money, neither one of them has clean hands here, because if the popular vote says Obama, but the nod goes to the Borg Queen, I will vote Green in the general election.

    I would do this if the popular vote went for the Borg Queen, but the nod goes to Obama as well. No double standard because the brotha is, well , a BROTHA.

    My vote should count, and not a bunch of elites should get to say who is the people’s choice for the nomination or for the Presidency.

    This last article makes a good argument for why the Electoral College and the Superdelegate process need to be eliminated – they both have a way of invalidating the civic participatory process, and until there’s a valid argument for needing the process in the first place, get rid of it.

  9. Maybe Clinton’s refusal to concede has something to do with this:

    Or this:

    Neither has clean hands in the donations to superdelegates, because it looks like both of them are trying to discount our votes.

    This is why the Electoral College and the Superdelegate process need to be eliminated; they both subvert the will of the people.

  10. Rick

    If superdelegates voted for Hillary in sufficient number — enough to shift the balance to her favor — there would be demands that Obama be on the ticket as VP. Superdelegates are already talking of a possible “deal’ to save the party.

    “If I can be used as a mediator, a negotiator or a peacemaker, I’d be happy to step in,” Mr. Lewis said, adding that he intends to speak to both candidates in hopes of ending the race amicably in the next month. “I don’t want to see Mrs. Clinton damaged or Mr. Obama damaged.” –Source: NY Times

    Now if Hillary wins the nomination BECAUSE she won more superdelegate votes, she would have won according to the rules governing the treatment of delegates (including superdelegates) that were in place from the beginning. [If the preceding statement is false, then I welcome the correction. I’ve read the rules and that’s my understanding]. I think the idea of superdelegates is stupid and a bad idea, but everyone knew the rules, including each counsel’s retained legal counsel.

    The implication is that if Hillary wins according to the rules that everyone agreed to from the beginning, then should would have won a fair contest. If during a fair contest, folks also look out for “our guy” who came in second place and demand that he be put on the ticket as VP, then I do not see how I can vote Republican in that situation.

    McCain may be honorable, which I admire, but I will not vote in a million years for someone who says with pride, “I don’t know anything about economics” AND that we will be in IRAQ for “a hundred years.” I can’t allow my vote to benefit someone like that, if I saw Obama’s right there on the Democratic ticket when I reach to pull the lever.

    Now, if I don’t see Obama’s name on that ticket… damn right the economy can go to hell for that matter. I will not see a decent black man getting dissed like that by the Democratic establishment. The democratic party would not mean *ISH to me at that point.

  11. If superdelegates voted for Hillary in sufficient number — enough to shift the balance to her favor — there would be demands that Obama be on the ticket as VP. Superdelegates are already talking of a possible “deal’ to save the party.

    “If I can be used as a mediator, a negotiator or a peacemaker, I’d be happy to step in,” Mr. Lewis said, adding that he intends to speak to both candidates in hopes of ending the race amicably in the next month. “I don’t want to see Mrs. Clinton damaged or Mr. Obama damaged.” –Source: NY Times

    Sorry Rick,

    That is that whole ‘ Theyze nice White folks’ mentality. I have a problem with it.

    That whole ‘ wait your turn’.

    Dammit, it IS his turn.

    Why the hell should he be the VP to her?

    That’s that ENTITLEMENT thing that bothers me to no end.

  12. Rick

    What I attempted to address is skip forward to a potential scenario where OBAMA “IS” the VP candidate (under certain strict assumptions), and it was not by the people’s choice, and certainly NOT by my choice, but by the choice of the DNC establishment (superdelegates). What would we do? Would we place McCain in the White house?

    You, SB (I think) and perhaps others have said that you won’t vote for a Dem ticket that has Obama on it in that scenario. I understand that, but also think it’s a great discussion piece with so many facets and angles. I’m still wrestling with it. I just wanted to be honest and say unless there was a formal breach of the rulemaking, and I saw Obama’s name when it was time to pull the lever, it would be hard for me not to pull that lever. I may be in the minority here…it’s a tough call.

  13. Even worse than the superdelegates is the issue of Florida and Michigan. There’s NO WAY anyone in the Clinton campaign should be advocating seating those delegates. It is a foul travesty and is more damaging to my voter morale than even the superdelegate farce. I also agree with Rick that 4 more years of war and trickle down ain’t gonna make it.

