Roseanne Barr to Obama: Bow to the White Woman


Roseanne Barr wrote a post today on Huffington Post entitled “Bow to the Woman” I have decoded her meaning below.

Barack Obama: Bow to the white woman, and take the vice presidency. Heal our bruised white feminist egos. You’ve come too far too fast and you know it. This was supposed to be our turn. You will run in eight years with our vocal support as we surreptitiously undermine you behind the scenes and destroy any possibility of your election. You must pass through our feminist sieve first though: bow to the white woman.

Otherwise it will be about your voting record and you do not want to live through that punishment, especially if you are innocent. Premier Hillary represents the soul of the Democratic Party: the white women who support her, Latinas, Latinos, 5 percent of the black voters, white blue collar worker, male and female, as just proven in Ohio, and the fake azz white Baby Boomers…quit bitching and moaning and whining now! Be a punk and take vice, bow to the white woman who is the last vestige of the neoliberal white power structure which represents the military industrial complex. You can’t win without the votes of the people who support Clinton. You do not have the white working class vote; you do not have the white majority on your side even with white independents. The states you win are not swing states or even Democratic states. You are a spoiler and your campaign is alienating Clinton’s white vote. Many of Clinton’s white feminist backers are turned off due to the truthfulness of the attacks your supporters Gary Hart and Samantha Power has let loose on your opponent.

You can’t fight back dirtier than she can — it will bury your message of hope and change. It obscures the message of the people in this party!

The white feminist message is: Hoes before Bros. The white women who hold up this party and are its majority want equal rights for the Machiavellian she-devil that claims to care about those of us who work for a living. Equality and no less. Attacking the female candidate as the power obsessed monster that she is will not work for you. Your strident leftist advisors are off the mark. White people are centrist, especially during a war.

Join and ultimately lose!!!! It will take both of you to win this campaign: the one who was wrong on the war and the one who was right: however, the people want to be ruled by a white above all else! If you take this nomination from her she will see to it that the party factions itself to death and you lose to another old white man, Fuhrer McCain. Then she’ll run again, serve two terms, and by then Chelsea will be old enough to run for office and continue the dynasty.

Be stupid, Barack, show us how cooperation works, let’s live the fake white liberal dream of Dr. King…blacks and whites, Christians and Jews, male and female left and right holding hands on the way to another two centuries of white imperialist domination of the earth. Stop the massive movement for “Change we can believe in” and be a damn fool by taking the vice presidency.

25 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr to Obama: Bow to the White Woman

  1. The reality-based community (this may or may not include CNN, etc.) have to face the fact that Hillary CANNOT win the nomination. The numbers are totally stacked against her. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. Read this:

    “To beat Barack Obama among pledged delegates, Clinton now needs even bigger margins in the 12 remaining primaries than she needed when I ran the numbers on Monday–an average of 23 points, which is more than double what she received in Ohio.”

    It’s now 11 primaries, since this was written before Wyoming, which she lost by more than 15 points. It’s over! Her campaign is no longer viable and she needs to stand down NOW!

  2. Akech

    Bill Clinton campaigning in Meridian, Mississippi: Hillary Obama ticket will be formidable!!

    In othe words, “If you vote for Hillary, Obama can be the VP”.

    Those Super Delegates better look for another VP candidate if the select Hillary for the presidency!! Obama cannot be a VP under Billary because he will be destroyed.

  3. Quanli

    Hell no, top of the ticket or nothing at all. He needs to FALL BACK with that okie doke sh*t again.

  4. Chesapeake


    I don’t know whether the writer’ calculations were accurate, I read an analysis that said that neither Senator Obama nor Senator Clinton can get the delegates needed to win the nomination at this point. Something has to be done in Florida and Michigan to for either of them to get 2015 delegates. If that’s true, somebody(ies) gotta come up with some scratch to re-do.

    Vice-presidency under Clinton would be a wasteland, but Obama I am not aware that Obama has publicly dismissed the idea.

