The Death of Hope



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Today is my favorite Uncle Jim’s birthday.  He would have been 59.  The memories of him are always strongest at this time of the year because just as this time was his sunrise it was also his sunset. He died of pancreatic cancer just two days short of his 52ndbirthday. He fought valiantly until the end refusing to succumb to the reality of his terminal prognosis. A proud Vietnam veteran who fought nearly two decades for the Service-connected benefits he deserved, they were belatedly awarded a few months before his death.   

Uncle Jim spent wildly in the months before his death having been denied for so long and in a vain effort to stave off death.  Emaciated and wan, losing more than 150 pounds, Uncle Jim refused to allow me and Mama visit him.  I was an emotional wreck and cried bitterly for weeks after he told me of his pancreatic cancer.  He sent for grandma and she flew to California and stayed with family during his hospitalization.  I dreaded the day when the call came because my mother was in denial. She persisted in the delusion that there would be enough time to plan a trip to see him. Every time I think of holding her as she wailed inconsolably, I am reduced to tears.   

I suspect that Hillary Clinton is going through much the same thing emotionally because her denial has manifested itself in her every move and deed since losing all of the contests after Super Tuesday.  Her behavior is characterized by wild spending, emotional outbursts and delusional talk of going all the way to the convention. One columnist wrote tellingly of observing her going through the five stages of grief and she clearly hasn’t accepted that the end is near, her appearance on Saturday Night Live notwithstanding.   

As I write this, Bill Clinton is speaking at Texas A&M University.  Looking pale, flaccid, and spent, he resembles a ghost.  Bill, with his snow white mane has become a Dickensian apparition, a ghost of the nostalgic 20th century past.  He’s haunting the voters of Texas and admonishing them not to emulate the stingy and parsimonious Ebenezer Scrooge and to set things right and restore his House to the imperial throne of power.   Can’t you just see Hillary riding on the Big Dog’s soldiers like tiny Tim, politically crippled and pathetic?   

The woman around whom the right-wing created an empire of hate now barely mentions her. On Tuesday, she will have no choice but to accept reality.  CNN is reporting that Rhode Island, her stronghold state in the string of primaries to be held on March 4 has closed up nicely for Obama.  Her once huge lead in the polls has evaporated.   Both Texas and Ohio have seesawed and now we’re looking at a dead heat. The death rattles of her campaign are clearly being heard nationwide and this cruel political marathon of sadistic endurance draws to a close.   

This is also a moment for me to eat a heaping helping of crow and to acknowledge how wrong I was to assert that Obama’s campaign was a black middle class fantasy and a delusion of epic proportions.   The general election is still an open question but the white power structure sho’ ain’t scared of Barack Obama, the Safe Negro.  They have their claws in him just as they would any white contender in a similar position. The handwriting is on the wall and they’ve done everything accept throw Hillary under the bus.  A cautious brotha wouldn’t hazard a guess tonight with the conflicting polls out yesterday and today, but I smell death in the air, and fear in their eyes and it is not just because of the death anniversary of my Uncle Jim. 


Originally entitled, “The End is Near,” this post had to be renamed.   The Inevitable One has been resurrected from political death to suck the life out of hope once again.  The Corporate Vampire that passed NAFTA and GATT sent forth his female proxy to smear the Hopeful One with a lie about a secret NAFTA deal with the right-wing Canadian government.  It was what Michelle Obama calls,  “a fear bomb” and it worked quite well on the gullible white working class of Ohio.  The “kitchen sink”strategy is effective.  They’ve certainly left no stone unthrown.

Playing the victim while contending for power from a position of privilege really suits her.   Paulo Freire has written, “Conditioned by the experience of oppressing others, any situation other than their former [one] seems to them like oppression….Any restriction on this way of life, in the name of the rights of the community, appears to the former oppressors as a profound violation of their individual rights.”

Now that the press has been made a party to Hillary’s false oppression and been humiliated by her victories as a result of becoming her foil to pander to a gullible public, they will follow their assigned roles as gatekeepers of power and haze Obama with even more gusto. Obama musn’t be allowed to ascend to power without the proper chastening.

In Texas, the natural affinity of the Latino community for Hillary was not effectively challenged despite the massive advertising edge by Obama.  He failed to make significant inroads into the Latino community and carried less than a third of Latino voters.  Familiarity trumps newness in this context.    While not completely deflated by this win, it is abundantly clear, as others have asserted, that this fight will go all the way to Denver.  

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Some Clermont polling places temporarily ran out of Democratic ballots, Sandusky sites are staying open until 9 p.m., and Barack Obama’s campaign has sued for time extensions in Franklin and Cuyahoga counties, claiming ballot shortages.