    The big picture is this: there must be a fair and democratic process that results in a united opposition to the Republicans in November, or else we are all screwed.

  14. Andrea

    I saw this post last night…rolled my eyes…and went to bed. The last post I read was Bay’s and I started to type…to then rest from screaming. I feel the same as I felt last night when I first read it.

    And I plead: Don’t fall for it!

    John Lewis is a selfish bastard. He’s obsolete…and… he had time to recover, recant, retract and redeem his actions for months now. He is trying to save his ass…a job…his legacy…status. That’s it. These are very superficial, narcissistic reasons. He has not done anything sacrificial since Selma. Fuck John Lewis!

    All of this (the AP got it wrong spin) is posturing for playing the “I’m confused” role. He has not wanted to take uncomfortable, risk-taking positions in his political career. His heart divorced his conscious for practicality and self-preservation. Playing the “I’m confused” card is utter selfishness to reposition and try to land somewhere better than the fucked up position you willing choose.

    To be that confused is a sign of questionable character. It either is…or is not.

    Obama exposed him by truly showing how much his generation failed us when he said “he felt like a father was stabbing him in the back”. That was leaked on purpose by others to educate us. People don’t understand that that was TRANSPARENCY utilized effectively because they could have bit their tongue and carried their shame to save Lewis’ face and their scorned feelings. Obama was not the only one hurt. All people that expected the torch to be passed was hurt. What he did was symbolic of conditional love for the younger generation on their parameters of measure and think that dysfunctional shit is okay.

    I am tired of us protecting our abusers…’cause we end up carrying their shame of their resentment of us wanting them to be what they can’t seem to be and we also carry our own shame in knowing this is all of what they are willing to give of themselves, which equals to absolute betrayal.

    See…Obama may not be ready but with all the support and guidance he can be steered and sharpened. They didn’t see their proxy as that of the elder who is supposed to cultivate growth and fruitful development. They only see their vanity fading and are determined to be Dorian Gray forever to ruin the vast opportunities of leaving esteemed legacies mankind will never forget. Instead we have this to remember him by.

    The compromised pleas for sympathetic understanding under the guise to render himself innocent and exempt of contempt for his crimes — I don’t think so. Repentance is what I want with the rest of his life to walk amongst us in living Purgatory. He failed us all.

    We are all given tests to pass everyday and John Lewis failed REPEATEDLY. Obama gave him chances to not fail not only him…but…us. When he denied Obama for The Establishment, he sold out all of us…the children. His choices are and have always been for the past 40-something years determining factors that created this reality and value we have of life in America. Each choice we make effects the world and when you are that important and you assume the role, you have a greater responsibility to stop thinking about yourself. Duty of austerity is what you were supposed to choose.

    John Lewis is not honorable. He has been:

    * being prideful in his age and ego,
    *being lustful of power,
    *greedy for more,
    *glutton for punishment (now in seeing the broken hearts in his district and in the country), *envy of a younger man that got further cosmetically and spiritually than him (that fucking ego), *wrath…condescending to tell Obama it was not his time yet and to further punish him by siding with the opposition (enemy), and
    *sloth…failed as King’s disciple. Just became a lazy has-been.

    He is a false prophet that lived to reap the glory as a human deity because of once courageous acts as a child growing into a man. He is not my salvation. He is a golden calf.

    I’m not worshipping or forgetting. I also don’t by that he is confused.

    He is fucked…that’s what he is…and he knows it.

  15. Andrea

    And Rick…thanks for the Valentines Day wish.

    I love LOVE!

    I know I seem like a bitter, cantankerous schrew. Well…I’m not. I’m just cantankerous.

    My heart needed that yesterday. Really!

  16. I’m really waffling on whether I can vote for a Clinton/Obama ticket. Seriously, after all this underhanded shit, I just don’t know if I can do it.

  17. NuPolitico

    Great post, Andrea. Really, really good. I’m going to have to re-read it later and let it really sink in.

    I would like to add to the generation point. In a speech last year, Obama talked about being from the Joshua generation…Moses couldn’t take us into the promise land. Moses got the children out of PHYSICAL oppression, but Joshua and Aaron led the children out of MENTAL oppression.

    On Rep. Clyburn on “nobody could see this” about Obama. It’s the difference between a leader in title only and a true leader.