  5. Andrea

    Do you all remember the season on The Apprentice when Randall Pinkett won but it was a shared win in a tie? He denied the job offer as a tied-winner. It was considerd symbolic indignation on his part in the eyes of the country’s Whites for refusing the offer Donald Trump gave him.

    Now I knew Donald Trump either wanted to see Randall dance or he wanted to see how much of a leader Randall was in denying him? And Randall stood tall against him. I would have loved to hear the conversations edited out and the behind-the-scenes muscling of Randall. I don’t know very many people who would have denied Donald Trump. I mean I would have pulled the same card as Randall but that is not the choice most of our people take because it is perceived as uppity.

    I had a shirt titled UNGRATEFUL NEGRO that I used to sell. At the time this incident had happened I wanted to send Randall one but I didn’t have anymore printed at the time. It was a moment when I felt like one Black person told the public of the temptation of selling-out in the precursor of what Donald Trump was offering in a minimized consolation prize instead of giving him what he earned, the prize as the sole winner. Randall showed us a piece of TRANSPARENCY in how to make a difficult choice (on camera) and in front of a more powerful person and not succumb to fear to not tangle with someone bigger than you. Randall was taking a chance. Even though he owned his own company, he crossed Donald Trump. I LOVED IT!

    Randall said, “And what?” I heard it and so did White People. Several people in media and the blogosphere tried to bait but it did not stick. Randall on the hand handled it like Bruce Gordon did with the NAACP. They both handled their infighting in the corporate nature of not gassing up victimization of the hand dealt and card they played.

    It was audacious. It was bold. It was visually impudent in sending codes to kiss his ass. Many Whites got it. I found that Black America did not want to touch. I saw how scared so many people and Black Institutions were. What went down went under the radar but everyone had something to say about Omarosa dis’in’ Kwame seasons prior.

    As much as the Black Establishment “acts’ like they are handling things they showed their spineless guile. They were afraid of Donald Trump and they were afraid to defend one of their own. SOUNDS FAMILIAR? When have they ever defended our dignity, our hopes, our future?

    I can see that if this comes down to a show-down, the Black Establishment will fall in line and find it convenient to not take sides under the guise of party loyalty. They usual suspects will not say anything.

    Randall was an archetype figure of leadership that the Black Establishment does not regard in that he was ungrateful and should have played the happy, grateful slave. Obama bet-not’ succumb to dancing after all he has also compromised himself of to get this far. Change is not complying.

  6. Cyndi

    Here is Barack’s response to Bill Clinton’s notion of a VP offer. This is from the Associated Press after Barack’s win in Wyoming.

    “Well, you know, I think it’s premature. You won’t see me as a vice presidential candidate — you know, I’m running for president,” Obama told the television station. “We have won twice as many states as Senator Clinton, and have a higher popular vote, and I think we can maintain our delegate count.”

    “What I am really focused on right now, because all that stuff is premature, is winning this nomination and changing the country. I think that’s what people here are concerned about

  7. Chesapeake, see page 3 of the article:

    “We know that Hillary is unlikely to quit. This will leave it up to the superdelegates to figure out how to settle on a nominee. With 205 already committed to Obama, he would need another 200 uncommitted superdelegates to get to the magic number of 2025 delegates needed to nominate. But that’s only under my crazy pro-Hillary projections. More likely, Obama would need about 50-100 of the approximately 500 uncommitted superdelegates, which shouldn’t be too difficult.”

    The key point is that she no longer has a realistic chance to win the nomination, she can only cause trouble for Obama in the general election.

  8. Agnes

    “Actions spring from thoughts and attitudes which are shaped by words.
    Dehumanizing language leads inexorably to dehumanizing acts.”

    So thanks SB for your hypocritical and insulting remarks calling us women “hoes” and telling us we should wait for you men AGAIN, maybe we should just lie down where you think we belong.
    Your comments just show me your lack of credibility, at least your lack of walking your talk. Black, yes Black men only, NO. NO we won’t wait for our ‘brothas’ to figure it out NO MORE in the name of unity – it’s time you did some adjusting to us your Black sistahs

  9. Andrea, you always drop that knowledge, girlfriend.

    You also pointed out something about Obama on another thread, that should seriously give all of us pause: that if he even dares to accept a place on a ticket with Hillary Clinton, she will de-fang him and turn him into a damned eunich (correct me if I’m missing the mark).

