Jeremiah Wright: the clips you will never see


Deliberately misled by the corporate media, people have fallen for the “mash-up” of video clips of several sermons of Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright which attempt to defame, deceive and misinform people about the life, ministry, and character of Barack Obama’s pastor and by extension Obama himself.

This is nothing more than a propaganda trick and transparent hatchet job and one, which some ignorant Negroes and many Whites have fallen for. I resent the criticism engendered and the disavowal that political expedience required of Barack Obama. In an effort to inform, I offer you a fuller depiction of the sermons in question by Dr. Wright and leave it to you to judge for yourself.

If you are so inclined, share these sermons with some brain dead Negro content to sit like a child in front of the idiot box and perhaps the scales will fall from their eyes when they realize the truth.  If they don’t realize that these attacks are attacks against the prophetic black church and those who believe in God’s truth, then they are truly lost.

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“God Damn America”

“America’s chickens are coming home to roost”


24 thoughts on “Jeremiah Wright: the clips you will never see

  1. Cliff

    “In an effort to inform, I offer you a fuller depiction of the sermons in question by Dr. Wright and leave it to you to judge for yourself.”


    “God cares just as much about the poor as He cares about the privileged.

    He doesn’t fit the model, he aint white, he aint rich, and he aint privileged.”

    Thank God for these sermons being brought before the world.

    Thank you, Dr. Reverend Wright.

    Thank you Trinity Productions for the broadcasts of these ministries.


    IT’S OVER.







    “YES WE CAN”


  2. Akech


    Can you explain to this old lady (me) why the chapter must be closed? How does
    one heal and remain sane by not talking about the chapter before closing it?

  3. Andrea


    Part of that is true but what the Right is consumed to do is continue to tell American’s what is their constitutional rights based upon the way they see it. They know that most people in the country are dumb. They know that most people who are educated are…dumb. They know the state of civic education in this country does not squarely delve into what is and what is not. The Right has rewritten what is constitutional and what is treason. And the Fourth Estate who should process checks and balances don’t hold them accountable. They seem to be dumb too.

    The Right has painted Rev. Wright as hate-filled and weak-minded, guilt-ridden White Liberals and guilt-ridden Black Liberals that have only existed to feed off of White Guilt as operational motives are flummoxed internally quick to REACT like they have consistently the past 40 or so more years to knee-jerk defense stances instead of realize they never control or frame the messages sent that has shaped this country and the way we, the even educated, think.

    Rev. Wright is angry — not hate-filled. If he was hate-filled he would have exacted hate directives. What he did wrong and that is what I see so many have done wrong is to treat the plight of our existence as ceremonial lamentations of what THEY do and did to us. Instead they could have built which would have required interaction with the ENEMIES. It means we would have had to walk nakedly into the face of doom to take risks to work on our ENEMIES as well as White Liberals that made us lazy and dependent on their sympathy and protection (Hankerchief-Head Negroes).

    Besides the nuanced ordeal of using ridicule to shame Blacks to feel narcissistic if they own their feelings of aggrievement, Blacks are witnessing the cost of owning those entitled human sentiments. Character assissination and public humiliation is not just a warning being sent to Blacks. It is being sent to anyone who would challenge the status quo model of controlling who shapes America’s reality.

    This week the normal mind-control was finally more transparent than it has ever, ever been in our lifetime because of the dynamics at play. At the same time, a lot of our own are settling in to remain in their place while I see so many Black journalistics and analysts starting to get annoyed with the character assassination on Rev. Wright. They tried to play the Safe Negroes on the tube but I can see they are getting tired of it now. And that is what was connected to my fear of knowing this was going to happen to Rev. Wright.

    It’s not about Rev. Wright personally. He is…was…a relative unknown outside of Chicago. He is no threat and they know it. What they were doing is using him as a tool and an example. And that is what I knew too well from being “an example”. The problem is that too many who think they understand “The Game” as they call it discount the collateral damage and long-term dismantle and chaos in the standing and future infrastructure.

    After King, Malcolm, Evers, and the Kennedy Boys were killed, lots of people lost faith. The terrorism overtook the courage they mustered and cynicism settled and resettled in. Blacks found the only reason to wake up was to benefit from the guilt of those Whites that would pay penance for their own committment to not rebuke their White Privilege and for their brethren that continued to want to oppress but in new, more covert ways.