  18. zeitgeist9000

    The overwhelming number of Democratic superdelegates are white men. They may back Hillary, especially when she wins Ohio and Texas with 55 percent of the vote and then follows with Pennsylvania. Superdelegates are free to go with whomever they believe is going to win in November. The DNC and Nancy Pelosi may pretend as if they’re trying to keep the process as transparent as possible, but the reality is that the case will be made that Hillary is more electable and Barack is an untested commodity, a gamble.

  19. zeitgeist9000

    The overwhelming number of Democratic superdelegates are white men. They will back Hillary, especially when she wins Ohio and Texas with 55 percent of the vote and then follows with Pennsylvania. Superdelegates are free to go with whomever they believe is going to win in November. The DNC and Nancy Pelosi may pretend as if they’re trying to keep the process as transparent as possible, but the reality is that the case will be made that Hillary is more electable and Barack is an untested commodity, a gamble.

  20. Chesapeake

    Note the distinctions:

    On one hand, CBC members supports Obama in a manner that aids him in winning the nomination;

    On the other hand, CBC members supports Obama because Obama is now winning; and

    On a third hand, CBC members support Clinton and stick with her until she loses or wins.

    The first group is of leaders. They are courageous. They are an asset to Obama.

    The second group may be opportunists. Certainly, they are not leaders. Rather than influence the vote (they in fact did not secure a victory in their districts), the vote influenced them. They fail to deliver to Clinton and then they run! Sorry chumps!

    The third group … well, you can assess their motives for supporting Clinton. Maybe they think she is better on the issues that matter to them and their constituents (cool). Maybe they are in Clinton’s corner for their own personal gain (selfish, arrogant fools). Whatever the case is, at least they show loyalty and guts by sticking with her.

    It’s possible to not to see any virtue in the second group. It is possible to see a range and degrees of passes in the third group.

  21. Andrea,

    You are truly too deep for words sometimes. Your words just cut through. There’s another poster on P6 – ptcruiser- reading you here…you echo a repeated refrain from him as to the bitterness of the youth waiting to be passed the torch. That is the problem with too many of our organizations….personality -driven, rather than organization-driven. …which is why there are no succession plans. You just don’t see this in other communties – they groom the successors so that the ORGANIZATION survives.

  22. Found this on another blog, and thought it was an interesting way of looking at Obama:

    Obama is a rock star. Plain and simple. People can sit an analyze the politics and the stances, but most of us don’t KNOW any of these people personally, and we make up our minds based on what we THINK we know. And he’s a rock star. And he’s slick… I agree with Bad Tux on this. But I like that. As a graphic designer, and somebody who spent 7 years in cable television ad sales before being a techie (which was before being a graphic designer), I admire the HELL out of his marketing strategy. It’s tight. He got the right people to do the job. They did their research. When they did his logo, they planned it down to the nitty gritty… If you go to his site and click on “People”, for every group he’s trying to talk to, he adapted his logo to represent the target group. As a designer, let me tell you, shit like that thrills me to the bone. Because it means that if he didn’t come up with the plan himself, he has the ability to go get the people to make the plan… and recognize a good plan when he sees one. They paid attention to the details. And there’s a saying that goes “God is in the details”. Hillary’s site, by comparison, is really old, unimaginative, and completely ordinary. She ASSumed she had it going on. She took her spot for granted. Just like she took her votes for granted.

    Obama has charisma. We haven’t seen that kind of charisma in a long long time. We thought we saw it in Bill, but that’s cuz we hadn’t seen it since JFK, since Malcolm, since MLK. Hell, my 8-almost-9YO kid is flicking the channel to CNN to see what the news is on Obama. This is a kid who’s obsessed with Naruto and Comedy Central.

    Does this mean Obama will be a good president? I dunno. On the one hand, I still firmly believe that it’s money what makes our world go round. On the other hand, the man has raised over $30 MILLION dollars in a month. That’s big. He gives me goosebumps when he speaks, despite myself. And I trust no one, but I find myself being sucked in. I find it very interesting that he was able to convince “white” states like Missouri and Alabama.

  23. Lucia

    Somebody saw something unique in this young man, Obama, when he was offered an opportunity to give the keynote speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004 . Someone saw something unique in this young man, Mr. Obama, and encouraged him to run for President of United States.

