John Lewis escapes plantation Clinton; endorses Obama


Hat Tip: Atlanta Journal Constitution

WASHINGTON — Hoping to put an end to a month of confusion and dismay, Rep. John Lewis on Wednesday said he’s switching his support from Sen. Hillary Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Lewis cited the overwhelming preference for Obama in his district as a reason for his change of heart, but he also talked about Obama’s campaign as transformational for the nation.

“Something’s happening in America, something some of us did not see coming,” Lewis said. “Barack Obama has tapped into something that is extraordinary.

Lewis, an Atlanta Democrat and an elder of the civil rights movement, at first sparked outrage from Georgia’s African American community by backing Clinton, a friend, over Obama, the nation’s first viable African American candidate.

Then confusion struck about a week ago when Lewis told the New York Times that, as a super delegate to the Democratic National Convention, he would feel compelled to vote for Obama as the nominee because his district – and the state’s African American population overall – so overwhelmingly for Obama in the state primary.

Lewis’s office later charged that the story was inaccurate but did not clarify who Lewis was actually backing.

In an interview in his congressional office, Lewis said the decision to switch his support was a difficult one, a choice between a longtime friend and a little-known black man.

“I did it because I felt I had to support Mrs. Clinton because of our friendship,” Lewis said. “But also I thought she was ready to lead. Lewis had placed a called to Clinton’s office Wednesday morning but hadn’t heard back from her. He also had a Please-Return-The-Call message of his own from Obama. By midday, he still hadn’t returned it.

“It’s been a long, hard and difficult struggle to come to where I am now,” Lewis said.

56 thoughts on “John Lewis escapes plantation Clinton; endorses Obama

  1. His switch wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact he’s getting a primary challenger, does it?

    This is so transparent, a blind pilot could see this while he flies his plane into the mountains, sheesh.

  2. Mark,

    This is not surprising, IMO. It relates a great deal to the story I linked to down below about how Obama’s funding is upsetting the Status Quo and folks don’t like it…chief amongst them – AIPAC.

  3. Rick

    “Something’s happening in America, something some of us did not see coming,” Lewis said. “Barack Obama has tapped into something that is extraordinary.” — Lewis

    Translation: “I really didn’t think Obama was going to win this thing. But after licking my index finger, sticking it up in the air, and feeling where the hurricane force winds are blowing…I decided to get myself on this Obama train because it’s not in my self interest to be left behind.”


  4. Rick

    So let me get this straight: a white pro feminist female columnist for the NY Times Maureen Dowd — representing Hillary’s own home state newspaper — jumped the sinking ship BEFORE the legendary John Lewis, whose own congressional district voted overwhelming for Obama?

    no love here…nope…none at all

  5. TripLBee

    Isn’t amazing that John Lewis and much of the old guard had the courage to stand up to Bull Connor and James Eastland and dogs and assassins, but 40 years later they don’t have the courage to stand up to the Clintons? What the hell happened to them?

  6. Rick


    I take that to mean that while the old guard was given the grace to lead us out of bondage…

    …it took a new guard to bring us into a place of promise.

    (interestingly enough, after 40 years of wandering on the North American wilderness).

    Thanks to Moses and to Grandma Moses. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. You’ve earned your places in history.

    But life moves forward, never backwards. And it is a new generation of leadership — the Joshua generation — whose time has come.

  7. Chesapeake

    This is juvenile. All of the “followers” who have switched and will switch from Clinton to Obama are opportunists, and disloyal. Their original endorsement of Clinton AND their switch to Obama – both moves are selfish, self-centered, about self-preservation and self-promotion. It’s so much about them that they’d turn in the middle of the fight!

    Think about it: They voted for Clinton! Whhhatttt!?!

    If these folk were so serious about what their constituents thought, they’d have waited to cast their support and endorsement until their constituents voted. Instead, they jumped out there ahead of the constituents pretending to be the leaders they are not!

    These folks should either deliver the vote (they didn’t) or go down fighting hard with the Clinton ship. Lewis and his crew don’t deserve to be on any line, more less the front line! They do not represent the people that we are.

    Senator Obama, don’t give them a spot on your team, not even on the bench. They might even bet against you and find a way to throw the game.

  8. Chesapeake, I co-sign. If you’re toting water for Missy Clinton, continue totin’.

    The only thing I can see is that the CBC saw Wynn go down, and to vote for Clinton when their districts are going for Obama, will indicate just how out of touch they are with their districts, and may facilitate an increased willingness by their constituents to vote for any challenger worth their consideration.

    How many phone calls, emails and faxes you think Lewis got, telling him “Negro, you better vote for Obama, or we’re getting rid of you in November”?

    I’m having teething pains at present. My family at BAR don’t have a dog in this race – they’re pissed off at the Borg Queen and Obama. Mainly Obama – he’s burned them, and but good. OTOH, I can’t pull the lever for Clinton under any circumstances, especially after she demonstrated she’s not above race-baiting in order to get what she wants.

