Playa Mayor and his Ho plead not guilty



Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty stood mute at their arraignments on charges of perjury, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and misconduct today, and a magistrate entered not guilty pleas on their behalf.

They each were released on personal bonds of $75,000, and preliminary examinations for each were set for June 9.

Beatty’s attorneys asked Chief Magistrate Steve Lockhart whether she would be allowed to leave the state to visit her two children, who are in Chicago. Lockhart said yes, but she would have to receive advance permission for any other trips. Kilpatrick also will be allowed to leave the state without permission, but he must give advance notice of the time and his whereabouts.

During Beatty’s arraignment, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Robert Moran raised a question about whether her lawyer, Mayer Morganroth of Southfield, has a conflict of interest because he also represents Kilpatrick and the city in a lawsuit over the death of stripper Tamara Greene, who was rumored to have danced at a rumored wild party at Manoogian mansion. “There is no conflict at this time,” Morganroth replied, adding that he didn’t see any in the future.

Moran also raised the issue that the entire 36th District Court bench might need to be disqualified from conducting the June 9 preliminary examination because one or two judges may be called as witnesses.

7 thoughts on “Playa Mayor and his Ho plead not guilty

  1. The judges are in on this mess?

    Dayum, you can’t make this ish up!

    And she’s gonna have to get another lawyer; if I’m the prosecuter, I’m hollering all the way to the Supreme Court about conflict of interest.

    She wasn’t that concerned about her kids while she was screwing Da Mayor, was she? They sent her kids away, but this is national news – unless she ships them out West, they got to know their momma’s in a heap of trouble and screwed around on Daddy – Jesus, what will they think about women now?

  2. rikyrah

    I’m not feeling any sympathy for her. She played. She paid. No ring on her finger and she didn’t care. So, if she’s so bad, then let her pay the price. She’s delusional if she thinks he’ll display the same loyalty to her.

  3. The problem is that he was acting like a player who didn’t know the rules. He should bought a pre-paid cell phone and sent text messages to each other all day and night without anyone knowing. However, what someone should have really done was turned on to The Retired Player so he could have learned the rules of being a player.

  4. Most playas know the rules. By that standard, it is a stretch to say Kwame is a playa.

    Willie Brown is a playa, even in his 70s.

    Charlie Rangel is a playa, even in his 80s.

    Political Playas are on display in DC. I even have to qualify the Dark Sith as a playa, too, because he does play by the rules.

    Their women aren’t on display. Many times that sista is a face in the crowd, and no one knows she’s banging the playa. If she opens her yap, she soon becomes some heifer that used to sleep with Congressman So-and-So, or Mayor Playa.

    Explains why the Dark Sith kept his Snowflake under wraps for three years while he was in Congress and running for a Senate seat.

    Playas want women who don’t talk. Period. I have three brothas and they all considered themselves to be playas, until they retired from the game and got married. While they were playing, their women had to drink cans of Shut-The-Hell-Up, or she got fired.

    Playas leave no evidence they’re even on the scene, and yet, they are in control 24-7.

    How do I know this? I dated a playa, but learned early I wasn’t the only woman he was dating, and got out before I got really played. Too many phone calls on the cell during our dates was the tip-off. And brotha was as conservative in manner, dress and appearance (Harry Lennix-type brotha) as they come.

    When you don’t get the home phone as well as the cell, as well as the work phone, you’re probably dealing with a playa – married or not.

    When he only wants to see you on certain days and times – PLAYA.

    When you have to wait for him to call – PLAYA.

    I learned my lesson before I got in too deep. Christine Beatty should charge it to the game, cut a deal, hang Kwame and start a new life after she does some jail time. I have empathy for her, but I don’t feel sorry for her – she was messing with a married wanna-be playa who didn’t have a tight game and thought being Mayor of Detroit would cover up the fact that neither his game nor his shyt was tight.

    My last question to the Retired Player – what, or who made you retire?

  5. Jessica

    Regardless of how many times this sort of thing happens, there will be a line of people signing up for the same mischief, trying their luck at not getting busted.

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