Gary Hart slams Billary


Skeptical Brotha’s Mea Culpa: I am sorry y’all, I’ve been absent for several days and I just needed a mental health break. I am working on a piece that I hope y’all will enjoy and in the meantime, this commentary from former Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart sums up my thoughts on the national security credentials of Billary Clinton.

Hat Tip: Huffington Post

“It will come as a surprise to many people that there are rules in politics. Most of those rules are unwritten and are based on common understandings, acceptable practices, and the best interest of the political party a candidate seeks to lead. One of those rules is this: Do not provide ammunition to the opposition party that can be used to destroy your party’s nominee. This is a hyper-truth where the presidential contest is concerned.

By saying that only she and John McCain are qualified to lead the country, particularly in times of crisis, Hillary Clinton has broken that rule, severely damaged the Democratic candidate who may well be the party’s nominee, and, perhaps most ominously, revealed the unlimited lengths to which she will go to achieve power. She has essentially said that the Democratic party deserves to lose unless it nominates her.”

…If Mrs. Clinton loses the nomination, her failure will be traced to the date she voted to empower George W. Bush to invade Iraq…For her now to claim that Senator Obama is not qualified to answer the crisis phone is the height of irony if not chutzpah, and calls into question whether her primary loyalty is to the Democratic party and the nation or to her own ambition.”

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  1. MacDaddy

    Thank you, SB, for posting this article, which is good. But he might as well go to the essence of this: that Hillary has thrown not only Barack but her entire party under the bus. If Barack gets the nomination, she will have given McCain his first ad, saying Barack is not qualified to be president.

    Another crucial important point is that the much ballyhooed 3 a.m. ad may be the most short-sighted political ad in history. It suggests that she is the most qualified to answer the red phone in the White House. Well, by her criterion of experience, she is not. Check it: Hillary’s “experience” involves being divisive, throwing away the opportunity to implement universal healthcare, having tea with other women in those 80 countries she visited as First Lady, and driving White House staff crazy. McCain’s involved being a captain in the military, being tortured by the Vietcong and serving on the Armed Forces Committee for more than a quarter of a century. If experience is the criterion, the person who should pick up that phone is John McCain. And, regardless, of who becomes the democratic nominee, that ad will be used. If Hillary becomes the nominee, McCain will use it a lot.

    By being shortsighted, by choosing ambition over her party or the American people, she is playing into McCain’s hand and working off his strength, throwing the democratic under the bus in the process.

  2. I like the analogy that someone made about Hillary being a suicide bomber. That’s exactly what she is right now. She has no chance of winning the delegate count and can only screw things up for the general election by hanging on any longer.

  3. E,

    I’m gonna address this in the next post in a minute, but you’re absolutely correct. She cannot win. Moreover, if she hasta phuck it up so Obama loses, than she will.

  4. Chesapeake

    No need to apologize, SB. Getting to the nominees is taxing many people in varying ways.

    “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

    Keep at it, and thanks for the sharing Hart’s comments. Looking forward to the next post.

  5. Marla K.

    Hello SB, everyone,

    SB, your death of hope post was a very insightful analogy. Gary Hart’s words are also very helpful. I consider myself a sensitive person and I thought I recognized and sympathized with what Hillary (and Bill) must be going through as they felt the long awaited “return to the presidency” slipping away so unexpectedly. I realize now I had underestimated the severity of the loss they must be feeling as the people in state after state come out in tens of thousands to pack coliseums to see and hear Sen Obama, then turn out to give him their votes. I knew it would be hard for them to accept but I thought I was seeing the real Hillary at the end of the next to the last debate on CNN where she seemed to concede and expressed her pride in sharing the stage with Barack Obama. I remember thinking this is real class, she’s going to take the high road and intends to bow out gracefully after the elections in TX and OH and unite the party.

    I was surprised when she presented with the mood swing from conciliatory to anger, then to sarcasm……but I still didn’t find her behavior particularly disturbing; I thought well I guess I cant blame her for trying to find ground for one last stand. I thought about how it would be OK if she eked out a win in OH and RI allowing her to save face and siege the opportunity for a graceful exit and unite the party.

