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Today, Hillary said that Jeremiah Wright wouldn’t have been her pastor.  No sh*t, really?  I’m stunned.  You coulda fooled me, I thought she loved the black church and “don’t feel no ways tired” of being racially condescending to black folks.   

Honestly though, I am stunned by her audacity and hypocrisy regarding the man who was called to the White House on September 11, 1998 to give “spiritual counseling” to a president engulfed by scandal and exposed as a liar and serial philanderer. Dr. Wright was apparently good enough to be a Black religious prop in a public relations fraud then and too damaged to be a Black minister of the gospel and Pastor to Barack Obama now.   

After remaining mute for over a damn week, why say anything at all?  Perhaps it was because she felt the need to deflect attention away from her bogus little Bosnia war story.  What story, Skeptical Brotha?   It’s the story you haven’t seen run in a continuous loop on every networks freakin’ programs for a week in a calculated effort to poison the electorate against her.  

Last week, Senator Clinton told a tall tale of her legendary heroism and foreign policy cachet, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”


Somebody attempted to assassinate the First Lady of the United States in a damn foreign country and this is the first we’re hearing of it?  Wow.  Move over Zena, there is a new warrior princess in town.   What a piece of work.  As Barack Obama is being mauled by a racist, duplicitous and rabid press corps over something somedbody else said, the warrior princess is allowed to escape accountability for a week for lying to their faces about her so-called “foreign policy experience.”  Now that’s a double standard worth discussing. Quick, somebody go find Geraldine Ferraro. 

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  1. elisabeth

    what rabid press corps is beating up obama. here in the NE all they do is kiss his ass. on and on and on and on. In 12 months, I’ve seen one serious question from Chris Matthews. Frank Rich, Maureen Dowd, Roger Cohen, Nicholas Kristof, and Bob Herbert write love poems to him at least once a week. The only one beating him up is Fox News and they beat up Hillary worse!

    Be real – the press hasn’t give Barack an inch of what Rove and Company are gonna give him.

  2. I would’ve thought that watching HC stumble over her words, trying to make a outed lie look like truth, was going to be fun. But instead, it was disgusting.

    And what saddened me is that this woman, who is guilty of lying about an assasination attempt, could actually be our next president, only because she is not a slave to the double standard that they make Senator Obama life to. Ridiculous!

  3. Especially since the “assassination” attempt was recorded on video for all of posterity.

    The minute Sinbad said what he said, I knew the Borg Queen was lying. Additionally, no Secret Service detail worth their salt is going to take a member of the First Family willingly and knowingly into harm’s way and the potential for an assassination.

    Hillary Clinton is a liar. Period. The End.

    And Elisabeth, save your breath. It’s not like you were actually going to vote for Obama, anyway, so save yourself the trouble of dissing him, so you can give yourself cover for not voting for him, okay? If Chris Wallace at Fake News can see the treatment Obama is getting from the media, I agree with AC – either your television is broken or you don’t own a television set and you’re living under a rock.

    That’s the only reason you would make such asinine comments. That, and to get attention, no matter how negative, cause slapping trolls don’t seem to work around here.

  4. Elisabeth, you’re a troll and not worthy of my time, or my comments. Go to InstaPundit if you want attention, no matter how negative it will be.

    Hillary Clinton is a LIAR. PERIOD. THE END.

    America is a racist country. THE END.

    This is America when an African-American decides to run for POTUS and is getting THISCLOSE to the nomination.

    Any Questions?

  5. elisabeth

    wow political junkie – you get negative fast. calling women schoolyard names – effective way to demonstrate your intelligence and the strength of your political arguments.

    from reading this blog i took it that there was some discussion or at least it was open to express opinions. or at least, the guy writing the blog had funny responses.

    i don’t read instapundit and yes, you’re right i don’t watch Fox News. It’s not worth my time because it’s all about hate.

    and you’re wrong. i voted for obama. but i guess that was my white liberal heart trying to make myself feel better.

    being a racist whatever your skin color isn’t going to change anything anywhere. hate doesn’t change things. but go ahead and kid yourself that it does.