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70 thoughts on “The Death of Hope

  1. He’s losing Ohio big time. He needs to educate himself on NAFTA and go after the Borg Queen with it.

    Her husband pushed NAFTA and CAFTA through on his watch. She can’t get away from that, since she’s running on her “35 years of experience” of being joined at the hip to Bill Clinton and riding his coattails.

    Huckabee’s dropping out the race. He’s taking too long to say goodbye.

  2. NuPolitico

    My condolences to you for your Uncle Jim, I’m a little emotional tonight, but your tribute reference to him was moving…I am so glad that this is almost over. Even though I’m tired of the primary, I’m getting my Pepto Bismol ready so that I can stomach the general election. It’s going to be real nasty. I think Obama can win, I just hope he doesn’t lose all of his idealism. I’m all about being a realist, but there is a small part of me that is hoping that a black man can succeed in America _without_ losing his idealism.

  3. Kam

    Clinton is going to fight this to the convention. Period. Obama has been defined by her for the past few weeks & the MSM has turned on him. As rikyrah said on her blog, she even “darkened” him in a campaign ad. This has gotten zero traction. If he goes negative–and there is so much he could say–he undermines the “hopeful” & “new” message that undergirds his campaign.

    He needs his surrogates to go negative on her. Rezco is small potatoes compared to Bill & Kazakhstan. Is that where she got her 5 mil? What about those tax returns? He has to do more that suggest that she release them. He is an honorable man–perhaps too good.

    Hillary knows what is at stake. She also knows that it doesn’t matter how you get power the point is to get it. This mode of being is antithetical to Obama. IMHO.

  4. Ambinder at The Atlantic just reported 6 minutes ago that

    10:12: Note that Austin, Houston, Dallas haven’t reported in yet in Texas.

  5. SB,

    About your Uncle. My father died of pancreatic cancer. I spent the last summer of his life taking care of him, watching him waste away. My father had always been a big man, and he lost 100 pounds within a year. I understand your pain a great deal.

  6. Polls were supposed to close at 7 pm, but were kept open until 9 pm in northern Ohio (Cleveland/Toledo) because of an snow/ice storm. Those areas probably won’t come in until after the others.

  7. From Ambinder:

    10:20: Yet to report in from Ohio: most of the major cities and their suburbs, which explains, in part, why Hillary Clinton’s margins are so big there.

  8. NuPolitico,

    Thanks for the condolences. I was feeling wistful and mournful and looking to the merciful end of this death march to the nomination. A more proper title would have been NO END IN SIGHT.

  9. If he gets the nomination, won’t that be 75% of the battle? Won’t we just roll our eyes at what the Rethugs will do. Be upset about it, but not nearly as upset as what Hillpatine has done?

  10. rikyrah,

    Obama’s nomination will be a milestone, but it will not be the end. His first task will be to unify the party before he can unify the nation. That will take some doing. First, he must drive a stake through the heart of the Clinton’s dynastic dream.
    Easier said than done.

  11. Kam

    At the convention Clinton will say white working class voters won’t vote for him! They
    will run to McCain. I’m the only option. Let’s face it, she’ll say, the Negroes will come home. They have no choice. And lets be honest–Katrina, Iraq etc. makes her right. Props to black Ohio for showing up.

  12. What’s going on Rikyrah!

    Unfortunately it won’t be over after Tonight SB.

    This thing will go into at least the first week of May. That’s the earliest that we can expect Hillary to drop out (if she is going to drop out at all).

    Hopefully he can do well in Mississippi….(perhaps even in Wyoming in 3 days). In Mississippi, he can make up a chunk of delegates before Pennsylvania.

    But there will be a lot of dead time between Mississippi and Penn. and she will use that time to smear Obama. He has to get more aggressive at fighting this beast.

    And Rikyrah… I feel the same about this political mess…. If you go negative, it seems to work.

    I think Obama has been listening to that dumb ass John Kerry…. “Take the High Road Barack”.

    But taking that high road will only lead you so far… in the end it may end up leaving Obama not on the high road…but smoldering on the side of the road…. Just like it did for Kerry in 2004.

    Barack needs a bulldog “go for the throat” strategy team that will smother Clinton…leaving her no opportunity to catch her breath over the next few months.

    So far, he has not been aggressive enough. If he wants to survive…he will have to get a little dirty.

  13. Notice how the media is playing this up as a huge victory for Clinton… when she was expected to win anyway. The fact that Obama closed the gap and managed to be competitive in Ohio and TX within the last 3 weeks (in States that he was not expected to compete in) somehow never gets mentioned by the media.

