Secret Lovers Indicted



Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and former chief of staff Christine Beatty were charged today in a 12-county indictment with perjury, obstruction of justice, misconduct in office and conspiracy because of their conduct in last year’s police whistle-blower trial, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced.

Kilpatrick is charged with eight felonies and Beatty with seven. They are: perjury, conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and misconduct in office.

Worthy said the perjury charges accuse the two of lying during a whistle-blower lawsuit about the firing of Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown and about their romantic relationship.

Kilpatrick, 38, serving his seventh year in office, is the first Detroit mayor to face criminal charges while still in office. The perjury charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

“Lying cannot be tolerated, even if a judge and jury can see through it and doesn’t buy the line,” Worthy said at a packed news conference.

“Witnesses must give truthful testimony,” she added. “Oaths mean something.”

Right after Worthy’s announcement, the mayor’s office sent out a news release saying he and his attorney will hold a news conference at noon to respond. But at 12:45 p.m., they still had not appeared.

The mayor is expected to be arraigned at 5 p.m. today in 36th District Court in Detroit. It wasn’t clear when Beatty will turn herself in, but she must do so before 7 a.m. Tuesday.

Worthy declined to say whether she thinks the mayor should step down. Beatty resigned on Feb. 8.

During her news conference, Worthy said city lawyers had tried to erect barriers to her investigation, forcing prosecutors to go to court to try to obtain documents. She said investigators are still trying to obtain documents for the investigation, which will continue.

“At every bend and turn, there have been attempts by the city through one lawyer or another to block aspects of our investigation,” Worthy said. “Some documents have been turned over, but we have been told that others have been destroyed or lost. We don’t know when or by whom.”

She said the investigation wasn’t about sex, but about destroying the lives and careers of three good cops.

“Gary Brown’s, Harold Nelthrope’s and Walter Harris’ lives and careers were forever changed,” Worthy said. “They were ruined financially and their reputations were completely destroyed because they chose to be dutiful police officers.”

She added: “Our investigation has clearly shown that public dollars were used, people’s lives were ruined, the justice system severely mocked and the public trust trampled on.”

Worthy said she had discussed the investigation with U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy, but declined to say what they discussed. Murphy declined today to comment on Worthy’s statement. The FBI is monitoring the investigation, according to people familiar with the case.

She said her staff had reviewed more than 40,000 pages of documents and interviewed many witnesses. She said her investigation had led to other possible defendants whom she didn’t identify. Worthy said her team of prosecutors on the case includes Lisa Lindsey, Robert Moran, Athina Siringas, Robert Spada and Timothy Baughman.

Worthy’s investigation began after the Free Press uncovered text messages that showed a romantic relationship between Kilpatrick and Beatty — a relationship both had denied under oath during a police whistle-blower lawsuit last summer. The pair also gave misleading testimony about the firing of Brown, the messages show.

Kilpatrick authorized a settlement in that case to pay the former officers $8.4 million.

Despite the false testimony, a Wayne County Circuit Court jury last September awarded Brown and Nelthrope $6.5 million in damages. Kilpatrick vowed to appeal, but on Oct. 17, abruptly decided to settle the case and a second police whistle-blower suit involving former mayoral bodyguard Walt Harris for $8.4 million – $9 million with legal costs.

Kilpatrick settled after the cops’ lawyer, Mike Stefani, informed the mayor’s lawyer that he had the incriminating text messages and would reveal them in court papers he planned to file to justify his request for legal fees in the whistle-blower case.

Although Kilpatrick apologized for his conduct in a televised appearance with his wife, Carlita, in late January, he has blamed the media for his troubles and rejected calls from the City Council, Attorney General Mike Cox and city union locals to resign.

Settlement documents the Free Press obtained last month through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the city show that – contrary to Kilpatrick’s claim that he decided to settle based on advice from friends, advisers and ordinary citizens – he made peace with the cops after discovering that Stefani had the text messages.

Although Kilpatrick’s lawyers settled the suit with one agreement on Oct. 17, they decided to split it into public and private settlements after the Free Press requested a copy.