  6. elisabeth

    ac – i wasn’t being facetious. i haven’t seen one journalist ask BO a serious question. In NYC, every article is total praise – check it out.

    And no really I don’t watch TV – it’s such crap on all sides and it’s all about journalists being stars. What I read about Rev Wright (his comments about 9/11 and it being the result of our foreign policy) is not crazy talk to me. It’s honesty. But Ron Paul tried to say the same thing and Rudy almost had him removed from the debate.)

    Anyway – I understand how it feels when it seems everyone is against your candidate but honestly, I think Barack gets a fair shake. Yes there are goons looking to find something -that’s nothing new.

    Our gov’t spent more money investigating whitewater than the worst attack on american soil. That is not a statement in defense of the clintons – they’re professional politicians, too -but it’s the nature of politics. Barack knows that, too.

    Okay I’m just going to lurk before Political Junkie comes out with his/her bat again.

  7. Jessica

    Hillary and Co. have always had a loose relationship with the truth.

    If she misspoke, then when and where was it that she landed under the threat of sniper fire? It’s a little like saying- I was in a car accident and later saying, I drive all the time, I misspoke. This is not misspeaking, this is lying. She was not confused about real incidents, she was fabricating a story. Didn’t Reagan do something like this by confusing movies he had seem and been in with his real life? Maybe Hillary saw a movie with snipers.

    To Elizabeth- I love how the press has followed in using Hillary’s term for her act- “misstep”. Where I come from we call this lying and we wonder if there is something wrong with a person who invents their reality. Hillary was the first first-lady of Arkansas and the first first-lady of our country to be investigated for anything, I believe. This is much more than a media bias.

    It may seem that Barack gets a fairer shake to some. He has far fewer missteps and misspeaks, it seems. He has had the press and the Clinton’s and the Republican’s digging for his dirt for over a year. You must know that they have looked at everything, talked to everyone. They pulled his kindergarten papers for goodness sake. The best they can get is guilt by association.

    So much for separation of church and state. McCain’s minister is coming under fire. It is very troubling to think that preacher’s are now expected to be PC. This is not what I believe in.

    So we have a choice between a candidate who has a 20 year relationship with a controversial minister and a candidate who has a lifelong relationship with lying.

    I have made my choice.

    BTW- what has Rev. Wright said to make whites feel that he was racist? I can only find him saying that rich white people run this country. Is someone disputing that?

  8. BTW- what has Rev. Wright said to make whites feel that he was racist? I can only find him saying that rich white people run this country. Is someone disputing that?

    I’d like the answer to that question too. Cause I don’t see anything that makes me believe he’s a racist.

  9. Denise

    So why the “I wasn’t presence so I didn’t hear any of the incendiary rhetoric…” response from the Senator?

    This, too, is a fair question.

  10. Denise

    and for the record, I ain’t choosing sides.

    I think everyone – that is, both the Clinton and Obama campaigns – are engaged in twisting reality. Meanwhile, no one is seriously talking about their policy differences.

  11. Elisabeth:

    I am an angry African-American woman whose life experiences and observances have facilitated in me the reality to call things as I see them.

    I’m sorry you don’t get that. In fact, I’m not supposed to be angry about racism and bigotry being brought on a whole ‘nother level not even politically correct anymore.

    When you get denied jobs, even though you have the qualifying credentials, and have done everything asked of you, but you see the job go to a white man or better yet, a white woman – you come to me and we can talk.

    When you get denied financing for decent housing because the realtor tried to take you into a neighborhood that’s been redlined by every bank in the city, and for one reason only – come talk to me.

    When you, your family members, or friends, get pulled over driving a nice car, by the police for no reason other than a Black person is supposed to ride “raggedy” – come talk to me.

