Watching the Texas Debate


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The Debate has begun and I will occaisionally impart some insights and feel free to share yours.

8:13 pm-Senator Obama sounds like he is a little under the weather and while I generally  like Hillary’s pantsuits, I am not feeling this outfit with the black and yellow piping.  To Wicked Witch meets Donna Karan.

First difference, Obama would meet with Raul Castro in Cuba and Senator Clinton would not.

8:51  Hillary got hissed over her answer to a question asking whether she was saying Obama was “all hat and no cattle.” She said she was “amused” by Senator Kirk Watson’ s inability to name one Obama accomplishment. 

8:56 The plagerism question-Obama  hits it out of the park.  Hillary attacks by saying “lifting whole passages from someone else’s speeches is not change you can believe in, its change you can Xerox.  She is booed and hissed again.   The focus group meter remains flat during her response.

9:11  Debate devolves into an argument over health care mandates.

9:18 Prepared to be commander-in-chief question.   The tenative manner in which Obama answers the question undercut the strength of what he says.    His answers get a consistent flatline from the focus group.  Senator Clinton speaks with more authority that the focus group responds to better. Her answer scores in the 60’s.    Obama puts some passion into his answer about neglect of veterans in the context of the War and he hits it out of the park with the focus group and gets into the 70’s.

Overall, the debate was a more or less a wash.  Obama came out the winner because of Hillary’s unnecessarily negative jabs and dissembling.