    I want to strangle those who say that the corporate media isn’t trying to help her.

    Now the media will attempt to convince remaining voters to choose Clinton because she won TX and Ohio.


    I despise the American political system.

  14. This is New Hampshire redux. She ekes out a win in places that she was up by 10 to 20 points not too long ago, then gets the credit for some kind of smashing comeback victory. Yes, big media loves a horse race.

    It will be interesting to see how the TX delegates shake out, but I still think she is going to have a hard time coming all the way back and should only fall further behind by the convention.

    The inevitable and very disconcerting upshot of tonight will be that if this race goes to the convention, they will virtually have to run on the same ticket. There will be no way to avoid it, since the party will be hopelessly fractured if they don’t. Sorry to bring that up, since most people were feeling queasy enough already.

  15. Akech


    February 23, 2008. There may be a huge scandal brewing for African American activist Tavis Smiley. As reported to you last week, Tavis ignited a firestorm when he publicly criticized Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama for refusing to stop campaigning and attend his State Of The Black Union conference which is taking place this weekend in New Orleans.

    Tavis’ uncharacteristic attack on the extraordinarily popular Obama had many African American’s scrambling for answers. Some believed Tavis was jealous of Obama’s success, other’s believed he was angered that Obama didn’t ask for his endorsement. But now has uncovered another possible reason. has exclusively learned that Bill Clinton and Tavis Smiley may have a financial relationship. On Tavis’ official website, Bill Clinton’s book Giving is prominently featured in what appears to be an advertisement.

    As you can see below, a link to the controversial former president’s book is on the front page of Tavis’ site. And when a user clicks the link, they are given instructions on how to purchase Giving from

    Tavis, please say you didn’t just do what we think you did…


    Bill Clinton has a very tight relationship with a Canadian mining financier Frank Giustra who has donated a lot of money for Clinton’s Foundation. Attack on Obama over the NAFTA must have been a very deliberate set up engineered by Clintons and their connection with Frank Giustra……..This is my suspicion. Because I am beginning to understand the Clintons work!!!

    They do not call him SLICK WILLY FOR NOTHING. This people can use your mother or child mother to dig information to use against you. The Black Community is going to be expendable. They are the worst of human species.

  16. zeitgeist9000

    Does anyone agree that caucuses are a poor way to select delegates? The line to caucus was still out the door in TX at midnight their time! I saw plenty of brothas and sistas doin’ their thing at the caucus precincts, but still when you look at caucus results vis-a-vis primary results for states like Texas and Washington state, the percentages for each candidate don’t match up. Major props to Obama and his campaign for better organization with respect to caucuses….

  17. OL1-6320

    I am not so naive as to suggest that Hillary could not win a primary on her own, but do wonder about the effect of Rush’s call to Republicans to sabotage the Democratic primary in Texas.

    All in all- the delegate count is still in Obama’s favor. He needs to win in Pennsylvania- I think.

  18. OL1-6320

    Slick Willy does have a couple “friends” in Canada- Belinda Stronach, a member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada and Lisa Belzberg, of the Belzberg family- the wealthiest family in the country and the subject of Diane Francis’ book “Controlling Interest: Who Owns Canada?”

  19. Rick

    I’m so sick with MYSELF for allowing my imagination to believe — and for being so naive — in even thinking the witch was really dead. I knew better…witches don’t just die. mafia families don’t just “go away”. did we really think it would be that easy?

    And Ernesto: you are correct. they will have to run on the same ticket. I would have voted for that ticket a couple of weeks ago. but with Hillary’s smear campaign of making Obama out to be a Muslim, the fear tactics, her race baiting…damn her. I’d rather see McCain in the White House because if the republicans are in power, what difference does it make for black people compared to if that (rhymes with witch) is there

  20. I can’t vote for the Borg Queen or McCain. If Obama doesn’t pull this off, Cynthia McKinney gets my vote.

    I’m tired of holding my nose and voting for people who have stink on this like flies on shyt. And Hillary Clinton = desperation, which smells like shyt.

    She does not care if she destroys the Democratic Party just to get the nomination. And the ReThugs are gunning for her and actually want her to win, because they can smear her to hell and back and won’t get called for being the bigots they really are.

    Get ready for President McCain – but I have a horrifying thought as I typed this:

    We need to watch who McCain picks as his running mate because the real proof will be in the pudding. We’ve watched Dick Cheney be the defacto POTUS for the last seven years – and while we Black folk will get shat on anyway, can we really afford another Dick Cheney in the second chair? Given McCain’s age (he will be 72 at the time he’s sworn in), and y’all KNOW what happened the last time we got a POTUS who was in his 70s when he took office.