    My concern is if Obama gets POTUS, we set the example by not giving him a free pass on shyt – we hold his feet to the fire just like any other POTUS, especially the POTUSes we didn’t ask for, like Shrubya.

    The cool thing about families (and we at BAR and CBC Monitor are a family, no doubt about it) is the unconditional love and acceptance. Bruce and Glen aren’t allowing me to get “high” on Obamaid, so, in my research as a political scientist, I understand how Obama has to run, but we need to realize if he gets that office, what pressure there is going to be on him, and how he has to hold himself to a higher standard, because that’s the way racism, classism, economics and societal issues have framed and shaped this country.

    We say we want change. But just how ready are we for that change we say we want?

  9. MacDaddy

    John Lewis:
    “Something’s happening in America, something some of us did not see coming,” Lewis said. “Barack Obama has tapped into something that is extraordinary.”
    Even Ray Charles on heroin can see that something sure is happening. And it’s not just Obama getting the democratic nomination for president. It’s also the anger from Lewis” black constituency saying: “House Negro- How dare you go against our vote for Obama and side with a white woman that played the race card against a black man and a member of her own party!”

    Lewis knew that, if he hadn’t changed his vote to Obama, he would not have been re-elected. And, as it is, he may not be. The black minister running against him, in addition to talking about Lewis’ friendship with the Clintons, is talking about the fact that the district hasn’t gotten anything for his years of loyalty to the Clintons and the democratic party.

  10. How many phone calls, emails and faxes you think Lewis got, telling him “Negro, you better vote for Obama, or we’re getting rid of you in November”?

    I’ve belileved this in my bones from the beginning.

    BLACK FOLK would take care of NEGROES who believed, as Rev. Al, that they would STACK THE DECK for Miss Hillary.

    We take a lot of crap from our elected officials; not holding them as accountable as we should…but, there are times where Black folk just believe it’s ‘A’ OR ‘ B’ – no middle ground. This is one of those cases, and no excuses will be accepted.

    I’m having teething pains at present. My family at BAR don’t have a dog in this race – they’re pissed off at the Borg Queen and Obama. Mainly Obama – he’s burned them, and but good. OTOH, I can’t pull the lever for Clinton under any circumstances, especially after she demonstrated she’s not above race-baiting in order to get what she wants.

    I understand and respect the folks at BAR. I have far more respect for them, because I know it’s policy for them…and they are even across the board.

    The cool thing about families (and we at BAR and CBC Monitor are a family, no doubt about it) is the unconditional love and acceptance. Bruce and Glen aren’t allowing me to get “high” on Obamaid, so, in my research as a political scientist, I understand how Obama has to run, but we need to realize if he gets that office, what pressure there is going to be on him, and how he has to hold himself to a higher standard, because that’s the way racism, classism, economics and societal issues have framed and shaped this country.

    That’s why we need a BAR, to be there, poking and prodding him along.

    I gotta ask this….from where I sit, Obama has toted the AIPAC Party line…so, why am I reading story after story of The Jews perpetrating like he’s a Hamas Recruit? It don’t make no sense to me.

    And, did you read the story of the racist activist Latino and what she said about Obama and how Hillpatine didn’t ‘reject’ or ‘denounce’?

    Uh huh.

  11. TripLBee

    It is interesting to note the biblical parallels in this campaign, as Rick so aptly alludes. Like Moses, the John Lewis’s, the Andy Young’s and so on, led us through the desert of Jim Crow in the direction of the Promised Land. Like Moses they metaphorically died before crossing over the River Jordan. Obama—and I don’t mean to be too messianic here—is a Joshua figure, who, after 40 years in the wilderness, is leading us over that metaphorical river. As such, we should honor and respect the old guard for the substantial sacrifices they made on our behalf, but in terms of guidance and leadership, their day is done.

  12. Not ‘Just Us’ who recognize the failings of Lewis.

    Read this on another blog:

    And that Andrea Mitchell clip with John Lewis saying its harder to switch from Clinton to Obama than the civil rights movement 40 some years ago is something else. Bizarre. Even someone like John Lewis is so corrupted by the comfort, selfishness and self-inflation of Washington. Hillary Clinton has been farting through silk for the last 30 years and she is not now going to suffer in any way that John Lewis should be moved by. She’s going to be disappointed and she’s going to live out her life in mansions. John Lewis’s performance trying to drum up sympathy for Hillary Clinton was appalling. His constituents need to get rid of him. He’s become a weasel, no matter what he did in the past, he’s a weasel now.

    The truth is obvious.

  13. MacDaddy

    “John Lewis’s performance trying to drum up sympathy for Hillary Clinton was appalling.”

    rikyrah: You are so right. I come from Atlanta, from Lewis’ district. I appreciate his work as an organizer during the civil rights era; and I used to brag about Lewis and Andy Young and others. Now, they’re an embarassment. On the other hand, i’m very thankful for the Clinton/Obama race because it exposes just how utterly backward and supremely irrelevant many blacks from the civil rights era and CBC are. For this, i’m grateful.

