Obama wins Wisconsin


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91% of African Americans in Wisconsin voted for Barack Obama according to Exit Polls.   Ain’t enough handkerchief heads left in America to help Hillary now.    Stick a fork in her. We’re done.

19 thoughts on “Obama wins Wisconsin

  1. MacDaddy

    They said Obama couldn’t win in a white state with a primary. Wisconsin is a state with a primary. They said Obama couldn’t win a state with large sets of white ethnics. Wisconsin is a state with large sets of white ethnics.

    Now the Clinton campaign must be really worried about Ohio and Pennsylvania, which has a lot of white ethnics as well. One difference is that, in Wisconsin, anyone could vote for anyone. So independents or Republicans could vote for Hillary or Barack. I haven’t seen the specific numbers, but a reporter on MSNBC said Barack won all of the categories except women.

    The “O” man done good.

  2. She won White Democrats 51-48. I’m willing to accept that, knowing the percentages from the Black community that he’ll get in Ohio and Texas and PA would put him over the top.

  3. john in california

    rikyrah, since those numbers are based on exit polls, they have a large margin of error and a large amount of uncertianty due to the areas of polling concentration. Also, hate radio has been asking repubs to crossover and vote for Clinton, which would also push up her white vote. But basicly, with a 60/40 split, and a million dem turnout, it is not possible for Clinton to have had a majority white vote in a such a predominatly white state.
    Also, MacDaddy, Ohio independents can vote for either a dem or repub. Those that chose dem will overwelmingly be for Obama.

  4. rene

    >John in Cali,

    What you said doesn’t surprise me at all. They did the same thing to Cynthia McKinney years ago, by selling her opponent as a conservative dem.

  5. I will not count the Borg Queen out until after Ohio, at least, cause I think she still plans to steal enough superdelegates to snatch the whole thing from Obama, and kiss off the wishes of the voters.

    If she does that, you can say goodbye to the Democratic Party, because Hillary likes to use a blowtorch to light a cigarette. She will not stop until she has accomplished what is her agenda, and consequences be damned.

    I expect the Democratic Convention to be pure drame – how can I get a ticket to go to that sucker in Denver this summer?

  6. Andrea

    Tomorrow night can be the lead up to a graceful exit or it will be the start of a replay of Fatal Attraction. The thing is: we will all be targets of her affection (anger). This is so not pretty.

    Alex: Well, what am I supposed to do? (pick on your empty rhetoric) You won’t answer my calls (debate), you change your number. I mean, I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!

    You know how that ended. I agree with Politcal Junkie…this is no Thelma and Louise heroine. She will take everybody out if she can’t win.

  7. Rick

    You see a witch laying still on the side of the road.
    Her eyes are closed. She’s not moving. She appears, well…dead.

    Common sense says “don’t go near”, but like in a horror flick, you know curiousity gets the best of ya and so venture to take a closer look to find out if the witch is really dead.

    That’s me right now. Taking very very slow baby steps in the witch’s direction to see if she still has any pulse. But I’m also waiting for her to LEAP out of nowhere — as soon I get real close — and she screams “HAAAA!!!”

  8. Denise

    First, my congratulations to Team Obama on their outstanding wins last night. Wow!

    That said, I’m not writing any campaign obituaries just yet either.

    Honestly, there are so many variables in play right now, it’s impossible to predict how this will ultimately play out. We are in uncharted territory.

    Fasten your chin strap! 😆

  9. Lemme say it one more time…the superdelegates are a non-issue if she can’t make up the ground on March 4th. The superdelegates would only fracture the party and end any chance at winning the general election if they bolted for Hillary with her behind in the delegate count. Despite her ambitions, wiser heads will prevail and she will also be told to stand down by the DNC for the sake of much needed party unity to win the general.

  10. Chesapeake

    Rick … Rick. That is a Hillary-ous cautionary! Roger that!

    But – incentive – if Obama wins both Ohio and Texas, he has a good shot at seeing Clinton dip.

  11. Cliff

    ”Let me tell you something. For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.”
    -Michelle Obama

    Yes Sir: thoughtmerchant, It looks like you are merchanting the thought of that nasty slave-master.

    It looks like you are merchanting the thought of that nasty slave-master.

    “However, the “scandal” that truly rocked mainstream media stemmed from a statement made by Michelle Obama that has been elevated almost to the level of high treason.”

    Don’t bring him out, No, No, don’t let him speak.

    “Hot-damn, For the first time?”


    “For the first time!!!!???”

    “Let us see how much this female Negra loves her country, sayin that she‘s only be lovin it for the first time in 2008.”

    1st Time: “We brought you Negras in the slavery to build our world, only killed almost 300 million gettin ya’ll over here but, you shoulda’ been happy with our sending you in to heaven.”

    2nd Time: “We worked you Negras for over 300 years with no pay, you shoulda been happy that we killed, whipped, raped drowned and hanged y’all for not buildin our world fast enough.”

    3rd Time: “We lynched every Negra we could get our hands on, bringing the total number of Negra fatalities caused by us since we came and got you to a ballpark of almost 600 million. She should have been happy that we did’nt kill every one you.”

    4th Time: “How dare she say that she didn’t love slavery, we’ve only killed tortured, electrocuted, drowned and hanged her people for the past 450 years she’d ought to be happy that we have not given her people equal opportunity and equal rights since we brought them here.”

    5th Time: “She’d ought to been happy that we have not given her type a gotdamn thing in reparations since her type has been here.”

    6th Time: “She should of been happy that her type had us lynchin and killin you every day since they finished the job of building our country.”

    7th Time: “She should of always been happy to have the opportunity for begging us to give you rights in our damn country that we found.”

    8th Time: “She should have been happy that we gave her type the rights to beg us to be equal with us, while we continue killing to kill her type off.”

    9th Time: “She’d should have been happy that we didn’t throw a noose around her neck, while she was in college.”

    10th Time: “She should have been happy that we didn’t get the chance tie her up and drag her from the back of our truck.”

    11th Time: “We only raped almost two hundred female Negras since they‘ve been in our country, she should have been happy that we have not got to her yet, like we’ve always done with her type .”

    12th Time: “She should have been happy that finally after all these years Soldier Henry E. Hudson (Lieutenant General of White Supremacy Brigade) as already shown you what our country thinks of how we compare a Dog to a Negra).”

    13th Time: “She’d ought to be happy with being married to a man that we have not dragged, electrocuted, tortured or hanged yet.”

    “I got 13 got-damn reasons why she shoulda always been happy to be here. She shoulda’ always been happy in our country.”

    “Was better than what she’s always had here?”

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