    Can you say “R-E-A-G-A-N”? Ugh….

  21. Hey guys. This is an overly negative field day for the fact that the man is still in the lead.

    If you look at where everything is now, it’s Clinton gets 2.5 out of the last 15 contests, and he gets 12.5 (he probably will get the TX caucus, has lost the primary). My margin of error here is +-.5 🙂

    So, no way either of them win or lose until the brokered convention. Now that will be democratic political suicide, but we did it once before *cough*kerry*cough* we might just do it again.

    How’s that for negative?

  22. Angie

    Good afternoon. I still feel numb after what occured last night. I must admit that I was stunned/knocked completely off my feet/crushed as the numbers rolled in. Honestly, it’s still hard for me to digest all of this. Although I have so much to say, I’m utterly speechless. But I will at least try to get out a few observations from last night’s tragedy.

    1. I was very pleased that Harris County held it down for Obama. I’m like Michelle in this respect, I’ve never been this proud to be a Houstonian. And even though I currently reside in Humble, a small city north of Houston, I’m still a Houston girl. And today, I ain’t ashamed.
    2. I wanted to slap HC when she made that stank comment about “when that call comes in, there will be no time for speeches or on the job training.” I leaped from my couch and began protesting her nasty attacks on Obama. What does she mean “on-the-job training”? Correct me if I’m wrong. Has this woman been president before?
    3. My head began swimming when she said that little girls can look at her and be hopeful about their future. How dare she be given a pass to throw out the gender card whenever she feels like it, but we are not even allowed to mention Obama’s race in mixed company. We are not even given the room to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of Senator Obama and his beautiful wife, Michelle. We are not even able to mention how these two African Americans have managed to rise above the standards that have been set for us all. We have not been able to make mention how their examples have the potential to fuel a new generation of black children to believe that they “can” achieve, even when the odds/racism is stacked against them.
    4. The Rethugs didn’t take any time linking and locking their support for JM. Sadly, I feel that the gap between the haves and the have nots got wider. Last night, America continued in its path of being two rather than one. And sadly, the Rethugs are getting stronger, and the Dems are spinning around in circles, getting weaker and weaker. What a shame.

  23. TripLBee

    Skeptical Brotha, you are an excellent writer and your analyses are always thought provoking. This was one of your best pieces.

  24. Denise

    While I didn’t officially call last night’s results, I felt it was a bit too early to write Hillary’s campaign obit.

    Bottom line: it looks like this race will go down to the wire. THEREFORE, no camp can afford to “sleep” on the other.

  25. Angie

    Hi Rick: I’ve been thinking of you, Rikyrah, and a few others, who have made it clear that they will not cast a vote for HC in November if she wins the primary race. I decided last night, that I cannot and will not cast a vote for her. If this race goes like I think it will go, I will stay at home in November.

    Some are hoping that Obama is selected as HC’s running mate. But like all of us have said, as long ago as last year, HC wouldn’t dare ask Obama to share the ticket with her. And guess what… If she did, I would strongly advise him against it.
    1. I don’t trust her.
    2. She will always feel like she had a hand in “giving Obama the training he supposedly needed to be qualified to be president after her.”
    3. Sadly, HC believes that a woman cannot effectively compete with a man, unless she is loud, pushy, rude, catty, and “throwing the kitchen sink.” Working with her would be hell. She would always be trying to prove that a woman can do the job.
    (I don’t have any doubt that a woman can do the job. But if you can do it, just do it. Stop trying to use your loud, annoying voice to fuss all of us into child-like obedience.

    **One more comment about last night… I was really pi$$ed when they said that HC’s numbers in Texas were boosted by her support from hispanics in El Paso and South Texas. I was suddenly reminded of the feeling that so many of us in Texas have. “Mexicans in Texas think they are better than black folks.”
    I wonder how will the wide spread support of HC from hispanics will further weaken relations between blacks and hispanics in Texas. Any thoughts on this?

    Y’all, I was quoted in a column in the Dallas Observer. The writer of the article asked me, how can I, as a Christian, rationalize my support for Obama, knowing that he supports abortion.” She asked me in casual conversation. But then she later asked me could she include it in an article. I will provide a link later this afternoon. It’s so funny… She referred to me as a Christian blogger. Interestingly, that’s not how I think of myself.