    I was taken aback by the lukewarm reaction given to Mr. Obama during the initial stages his campaign by many in our Black community. It was not until Billary started the divide and conquer dance in South Carolina that our wind of change started blowing towards him by our people.

    As a community, we must look inside ourselves and ask ” How many young African American youths have failed to realize their dreams because of lukewarm reactions or total discouragement from our own African leaders?” If we cannot caltivate, identify or encourage leadership qualities in youths in our communities, we should not be surprised if many of them are heading for industral complexes called jails.

    I would be very happy if Mr Obama wins the primary and general elections. However, I will still be very proud of him even if he does not win either. He has shown us the methods of waging a good fight for something you believe in..

  24. Lucia

    The loyalty of Congressional Black Caucus members is paid for by campaign funds they get from democratic power machines. They cast their votes in accordance with instructions given to them by those machines. Few of these folks are independent thinkers; they have to toe some lines or else…

  25. OT: The telecomms lose a round on the Hill…

    From Rep. John Conyers:

    Yesterday the House of Representatives took several historic steps towards protecting our system of checks and balances…

    I want to commend the Democratic Leadership for standing up to the White House yesterday and refusing to succumb to political pressure concerning the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Last August we allowed ourselves to be jammed by the Senate and the White House. Yesterday, we stood up in the face of the pressure and let the President know that we intend to do our jobs as legislators and not hastily pass the flawed Senate bill with retroactive legal immunity for the telecommunications firms.

    Much more remains to be done, but this week, we made real progress. With your help, we all made a difference, and the nation and our constitution are stronger for it. Thank you.

  26. Rick

    “It was not until Billary started the divide and conquer dance in South Carolina that our wind of change started blowing towards him by our people.” — Lucia

    It was not until Obama performed a miracle in Iowa that our people started to “believe.”

    (as a parrallel, throughout the Gospel, the reason Jesus performed miracles was because He knew most people needed proof in order to believe. He also knew that some people could come to their belief through revelation, that is knowing/believing prior to it becoming manifest. That is why He said to Thomas, “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.”)

    Blessed are those of us who can believe without seeing. And blessed would be our children, like Lucia said.

    As we (rightfully) criticize some of the older generation in the Obama saga…let us not become like them when WE are in their place, and the time has come to pass the tourch to the next generation after us…lest we become what we most despise now.

    Let us not grow old and become dream killers. Let us inspire others to see visions, and our children to dream dreams…

    praise and blessings be to God,

  27. Andrea

    Rikyrah and Nupolitico,

    I should THANK YOU for the comments. THANK YOU. It seems odd however because…I usually get really pissed after reading Skeptical Brotha’s posts or hearing about some other shady deal gone done that, I, someone who, if I didn’t spend the time here, I would not know of the recent dealings.

    I withdrew from engaging with these corrupt people because they hurt me so bad in the past few years. If they didn’t do it directly, their people did. You know like…the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz…that were equally as vengeful, cruel, and destructive as The Wicked Witch? The protectors? The Cleaners? They are more of them that block and run the ball as well as their bosses who create and maintain the culture of The Black Establishment.

    But when it came to the John Lewis issue, it is personal but in a different way. Months ago here I started to comment about some things I knew but I sat quiet.

    I remembered one time when I was canvassing Uppity Negro at Clark-Atlanta and these 2 male students criticized me for having named John Lewis as an Uppity Negro. Well, I gave them my honest reason which was an excuse. My friend created the newsletter which listed him and I did have issue with naming him because he lived as if he was the living dead only to show up to receive honorariums (cash for speaking), awards for symbolism, and honorary degrees.

    I did send out a coded message her once when I said John Lewis and Maya Angelou were irrelevant. I just never said where my anger was coming from. Well the list goes on.

    Seeing the anger in those 2 male students eyes who thought I was a “John Lewis kool-aid drinker” showed me that only a few young people knew how to measure relevancy and con leadership. And just by association of celebrating his past deed, they were suspicious of whether I was promoting him. I realized these 2 males were acutely aware and yet extremely cynical because they saw how their school, the Atlanta University Center, the Atlanta Black Establishment, and the Black Establishment was.

    I was vowing to the guys that I was not part of The Establishment and after a few visits they warmed to me. It had to pay dues to earn their trust because they were hurt by the same people that hurt me but they were so suspicious of where I was coming from becuase they could not believe that I saw it too.