    King’s death however was pyschologically depressing. It was mental abuse. And Affirmative Action became the concessions so many depended on that would make up for the hand they were dealt. Things only got worse in the past 40 years with the Right, at first quietly working to seem like they were going to play fair. And instead what they used was values to paint Liberals in the corners without any ideas to counter that made sense.

    Liberals live to react instead of have the backbone, principle to lead. And that is what is making this crucifixion possible.

    Last week Obama COULD HAVE talked about religious persecution but I guess he did not want to set off the Jews he needed to support rather than the Whites intent to paint Blacks that complain as ungrateful, Benedict Arnolds.

    George Lakoff for years have been trying to get Democrats to realize they don’t frame any messages or ideas. All they do is try to justify themselves to any attack or smear campaign the right throws against them. They live to react instead of frame fresh ideas in this country. Last week was the prime opportunity for Liberals to promote religious prosecution and how it has gone too far. Liberals had the opportunity to promote what patriotism is in accordance to the intented ideals of the Founding Fathers. Liberals had the opportunity to take a stand against this war but comparing the valued virtue of King and his arguments that enraged the country that was too thin-skinned and afraid 40-plus years ago.

    What we got instead was what Dems do in not know how to do anything but react even if that means sacrificing liberty. They rather aligned with the talking points of those browbeating them rather than stand tall and use doctrine to support their stance. So it makes me realize this past week why I am an independent and never as an adult regretted not being a Dem. They have no spine and they have no ingenuity.

    They rather allow the Right to still control the tone of framing ideas about what is doctrination in this country. What is so scary is how the Dems, wanting so badly to win, would sacrifice a preacher to protect their interests. Blacks want to advance and stay in good with their White Protectors and Whites Libs want to deny that what Rev. Wright said was not severely accurate in distinction. So Blacks learned again that their reality by the party they support will continuely use the excuse of short-term winning as a the goal.

    I snatched this from your blog, Rikyrah:

    “”The two parties have combined against us to nullify our power by a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ of non-recognition, no matter how we vote … May God write us down as asses if ever again we are found putting our trust in either the Republican or the Democratic Parties.” — W.E.B. DuBois (1922)”

    And Frederick said:
    “There is no Negro problem. The
    problem is whether or not the
    American people have loyalty
    enough, honor enough, patriotism
    enough, to live up to their own

    This country is run by tyrannts, The Republicans, and punk-ass minions, The Democrats. The Dems are inexcusable for vividly betraying the duty to protect the constitution and written values intended because they can’t handle issues of race and religion. How immature. They are stalling to grow up. So consumed with looking like aggrieved victims themselves, they too (like the CBC and Black Establishment members) play this eternal role of being victims of tyranncy when they assist in playing along to never had to deal with the complex and complicated constituencies (race issues, religion, and lack of) of their very own party.

  4. Cliff


    Maybe it would be nice to talk about the mentality of what makes a people scared to talk or stand up to their former slave masters. It is mental block that many of our people have not gotten over. To actually see them in person and start shaking. To not be comfortable talking about social empowerment for black people, if we feel that they (white people) are listening. To not be comfortable closing the chapter of a mindset, thats negates movement toward goals and aspirations. Even white people don’t like Scared-to-Death-Negroes, because they are tired of having to deal with a mindset that disallows them to be able to deal with us a regular people.

    There has been some educative research done on this type of mind, you’re right, I too, need to examine this chapter.

  5. Hey, I heard Mussolini made the trains run on time. He can’t be all bad can he. And all that crap about killing Jews and invading Ethiopia, well, that’s just taken out of context.

  6. Well at least the defenders of the status quo have evolved to using character assassination rather than physical assassination since the 1960s. Good to see some progress being made in the US of A.

  7. TripLBee

    Roland Martin from CNN has an illuminating piece on CNN’s website where he prints the full text of the infamous sermon. Not only did the clips distort what Rev. Wright was trying to say, but the clips were parsed in a way that they gave in essence the opposite effect for which they were intended. That being said, I respectfully disagree with SB’s (or anyone else for that matter) assertion that those who don’t interpret this scandal as he does are truly lost. That is the sort of inflexible rationale that cuts off the exchange of ideas and honest debate.

  8. elisabeth

    i am a white womanl and i agree with the soundbytes I’ve heard from the Reverend (i.e., 9/11 was caused by our shitty foreign policy).