  26. Angie

    You know, it really burns me up when so called Christian conservatives try to use their so called faith to influence/shape politics. I have not commented about this article just yet. But reading the article, makes me more annoyed by the writer’s stance, than the conversation I had with her about the subject earlier in the week. I guess it was because she used her platform to influence others to swing her way.

  27. Allright people, come back in off the ledge. Don’t jump to McCain just yet. First of all, despite the incomprehensible stoopidity of Ohio voters rewarding the Clinton’s for sucking the lifeblood out of their economy, last night was not a total disaster. The delegate numbers are still very much stacked against her and will most likely increasingly become impossible to overcome, no matter how negative she wants to go. And going negative can easily backfire at any point.

    The big picture is this…the odds are Obama will take a delegate lead into the convention. Enough of a lead to assure him the top spot on the ticket. So Hillary as veep, as unpalatable as that now seems, is nothing compared to President John “One Hundred More Years in Iraq” McCain. Voting for McCain to spite Hillary is not an option. It won’t be Hillary’s offspring being sent off to die in Iraq for the next hundred years, if you catch my drift.

  28. Kam


    Don’t be so naive. Hillary would never consent to be number two to Obama. Never. She is a white woman in her 60s and her husband was President & Obama is black. You know how the game is played, how hierarchy works.

    I just hope Obama says no to the number two spot. Look at how they treated Gore. They would make sure that Obama could never eclipse them. He would be more popular than her which would be viewed as a repudiation of the 90s in some sense.

    The real villain here is Maggie Williams. She has given them the moral pass to go full fledged “Othering” on Obama. She is the one who has calculated that we have no other option. That we are forgiving. That you can just grease the palm of some preachers and NAACP “leader” types–give ’em some street money–and in the end all will be right.

    But I think they are mistaken. I think Obama has touched a place in many that has awakened us out of slumber. Obama doesn’t do street money, thereby rendering the middleman obsolete. I guess we’ll see.

  29. Kam

    The morning after reviving her candidacy with two big primary wins, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) hinted Wednesday that she and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) may wind up as ticket mates.

    “That may, you know, be where this is headed, but of course we have to decide who’s on the top of ticket,” Clinton said with a laugh on the CBS’s “The Early Show.” “I think that the people of Ohio very clearly said that it should be me.”

  30. BrendaKay

    Okay, so the Tuesdays night results didn’t go so well for Obama. As expected, the ‘Desperate witch’ pulled out the fear-mongering, dishonesty, victim and, I’m very sad to say, covert bigotry cards.

    Well, I’m not ready to toss in the towel as yet and I’m not buying for one nano second this sudden ridiculous announcement of a ‘possible’ Obama/Clinton ticket.

    1. It’s another desperate attempt by the Clinton camp to try and swing some those wavering super-delegates who have been leaning towards Obama.


    2. It’s a seemingly ‘soft’ tactic to try and win over voters as the campaign moves next into Wyoming and Mississippi.

    The desperate witch knows that even if she does somehow, against all odds win the party nomination there is no way in hell, she can beat McClain. So why not put out this idea of a Obama/Clinton ticket. But don’t be fooled into believing that it will ever happen.

    So we do as we have always done – we pick ourselves up, we regroup and we keep fighting, not only for the party nomination but for the ultimate prize – the Oval Office.

  31. SB,

    Far it be for me to tell you what to do, but we need you working in North Carolina – just in case it gets that far. So, like I said, I’m giving him my weekends until Pennsylvania.

  32. renee

    SB: I am sorry to read about your Uncle. I watched and this whole thing about Sen. Obama being VP? Why can’t she be VP?? She makes me tired all over….

  33. Kam, she either takes the veep or she disappears for at least four more years. That’s the current reality. I’m fine with either scenario although I would have rather seen Edwards there.

  34. And keep in mind, media reports of her ressurection may be greatly exaggerated. I just read that she picked up less than a dozen net delegates yesterday out of nearly 400. A Pyrhhic victory at best!

  35. Chesapeake

    Angry Independent (@ 12:59am) – “bulldog ‘go for the throat'”.

    You’re on point with that. We watched over the last couple of weeks as Senator Clinton threw stuff out here that caused Senator Obama to have to respond and defend himself. She pushed him, and he allowed himself, into a weak position. The mainstream media has played a role, also.

    He has to at least consider getting on the offensive with, as you say, a “bulldog ‘go for the throat.'” His responses to Clinton were decent, but Obama needs a good, strong, assault. Of course, considering his and her races and genders, and considering the state of things in this country, he can only go so far. But, we should expect that a trait of our president will be tough, even aggressive when necessary.

