Hillary’s people distribute Obama photo


Hat Tip: Drudge Report

Mon Feb 25 2008 06:51:00 ET

With a week to go until the Texas and Ohio primaries, stressed Clinton staffers circulated a photo over the weekend of a "dressed" Barack Obama.

The photo, taken in 2006, shows the Democrat frontrunner fitted as a Somali Elder, during his visit to Wajir, a rural area in northeastern Kenya.

The senator was on a five-country tour of Africa.

"Wouldn't we be seeing this on the cover of every magazine if it were HRC?" questioned one campaign staffer, in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

In December, the campaign asked one of its volunteer county coordinators in Iowa to step down after the person forwarded an e-mail falsely stating that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe quickly accused the Clinton campaign Monday of 'shameful offensive fear-mongering' for circulating the snap.

Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams responds: "If Barack Obama's campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed."

32 thoughts on “Hillary’s people distribute Obama photo

  1. The Borg Queen is scraping the barrel with this one.

    Less than 24 hours after “I’m honored to be here with Barack Obama”, she’s shrieking like a bat out of hell.

    His handlers better prep him to respond with a quickness; do not allow this to gain any traction, and it will serve him well for the general to learn how to respond NOW.

  2. TPJ,

    I’ve got an itchin to tar and feather Maggie in another satire. She truly is going above and beyond in her role as a Hillary’s mammy consigliere. Next thing ya know, Obama will find a horse head in his bed.

  3. If she does that, then we have to send one of her soldiers to the politcal you-know-where.

    The Latinos are not happy she kicked their girl, Solis-Doyle, out the picture, and the second-in-command that went with her.

    Maggie’s going to get blamed for the whole she-bang-a-bang, and she’s been around the Clintons to know how fast they sling one of us under the bus if we get in their way.

    That’s why they haven’t talked to Lani Guinier in 15 years, even to apologize for how they treated her.

  4. Andrea

    This is so petty and desperate.

    However, if you want to incite White Fear in the whole country (’cause Black People fear ethnic behaviors too), all you have to do is something like this.

    Obama can’t have it both ways. He has to one day admit he is either Black or not. So far he has been able to pronounce he is Black genetically but he has distanced himself and made himself ambiguous politically. Something had to give sooner than later.

    That is what they are pushing for. They are doing what they know would ruin him. You either deny yourself completely and suffer the cost, or you own the heritage you sought and be proud of it and live with that punishment. Maggie Williams is right however it is fucked up when your contender is forcing you to be Black since you are profiting from it one and denying it another.

    This is politics. And people say business is not personal. Yes, that shit is.

    I still don’t see Obama losing his pace with her but around Whites that are un-educated. For any young White or Other type of educated person, they travel and know that ethnic pride and discovery does not trump AMBITION. Hillary is playing to her base of uneducated, fearful fools.

    Other countries are going to be laughing at her and our country is people fall for this.

    I don’t see how she will be crowned Senate Majority Leader after this or anything in promotion.

  5. MacDaddy

    “Plantation Clinton.”

    Rikyrah, that’s a classic…

    Yes, Plantation Clinton is in disarray. Hillary is feeling desperate. In the debate a few days ago, she was gracious, about to bow out of the race. Yesterday, at a news conference, she was irate.

    She doesn’t sound exactly presidential. This will make things worse for her in Texas. Even if she wins, which I doubt, she can lose, because she needs to win by 20 points or more in both Texas and Ohio to even come near Obama in pledged delegates. And thant ain’t happening.

  6. The Political Junkie

    She might get Texas and Ohio, but by so slim a margin, she might as well concede to Obama, anyway.

    Whether she does or not is another matter.

    Rikyrah said homegirl thought by the first Super Tuesday (February 5th) her nomination was a done deal.

    Which is why she’s broke as a joke, stuck like Chuck, and reeling like a bad pair of rims on a Deuce and a Quarter.

    The O Man better bring his A+ game and stop cutting Hillary off at the knees. He needs to cut her in such a way, she don’t know she’s mortally wounded until she gets back to Chappaqua and imitates Nancy Kerrigan after Tonya Harding busted that knee cap (“WhYYYYYYYY!!!!).

    I’m fatigued again, and we have to watch this brotha take on the Thugs in the general – we KNOW what’s going to come out at that point. Racist hateration for real.

  7. The Political Junkie

    And if she steals the superdelegates, I’m voting for Cynthia McKinney, because at that point, my vote really won’t count, cause she will have said so.

    McCain will get the White House without my help.

    And someone needs to commit Ralph Nader.