    The African-American community would have no use for Obama, because he will be considered to have sold out to the “Man” once and yet again.

    What is left of his political career would be toast, and you can forget a run in 2012 or 2016, because who would take him seriously or give him another chance at POTUS?

    The progressive pundits have called it – IF THE BORG QUEEN CAN’T WIN THE NOMINATION, she will screw it up for Obama ON PURPOSE.

    Gary Hart called her out on her praising of McCain just to sling Obama, a fellow Democrat under the bus. He said it was unforgivable and it is. In all the years I’ve had the right to vote, I’ve never seen the Democratic contenders side with the Republican opposition until Hillary Clinton did it.

    She deserves all the contempt, derision, scorn and anger we can heap upon her. And not that wild ghetto mess she thinks we’re known for.

    The quiet, controlled, forceful anger is the one she can’t deal with. The anger where we articulate why she will never get our vote again, ever.

    The anger that says we’re through with you thinking you can come back and kiss and make up with us for showing how low you think of Black people.

    That anger that demonstrates our lack of respect.

    Silence is all she should get from us, and we need to make it a deafening one.

    And once this is all over, we need to demand of the Democratic Party that they sling her, and any other Lieberman type democrat out of the damned party before we even consider coming back.

    It’s time to move out of that “burning house” Martin was afraid we’d worked so hard to integrate into.

  10. Rick

    Andrea, you nailed it, sista!!

    I was watching the movie, “the Untouchables” for the 100th time the other day. There’s a scene in the movie where Elliot Ness’ character played by Kevin Costner is about to shake down an illegal liquor operation and fire the opening salvo in the larger war to take down Al Capone and the Chicago mob during Prohibition. Everyone knew where and exactly what was going on in that racket, but no one had the guts or the proverbial balls to go in there and shut the operation down. People were afraid.

    One person who had been around the block a few times — Sean Connery’s character who played a veteran beat cop and subsequent Ness advisor — made it very clear that he would only have Ness’ back if he was prepared to go all the way in the fight against Capone. He made it very clear that when he crossed the line and started beef with Capone, there would be trouble. That Capone wouldn’t stop until one of them was put away. He asked him before they shut down that first liquor site:

    “What are you prepared to do?”

    Fast forward to 2008 U.S. presidential politics, I have the same question: What is Obama prepared to do to win the U.S. presidency? The Clinton mafia has proven that they will do ANYTHING to win. I feel I can only support OBAMA if he is prepared to tell the Democratic establishment that they could keep their VP nomination if that’s the “brokered” deal they have in mind. I’d rather Obama keep his dignity rather than suffer the disgrace of having to bow down and kiss Hillary’s ring — especially since he DESERVES to win the Pres nomination based on the delegate count pre-superdelegates being included.

    Relatedly, what are “we” prepared to do?

    We talk so much *ish, but the reason the Democratic party disrespects us in the first place is because they know that they could get away with pulling such stunts and get away with it. They ask, “what are we black people prepared to do. Our response to date: “Nothing”.

    But, let them try that mess with the Latin population and they’d vote Republican in a minute. And then we get made at them because they leverage both parties, but hell, that’s what we should be doing to instead of being tied so sadistically to one politically party.

    It’ll be interesting to see what Obama does in the next few weeks/month on the road to Denver. It’ll be even more interesting to see how the black population responds should things go down foul at the convention. the democrats must not win if things are not done fairly.

  11. Rick

    there was also a scene in the movie where Capone’s people paid a visit to Ness and dropped some serious cash on his desk in exchange for Ness just simply going away.

    The Clinton’s dropping of the VP card on Obama’s desk is the same thing. I too am a little worried that Obama has not said flat out yet in Ness fashion that…

    “You can take that VP card and kiss my black ass. This thing ain’t over and I’m going to win”.