  36. TripLBee

    Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee for president. You wouldn’t know this from reading this morning’s headlines, but Clinton only netted 8 delegates with her victories yesterday. To put this into perspective, Obama netted 9 delegates in the DC primary alone. She is way behind. She will lose ground Saturday with Wyoming’s caucus and may lose significant ground next Tuesday after Mississippi’s primary. She can’t win. She may well be a pain in the ass for the foreseeable future, but the Democrats are not suicidal. At some point the pressure on her to pull out will become overwhelming and she will bow out–however gracelessly. Keep your heads up folks. It’s gonna be okay.

  37. Akech

    Should Mr. Obama be convinced to be in the same ticket with Hillary, he will definitely be defanged by the Clintons the same way many, if not all, Black Community leaders have been defanged.

    He will be reduced token or a man that can be used to organize and deliver votes. These people look at us as means to their selfish end or stock in trade.

    There has to be a way to get out of this unprofitable relationship because many of our people are hurting. This toxic relationship must be evaluated if our community hope to have a future. For some of us, that future may be fading. To our children and grandchildren, there has to be prepared for the hard work ahead. It is easy to beat a known enemy. However, beating an enemy who willing to usie your family to bring you down needs a superior vigil and organization from bottom up.

  38. Rick

    In response to the below: If I was Obama, my strategy would be to turn this back around on the Clintons themselves by reminding the country how so very painful this episode was in America’s history — all triggered by the CHARACTER issues and flaws of Bill Clinton. I would then connect the dots for the American people to show that having a president with low/no character (like Hillary) would lead to more future pain and more embarrassment for the american people, just like it did during Bill’s second term. I would tie this all into the theme of ‘The Past’ vs ‘The Future’. Well, that’s what I would do.


    Clinton Team compares Obama to Ken Starr

    excerpt from AP Article:
    “By raising Starr’s name, Wolfson revived memories of the investigation that led to former President Clinton’s impeachment. But many Democrats feel the Starr investigation was politically motivated, and injecting Starr into the debate is one more way for Clinton to depict herself as a victim of enemies out to get her. She’s already complained recently about the media being against her.”

    *** one more way for Clinton to depict herself as a VICTIM of enemies out to get her. ***

  39. OG

    I live out in AR and I had written that we were being played by the Clintons. They like Black Folks as long as they are vin thei place, like her Black cam-manager. This are the same type of people who were responsable for Jim Crow and the racism in the South. She has Maggie now which gives her the license for the darkened pictures` and other negative attacks on the O Man. If the O man goes negative the white folks are going to feel as the they have to rescue her. I would vote for John Boy if she steals this nomination. But I heard an interesting rumor today , that we are headed for a depression in 09 and that the powers that be want the O man in office so he can take the blame. Rush has been at it again as well he said A Black Man and a White woman on the same ticket would be killed in an election and started laughing. The more things seem to change they remain the same. I do think we must take a very good look at the Democratic Party, What have they done for of Lately??

  40. The Democratic Party hasn’t done a damned thing for us except give us Hillary Clinton and the DLC.

    If she gets the nomination, over the will of the Democratic voters who have said who they want as the Democratic nominee; if she doesn’t care if she destroys the Democratic Party to get what she wants, even if that means giving the election to John McCain while setting herself up for another run in 2012, all African-Americans worth their salt need to walk away and vote Independent from here on in.

    The next time she shows up skinning and grinning in African-American communities, show her the DOOR, and tell her why. We need to prove Howard Wolfson and Harold Ickes wrong about Black People. We need to show that we will take shyt only for so long before we stop taking shyt.

    Like O. J. Simpson – which Negro is going to show up at his next trial in support after he basically pissed on us 15 years ago, and for basically getting caught for doing bass-ackwards, anyway?

    The best power we have is in the tactic of ignoring all pleas for unity until we get a full, ringside seat at the table. We need to stop settling for crumbs and scraps. If we can’t set at the table, we damned sure don’t want your scraps and crumbs.

    Think back to the Montgomery Bus Boycott back in 1955. Many of us weren’t born yet, but our parents were, and they taught us not to settle for crumbs, but for a seat at the table, and if you weren’t going to get that, ignore any and all pleas and promises until you delivered.

    When did we get away from that? Because some bousegeosie Black folk decided they “made” it, it was okay to rest on those laurels and not fight any more?

    That’s where we made our mistake. We relaxed on being eternally vigilant about our accomplishments and our goals. We gave up the defense and that should have never been done.

    We need to ignore Mammy Maggie, Tubbs Jones, and any other Negro Hillary trots out to persuade, cajole, threaten or whip back to her plantation. Likewise, I wish Jesse Jackson Jr. would shut up about the color issue regarding voting for Obama, too. I don’t want a Black Face in a High Place if it means I’m going to get screwed over by said Black Face.