  8. This particular stunt points to not only to the desperation of a campaign in its death throes, but to the overarching theme of her campaign; a meanness of spirit combined with consistent political miscalculation. There will be a backlash to this brazen example of a Lee Atwater/Karl Rove tactic. Democrats have been victimized by this stuff so many times before that they react strongly to a small whiff of this stench. She already tried it in South Carolina and it didn’t go over very well.

    But if her campaign wants to go out with a nasty, bitter flourish then it speaks volumes about her and her supporters. They might as well be wingnut Republicans.

    Speaking of which, this is indeed only a small preview of the general election, so she is actually doing Obama a favor by throwing the race/culture grenade out there now so it can be more effectively disarmed when it gets tossed again and again this Fall.

  9. Anon 1

    I am so sick of Barack Obama and his immature whinning about people attacking him. Why is Obama ashamed to be seen in a Somali traditional dress. Every President of the USA have worn tradiotnal dress from different countrie. He is such a silly little idiot. FIrst he refuse to include his middle name and doesn’t talk about black issues because it will offend whites. WHo is this clone? Barack Obama needs to understand he is running for the highest office of the land. If he is having problems with Hillary attacks, what will happen when the Republcans start. He needs to stop blaming Hillary for every attack and realise the ring wing nuts are out to get him. He went on ther attack when the the Nation of islam leader endorse him and he runs away from talking black issues with Tavis SMiley. Dennis Kucinich can discuss reparations for slavery but Barack doesn’t want to answer those questions. Get this fake out of the Democratic party.

    Barack Obama is the one playign the race card and casuign democrats to hate Hillary. This guy will do anything for power.

  10. anony mouse

    A blow this low can only help Obama. It may be the last nail in the coffin for the Clinton campaign.

    We’re all tired of seeing cheap character assassinations, and this should backfire nicely.

  11. john in california

    Actually, I think the picture is good for Obama as it can be contrasted with Bush’s gettin’ down with the ‘natives’ in his three piece last week. In a way, I am surprised that tinpot missed the opportunity for dress up. Maybe there was nothing available with a size 12 codpiece.

  12. Quanli

    And they say Barack’s supporters do so out of emotion, his detractors are just as irrational. The same tired lines time and time again. Moreso than the circulation of this picture I am offended that this woman can get away with her jealous nit pit picking. Making fun of the man’s ability to draw a crowd? LOL! If she could do that she wouldn’t be in this mess. Again, it is not about voting for Hillary and her “35 years of experience” because if you really want to know what that entails then for a sizable portion you need only research BILL Clinton’s years in office. What she is trying to convey is that we somehow need her, a play on the Republican fear tactic with a donkey twist. I am not convinced.

  13. Isaiah58

    I think prometheus6 was right on this one. The Obama campaign should have called Drudge a filthy liar for even suggesting that Hillary Clinton would stoop so low as to appeal to xenophobic fear mongering.

    And then he needed to grin and point out that he looks good in the outfit. Because he does.

  14. Cliff

    I had no idea how idea how powerful master Clinton was. I am surprised Bill has not learned how to “Crip Walk”, and smoke a blunt, while eating barbeque with Hillary and the rest of us who can’t see the light.

    Here is their mindset, but we can help them see themselves.

    You can’t be serious, they’s been running thangs all this time, you thank thay jus gons ta let’s one of us in ta steel tha show?

    “Obama can’t have it both ways. He has to one day admit he is either Black or not. So far he has been able to pronounce he is Black genetically but he has distanced himself and made himself ambiguous politically. ”

    In your mind try applying pressure on them politically. Then apply that same amount of pressure on Obama, politically. The results will definitely not be the same because in is known scientifically and genetically that pressure of one’s own weighs heavier than that of the oppressor. I don’t know what I’m talking about though, except through the spirit.

    “Yes We Can!!!!!” 🙂

  15. TallulahBankhead

    Earlier, I wrote to a friend today that I sorta felt sorry for Hillary Clinton because it must be disappointing when your husband cheats on you and promises to make it up to you with a fantastic new job and
    then he can’t deliver.

    Then I saw this foolishness.
    Oh, Maggie and Hillary
    I hope it’s worth it come March 5th.

  16. Andrea


    That’s a marvelous tactic. Shit, I wish my mind could have quickly reacted that surreptitiously and comically that quickly. Huh!

    Your recommendation would have been an excellent move in moral-highroading and showing that one has a sense of humor surrounding such sticky matters. Are you a strategist or just slick?

    But however, I think this tactic played of re-circulating the photo even could be masterminded by Repubs helping Hillary. This reaction and photo was something we needed to see in how Obama is going to react to issues about his ethnicity. That does not hurt me, personally but it tells me more about the strategy and the cost of ambition and the price to play this game to alter and shift the power balance. I guess I just understand what is at stake that is not so romantic and ethical yet is compromising voluntary reciprocation by Obama and Michelle. I see the sacrifice and I understand.

