Extorting Nancy: White Hillarycrats threaten to lynch Speaker Pelosi


Nancy Pelosi First Woman Speaker of The House 

 “If the votes of the superdelegates overturn what’s happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic party.”    -Speaker Nancy Pelosi

I agree with the Speaker that it indeed would be harmful to the Democratic Party and harmful to the goal of replacing the brain dead, wingnut cabal atop our federal government.   It is apparent, however, that a well-heeled group of white Hillarycrats, with a billionaire blackface minstrel and wealthy Indian couple thrown in to make it look kosher, think otherwise.  

According to TPM, the group sent a threat letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi which reads in part, “Several states and millions of Democratic voters have not yet had the chance to cast their votes.   We respect those voters and believe that they, like the voters in the states that have already participated, have a right to be heard.  None of us (meaning your ass) should make declarative statements that diminish the importance of their voices (votes for Hillary) and their votes.  We are writing to (threaten your ass if you don’t take it back) say that your remarks on ABC News This Week On March 16TH did just that. “

“…We have been strong supporters of the DCCC (the campaign arm of House Democrats). We therefore (are extorting you) urge you to clarify your position on super-delegates and reflect in your comments (exactly what we fu*#ing tell you) a more open view to the optional independent actions of each of the delegates at the national convention in August.   We (don’t give a sh*t who the hell you think you are because you wouldn’t be there if not for our money) appreciate your activities in support of the Democratic Party and your leadership role in the party and hope you will be (compliant with our demands) responsive to your major enthusiastic supporters.

The brazen extortion evident in this arrogant missive really ticked a sistah off, which is probably why TPM got a hold of this letter.   I love the Illusion of inclusion that asking the colored folks to sign implies so that the strong-arming of Nancy Pelosi would look less like the high tech lynching that it is.  These Mofo’s ain’t slick.  It’s just another example of the lengths the Clinton crime family will go to in order to win. I really don’t have more to add, I just thought y’all would benefit from a few edits to put it all in the proper context.  

Big Backers: The Democratic contributors who wrote Nancy Pelosi have been major donors to the party and its candidates.

Donor Name Total to Democrats Total to Clinton Total to Obama Total to DCCC
Haim & Cheryl Saban
Bernard L & Irene Schwartz
Robert L. Johnson
Mark & Susie Tompkins Buell
Steve & Maureen White Rattner
Jay T. & Tracy M. Snyder
Alan J. & Susan Patricof
Hassan & Sheila Nemazee
James R. & Mary K. Pritzker
Stanley S. & Sydney R. Shuman
Marc & Cathy Lasry
Pradeep R. & Amy J. Rao
Sim & Debra S. Farar
Clarence A. & Jacqueline A. Avant
Lynn Forester de Rothschild
Christopher G. & Irene Korge
Mark A. & Judith M. Aronchick
Grand Total

11 thoughts on “Extorting Nancy: White Hillarycrats threaten to lynch Speaker Pelosi

  1. Chesapeake

    SB, this thing gets uglier by the day. The “Clinton crime family” will scorch the earth before it concedes.

    So far, all we see is this letter; but behind this letter must be at least 45 other senators who are getting these threats from more than these 20 donors. So pressure on Pelosi comes from many.

    You have to wonder what kind of war is being waged, now, between Senator Clinton’s and Senator Obama’s powerhouse donors (’cause Obama gotta know what time it is) with the speaker and other democratic leadership stuck in the middle. Brotha, this thing is for keeps, and ain’t nobody backing down. It’s a death match.

    I don’t think it’s probable to settle who the nominee is before the convention. Maybe you can identify the cat(s) who are able to negotiate the settlement for nominee.?.

  2. rikyrah,

    This is clearly by design and probably cooked up in the bowels of the Clinton campaign by one of their more machiavellian players. Harold Ickes, perhaps?

    Chesapeake is correct when writing that they are playing for keeps. I don’t know how this ends, but contrary to the wishes of blackfolk like Donna Brazile, the superdelegates will have to forcefully put an end to the divisive Clinton dynasty.

    Governor Bredesen’s plan to pull the superdelegates together en masse at a pre-convention meetinig sounds better and better by the day, I just don’t trust a former HMO executive to be about anything progressive and I don’t trut him to be an honest broker with the superdelegates.