    Hillary and ilk will give us The Dark Sith and say that we need to shut up and get happy that there’s a Negro around. Even if that Negro thinks he’s white. Do we really want that?

    As Christopher Chambers said – if we can survive eight years of George “GeeShrubya” Bush, we can surivive four years of John McCain – and hell, McCain might not even serve out his full term, because he’s old and probably has health issues we won’t know about until he’s sworn in office.

    We, as a race, has always survived the worst man has thrown at us. Hell, we even thrive under some of these conditions because we’d rather die for something that live under anything.

    We will survive whatever this election season throws at us and we need to let the Borg Queen know she will meltdown before WE WILL.

  41. sdg1844

    TPJ you echoed every belief I have as a black person. When did we allow ourselves to get boxed in with the mentality of Master A only beats my ass for 3 days, while Master B beats me for 5 days; I’m going to stay loyal to Master A?

    Makes no sense and we need to cut it out. Our misguided loyalty to the Democratic party is killing us. I’m a registered independent and I intend to stay that way for the time being.

  42. Rick

    OT: On life and death:

    My heart goes out to the Chapel Hill community this day. A young woman by the name of Eve Carson, a Student Body President of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was killed last evening apparently by a random act of gun violence.

    I can’t even begin to put into words how this affects me. Having gone to school in the south — in part to get away from the sensless violence of Brooklyn, NY in the early 1990s — I feel for the students who have forever lost that sense of “safety”. You aren’t supposed to go to school and get killed. You are supposed to lead, dance, write, protest, have fun, sing, party, learn, and mock rival schools like dook ahead of the rivalry game — which is tomorrow. You are not supposed to die. Everyone on campus was focused on the big game tomorrow night. But death has a way of putting things, even like elections, into proper perspective. I ask, what in the world has this country come to? Where is this country going?

    Something I read really touched me:

    “A quote from Martin Luther King Jr. is cited as one of her favorites on Facebook: “We must all live together as brothers, or we will all perish together as fools.”

    in memory,

  43. As much as I agree with TPJ and others on the failings of the Democrats, let’s not lose sight of some important points. Obama and Clinton are not that different on issues. And either of them are a hell of a lot better than a third term of Bush, which is the only real alternative staring us in the face. I don’t want a hundred more years of Iraq and I don’t want to be invading Iran.

    There’s two big problems that need to be addressed before any real progress will happen. First, the system of legalized bribery called campaign finance has to be fixed. Second, the pivotal dummies of the electorate called swing voters that decide elections based on voting personalities rather than taking the time to learn the issues. These two things gave us the last seven years of Republican plunder and Constitutional subversion, along with the full cooperation of the Democrats in congress. These are both going to be very tough problems, but not intractable. Great progress has been made on the local level in clean campaigns and voter education and these efforts are starting to go national.

    As for talk about a depression next year, I live in Michigan so next year is now. We need someone to fix this mess. We already know who to blame for it.

  44. SB,

    Thank you for quoting Paulo Freir. I remembered the name from way back in my college days, but had forgotten the context. With the power of the internet I was quickly able to find his classic text on the insidious effects of colonialism “A Pedagogy of Opression”, which I have been reading up on the last couple hours. This blog is a force of illumination! 🙂

  45. Akech

    The most effective method for killing the hopes and aspirations of Black People is to find another group of Black people with ravenous desire to be the hitmen turning on their own.

    This method has been used for a long time. You know, there are black folks both in Africa and here in America who have decided that they would rather be eating the bread crumbs falling from the master table than unite to fight for genuine change. As long as these crumb eaters are willing to wage war against their own kind and win, Black Comminity everywhere and their offsprings will be in serious trouble for sometime to come.

  46. Akech

    I just hope Obama does not convert to a CRUMBS EATER. There are millions of people both here in USA and Africa who are desperately rooting for him to win. He has lit so many candles, even in places like Obama, Japan!!!

  47. rene

    I said it before; I’ll say it again:

    If Barack doesn’t get the Dem nomination, he should run as anindependent with John Edwards.

  48. Ms. Daisy

    As a dyed in the wool yet very bruised, rejected and battered Democrat, my feelings swing between TPJ and Ernesto. As a mother of a four year old, I feel like not voting for HRC is liking cutting off my (and her) nose to spite my face. Another 100 Year War– where’s the the dollars for her future public education. But I am so sick and tired of being taken for granted and when we walked the party line the loyalty netted us very little. Since being eligible to vote, I’ve ALWAYS voted the straight party line. Life has changed and I’m really leaning toward voting my conviction of heart. Voting for HRC would be like returning to an abusive spouse.