    They told me how their student group (I think it was called something like Male Initiative something)…they did volunteer work interacting with the project right next to Clark. Well they said they never saw John Lewis there but they could find him collecting an award. I just cracked up because I had been saying that and people though I was bitter without justified reason.

    I was pissed on so many levels knowing this man had the moral courage in his youth and think that it was guilded to be fresh and preserved in real0-time actualized in the present as present has passed for 40-plus years.

    It is one thing for me, those students elders to be pissed, but to see 2 younger enterprising Black males pissed and cynical, that really sent me over the edge. One guy reasoned to join the Republican party eventhough he was more of a progressive in voice and action. He was going back and forth to Africa to work during his time matriculating at Clark. I wasn’t even doing that in college. These guys were jaded of the Democratic Party and instead of following the formula like their peers that thought all they had to do was pledge and siddle up to someone older’s hitch, they were equally as disappointed that no one out of their peers but them could see how corrupt all of their elders were that their peers idolized.

    So I was paying for John Lewis and these other MFs everytime I went out. People continued to celebrate celebrity (Puffy, John Lewis, Michael Eric Dyson, etc) when a regular no-name person that was altruistic was hazed for their crimes (I mean 7 deadly sins).

    So the John Lewis thing is touchy. I’m glad I was not at work reading it for the first time. I had some time in hours to chill before I posted. I’ve seen and been through a lot directly and indirectly with a lot of the people he and y’all talk about.

  28. Rick

    When the NY primary results came out, I thought that I had been “wrong” in my public prediction that the outcome would be closer than what the Marist poll was predicting (spread of 15-17%-tage points). I had spoken of “a rage in Harlem”, and in Brooklyn, based on my conversations with many many people in those sections of the city.

    I might have been too quick to admit defeat. The New York Times is reporting voter irregularities in those districts. Guess where…Yes, including the 94th Election District in Harlem, which is within the Congressional district represented by Charles B. Rangel.

    I smelt a RAT — a big fat RAT — when those results came out showing that only 60% of New Yorkers went with Obama. That just was NOT consistent with what I was hearing/seeing. But check this out:

    “In the Harlem district, for instance, where the primary night returns suggested a 141 to 0 sweep by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the vote now stands at 261 to 136. In an even more heavily black district in Brooklyn — where the vote on primary night was recorded as 118 to 0 for Mrs. Clinton — she now barely leads, 118 to 116.”

    My faith in the fairness of this democratic nomination process continues to deteriorate as each day passes….

  29. Rick

    correction to the above:

    I smelt a RAT — a big fat RAT — when those results came out showing that only 60% of [BLACK] New Yorkers went with Obama. That just was NOT consistent with what I was hearing/seeing. But check this out:

  30. obamaoverrated

    Hmm.. so does that mean Deval Patrick, John F. Kerry, and Teddy Kennedy will be backing CLinton, since she overwhelmingly won their state despite their endorsements for OBAMA.

  31. Rick,

    why are you surprised?

    They tried to disenfranchise the college students in Iowa.

    Do we want to get into the voting machines in NH?

    Tried that mess in SC.

    That suit to disenfranchise in Nevada

    Have you heard about the mess in California?

    I don’t believe the New Mexico results – at all

    I’m not surprised

  32. Quanli

    A Hillary/Obama ticket in that order would be a lot more unsettling than vice versa. A number of Hillary’s supporters are women who feel its a woman’s time yada yada, but say Obama gets the nomination (Lord willing) what are they going to do then? Vote for McCain–another man??? Their disdain can only reach so far because there are no other women running to fulfill the dream. I rest easy knowing the so-called division is one sided and rightfully so. We, the Obama supporters, don’t want Hillary but Hillary’s base is not in the position to be so picky. And also rest assured that McCain is not Bush in the Hispanic arena. Obama could easily persuade that vote given the nomination.

  33. propoghandi

    I have been reading this blog for a while, and I love it. I aslo really enjoy the comments section. Rikyrah, TPJ, and this week Andrea, really add color to an already very cutting and funnny blog. Nice work y’all.

