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Listening to Rev. Markel Hutchins preach is like listening to Martin Luther King, Jr for the first time-it gives you chills. The thirty year-old preacher has an extensive record of activism and community organizing on behalf of the voiceless and powerless.

Working with the progressive labor movement against Wal-Mart and for health care and living wages, Hutchins cuts a charismatic figure fighting for people in stark contrast to Congressman John Lewis who seems to have lost his nerve.

Lewis, a distinguished warrior during the civil rights movement, was beaten countless times by the racist stormtroopers of the confederacy. He faced down dogs and hoses only to punk out as a member of congress and to remain silent in the face of Bill Clinton’s unconscionable attempts to racially polarize the electorate for the benefit of his wife.

Only after Hutchins announcement of his candidacy did John Lewis find a pair and leave Hillary’s plantation.

What impresses the most is the level of his game, he brings it with a freshness and a skill that belies his age. His principled advocacy on behalf of the family of Kathryn Johnston, 92, who was shot to death by Atlanta Police in a botched drug raid proves to me that he is ready to lead because he is already doing it.

The Congressional Black Caucus has failed on so many levels that I cannot bear to go into an explanation. I am enthusiastic and wholeheartedly in favor of a challenge to the ossified and complacent membership of the Congressional Black Caucus. In my humble opinion, Lewis is toast. Don’t believe me, see for yourself.

As soon as I am able, I am going to send this cat a contribution. He inspires and provides the right dose of substance and charisma. While Lewis is a down the line progressive, his light does not shine brightly enough to shame his CBC colleagues into following his example or be replaced, I have every confidence that this brotha can provide the right example.

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  1. I wonder if he’ll get the same reception Donna Edwards got should he win. I’d pay money to see that, because it sends another message that the people will clean the CBC House, since they can’t seem to get their noses out of Missy Hillary’s piehole to do the house cleaning themselves.

    And he’s a young brotha, too? Tell him to spray himself with a can of Ol-Sista-Be-Gone – they’ll try to crush on him like they did Obama when he first hit the scene during CBC Legislative Weekend.

    If I hadn’t witnessed Obama’s getting bum-rushed with my own eyes back in 2004, I would have put it down to the brotha having an EGO.

    Brotha was traumatized at the crushing of sistas old enough to be him mama and obviously believed he’d be so starry-eyed, he’d give them some play. Yeah, right.

  2. rikyrah



    You have no shame, TPJ. I hear ya.


    I’m so glad that you spread your testimony about Obama and the ‘Old Fish’…LOL

    I’m with SB, I’m giving this Brotha a contribution.

  3. Ramona

    I am so glad you posted this blog about Hutchins! That’s what I’m talking about! Its time for Lewis to come on back to sweet georgia and tell his stories of days long gone from here!

    We all need to get behind this young brotha! We need to volunteer, contribute $ and recruit for this change that the 5th district desperately needs!!

    Hutchins is unquestionably gifted and can bring the type of fire that will inspire congress (especially the CBC) into action or inspire others to unseat them like Hutchins will unseat Lewis! I’m putting in my $100 today! Contributions of time and money are critical to unseat a man that seems to think Congress is a place one goes to schmooze and die!

  4. ace

    This guy is a fraud. Look into this guys past. All he wants to do is use what little attention he has received and pad his own nest. It is sad that the black community has no one else to look up to.

  5. john in california

    I must respectfully disagree. This young man has energy and ambition but will take some years to get into a leadership position. Lewis is already there, and has both a very ‘progressive’ voting record and the congressional connections to push for a progressive agenda. I think he must be forgiven for his initial endorsement of HRC, for at the time Obama was not running a visibly strong campaign and an early Clinton endorsement could mean more influence after the election. Do not discount this man’s bravery. I know you have studied it, heard about it from family and friends, but if you were not in it, you cannot know how what it took to humiliation, beatings and eminent death that this man subjected himself to, in order that you and your generation could have a place at the table. I would be more impressed with Rev. Hutchins if he first took on one of the reactionary white repubs in adjoining districts like John Linder or Tom Price. Could he defeat them? Probably not, but at least it would show a little of the guts that Lewis had when he stood up to the fascist police in Alabama.

  6. Rikyrah, you had to be here back in ’04. That was a sorry sight to behold; I thought those old sistas had at least a little more class and dignity than the CBC brothas – those guys are expected to ‘ho during the party weekend.

    You and I, as sistas, both know that there’s no worst sista than one who tried offering up the goodies and getting rejected. Obama did quite a bit of rejecting that weekend, but he was classy about it. The fact that he hasn’t opened his mouth to call out those sistas show an extra helping of class and dignity – if that had been Kwame Kilpatrick, his mother would have put the names out on Front Street.

    I’m like a broken record with this issue – the sistas are toting Hillary’s water because Obama gave them no play. Period. The End.

    And the brothas are hatin’ on him because he’s young, good-looking and has a fine wife (that some of them thought they’d get a chance to hit on {Mel Watt, I’m talking about you!}), plus he’s not shucking and jiving to accomplish his goals.

    Ask those brothas why they will bust a nut for the white women leadership in Congress (Hillary and Nancy Pelosi) but when it comes to defending their own sista members (Cynthia McKinney), not only did they fail to defend her; they lined up to sling her under the bus?

    The CBC house needs cleaning, and John Lewis can either help clean it, or move out so it can be cleaned.

  7. Monique' (In Hot Atlanta)

    My, my, my. I say to myself.
    How you have grown up young brotha.
    I remember when you were in our family lives back in 2004.
    You have came a LONG WAY!!!
    Much pray around, I mean (MUCH PRAY AROUND YOU)!
    If you truly believe then of course you will get to the PROMISE LAND IF OUR PEOPLE WILL JUST OPEN THEIR EYES, AND SPIRIT TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS NATION.
    Remember dear sir, the number one, brillant, marvelous, intelligent, fanastic woman who has BEEN IN YOUR CORNER FOR A VERY LONG TIME.
    I don’t have to say HER NAME, but SHE IS A PART OF ME (MY SISTER).
    Who has help you along the way.
    Most of ALL KEEP IT REAL!
    Sincerely yours Lady Mo

  8. Thanks for the tip, but it would be nice to know what state and district he wants to represent. It also took a while to get that information from Markel Hutchins’ site as well.

  9. I agree with john in california.

    Rev. Hutchins seems like a polished brother, but I’m real tired of activist preachers. It’s like the actor who needs to direct and produce the movie. I’m like, “Sit yo ass down”! There’s got to be somebody in Rev. Hutchin’s church who could run in his stead.

    It is a 25 hour a day job in itself to shepherd a flock. Being a politician while preaching is similar to driving while making breakfast. You can’t possibly do a good job at both, so you end up failing at both.

    I wish him well though, but based on how Rev. Meeks has done in Chicago as State Sen., it doesn’t work.

  10. Brigette

    ATTENTION ALL… Rev. Hutchins is a minister and preacher but is not a pastor. Pastors preside of churches; Hutchins only serves as a guest preacher at various churches. His income comes from his own private business ventures. I asked him directly and he earns a living as a consultant to corporations, labor unions and small businesses. He also makes money as a professional public speaker.

  11. Diana

    Have you looked at his website? He basically stole it from Barack Obama, including the logo. I’d be more skeptical if I were you.

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