    If your comments about Obama getting a “free pass” by the media were meant in a different context, I’m standing by what I’ve said. When you turn on MSNBC, CNN, and the major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), I don’t see Obama getting the free pass that Hillary Clinton has been riding on for the last few weeks. The man can’t even step on a crack in the sidewalk before it gets reported.

    My reaction is one of being sick, tired and angry, but being told that I’m not supposed to show my anger. Screw that. I speak bluntly, and if you read any of my posts here, you would know that I screamed the loudest about Obama’s policies and why I didn’t initially support the man.

    John Edwards or Dennis Kucinich was going to get my vote, because their platforms addressed domestic policies that have been summarily ignored by the media, the policitians in office and primarily Obama and Clinton.

    Edwards and Kucinich were forced out due to the lack of media attention. The MSM wanted Obama and Clinton. What surprised me was how willing the Clintons were to sling their African-American base under the bus with their race-baiting tactics, and all led by a Handkerchief head Black Woman who should know better, but could care less.

    That’s what has me angry. So now is NOT the time for you to come over here and tell me how I should be responding because I am angry, and if you can’t handle my anger, you should at least try to respect and understand it.

    That’s it and that’s all.

  12. TripLBee

    In her continuing denunciations of Obama, Clinton states that “we choose our pastors. We don’t choose our family members” as a rationale for why Obama should have left Trinity. Actually, we do choose some of our family members—our spouses for example. Clinton has chosen to stay married to a serial philanderer for reasons that are probably too complex to guess. But the point is that Sen. Clinton knows exactly the reasons why someone might continue to have an intimate relationship with someone who is at times hurtful and offensive. I imagine that Obama has far too much class to point out yet another of Clinton’s hypocrisies.

  13. elisabeth

    Hey PJ,

    Thanks for your response! I respect your anger and never denied you had a right to it. I was just telling you my opinions. I didn’t call you names nor did I tell you that your anger was inappropriate or even that your opinions were!

    You state your opinions with passion and it’s engaged me to the point that I’ve come back to read more. I’m not afraid of your anger at all. I just want to try and understand things better. That’s why I visit lots of blogs and yes, sometimes I write things too rashly.

    I actually agree with you on many things (number one Edwards and Kucinich – the only candidates who speak of poverty and of peace in a meaningful way) and although I don’t have the experience of being a black woman in America, I have African-American family members who I have witnessed experiencing what you have. Hell, my co-workers, my boss- same thing. Then they tell me stories that are even more inhumane. And it makes me sick, makes me angry, and disgusts me on every level. And I don’t allow it in my space. I know that doesn’t mean a hill of beans but there are a lot of white people who aren’t racist. Trust me, you are talking to one right now. And I may be the only white person you’ll ever communicate with who isn’t but there is one of me and then there is my big-ass family who live all over the US and we are all the same. We don’t allow that ugliness in – and that’s one place to start.

    All I want is to get to a place that we can respect each other. I know it sounds pie-in-the-sky but it is what attracted me to Barack’s message in the first place. And hell, we don’t even have that yet as woman- whatever our color is!

    I am too idealistic and so when Barack started doing shit that made me mad – i was like “oh come on – i voted for you because you were supposed to be DIFFERENT!” Just like Bill did when he took office. We have a gov’t of consensus though and that is the reality. But he’s human and politics are messy and dirty -just like business. Listen, I don’t think HRC is an angel but I just stood back for a minute and reviewed things. I don’t watch TV because coverage is a joke, I mostly stick to print. But every blog I read (from BuzzFlash to The Daily Kos to The Huffington Post to The NY Times) have been brutal on her. And yes, sometimes she deserves it – no question.

    I think it’s okay that race was brought “into” this election because ignoring it what helps the bullshit and hatred grow. Bringing a light in (even if that is not what Bill intended) well I think it’s great. I think it’s ridiculous that white people were shocked by Rev Wright. Have they never talked to a black American? It is about time we talked about it and that’s what I like what Barack was doing – talking about it, being proud of it, talking about how he can GET BETTER.