  3. Akech

    The ‘branding’ of Bill Richardson by James Carville and the castigation of Pelosi by Clinton’s top Donors should be taken very seriously by all Democratic voters, particularly, the Black Community because it may unravel the TRUE nature of the relationship between the so called Democratic Party insiders, the Clintons and the elected officials whose loyalty is demanded. The cost of this loyalty and allegiance to the Clintons and the Democratic Party bosses demand is very heavy on the general voting public whose agenda is forgotten once the elected arrive in Congress.

    The Congressman from Georgia, Mr. John Lewis recently said that withdrawing his support from the Clintons was more painful than the pain he and many other civil rights leaders endured during the civil rights strife (the water hoses, the beatings and dog bites from the police). Many civil rights activists, including Martin Luther King, lost their lives in the struggle. I was stunned to hear a man of Mr. Lewis status, make a statement that did not seem to make sense to me as a black person with the understanding of what civil rights was about. He sounded like a man in a lot of pain as he spoke to Andrea Mitchell. During the same week, I watched the black congresswoman from Ohio, Stephanie Tubbs Jones speak of her allegiance to Hillary Clinton… One of her disturbing statements was that she will only break away from Hillary when Hillary tells her to do so. WOW!


    The Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson got the taste of the Clinton’s wrath delivered by James Carville. Bill Richardson was “branded” like a cow after being called “Judas Iscariot” on “Maundy Thursday”. Branding of humans took place during slavery and using such was very dehumanizing indeed.

    The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) recruits the candidates to run for congressional seats. It raises funds through its donors and encourages these recruits to run for elected offices locally and nationally. This is a very strategic position for the MAJOR DONORS because it enables them to financially control the DCCC and dictate the composition of elected Democratic Members of Congress. When these donors give money, they demand returns from the DCCC and these elected officials.

    The public service obtained through such elaborate electoral process ends sabotaging the voting public. The participating voters are duped by the donors, political party bosses and the attack dogs who manipulate events for their personal gains. The voting public is merely a means to these groups end. In other words, with these donors, the democratic process is not DEMOCRATIC!


    It seems that the loyalty of most, if not all, Democratic elected officials, particularly, the minority, must go to the Clintons first and then to Democratic Party before they can get anything done to their constituents. The Black vote has been the base of the Democratic which has taken it for granted. This is the vote they do not have to struggle to get because the people representing them are silently loyal!! CONGRESS HAS BECOME MEMBERS ONLY PRIVATE CLUB CONTROLLED BY FINANCIAL DONORS.


  4. That would be significant if the money they’re threatening to withhold is more than 1% of the DCCC’s coiffers.

    Don’t they realize that every Democratic member of Congress has to pony up dues in excess of a range from $100k to $600K? Per member?

    Do the math – they can afford to get along with out Bob Johnson’s donations, or anyone else on that list.

    I read over at Kos’ that the donors on that letter are getting bombarded with faxes, emails, phone calls and whatnot telling them what they can do with their threat. Last checked – the DCCC has more than $40-50 million in their coiffers and are continuing to get donations from the likes of you and me sending twos and fews.

    Pelosi already told them to go to hell with their threats – if anyone knows where to find big money to replace these donors, it’s her.

    But we should see this for what it is: Hillpatine is stating loud and clear that if she can’t have the nomination, NO DEMOCRAT WILL GET IT.

    She’d rather hand over the White House to McCain, and destroy the Party, as opposed to stepping down and saving the party. Additionally, I think there are some Democrats who savor this bloodletting because they don’t want Obama in the nomination, but know that they can’t be exposed as closeted bigots because the Democrats have billed themselves as the party of inclusion, diversity and tolerance.

  5. Rob C

    SB, great list!

    What intrigues me are the possible connections of these donors to Clinton’s lie-brary, world leadership foundation and foreign trade.

    Certainly these donors are lobbysts…for what issues becomes the question?

  6. Akech is right. Where’s the big money being made? In offshoring jobs and other nefarious activities that end up degrading the lives of 90 percent of the voting public. The campaign finance system must be changed first before any other progress can be made.

  7. Kofi

    I wish we could see some Republican numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these names show up in the Republican rolls as well.

    And, unlike what the donors would have us think, I’m sure Pelosi didn’t open her mouth without talking to/hearing from many of the undecided superdelegates. Unless she’s angling for her own spot.

  8. showmevagabond

    This political season allows us to see up close the serial destruction of our democratic process. How can the electorate possibly trust the process when it is lowered to the tactics promulgated by the Clintonistas? Who (or what) is safe any more? They-yes THEY-are the epitomy of bad culture, which can only breed bad government.

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