    What really made me sick was how quickly the “change and hope candidate” disavowed the man from whom he stole ideas and from whom he has gathered inspiration. You can blame the political expediency on everyone but Barack but the truth can’t be hidden.

    yea, he’s really different. that’s why his campaign staff is run by white people who pimped Edwards and Clinton before.

    he’s a brand candidate – nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Chesapeake

    Thanks, SB. I agree with yoy 100%: this is an all-out attack. There is so much to be resentful about. It’s a defamation of character against a man of God, an attack against His believers, and an attack on the His Church. Whoa.

    But, the substance and evidence coming out of all this is that if we can find our way to fight on the basis of Truth, we’ll defeat the ideals behind the attacks and the folks who perpetrated them.

  10. His church sucks and deserves to be attacked. I guess it could be worse, he could be spouting “kill the white babies” like Trinity Church Lifetime Achiever, Louis Farrakhan’s right-hand-man Khallid Muhammad. But it’s still bad, and that’s where his race hatred leads.

  11. Cliff

    “His church sucks and deserves to be attacked. I guess it could be worse, he could be spouting “kill the white babies” like Trinity Church Lifetime Achiever, Louis Farrakhan’s right-hand-man Khallid Muhammad. But it’s still bad, and that’s where his race hatred leads.”

    You called him out, I didn’t think that you had it in you, but it was nice for you to give me the chance to

    Dust it off.

    Clean the shaft.





    Prove: The idea of black empowerment is an inteference to the maintenance of White Supemacy.

    Assume: The idea of black empowerment is NOT an interference to the maintenace of White Supremacy.

    Assumption 1: The general white population HATES black on black crime, the high rate of imprisionment of black men, high HIV cases of young black women, and are NOT angered by Reverends, Ministers, Spiritural Leaders who speak against the maintenance of White Supremacy by encouraging their people to stay out of prision, stop killing each other, and stop having sex with the world, and stop being scared of their former slave masters.

    Assumption 2: The general white population hate when black people organize for gang fights, killing, prostitution, pornography, shaking their ass to songs that ecourage the continued enslavement of their mind and the contribution of black inferiority which coincides with the idea that does not threaten the maintenace of White Supremacy, but Love when spiritual leaders/artist have conscious messeges for their own people which encourages them to come out of a world controlled Satan, and leave a lifestlye that maintains White Supremacy.

    Assumption 3: The general white population LOVES wheN one their slaves finds out that their world is designed to incarcerate and kill every black man and woman they can find, and not claim such an individual as to having the mind of racist. White People only claim that ignorant slaves are racist, or one who loves slavery is one who plays the race card, and furthermore only a slave who believes that he is inferior to his master can be racist.

    Assumption 4: The general white population loves when a slave get’s a college degree, that is why they have always alllowed their slaves to have equal education, and have never been worried about slave getting an education to be considered a racist, as to having the ability to threaten the maintenace of White Supremacy.

    Assumption 5: The generel white population HATES when a slave thinks like this


    but they LOVE when a slave speaks like this


    *CONTRADITION (Assumption 1-5)

    by way of popular opinion and common knowledge of historye.


    The idea of black empowerment is an inteference to the maintenance of White Supemacy.


  12. elisabeth

    some white people don’t hate black people; aren’t any more afraid of a group of black men on a corner than a group of white men (trying being a woman in this country); do understand that this country is racist and don’t need a politician being directed by WHITE MEN to tell them how black people feel or what a typical white person feels.

    Why is his speech so illuminating? What actions has this man taken to make him so DIFFERENT? I wrote a huge piece in my blog after the DNC speech on how he was going to change politics forever. How stupid I was – totally blinded by his phony-ass speech.

    he’s a TYPICAL POLITICIAN. I saw that as soon as he had the power to actually CHANGE things, he voted just like all the other white men (and the few white or black or brown women) in Congress.

    Btw, some of us even have black friends – for real – not just in name and not because it’s the white liberal thing to do but because they are PEOPLE we LIKE and want to have in our lives. Some of us understand what Rev Wright was saying and why he was saying it – we don’t need to go search the “context.”