  14. Rick

    Was Lewis initially afraid of Clinton retaliation?

    Seeing how the clintons deal with people who go against them, is there really much difference between them and the mafia? They are the ‘Clinton Mafia’ as far as I’m concerned. Look how Bill turned on Ted Kennedy once Ted announced his support for Obama. That made no sense.

  15. Rick,

    Of course he was. The Clintons have spread their power out and expected returns. Few of us, if we are honest, saw this coming, the dismissal of the Clinton’s as power brokers. Now we shouldn’t write her epitaph so soon (I’m waiting until Tuesday), and even after her political epitaph is written both Clintons will still be heavyweights. I think it’s likely that they will demand two pounds of flesh from Obama should he go all the way. He wont be able to say no.

    Perhaps most importantly, Lewis is concerned about his legacy – some think that’s all he has left – and certainly did not want to go down in history as the civil rights leader who voted for the White woman in the end. He probably was convinced of this a month ago, but timed his announcement for the Texas and Ohio primaries.

  16. Angie

    Honestly, I was quite shocked when Jackson’Lee decided to turn her back on Obama, and scream, “Pick me!”, when Hil was looking for some good lil’ gal to tote her water. But I figured two things went down.
    1. Jackson-Lee didn’t think that Obama was going to get remotely close to getting the dem ticket. It takes guts to back the projected losing ticket. And as we know, many of these so called leaders don’t have the guts to stand up for what they believe, especially when their belief may be unpopular.
    2. Clinton promised Jackson-Lee something that Jackson-Lee obviously didn’t think she could have gotten on her own by being a woman of class, standards, and truth. It looks like Jackson-Lee has more faith in HC than she has in her own abilities to achieve. Too bad…

    I hate it that Jackson-Lee is running uncontested in Houston. What a shame! It is so ridiculous that there was no other qualified person that had the confidence and the resources to run against her.

    Y’all, I got a chance to see Obama speak. He was great! My best friend went to see Michelle earlier this week. She said that there are no words to describe how brilliant and talented Michelle is. I’m so excited that Senator Obama and his wife are a class act.

  17. Rick

    Great points, Mark

    TripLBee, thanks for feelin what a brotha was sayin

    Sup, Angie! you were a part of history!! lol I relate to that feeling…

  18. Y’all, I got a chance to see Obama speak. He was great! My best friend went to see Michelle earlier this week. She said that there are no words to describe how brilliant and talented Michelle is. I’m so excited that Senator Obama and his wife are a class act.


    Glad you enjoyed Senator Obama…but, I will testify….Michelle is something special indeed. I know what your friend felt. Michelle Obama is fabulous. 🙂

  19. Andrea

    I really don’t think that necessarily the Clinton had to promise or offer any of the CBC members that supported them anything…NOTHING…zilch. Okay…maybe they showed up at a fundraiser or two, three…ONE… and what-not. I believe they made room on their calendars for the Negro constituency in said amount of dedicated dates to keep all constituencies happy, appeased, and placated. Same for the neo-cons they were friendly with and the corrupt big business men. They spread the days around and allocated a number for their most loyal Darkies. However…what I believe is closer to fact than assuming The Clintons are Putin-ical, they didn’t have to thug out our people. I believe the CBC members offered of themselves to be of service to The Clintons.

    The variables at play because of the dynamics of Obama’s race and face-value allegiance as a member of the CBC put them in truly the most difficult position they have been in before in their lives…because…they have not had much to fret over in being in compromised positions for we, their constituency, has not EVER held them accountable on G.P. alone. As much as John Lewis sounds like what he looks like in a vain, emporer with no clothes and no courage, dignity, or integrity, he is telling the sad truths about how far they had gone in being sellouts and having had been further OUT OF TOUCH with the dynamics that could arise in the younger generations conspriring to take over and rid the electorate of those false prophet politicians. Whereas they had to vote to decide on going to war, probably the most difficult decision so far to date as of the recent presidency, they played the part of the perpetual victim themselves and we excused them like we always to do as if they were fighting for us in some race-tally fight of good versus evil due to proxy of them as justified soldiers of the equality war. Please!