    However, I started having a bad feeling thinking about how there was still all weekend before the elections and something was going to go down……lo and behold :

    CNN and Fox News whom are usually rivals seemed to have come together with a common goal and was exploring all options and alternatives for accomplishing their goal.
    Lou Dobbs of CNN, a self proclaimed independent populist, which suggests he should be on board in the Obama camp, but instead he removed all doubts on where he stood by doing all he could to tie Obama to Farrakan, also called Barack’s United Church of Christ minister a “radical”, deliberately misled his viewing audience into believing the church was under investigation by the feds when he knew it wasn’t, and they continued to show the large largely black congregation having services, all the while he’s frowning with his finger beside his nose and talking about the church has “a black value system”.

    He took “spin” to another level. He wasn’t reporting the news, he was doing all he could within his power to make the news. His goal was more than clear——he was declaring to whites that Barack was a radical black man tied to Farrakan….a racist Muslim in his view. Of course he threw in the Resko trial for a little more character assassination flavor. Regardless, I believe many still voted in their own interest.

    Meantime over on Fox News being the network of the Republican Party and it’s conservative base I was’nt surprised to see them plotting, and laughing about what their methods would be to undermine Barack. Hannity was upset because he did’nt think reading some of Michelle’s thesis from Princeton which included excerpts about her experience as a minority on the campus was working, but Karl Rove reassured him that his plan to paint Barack as a communist would sell. They smiled with a sy of relief.

    Although I believe Hillary owes her “wins” in TX and OH primarily to the crafty disenfranchisement of many blacks in Cuyoga County in OH, and the disenfranchisement of many blacks, some Hispanics and some white men in TX. She still owes Lou Dobbs her gratitude, as well as Fox News for their hard work over the weekend to undermine Barack and for selling the unlikely election results so hard, and touting the reported returns as a great comeback. Interestingly enough both OH and TX are states that are notorious for stealing elections, and the Gov. and other high officials supported her in the two states. Fortunately for us I believe many of the officials in Wyoming and Mississippi are for Barack, so we should not have to worry about the integrity of the election tomorrow, or hopefully nor Mississippi on Tuesday.

    For the record, all the news media and Hillary are well aware that Barack Obama is more than ready to be president “on day one”. It’s their business to know everything there is to know about him, and this means they are well aware of his credentials and life experiences. They also know there is still little chance for her to receive the nomination.

    Sorry for such a long post but I really wanted to get this off my chest. The media and the other powers that be are what we have to fear. I’m sure the Resko trial was on Monday, the day prior to these elections as a result of someone’s handy work as well….call me Skeptical Sistah.

    I think we will be OK, but there are a lot of forces at work just as Barack warned there would be. Hillary maybe trying to get on the ticket with Barack which I must admit I find this hard to stomach after all of this. I now understand why McCain looks better to some of you than Hillary.

  6. Good piece. Hadn’t seen it, and Hart is on the money.

    It’s past time someone called that bitch out. It’s more obvious than a mug – if SHE can’t have it, the no one can.

    And people wonder why I will never vote for her.

  7. Akech

    Billary demand:


    The problem is that when they are done with him, there will no fangs left in him to mount any come back. Look at what is happening with many of the CBC members. They are not responding to their constituents because their loyalty to Billary and DNC establishment outweighs public service to the constituents.

  8. Akech

    Please, vote for some independent soul out here
    if you cannot vote for for Hillary. McCain-> John Hagee->Liebermann-> Armageddon connection is very difficult to comprehend for an “average jane”.

  9. Andrea

    Voting for McKinney will be a protest vote and voting for Nader will only but assist his inability to reason he has had time to start a movement instead of this performance in running for the 3rd time to a marginalized base.