    Okay enough from me- just wanted to acknowledge your post and say that your passion is what will help change the world. But if I disagree with you on a few points doesn’t mean I’m a troll and doesn’t mean I’m not fighting the same fight.

  14. Ann Brock,

    I wasn’t trying to link to Field Negro. This is a guy named Al who runs The Field – his major focus is rural America, but he’s got some good stuff.

  15. Oh, shoot, it’s on, NOW!

    Doesn’t Hillpatine know what family Pelosi comes from?

    She’s the daughter of the D’Alessandros – the biggest political machine out of Baltimore! That family’s not mob-connected by any means, but they are a big political family that you don’t mess with.

    Hillpatine has lost it. Threatening her big-time donors has all but guaranteed they’re going to give Obama some big-time money, for real.

    Game, Set, Match, Title – to OBAMA. And for those who love Hillary, please beg her to seek counseling, before it’s too late.

    I think an “Intervention” is badly needed.

    And, Elisabeth, I think we can find common ground to engage in comprehensive political discussion and I look forward to it. Thanks for your feedback.

  16. Rhondacoca


    I hear you but Hillary and her campaign has been the queens/kings of spin. At least Obama made a speech were he made everything clear. Hillary is still choosing to hide behind smoke and mirrors. She has embellished and lied on several occasions. Anytime anyone brings on one of her supporters, surrogates or campaign chairs, all you get is spinning, avoidance and more avoidance, blame and swipes at Obama. Its pretty sad to watch.

  17. Rhondacoca

    Jessica and Rikyrah-

    I’m waiting too for the answer to that.

    Mizz Hillary need not walk her butt back into any black church. Here is why…the black pastors that her and her husband have been trying to court for years are often the more political pastors, you know the ones who preach the social gospel. I’m Sure she wouldnt mind heading over to TUCC to pander!! She’s a hypocrite.

    SB, ” thought she loved the black church and “don’t feel no ways tired” of being racially condescending to black folks.” Classic.

    I saw her speak at a church in Harlem and she pulled that same nonsense. She kept saying “y’all know whatz I mean”…i’m not kidding. I could have screamed.

    P.S. TripLBee, lets just say, he [Bill Clinton] won’t be my husband. Not from what I have seen and heard.

  18. Marla K.

    She does’nt look presidential at all after this situation……….We cant count on her for the truth.

    Thanks for the “Field” Rikyrah, nice to see the other necessary part of this coalition is getting the news.

  19. 2. Who is this Pansy Handkerchief Head Johnathan ________ from the Washington Post that continues to pop up on MSNBC. Just put his horn-rimmed self on the Lawn. …UGH.

  20. Hillpatine cannot be trusted…under any circumstances

    It was hilarious to watch Hardball yesterday, and the White House Correspondent for the Urban Radio Network, April _______, was like, everyone and his mama was telling Barack Obama, that while Hillpatine could trust HIM, under NO circumstances could HE trust her.

    It was frigging hilarious.

    She wouldn’t veer off this point. It was her only talking point the entire time she was on, and I thought it was hilarious…because it was oh so true.

    And, she spoke of being told this by former Clinton supporters, some of whom had even slept in the Lincoln Bedroom.

  21. Dark Sith on MSNBC?

    It’s where ex-Fake News staffers tend to show up after being given their walking papers.

    It also explains why Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough showed up there as well. I think the Dark Sith sees the way the wind’s blowing and he never wants to be on the losing end of the ticket.

    Even he can’t ignore Hillpatine’s meltdown. 😉

  22. Hillary has been nothing short of disappointing since the Super Tuesday meltdown. The more she tries to throw Obama under the bus, the more she ends up leaving her self there. It’s not like I started out liking Obama; he had to earn my support much more than she did. The mainstream media may be harder on Hillary now, but it wasn’t that way in the beginning — everyone predicted she would win the nomination.

    In the end, she’s her own worst enemy.

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