    They explained and still explain that their hands were tied or that they too were lied to when they follow(ed) lockstep with those senior that they wanted to impress or link with in party. The dynamics of the Obama candidacy has forced them to finally stand alone and not behind their protectors, The Clinton Machine and the Establishment because of the components at question. No longer could they chirp that White People had Black People’s best interest over a Black Candidate with the ability to galvanize. They just didn’t know how to explain it in other than what was physically evident in that Hillary, by association and proxy, had more evidence. So they thought they would be safer if ever challenged. The fact is that they completely disregarded the plausibility that anyone could beat their Masters and at that be from the younger people’s generation not protected and cultivated by the Clinton Machine. No one in Washington that is really successful and is a Democrat really is that far out of reach from the Six-Degrees of The Clinton Establishment’s realm. Why would they take Obama seriously? In the post-Civil Rights era, America had moved away from promoting patriotic anarchism like Obama has in re-engaging disenfranchised people to challenge the power structures about what Democracy really is. Let alone the Black Community has been afraid to stand up and question after The Panthers were marked, King was assassinated, and Garvey was framed as surreptitious. So when what recently has come to finally having the populace have the courage to not be as cynical about democracy and start practicing to pledge it, our CBC members are having to look at what they have so invested their lives in and how to get out of it or justify why what route they took and choices they made were justifiably more democratic than what they are being challenged of in their political vision and insight. Their political temperament is being challenged of their stylized status-quo judgement and they are flummoxed. Now being somewhat exposed as duplicitous in being so damn selfish, these people do not FOR ONCE have their White Liberal allies to protect them or vindicate them to us. This have to walk this line alone. Bill and Hillary can’t save them from FINALLY, an inquisition from our people of everything rooted we were so and too lazy to confront these people of before.

    Just as the media says that Obama gets easier treatment by the press because he is Black, the mainstream media has handled the CBC with kid gloves too. But, we have not blamed the mainstream media for not digging in the asses of our own. It has been us who have given our own unconditional protection and leisure license to do whatever as if they are exempt from scrutiny. We hold to the plantation ethics of loyalty and allegiance for members of our own that don’t deserve the honor and sacrifice we offer. Until these very physical dynamics of Obama throwing himself into the race, they have not had to really think before and wager the criteria of ethics, accountability, and General Principle. Time passed and he refused to stand down and go away as The Clintons warned. And they who tried to give him the snub did nothing is redirecting his focus to forge ahead. All that did was create more plausible variables for us to see some things that was always there. We just did not want to see them of our people, our leadership, and ourselves.

    So our CBC members knew eventually the race was formally going to begin and they had to move sooner than later as time was going to run out. Many went with what seemed more certain in stabilizing their livelihood.

    But I find it troubling that Blacks are starting to word this as if The Clintons are simply puppet-masters that pulled our people’s strings when our people have been talking, begging, kowtowing puppets consistently making themselves available for absolute usage and abuse by The Clintons or any Establishment that would reward them for their performances and behind-the-scenes duties in prepping the audience for the shows.

    The Clintons don’t have to go around threatening already powerless and desperate greedy CBC members. That is not how it works. What Blacks have historically done is (as Political Junkie describes): tote their Masters water. Our people offer sacrifices of themselves and of us, their young, and of their own people for residual salvation. If The Clintons threaten, it is people with power equal to theirs that they threaten. All they have to do to move Blacks is perform.

    At let me make it further clear, Black People are not the only people that play these power games. All people do it who are in a position of needing, or rather simply wanting, access and protection by and from someone or many who are greater than them in size, access, and possibility. It’s not that hard to imagine how this plays out because we all see it in everyday life. It’s called schmoozing, kissing ass, stroking, coddling, enabling, and selling out. So people broker developmental relationships whereas they play the loyal friend when what they really are in the friendship/relationship is the loyal Mammy or Uncle.

    I think it would be a false allegation to accuse Hillary or Bill of having to have promised anything to our Black lawmakers. All she had and has to do is exist as their redeemer, savior, and protector. Of course she would grace them with scraps while they in turn would find any other way to add on another layer of stroking her and Bill as gracious masters. All in all our people do all the work and all the thanking when the production is made to seem like a truly equal and balanced healthy relationship. The Clintons would advertise the richness and redeeming value of White Liberal Guilt in having “so-and-so” lesser in stature as them, however prominent in the Black Community, as close friends when the whole friendship was formulated on business and the levels of power for all parties are unequalled and would remain that way. So when it was remixed for us, The People, and repackaged for the sale, we saw our CBC and other Black Establishment leaders honoring Hillary and Bill’s existence. This is how it works. It’s all theatre until it starts to look really real that we invest our lives into the scheme trying to make it real and come to life to prove to us that we have not been lied to and used again. For so many of us, we knowingly volunteer for placement to perform because the rewards are greater than standing out and protesting righteous indignation against the power structure. So…seemingly good people spend their careers and their lives trying to justify people like The Clintons and the Establishment by advertising and promoting their good to outweigh what they know is not so great.
    I don’t have proof but I am going out on a limb to call it. “Hillary does not bully our CBC members”. I think however she actually has not to even open her mouth and utter any words, requests, or moaning. I think it is that our people are the enablers with their titties out for her and Bill to nurse on. They want her to feel okay and be okay even at the risk and peril of their harming careers because The Clintons are the machine and that risk is still a less structural and social risk (until now) with us, lay people in the general public, not holding any of them accountable in the past. You did have fringe groups that Political Junkie and her peers worked on but they were not mainstream. These dynamics although obvious to me was not obvious to most educated Blacks…because they did not want to see it. The media focus and the drama of this election is making it much more lucid because the media is listening to the discourse on blogs to play up and as well triangulation the dynamics of the hidden stories. But before this election and these very superficial dynamics due to the innovation of the internet, we in the past day by day allowed them all to continue to live to get away with rogue leadership. We created their machine by giving it power to not be able to stop. Their machine fed Tavis Smiley and Tom Joyner’s machine. Their machine feed Black Institutions’ machines. And it was a full-circle orgy. They are so far all still…UNSTOPPABLE.
    And that is not because of the Bill and Hillary’s genius solely. The Clintons are dynamos because we are weak, enabling victims. We gave them the energy and resources by our ignorance, our need for fantasy, our laziness, and our fear to fight for truth and justice as single, soul and collective grouped citizens.
    Instead of holding out like uptight virgins, we’d give it up because they came to our communities. We lowered the bar for them because they did more in just showing up to smile and con us than those that still don’t get it in that Blacks will follow if you smile at us and wink (and other stupid meaningless, empty-handed shit).