    I thought Andrea was a bit too harsh on John Lewis; We can respect his SNCC work, freedom riding, organizing and legislative voting record and still hold him accountable for being afraid to ween himself from the teet of personal power. Just like we can hold Jesse and Andrew responsible for becoming an impediment to progress, despite have once been the shield bearers of progress. I’ll never forgive Thurgood for not retiring during the Carter administration (when he could have hand picked his succesor) but I’ll never forget that the man was a giant in his day.

    I don’t agree with with Rikyrah that, “[i]you just don’t see this in other communties – they groom the successors so that the ORGANIZATION survives[/i]”. All communities, and all organizations have struggles between established sources of power or wealth or influence and emerging sources of power and wealth and influence. Just reflect on that for a moment – you know it’s true.

    But with that said, this is OUR struggle – this is OUR time. Many of us supporting Barack have been longing for this fight for years – I know Andrea has. We have been furious at the ability of our leaders to be coopted by success, and to coopt the rhetoric of change. We have fought vainly for third party alternatives and dedicated idealism. We pushed with Rainbow Push and have pulled for Green.

    Well the time for epochal change has arrived, and we have to rise to the occasion; We may have to organize against our fathers and our mothers to win this fight; We may have to leave the revolutionaries, and their victories that brought us this far, behind us so that we can stride towards new horizons (but we should do it with respect, not resentment – with pride, not despair).

    If Barack wins Texas or Ohio – it’s over. We cannot accept a Clinton/Obama Pres/VP ticket. If the convention doesn’t nominate Barack he needs to run as an independent, or a Green. we must hold the DNC accountable.

    What do you think the 111th & 112th Congresses will look like if the borg queen wins? They’ll go 80/20 Republican in the House by 2010.

  34. Marla K.

    Hi Rick , thanks for the Valentine’s Day wishes…..right on time!! Hope you’ re receiving all the love you deserve.

    I’m just a little surprised to see you seeming to give in and almost ready to accept the VP spot for Obama. Don’t believe the hipe!! The Obama camp is still clearly well ahead. I can only see him as the President of the United States of American.

    Needless to say, some of the old guard AA leadership have been taken aback and were not prepared to have such a formidable AA candidate to appear on the scene and take precedent over their agendas. So many of them now find themselves in a difficult situation and are no doubt struggling to readjust and reorganize accordingly to the new order. I don’t think they will let us down…they have been there for us in the past, thus where we are today….I don’t doubt most will come through for us. Call me an optimist.

    In the case of Tavis Smiley, a new leader, judging from his statement on the TJM Show it didn’t sound like he understands the magnitude of the situation. I certainly hope he reconsiders and extends the invitation to Michelle.

    One of the main reasons I am feeling secure is no one else in the presidential race is getting crowds of 14,000 to 20,000 to turn out to hear them and enthusiastically chant their names….and we all know it will all come down to continuous high turnout at the polls, particularly since it appears impropriety at the polls is still prevalent, however……“more than 6,000,000 more Democrats” voted Super Tuesday that Republicans. I am praying this trend continues as it has so far…….

    I don’t think the increase was because of Hillary…….

    Thanks SB,…. Rikyrah, Rick for the links

  35. Today, I, along with some very concerned friends, flooded Obama’s campaign e-mail, telling him how important for him to get to Texas and stay here until the job is done. I was really pi$$ed when I saw that Bill was here in Texas, working the small towns all weekend.

    I’m not sure if the Obama campaign understand that Texas is not a typical southern state. Texas has a lot of square miles to cover. Texas cities are not alike. He has to understand the complexities of the state in order to win.

    Can he win? Yes! But he has to get out here and do the work.

    I was very pleased to find out that he will hold a huge rally here in Houston on Tuesday. Of course, I will be there. I will let you guys know how that goes.

    I’m hoping and praying that the brotha is able to carry Texas. My heart will be broken if my state hands the election to HC. Plus, I cannot handle Obama being her VP. Just can’t do it… If he ran as her VP, I would have to take a deep breath and then pull the lever.

  36. Cliff

    “flooded Obama’s campaign e-mail, telling him how important for him to get to Texas and stay here until the job is done.”

    Angie, if he could get Texas, a state that has the most wicked white supremacists in the nation, I think it be a wrap. Texas is filled with people who have the nastiest mindset, who actually think that they have the authority from “God” to kill black people. Certain sections of them are confederates, who enjoy thoughts of the return of slavery, but the majority of them do not want us on this planet. If he can get those Texans, it will be a miracle, facing this type of mind

    “Boy, I should string you up and drag you down the road for being a black man, but I’ll give you my vote, if you can get my country outta trouble.”