    Don’t waver, Obama. Be strong. Don’t bow down!

  12. zeitgeist9000

    SB, can you write a new piece so we don’t have to see Ms. Barr’s ‘lovely’ visage upon alighting at your web site?

  13. Rob C

    The threat of a divisive floor fight is unlikely. The race is over. Any hype given to the remaining Dem primaries are being promoted by the sponsors of CNN, MSNBC and the other telecommunication pundits. Why? The likes of Barbara Boxer (D-Cal).
    What are they kickin’…Obama/Clinton? That’s not going to happen and Clinton needs Obama more than in reverse. Scenario after the final primary will be Obama needing 33% of uncommitted (with or without FL and MI) Clinton 67%; 2 out of 3 uncommitted Super Delegates must vote for Clinton.
    Go through your mind and think of all the dynamic women in position today, if the call went out, so would be Billary. The tri-lateral needs Barack.
    Don’t worry, be Happy…the witch is dead.

  14. Rick

    Obama aka ‘Elliot Ness’ tells Clinton Mafia to Kiss Off…

    March 10, 2008, 1:46 pm
    Obama Hits Back on VP Chatter
    By Jeff Zeleny

    COLUMBUS, Miss. – Senator Barack Obama implored voters here today to discount the political chatter about him joining the Democratic presidential ticket with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, declaring: “I don’t know how somebody who’s in second place can offer the vice presidency to someone who’s in first place.”
    “If I’m not ready, how is it that you think I should be such a great vice president?” Mr. Obama said. “Do you understand that?”

    In a town meeting here, one day before the Mississippi primary, Mr. Obama sought to aggressively knock down the discussion stirred by Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton that the deadlocked Democratic nominating fight could be resolved by giving him the No. 2 position. It was the most expansive answer he has ever given on the subject, with his tone ranging from stern to mocking to sarcastic.

    “With all due respect, I’ve won twice as many states as Senator Clinton,” Mr. Obama said, speaking over the applause of nearly 2,000 people who rose from their seats. “I’ve won more of the popular vote than Senator Clinton. I have more delegates than Senator Clinton.”

    Way to go, Obama! Proud of ya!

    (But I’d be watching my back if I were you from here on out).

  15. NuPolitico

    Hey Agnes,

    There’s a wonderful proverb. “Wisdom is the principal thing. In all thy getting, get understanding.”

    Radical white feminist thinking advocates the utter destruction of the male construct. Multidimensional feminism, which is feminism through the prism of the black female, doesn’t degrade black men. It doesn’t need to tear down black men in order for its voice to be heard.

    SB didn’t insinuate or reduce black females (or any other female) to hoes. Re-read his commentary through the rubric of Roseanne and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get the point.


  16. Le Roi Brashears

    I looked at Roseanne’s original Huffington post and I am not so sure you decoded it properly, SB. I think she was actually asking Barack to step aside.

    On the other hand, if what you wrote pushes more people to Barack, terrific!

    Love your blog and I am going to dig into it more. These are very exciting times.

    I think Barack might just be out of Hillary’s reach as far as votes, delegates, number of states and so forth.

    But when that happens, white folks change the rules which is what unnerves me about settling this at the convention.

    They have recently trotted out a “16-year plan” which calls for Hillary to take Obama as VP now, they win two terms, then Obama has his turn with two terms. If you go for that you also get the Brooklyn Bridge, too.

    Reasoning is that is the only way a long span of time can be covered with the D’s in control. That’s really what I read in Roseanne’s piece.

    I hope BHO does not go for any of that foolishness and that his organization has a plan in case that crap gets some momentum in June.

  17. Roseanne is my hero! Maybe I should follow my dreams and make a living off of being the full blown Women who respects my self and accepts nothing less (bitch) that I know I am. Hey I have 3 cute kids, maybe i should sell pictures of them like brandjalina. no. I would rather work 6 days a week for the rest of my life than lower my standards and be like thoes monsters.

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