  20. This came to me last night.

    Imagine if this were any other ethnic group. They had one of ‘their own’ running, and the main competition race-baited/ethnic-baited ‘your own’. Please explain to me what other ethnic group would remotely tolerate THEIR elected representative supporting the competition POST race-baiting? Can you imagine it with ANY other group? Yeah, neither can I.

    WE’RE the only ones who would allow this BS….and SHAME ON US.

  21. TPJ,

    That’s a great article. Them sniping at Donna Edwards before she even takes office – they really don’t have a serious clue. I have no sympathy for them. We need people that are determined to serve their constituents. Everyone of these CBC members needs a Primary challenger – period.

  22. Rick

    I’ve been thinking about this for 2 days. If or when Obama wins the nomination, I say to hell with so called “Democratic party unity”. I challenge this assumption held by folks like Bob Herbert who wrote in the NY Times today that Obama’s bests interest are served if the Democratic party closes ranks and have folks like the Clintons fully support the Obama candidacy. I say rather, when Obama wins, he should distance himself from the Clintons AS MUCH AS FEASIBLY POSSIBLE.

    Obama is largely popular in part because he is the Anti-Clinton candidate. Put differently, I believe there are just as many anti-Clinton folks as there are Pro-Obama folks. I

    Personally, If I was running things, I’d rather court those independent and conservative leaning republicans who could be swayed democratic **who are ANTI-Clinton** than to worry about pissing off the Clintons and their supporters. What are they going to do: vote for McCain?

    That’s right, you heard me right. In terms of strategy, I would take THEM (Clinton and their supporters) for granted in the general election rather than risk alienating independents and conservatives who are Anti-Clinton who could be swayed into voting for Obama. We’ve been played like this for decades in the democratic party.

    Payback’s a BI*CH!

  23. Rick

    and before someone even thinks about going there 🙂

    Gore didn’t lose in 2000 because he distanced himself from Clinton, which I had no problem with.

    Gore lost because he was a bore and failed to capture the hearts of the american people at that time.

    Obama would not have that problem

    (reactions to this proposed approach welcome)

  24. Chesapeake


    Hmmm. That’s good thinking, and it might work as long as some of Senator Clinton’s key primary supporters don’t feel alienated and boycott from campaigning.

    Senator Obama could use the support of Clinton backers and endorsers in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Ohio, California …. Not saying that they’d bolt to Senator McCain, but their work for Obama would help him in the ELECTORAL VOTE vote count. I’m not sure they’d take Obama snubbing Clinton too kindly.

  25. Chesapeake

    May not like her choice or reasons, but Representative Tubbs Jones is committed and sticking:

    If Senator Obama wins the nomination and Tubbs Jones switches her support to him, he’d be 100 times better off with her, rather than Lewis, on the team. Obama will know that she’s gonna roll hard and not faint.

  26. Chesapeake


    Nice article. Thanks.

    I was disppointed when the SEIU withheld its endorsement of presidential nominees and allowed the locals to make their own choices. But from observation, I learned that the union made some great moves.

    The SEIU’s endorsement of Donna Edwards was a key in her victory. After the smoke cleared in the democratic presidential nomination, it reigned in all the locals and rendered its national endorsement to Senator Obama. It has escalated its efforts and is working hard today for him in Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas.

    Additionally, the SEIU has joined a coalition of groups that announced in a conference call Monday that it amassed about $20 million to raise awareness of the adverse and negative effects of Bush’s war spending on the economy. See a summary of the effort at

    The SEIU saved a serious war chest and is using it effectively this year. It’s leadership is outstanding. The SEIU is years ahead of the CBC. Some members of the CBC need to get over it and start serving instead of demanding to be served!

  27. Rick

    thanks for your reply, and I understand your reasoning which makes perfect sense. You are right, probably would not be a great idea for Obama to go out of his way and snub the Clintons.