    That does not change my support for him. It just continually educates and prepares me (and us) for what we should and should not expect. Actually for those who are so needy for Obama to affirm his Blackness for them to feel validated and justified as if he is living out some socio-political charge for them, it is a gift he can give so that we stop trying to co-opt fantasy leadership on each and everyone that has brown skin and is famous. Everyone famous and brown is not capable of leading that way and too much our people put on representative leadership is top-down fantasy that that person will be that martyr, redeemer, crusader, and savior for us.

    I get this but most Black People don’t understand the dichotomy of what Obama is and is trying to do. He can’t say blatantly. It’s like we have to catch it or catch on and not wait for him to tell us because…that there is our problem — waiting to catch up, catch on, and for others to clue us on things we should be smart enough to grasp with the will and intelligence we should innately have.

    I like that tactic you offered though.

  17. Clinton campaign manager Maggie Williams responds: “If Barack Obama’s campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed.”

    While you should be proud of your boss for her new camapaign meme that Obama is “dangerous” at foreign policy? Get that, the man is DANGEROUS at foreign policy. Look he’s wearing a turban. That means danger right there.

    And yet…your boss voted to give GW Bush (well in reality Dick Cheney) the authority to invade and occupy Iraq. WTF could be more dangerous than that??

  18. Ernesto, that’s what frosts my cookies with the Borg Queen – that Iraq war vote.

    At least Edwards was gracious enough to apologize for it. The Borg Queen won’t, and gets pissed off when asked about it.

    Obama better turn into Muhammad Ali and start delivering knock out blows – he doesn’t have to stoop to her level, but he’d best get ready for the good fight.

    If he comes out of the campaign battered but victorious, I think that will shape his policies and positions in ways I can be more comfortable with, because this whole experience will shape the essence of who Barack Obama really is.

  19. Angie

    Before I lost weight, I had to take blood pressure medication to keep my blood pressure under control. Well, for the last week, I feel like I need those pills again. HC is making me have those awful blood pressure headaches again.

    I will be so glad when her wounded campaign is put to rest. All I got to say to HC is “shame on her” for not bowing out of this race with dignity, class, and grace. “Shame on her” for mocking not only Senator Obama, but all of those who subscribe to his set of beliefs regarding how this country should be ran. “Shame on her” for not having the balls to speak up and be honest about how she really feels when he is in her presence. “Shame on her” for trying to capitolize on the ignorant fears of uninformed Americans. “Shame on her” for thinking that it is a good idea to “spank” a grown man for telling the truth to the voters of Ohio.

    I guess that I need to go and see my doctor to get those blood pressure pills prescribed to me again. Because the GOP is going to make what HC has tried to do to Senator Obama look like playground bullying. Lord help us all.

  20. Matt Drudge is a conservative operative who trashes Democrats and is a known liar. Now I don’t know who started this silly fight, but I would caution us all against relying on Drudge as a source. He is tainted.

  21. Isaiah58

    Thanks Andrea.

    I think Senator Obama needs to start laughing tonight and keep it up until the whole audience joins in at Hillary’s ridiculous claim that he is a national security risk, that he doesn’t support universal health care, that he is the new karl Rove or whatever nonsense she plans to dish out tonight. Laughter would be the final nail in the coffin she has laid her political career in.

    I think I’ll send him an email to that effect.

  22. Lucia


    It is already happening. Billary surrogates have already slapped him with the Anti-Semetic affiliation. He must denounce and reject Farrakan and his Pastor.

    The other day Bill O’reilly issued a this statement:

    “And, you know, Bill Clinton and I don’t agree on a lot of things, and I think I’ve made that clear over the years, but he’s trying to stick up for his wife, and every time the guy turns around, there’s another demagogue or another ideologue in his face trying to humiliate him because they’re rooting for Obama.

    “That’s wrong. And I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels. If that’s how she really feels — that America is a bad country or a flawed nation, whatever — then that’s legit. We’ll track it down.”

    I have not seen any outrage in the media about the language used with reference to the spouse of a presidential candidate who got secret service protection much earlier than his democratic colleages in the Democratic primaries.

    Here is the link to the text of the O’reilly comment.


    The most effective way to beat this thing is an active BOTTOM UP CHANGE. You cannot beat “WE THE PEOPLE” unless you rig the votes!!!

  23. Holly

    I want to post something thought provoking…but the only words that pop into my head, “Maggie Williams…can someone just shut that bitch up?”

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