The public agreement showed how much the former cops would be paid. The secret agreement, signed by Kilpatrick and Beatty, swore Brown, Nelthrope and Stefani to secrecy about the text messages under threat of forfeiting their settlement proceeds and legal fees.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Robert Colombo Jr. released the secret agreement last month after the Kilpatrick administration repeatedly denied its existence. Colombo released the agreement and other secret settlement records after the administration appealed unsuccessfully to the Michigan Court of Appeals and state Supreme Court, which rejected Kilpatrick’s claim that the documents weren’t public documents.

The City Council, which was kept in the dark about Kilpatrick’s reasons for settling the lawsuit and never saw the confidential side agreement, voted 7-1 last week to pass an advisory resolution calling for the mayor to resign. It also ordered an investigation of the episode and directed its auditor general to look into spending by the mayor’s office and the city Law Department.

Kilpatrick went on television with his wife in late January and apologized for his conduct, he insists there was no cover-up and has blamed the news media for most of his problems. He accused the Free Press of illegally obtaining the text messages – which the newspaper denies– and accusing the media of conducting a public lynching. He said the text messages and the settlement agreement that concealed them should never have been made public.

He also said the text messages were private even though he signed a policy directive in June 2000 advising city employees that all electronic communications should be considered public.

So far, Kilpatrick has refused to step down, saying he is on a divinely-inspired mission to help rebuild the city. But conviction of a felony would force him to resign.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I give you Atlantic Starr singing that old 80’s jam, Secret Lovers.

16 thoughts on “Secret Lovers Indicted

  1. I gave you a tip also…ah, never mind. African-American Political Pundit gave up the scoop on this.

    I hope their affair was worth it, seeing that relationships, marriages got destroyed and someone’s going to be out of work very soon (Beatty already had to resign – Kwame will be resigning for recalled from office).

    What I don’t want to hear from Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is how the white man is after her son. He should have been allowed to be a one term Mayor since he’s ruling with his little head. Oh, well, at least he won’t be in DC this year at CBC Legislative Weekend hunting for poon… 😉

    (I know, that was naughty of me, but I couldn’t help it, LOL)

  2. Denise

    Adultery is wrong. Adultery at work is wrong AND foolish. Moreover, adultery with the spouses of friends, colleagues, and/or aquaintances is dangerous and can get you killed.


    For every woman whose career gets tanked for this workplace conduct, there are countless examples of “hair and ass slinging” in the workplace that gets folk promoted, groomed, passed around, and pushed up the professional ladder. But unlike Ms. Beatty, this crew never misses a pay-check, professional opportunity or promotion…EVAH.

    I am not defending Ms. Beatty’s conduct AT ALL. She fucked up and should be punished. But make no mistake, she didn’t invent this game.

  3. Kilpatrick is ruining this city. We have become the laughing stock of this nation, and all were going to be known for is our pimpin’ and won’t leave Mayor. If getting charged with 8 felonies isn’t enough for him to resign he is never gonna leave on his own. Even his only ally on city council, Monica Conyers, wife of John said he should at least take a leave of absence during this trial. I’ve talked with many African American women across this city and they want this fool gone.

  4. Kam

    He is disgusting! He is vile! There are several other women, too. But he has a great lawyer & may throw up enough smoke to get over on a “low information,” easily bamboozled jury.

    Beatty got played. She was approving cars for the mayor’s wife while having sex with him. She knows that she was one of many. She lost her husband. And for what? He even called her a whore (“if I’d had sex w/ her, that would make her a whore!” he said at the whistle blower trial). She should turn on him & save if not herself, the city of Detroit.

    But Im afraid she loves him & wants to protect him. Wake up sister. You are a single parent with two sons! KK is not your ally. He used you and countless other women. Save your self & protect you sons.

  5. The moment I saw the title of the post, that dang song began looping in my mind.


    I keep on saying this..


    and I mean NEVER

    Lie to the Guvmint.