    But I don’t think he needs them (especially Bill) to be on the frontline of the Obama campaign trail either. can you imagine some of the things Bill and or Hillary might say. I wouldn’t put it past either one of them to DELIBERATELY sabatoge Obama’s campaign. (and that’s what I’d be very afraid of).

  28. Rick,

    I wouldn’t trust either of them to campaign for me. I would take it as a given that they’re trying to sabotage me and go on accordingly. Trust them? HELL NO.

  29. Andrea

    Obama was never hazed by The Clintons. He did his own thing. He was a maverick.

    Now there are photos taken of him and The Clintons and of course people are superficially cordial but they were never crew.

    The Clintons basically employed almost all the people left hanging around still in DC that, if they didn’t get burned, they were too young during the first administration and not of importance to have battle scars. So they knew to follow where the crumbs fell. So many people that were in their twenties then are in their late thirties now but supporting Obama because they grew up and saw too much however to think the investment in The Clintons is really what they need since the world is and has changed. Then you have the old guard, Black Establishment Boomers and elders who never thought anyone or anything could eclipse The Clintons.

    Everyone in Washington knew Hillary was going to run for years now. Only truly disillusioned people that need to believe in fairytales think that Hillary was called by divine intervention to lead. I know Greens, Republicans, and even Progressive Dems from Maryland that used to talk about it like it was talking about weather. Knowing The Clintons method of operation was part of the language of Washington, just not the mainstream American discourse. You could live in Washington and not ever discuss or hear these things. It mattered on who you knew. It wasn’t a secret but as well it was really common information known that it was not that startling when she announced. People just wanted to know when she and Bill would stop lying that that was their plan.

    So some people in their twenties and thirties through Bill’s administration knew to hang around and abide to loyal submission. You have the Black Legal Community and Ph. D.s that stuck around and were waiting for some gracious Democrat to remember them and give them an appointment. It’s a business here in Washington to hang around and stick it out. Older members of the guard that did not care to look beyond The Clintons for longevity and security followed suit in anchoring The Clintons dock.

    Jones and some other congresswoman (I can’t remember which one that stated it to the press herself that she) gave (of her self) themselves to Hillary way before Obama even came to Washington. And that’s the thing. They offered themselves in sacrifice years ago knowing that Hillary would run. They were anchoring themselves…securing their hitches.

    Everyone knew that Hillary was going to run in Washington and NY even when Hillary would laugh it off and deny on camera. So I presume John Lewis did too in unspoken display of siding never considering that after Harold Ford lost House Majority seat to Pelosi, any other Black hence Sharpton’s failure would have a long-shot for anything else as grandiose in political ambitions. The formula for Blacks to consider even to run is that they had to already be an established celebrity on their own outside of politics.

    People threw around the ideas of the next generation of Black Leaders but it was just features to take up space and throw out ideas. The ideas however could not stick because the new younger generations Blacks (and mostly male) had to constantly peep or jump out of the shadows of The Establishment that wanted to own them if they were thinking they would give them any help.

    Why would anyone conceive of Obama being anything other than an anomaly since he was so determined to not be down with the Establishment clique? They way they think in The Black Establishment is that you should and have to be down with the schematics and motivations as they think and follow the models and values. Obama was not even an afterthought anyway among Establishment members because…he was purposely doing his own thing and looking like the weird kid in high school that did not care to impress the jocks and cheerleaders. They knew he had a celebrity following but it is or rather has been impossible to make inroads without The Establishment’s assistant and approval. Until now.

    Obama will not purposely orchestrate any political theatrics in snubbing The Clintons. I think he will carry it the way he has always done and just do his own thing. Now that is a problem. The Clintons wanted to cultivate the entire party as their plantation. Remember Terry McAuliffe was handpicked by Bill Clinton and pushed to be The Man to run the DNC. That had more to do with simply trying to move the national Democratic Party to their proprietorship. There has been so much engineering to keep loyal people and shift them into places. The Clintons are smart about using people who are loyal and keep them as overseers. They train others to assume the roles and responsibilities to serve and protect as overseers.

    People don’t know any better that they really are Putin-ical in that they don’t want to leave our lives. They are aggrandizers who make other people who follow them feel just as important in needing to help and crusade for the helpless people. That is their formula. Instead of empowering the weak, they want to lead as in referring to what they will do or have done instead of seeing what is so obvious about the changing world that people need to be empowered as a collective. Obama uses the pronoun, “we”. The Clintons use “I”.

    What will really be the problem is the unreported dealings in contingents trying to find a place until The Clintons return again. Unless the dealings are made transparent on the internet as people are starting to learn how to do, the populace will not know what really goes in how factions align and strategize to dead-head in being difficult to try to up the ante of the power they are seeking to gain. It’s a gamble but it’s politics in being difficult in order to win so you can have the base for the next public fight.