    Moreover, after spending the weekend in Ohio with my daughter and other O supporters, the ability to find strength and power from within maybe the most important civic gift that I can give my daughter. Her fate lies with no (wo)man.

    Meet me in Indiana.

  49. Ernesto, you make good points about Obama and Clinton being twins in terms of legislative records.

    However, Clinton has alienated me to the point of NO RETURN. I can’t vote for anyone who thinks I need to be “in my place” and that’s why she’s having meltdowns about Obama; he’s an “Uppity Negro” that “forgot his place” in running for POTUS.

    Honestly, I didn’t want Obama running merely a year after the good people of Illinois sent him to the United States Senate. I was hoping he’d get a term of service under his belt before he did that. If he loses this campaign, all he has left is to return to the Senate and serve out his term. Should that occur, I expect him to become more left of center, because he won’t have a damned thing to lose.

    There is more at stake than who wins the Democratic Nomination. It’s about validating scorched earth tactics and circular firing squads facilitating civil war within the Party. Hillary and crew don’t even respect Howard Dean – the head of the DNC whose 50-state strategy gave the Democratic Party back their majority – which was lost on Clinton’s hubby’s watch, I might add.

    The Clintons are DLC – they FORMED the DLC because they KNEW that they did not support the ideology that used to be mainstream for the Democratic Party since Roosevelt:

    Social justice
    Equal Opportunity
    Assistance Programs for the Economic Poor and working class
    Right to work/Labor unions
    Quality Public Educations
    Quality Healthcare provision that doesn’t send one to the poor house
    Stimulating the Economy without resorting to taking jobs out of this country under dubious trade agreements.

    Under Clinton and the DLC (faux Democrats who worship at the alter of Corporations) we got:

    Exponential Growth in the Prison Industry Complex which was designed to jail more Blacks and Latinos than ever;
    Three Strikes Laws
    Deflating Economy
    Welfare Reform that does not facilitate getting off welfare, but sending you into the streets homeless

    I can’t go on. It’s more than the failures of the Democratic Party, who, at this point, just furthered rubber-stamping of the Bush Crime Family’s La Cosa Nostra. After we voted in droves and told them to clean house.

    We demanded IMPEACHMENT – Pelosi took it off the table.

    We demanded they quit domestic spying – the Senate gave up a bill allowing it permanently, and with immunity for the telecommunications industry that goes along with it.

    We demanded they rein in Bush – they have given him everything he’s demanded and stuff he hasn’t.

    We demanded they vet the nominees for the Supreme Court – they gave us Alito and Roberts and a conservative, dominionist Court for the next thirty years.

    So, it’s not about the failures of the Democratic Party and how we should keep supporting failure. Insanity is continuing to do the same thing and hoping for different results.

    That’s why we need to consider going Indy – we can still vote Democrat or Republican as long as that candidate is considered the best person for the job. We need to quit voting the party line, because they take the party line and use it to strangle the life out of us as a community and as a race. Perhaps if they KNEW we’re all Independent, they would quit treating us as a monolithic group and come at us on the real.

  50. TPJ…I hear you and I am just as frustrated, and have been since I started voting 20 years ago. I believe that publically financed campaigns are the only thing that can make things better and get rid of the DLC. I’m not sure how to graft a spine on Pelosi and Reid, though. But…the thing that really bugs me is this:

    I bet you anything that the Republicans, even the hard core wingnuts, will coalesce around John McCain no matter how much they personally despise the guy for has past voting record and rhetoric. And they will show up in November. And if McCain is elected, they will make sure they get some red meat from him on the regular. This is a given. Why can’t progressive Democrats do the same? Again, it goes back to the corrupting influence of campaign cash…

    As much as I despise Shrillary and her antics, I fear that Obama is also hitched to the DLC wagon. His economic advisors appear to be cut from the same cloth. He may well turn out to be Republican lite. But being a pragmatist, I know that the inevitable disappointment will be easier to take than four more years of the real thing, i.e., McBush. I can threaten to go elsewhere, but at the end of the day…there’s no where to run to, baby.

  51. TPJ,

    I have about had it with the Democratic Party and being an Independent is sounding really good to me about now. The only thing that will keep me loyal is an Obama nomination. The only thing that will keep me loyal is an abandonment of DLC policies.

  52. I am very much so leaning towards registering myself as Independent. Honestly, I feel there is no other way for me to go at this point.

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