  6. TripLBee

    I’m from D.C. so I know something about foolish mayors. But I think Kilpatrick takes the cake. What a waste of talent.

  7. Dear Kwame,

    1. NEVER lie to the Guvmint

    2. Aint nobody going to jail for you, but MAYBE your Mama – and not even her.

    3. The girlfriend aint the wife – i.e., they can squeeze her to GET YOU.

    4. ‘ The Man’ ain’t got NOTHIN’ to do with this.

    zeitgeist –
    Whomever his Mama has sold her soul to- THAT is who is paying for the lawyer.

  8. Cliff

    Mr. Kilpatrick, I know it’s hard. You see that money comin in. You’re the Mayor of the Motor City. You’re on top of the world huh? Can’t nobody bring you down huh? You’re runnig thangs like Suge Knight. You’re on top of the world. Your politics is off the chain. Looking like a Detroit Lions Offensive Tackle, You just couldn’t tackle that one thing. That one thing, that one thing.

    I am not gonna lie I fell victim to that thing too. 🙂

  9. They keep on saying that Kwame is the first Detroit Mayor to be indicted.

    Now, considering that ‘ The Man’ was SERIOUSLY after Coleman Young……my respect for Young just ratched up a couple of knotches.

  10. Christine Beatty should just charge it to the game, cut a deal and hang Kwame out to fend for himself, because if the shoe was on the other foot, that’s what this fool would do.

    Aint that much love in America to make me go to jail for some man – however, the prisons are full and getting crowded by some sistas who are doing time for their men because of “love”.

    I hope Carlita got her GTMG (“Get That Money, Girl”) kit in action. And Rikyrah, I’ll tell you who’s paying for Kwame’s lawyer (and he needs to get another lawyer, cause this one’s giving him bad advice) – those corporate lobbyists who owns his mammy and will be calling in their chits, thereby rendering the Congressional Black Caucus even more useless than they already are (if that’s possible).

    But, you know what’s really a sad indication of the Black community’s ability to set and hold elected officials to high standards and accountability?

    Here it is: give Kwame about five years to rehab himself from all this mess (if he cuts a deal to avoid serious jail time), and around 2013, look for this fool to resurface as a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, all newly reformed, repentant and succeeding his mammy in her district seat, while the other gangsta woman, Monica Conyers, succeeds ol’ John in his district seat. Legacy, and all that, no matter how tainted it is.

    I say that because I’ve seen it.

    Alcee Hastings was a Federal Judge who got impeached and removed from the bench for allegedly taking bribes. He currently sits in Congress, and almost got the Chair of the Intelligence Committee, except for some conscientious Democrats who complained that an impeached former Federal Judge had no business being briefed on matters of National Security with such a compromised background.

    That’s why I will count Kwame down, but not OUT. The Congressional Black Caucus is getting old, and they need new blood, no matter how corrupt it is. They will even take the Dark Sith back on a silver platter if he was willing to cut them in on a piece of the corporate pie he eats from these days.

  11. Denise

    “Christine Beatty should just charge it to the game, cut a deal and hang Kwame out to fend for himself, because if the shoe was on the other foot, that’s what this fool would do…”


  12. Damm,

    I’m going to tell my girlfriend to stop calling me…
    she is not worth it…

    Baby baby please forgive me… I was wrong and what is your ring size…

  13. Kam

    Ha Ha Roderick, black male pathology and hence 70% of black children w/ out fathers is a hoot. Baby, baby indeed.

  14. Kam

    To be fair, it takes women to participate w/ these men. It is the fault of men & women who sleep w/ married men.

  15. TW

    Got you! The Mayor needs to give it up…he’s been caught. And stupid *7! Christine Beatty, she needs to start talking and save herself. At the end of the day, the wife is keeping the man (Lol). This is so typical of black politicians…going down pimpin’ due to some damn woman. The Mayor is caught!!! He lied and tried to cover it up, but the Govimint got him!!! Hate to say it…but the Mayor was wrong and he going to get what’s coming to him…pay for your sins man….LMAO

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