    So there will be people who will play the part but always remain more loyal to The Clintons no matter what because The Clintons represent fighting Clinton Wars which to our people is the Boomer Liberal Politics (not Progressive) fight against Conservatism. They are power hungry people that truly believe the Democratic Party, White Liberals, and disenfranchised, hapless citizens need for them to protect all of the people. They really think they know best for the country according to some very superior arrogance that they think is clearly misunderstood.

    So I agree with Rikyrah…there is too much of the Clintons being so rooted in the embodiment of the Democratic Establishment that I don’t think they will go away until after they are dead. What Obama has done is made the Democratic Party more grassroots and is too inspiring to empower the lay people to learn things (i.e. here on this blog).

    People needed a catalyst that would STICK for change to catalyze. A reinvigoration of a populist agenda will now probably be able to grow now that the roots of organizing by the small, common ordinary people have learned they can be a part of the power structure. The Clintons never wanted people to take control of their lives. They wanted for people to NEED THEM. So I can see them plotting for another come-up to validate their worth and legacy. That is their sole purpose of existence…paranoia and greed.

  30. The internet-for-fundraising model that Obama has employed so magnificently was actually pioneered by Howard Dean’s campaign, which was the insurgent candidacy four years ago. The fact that Dean was derailed while Obama has triumphed probably speaks to Obama’s charisma combined with Clinton Fatigue, which manifested itself pretty heavily in every demographic except older white women. The more they saw of them the less they liked them this time around. Hillary’s running from the right and fear mongering tactics are digging her an even bigger hole. I really wonder how a first-tier campaign can be run on so many wrong messages. She didn’t get her 100 million dollars worth from her managers that’s for sure.

    Looking back on the Clinton years from this perspective, it seems as though Bill Clinton was a huge fraud, if not an outright Republican plot. His social and fiscal policies were directly out of the Reagan playbook. He did more damage to the social safety net than any Republican president before him. Black people and progressives owe him and his wife nothing, except perhaps contempt. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Lewinsky scandal and the right wing attacks on him were a ploy to create support by Democrats to what was essentially a Colonel Sanders raiding the chicken coop. That’s why I feel a sense of relief to watch her campaign flicker and fade out.

  31. Rick

    Obama uses the pronoun, “we”. The Clintons use “I”. — andrea

    I find it so fascinating that to the bitter end, Bill on the trail for his wife’s dying campaign still chose this weekend to focus on “himself” and “his” presidential accomplishments in the 1990s.

    Rikyrah – “double” that HELL NO! lol

  32. Andrea and Ernesto,

    Both good posts.

    We need to thank Howard Dean. Dean put his neck out in believing in the 50 State Strategy. The division between the Obama camp and the Clinton camp is clearly those who believe in the 50 State Strategy, and those who believe in 50%+1.

    Obama is 50 State – and whether or not he wins in the General Election – his commitment to it is a validation of Howard Dean.

    Folks remember how the Clintons and their minions had the knives out for Howard Dean and tried to get him thrown away after the 2006 elections, but the STATES stood up for him?

    Take a look around the blogosphere. Post after post from folks on the ground, talking about how Obama opened an office in places that had never been spoken to for years, and I think it makes a difference. Will the state turn over immediately? of course, not. But, maybe you can get some local people elected, then some statewide people elected, before the state turns another way.

    Obama gets this, and it’s a positive for the Democratic Party as a whole.

    Obama getting the nomination would mean a continuation , and an even deeper commitment to the 50 State Strategy, because he will not only have begun the process during the Primary season, but, because of the money that he’s able to raise, the Democrats will not have to pick and choose where they want to spend their funds. they can go wherever they want.

    And, I want them to go South. I’m not under any illusions that Obama could sweep the South, but, dammit, he doesn’t have to. What he can do is spearhead some of the fiercest voter registration in a decade, and bring out a whole lot of new Democrats that can help elect people downticket to office. It also makes the GOP spend where they never thought they’d have to.

    McCain took in a paltry 12 million last month. 12 million.

    A commitment to building a stronger overall Democratic Party, instead of a smaller Democratic fiefdom that the Clintons prefer, is something Obama would do, and I think it’s a positive.

    How bad is the GOP doing? They are in serious danger of losing HASTERT’s old seat. The former Speaker of the House’s district. We could replicate that across the country, with the right leadership.

  33. Lucia

    America is supposed to be democracy in which freedom of speech, choice and association thrives. It is, therefore, very difficult to understand how certain organizations would try to have unprecedented supreme authority to control of how Black Community must behave. These groups are spending a lot of resources to monitoring and investigating who our friends, associates, mentors, religious leaders are. They feel they have the right to monitor what we discuss with friends, associates, mentors, and religious leaders. They draw conclusions about philosophical thinking of our parents, friends, associates, mentors, and religious leaders! The information obtained as a result of these lengthy and intrusive investigations is eventually used to blackmail, intimidate or silence any rising star who dares to have an independent mind in representing the Black Community. I do not believe that our community has the resources required to launch investigations about what the folks who feel that the some minority groups have to be kept in check and control.