    I know this doesn’t make good press but it’s true. Of me and of a lot of folks. There is no typical white person just like there is no typical black person.

    and btw, who on this website doesn’t understand that Barack is no underdog – he’s the lead. And he’ll win the nomination and then Rove and Company will bring out the machine and it will be all over in 5 seconds. So quit acting like he’s some victim of the press. The press is in LOVE WITH HIM!

  13. elisabeth


    i do enjoy the blog so obviously you can write anything you want but come on – Barack is no victim!

  14. Marla K.

    I see some are mad, some are sad and some glad …..some confused….and mad.

    I’m part of the glad crowd.
    I think you all should ask yourselves what do you want?

    As you say Elizabeth, Barack is no victim,….. but he is under attack. He will probably be under attack for a long time; in fact all the way to November and beyond. However, I dont see him as an average politician, liberal or conservative. I see him as a progressive politician because I choose to believe he is serious about the things he says he will do: change American politics for the better. Get us out of the rut of arguing and doing mostly nothing beneficial to mainstream America. I prefer faith over cynicism.

    I believe he will end the war, focus our budget on the needs of the American people and our future generations, attempt to resolve as much racial strife as possible, develop our public schools, improving education for all of our children, focus on science and all that we can benefit from scientific development including alternative energies and medical progress, and possibly the space program, and I’m hoping and praying for social scientific progress as well. This means we will recognize that an end to poverty means a tremendous move forward for the nation, and an end to an iunjust criminal and juvenile justice system. Also, no one standing on anyone elses head claiming they’re ahead because they are better or simply just deserving more than anyone else, like bailing out Bear Sterns but not the homeowners. Sen Obama says he believes in free enterprise and competition, as do I,….however I believe he believes in “fair” competition. I also believe America will have a great opportunity to improve our relations with nations throughout the world and be recognized as not only the world’s moral leader but become once again the world’s leading economy independent of other nations like China. I think our relations with the middle east and African will be like never before, and we will have Iraqi oil and they will have peace and properity as well. It’s possible we will be visiting Cuba for vacations.

    I see him as an intelligent, honest brave man who believes he understands the world as well as any other person, only more so. This is a great chance for positive domestic and foreign policies.

    I know it will be only 4 to 8 years but……

    Call me a dreamer…I believe in looking forward, not backwards

  15. Sound bite or not, The Word of God is supposed to be a two-edged sword to whomever comes in contact with it.

    While it is important to judge things in total context, certain things shouldn’t be said behind the pulpit that could be misconstrued in the first place.

    If it was completely the Word of God, no media outlet could make a big story out of it. But because he was preaching the Gospel According to Himself, that’s where he was called out on the carpet.

  16. RhondaCoca

    It is called the social gospel. Anytime anyone takes the bible and relates it to social, economic and political issues, it get controversial. However, it depends on what color you are.

  17. Michael

    At some point, black people are going to wake up to the fact that white people for the most part stopped “keeping the coloreds in their place”. . . and will realize that in many cases black people are the ones doing it to themselves.

    I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that, just like white people, black people are not immune from the siren call of self-delusion. It is much easier to blame everything on racism than to accept personal responsibility, or accept that sometimes you don’t get a free pass because of your color.

    Jeremiah Wright said some stuff that made for easy sound-bite fodder, and someone close to him is running for president. Add them together, and you get the political equivalent of an underhand lob to Barry Bonds for Barack Obama’s opposition to hit out of the park.

    Anyone remember a white politician running for president named John Kerry? A decorated Vietnam veteran, a war that Bush didn’t even fight in. . . and yet the Republicans managed to get away with dragging his war record through the mud. Remarkable, at a time in the US where showing that you actually served your country in the armed forces gets beer bought for you in any bar you care to name, but they all but called him a liar and a coward and that he didn’t do the things the US government at the time agreed that he did.

    If the republicans didn’t shrink at attacking a decorated Vietnam veteran’s war record directly, what makes anyone think that they’d pause one millisecond at turning Wright’s comments into sound bite heaven?

    It aint racism. It’s POLITICS. That anyone here thinks that it’s outrageous that they do this is deluding themselves. What do you think; that, like the retarded child coming up to bat, the ‘pubs should take pity on him and NOT throw any ‘hard stuff’ like they would with a white candidate? That Senator Obama isn’t capable of slugging it out with the big boys?

    That gives the black conspiracy theorists something in common with all the actual racists who DO exist. Neither believe black people are capable of meaningful achievements.

    Shame on you.

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