Al Wynn resigns


Hat Tip: Open Left

Matt Stoller of Open Left wrote, “Roll Call just reported that Al Wynn resigned his seat to join a DC law firm.” 

Now “Fat Albert” can ply his trade as the corporate whore that he is free from the contraints of progressive policy that the public expects from a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, but never receives.  Looks like Miss Donna will need to run in a special election and can claim the prize she won in February earlier than she thought.  

Looks like the “Fat Albert” was a gentleman after all. 

6 thoughts on “Al Wynn resigns

  1. Some tinfoil hat wearer over at OpenLeft said that the Governor would have to call a special election, and since Wynn was for Obama and he’s for Hillpatine and Edwards has already endorsed Obama, he won’t call the Special Election and leave the seat vacant.

  2. O’Malley probably can appoint Donna to the seat, as opposed to holding a special election. This is another way for Wynn to screw things up for Donna, because he doesn’t have to resign unless that DC law firm is offering seven figures.

    And the lobbying rules are in effect – if he’s going to lobby, he has to wait two years after leaving office to do so.

    O’Malley is a Clinton supporter, and DLC; he won’t do what’s right and probably would leave the seat vacant out of spite.

  3. Ms. Daisy

    I believe a member of the US House cannot be appointed — only Senators. There has to be a special election called by the governor or legislator. You would be shooting your district in the appropriations foot if you leave your seat open for that long. The fall is the time to get your ducks in a row for the budget.

  4. Aren’t you taking the voters of MD’s 4th district for granted.

    I am running for the seat and intend to win it.

    Donna Edwards plays the role of public activists but is funded by the power elite. Check her FEC donors list and you will find many Wall Street, Healtcare and telecom corporate lobbiest. 85% of her money comes from outside our district and most of the consists of $2300 contributions from banking families and other super rich.

    A special election will alow Edwards to receive $6900 from each of these power elites.

    I on the other hand am running to break the hold of the banking monolpoly over our lives.

    Please view the “Money as Debt” video found on Google.

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