    The elected Black representatives, it seems, have lost their voices to honestly articulate and present the real issues affecting their constituents. Their effectiveness have been so reduced they have made decisions settle for issues dictated by their party leadership in exchange for campaign contributions, token appointments, friendships and loyalty required by these power brokers in the party. This is an atmosphere in which loyalty and friendship to the party bosses override loyalty to the voters who must perform their civic duties election after election. To an average voter like me, the electoral process looks a curtain blocking the voters from knowing what is happening inside Congress rooms. I would like someone to take the time to investigate what is happening to our Black elected members of Congress that makes them trash and ignore the voters.

    Here is one of the quotes from Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio as to why she has an irrevocable commitment to Hillary:
    “I am a woman who has been in politics 26 years. All you have is your word,” said Tubbs Jones, noting she committed to Clinton early on and has long been friends with Clinton. “I have chosen her (Clinton) based on her background and experience.”
    Tubbs Jones lamented the attacks on black elected officials “who have paid their dues and served their time.” She noted that “politics is all about relationships” and CBC members had “preexisting relationships” with Clinton. Adding: “Some of us have to be over here. Some of us have to be over there so that we don’t get locked out of the process.”

    From Washington Post 3/3/08, here is Ms. Tubbs Jones:
    “I say shame on anyone who’s engaged in that conduct, to put that kind of pressure on John Lewis,” Tubbs Jones said. “I’m not trying to be a martyr. I think Senator Clinton is the best candidate. And the beauty of the United States of America is you have the right to have your opinion, and I have the right to my opinion.”
    “I’m not going to succumb to that kind of pressure,” she added. “If I change my mind, it will be because Senator Clinton said, ‘Stephanie, let’s make a move.’ ”
    Apparently, Stephanie is afraid of being locked out of “the process”. Who is locking these folks out of “the process”? Congressional Black Caucus members need to explain to the voters supporting them the names of powerful people who are holding the key to “the process” and nature of that “process”. The last statement quoted above indicates that these people are under some yoke!!
    Additionally, there is something very wrong when a civil rights hero like John Lewis is being reduced to the level where he feels that “withdrawing support from Hillary is more painful than the suffering he and many Blacks endured during civil right strife”. Why would withdrawing support for Hillary be worse than the beatings, the water hoses, the dog bites, the slapping, the burning of and houses and churches (sometimes with people inside them) and the ultimate prize paid by many, death?
    Since I do not live in Georgia, I do not know how well Mr. Lewis’ constituents have been served by this strong loyalty and friendship to Bill and Hillary Clinton. If his constituents have benefited, could it be that these constituents are being ungrateful for the developments the relationship between Mr. Lewis and the Clintons has brought to Georgia? If not, why would the Clintons be is asking Black Representatives to ignore people who elected them and pledge loyalty to them instead? This is voter’s nullification of the worst kind!!
    Obama’s run for presidency of United States has revealed something about the Democratic Party and its relationship with the(a) Black Community leaders (b) Black voters. This relationship is not pretty at all because it indicates that a subtle master-slave relationship is still very active!

  34. All that pissing off the SEIU by the CBC gets their money cut off, and the SEIU recruiting people to challenge them in primaries.

    That’s all good, if these “brothas” are so full of the haterade that they are essentially telling Donna Edwards that they’re going to treat her like Cynthia McKinney.

    Time to clean the CBC house – starting with every brotha cited in that Roll Call article that’s pissed off because their boy Wynn got beat and ran out of office.

    Meeks, Cummings, Hastings should get primary challengers if not in 2008, then in 2010. We at CBCMonitor have that project in the works.

  35. My friends, I have been traveling today, and have had a chance to watch MSNBC and CNN. It is a clear Hillary day. The press is dogpiling on Obama. Between the “gotcha” issue of the Canada memo, and the goalpost moving (“Scarborough said that if Obama doesn’t win all 4, the race resets”) my man is getting hammered.

  36. Let them dogpile on him, then.

    She still needs to win by 65%, and he’s tied with her in Texas, and not trailing her by much in Ohio.

    She may win, but it won’t be by a big enough margin to overcome 11 straight defeats.

  37. Leicester

    I noticed a change in thetv coverage on HC the press are falling all over themselves for her and trashing Obama,after her whining.
    Her lust for power is obscene she will stop at nothing, fear tactics shes behind muslim internet crap what a bitch no wonder Bill goes roaming.

  38. destardi


    Nope, no one’s continuing to force learned “helplessness” and a vicious cycle on their own people.

    Nope, no one at all. Pretty disgusting.

  39. Seems pretty politically motivated to me. If you’re going to be in a position such as his; at the very least have some conviction and make a stance as opposed to jumping on the most optimal train moving at the time.
    Sad, very sad…

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