    Sidebar: I voted for Nader and worked on his campaign. Today, 8 years later is a new day and time. Fact: Nader has had time to find ways in decentralizing the populace by empowering them through teaching via a movement. Instead he has not done it. Nader has not taken advantage of the base that still supported him after 2000. What I find most troubling is how smart Nader is, it is all his intelligence and it is not something he shares in teaching disciples. It’s like if he dies and when he dies, it all goes with him. People have tried to suck up his essence of intelligence but it is purely natural ability and the way he was raised. That same measure could have been reproduced in a movement of Nader empowering those that want to be like him. However he did not do that. He has been a centralized activist that does not understand he speaks of decentralization but did not promote it as a touchstone movement.

    Sidebar: The same as Hillary has had years to be a shining star in healthcare she has only but used the campaign season as a pageant to showcase the work she put into trying to perfect it for approval. As a senator she did not have the confidence to present it again or she knew that she would only be able to as president. Or she knew that she wanted to use it as her prom dress and has been using it as a prop to pull out until now. I think that is more concise because she has not tackled a lot of serious health and public health issues I would have though she should have to be so braggadocious. Both Nader and Clinton wanted to use the campaign for presidency to validate their past failures.

    The onlt two with media clout who don’t have glaring narcissistic greed beaming is Obama and McCain. Cynthia will not garner any mainstream media interest and as well she needs to educate and build a base that is not so polarized. Other than doing that, voting for her in spite of her progressive courage is voting in protest. It really won’t help her in building her brand because young people don’t know her and older people are scared of her. So she has to do the same as Ralph in building a movement.

    So that leaves us with other no-name activists and citizens running that won’t garner any media attention or you have Clinton or McCain to choose from.

    People fail to realize that if they really want Obama to win and he is not the Democratic choice, he can use his base to run as a write-in or run as an independent. And that would be hot either way as an even larger protest to the Establishments. I doubt he would win but it would make him and the movement of change more impacting.

    If he loses the nomination his movement might die because he would have to shuffle being a senator and running a movement. It could be done but it will be distracting and contentious among his colleagues that may have to bend in alliance with status quo of the party’s agenda and not his.

  10. Kam

    I’ve ben thinking about Obama running as a third party candidate. This would mean a McCain victory however. He would completely destroy the economy with bad Republican policy & we would get more war. At the end of his reign, many many more white people would be poor, open to radical ideas like universal healthcare. At the same time black people & the progressives who join them, will have shown the Dems that we should never again be taken for granted. Is this insane?

  11. Gary Hart speaks from experience.

    20 years ago, when his scandal “broke”, he did what was good for the party and stepped down to make way for Mike Dukakis.

    Who promptly got handed his ass by Bush, Sr.

    I always thought the Democrats engaged in a circular firing squad because Hart was a liberal, populist Democrat. Even before the advent of the DLC, they had already started to get their fangs into the Democrats and turn closet ReThugs.

    Just think if the Democrats hadn’t fired on Gary Hart 20 years ago, there would have been a Democrat in the White House since Jimmy Carter.

    The Democratic Party: SNATCHING DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY. I honestly think they like being victims and telling us why they can’t get shyt done on the Hill because the ReThugs won’t let them…


  12. TPJ…I’ve had a theory for a while that the sole purpose of Democratic Party is nothing more than acting as a release valve for people who would otherwise take to the streets demanding an end by any means necessary to the excesses of what SB calls the white patriarchal capitalist power structure. This is the only explanation I can come up for their mindboggling incompetence and outright duplicity over the last several decades.

  13. I’ve much benefited from Ishmael Reed, in Ma and Pa Clinton Flog Uppity Black Man. It’s breathtaking in insight, and from months ago.
    I wonder if Ms. Ferraro’s view of racism – that if she didn’t mean it that way, it couldn’t be racist – is the problem. Her outrage suggests that her own white view of racism is the only view she believes authentic. And the scary part of white privilege is how very hard it is for we who are white to see how it taints our words.
    A little humility would help, I suppose.

  14. Jack Son

    I belive that Oboma is an inteligent and sincere individual who would provide Hillary with a little commom sense .If he were to disavow himself from his moslem beliefs and the naught heads who have made themselves famous by coming up with wild and strange things attributed to the USA then he may have a chance.

    I goota say anybody who falls for or accepts their fantastic claims of USA misbehavior deserves to be taken in.

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