    Go ahead OBAMA

    Like Will Smith from I AM LEGEND,

    “I can save you!!!!!”

    “I can fix this, I can save everybody!!!!!”

    I think he could get Black, Hispanic, Liberal Whites, and White Supremacist votes.

    Watch for the hand clapping and singing tactics of the Billary campaign.

    Texas is so important, it is like he would show and prove the power of the protection of True and Living God, by going into the most racist, wicked state in the nation, and not get shot, dragged or hanged.

    “YES WE CAN!!!!!!” 🙂

  37. Rick

    on my way to church so I have to be brief, but I wanted to address Marla K.’s concern that the Rickster is perhaps wafffling in his support for Obama. To that I say:


    …”You must not know ’bout me”…

    …”You must not know ’bout me”…


    Marla K., neither Obama nor Hillary will have enough delegates — not counting superdelegates — to secure the 2,000+ delegates needed to win the nomination.

    What that means is that there is some chance that a “jury” will ultimately decide the outcome.

    One one side, is a white woman
    On the other side, is a black man

    History has not been kind to us in such scenarios.

    I thought it best to think about how I might respond in that scenario now (even if we are calling it a “wildcard” scenario) — rather than wait until November. I.e., to plan for is not to concede defeat.

    @rikyrah — I’m still pissed over that BS!!

  38. He’s down only 8 in Texas, and hasn’t even begun campaigning in earnest. He has 2 weeks to split between Texas and Ohio.

    Have some faith…If you’re gonna pray, we need to be praying about Ohio – down 20 with 2 weeks to go.

    Will look forward to that Texas report, Angie.

  39. Marla K.

    My thinking is the Democratic party wants to win the general election and therefore will resolve the Florida and Michigan dilemma prior to the convention (although I am etremely frustrated with the DNC for allowing such an obvious obstacle to winning the whitehouse not to be resolved prior to the elections beginning). As you say Rick, this situation does have a chance to end up in court….

    I believe superdelegates will do what is necessary to win the general election….and that is to go with the momentum of Barack Obama. I believe some of the pundits that say Hillary would have to win Texas, Ohio and Pa. by significant margins to have a chance for the nomination. I dont believe that will happen.

    I am somewhat concerned about the general election given the number of caucases in states where voters will be able to cross over and vote in the other party in the general election…..this is only a minimal concern….I believe the momentum for Sen Obama is very real and turnout will remain high; this is a winning senario for Democrats.

    Of course you’re right Rick, we should be prepared for the possibility of not getting the nomination ….I just see no real need to go there ……..Call me an optimist.

  40. Anon 1

    I knew that Fake Barack Obama would get caught pretending to write his own speeches. Obama should have known never to let a white man write his speeches. Sooner or later ocne the praise start to come people would want to know who the original thinker is. I am disappointed in Barack. SO many black folks are great speakers and debaters. And this fake with no experience wants to fool people with his fake rhetoric. Wait until his ghost writer surafce to take credit for writing his two books. Obama shoud have leatn from the mistake Joe Biden made when he plagiarized others works. He is making intelleigent blacks liek Condileezaa Rice look like a cheat.

  41. Chesapeake

    Had read about Obama’s speech at a GM plant in Wisconsin last week. Just had the opportunity to read it. It’s likely this is one attributable to a writer, most policy speeches are no matter who delivers.

    Anyway, it warrants another read. It’s a good, substantive one outlining some of Obama’s position on economic and social policy. This is helpful to some fence-sitters.

  42. Chesapeake

    … my goodness – just read that Clinton released a 13-pager on the economy, today. Ioknow what’s going on, but it’s good to see Obama and Clinton commit. This is a critical phase for Obama, y’all! By the way, he confirmed he met with Edwards, yesterday.

  43. NuPolitico

    Side tangent:

    Do y’all remember back in January when Obama outlined his Pakistini policy? He said (quoting Susan Rice–foreign policy adviser), “the U.S. ought not to put all of its eggs in the Musharraf basket.”

    Clinton was all over this hating on Obama.

    Yesterday, Musharraf and his party lost to the opposition.

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