Fired cop may challenge Kwame’s Mama


Hat Tip: Robert Snell and Charlie LeDuff / The Detroit News

DETROIT — Fired Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown, fresh from beating Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick during the police whistle-blower trial, is mulling a campaign for mayor or against the mayor’s mother, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick.

Brown and one of his consultants confirmed today that polling will begin soon to gauge his support for a run at mayor next year or a campaign this year for the 13th District, which spreads from the Grosse Pointes to Downriver.

Brown insists it’s not personal and would only discuss his interest in taking on Cheeks Kilpatrick, 62. But his candidacy could turn what has traditionally been a campaign cakewalk for the six-term congresswoman into a bitter race with a subplot of the decorated deputy police chief against the mother of the man who ended his law enforcement career.

“I certainly don’t blame her for anything he’s done,” Brown said. “It’s really her record I want to run against, not him.”

Brown said he plans to seed the campaign with money from the $3 million share settlement he received last year when a Wayne County jury found that Kilpatrick ousted him for investigating the mayor and his security team.

Don’t talk about it, bruh, be about it.  

8 thoughts on “Fired cop may challenge Kwame’s Mama

  1. Who ran for mayor against Kwame in the last race? I vaguely recall it was a man that was deemed “not black enough” and/or other ridiculous charges. Maybe he could run again.

    Whatever happens, I hope to see things turn around in Detroit sooner, not later.

  2. Poetic Justice if he wins.

    He beat Kwame in court and takes that congressional seat from Carolyn – so where can a sista send him some cheddar to run?

    Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick has been a national disgrace charing the Congressional Black Caucus. She is probably the reason the Caucus has been silent on the race-baiting campaign of Hillary Clinton – half of them support Hillary, and if there’s no majority consensus to take a stand on anything of significance, the CBC doesn’t.

    Straight from Mel Watt’s mouth when he was CBC chair and the CBCMonitor lit them up on the BK bill and telecom immunity – they had no consensus, so he gave them license and cover to either do nothing or vote to screw over the Black districts they represent.

    Still time to clean the CBC House – this brotha better quit talking and form an explaratory committee to see if going up against Carolyn is viable.

    Even if he doesn’t win, if he manages more than 30% of the vote, he scares the crap out of her and has her thinking of what happened to her boy, Al Wynn. His candidacy sends a message; YOUR SEAT IS NOT SAFE.

  3. God bless Kwame, but nobody with the Kilpatrick last name should take over his title. I think its time to let somebody else be mayor of Detroit.

    GREAT BLOG! You’re getting added to my blogroll.

  4. Outlaw

    The ”not black enough” man that ran against Killerpatrick in the last mayoral election was Freeman Hendrix. An honest man with a lot of integrity and support behind him. He lost the election at the eleventh hour when some precincts ”lost power” and the ballots had to be hand-counted. Any person with a beating heart can figure out the rest from here. This cancer has to leave my beloved city so we can bring even an iota of respect back. He is killing Detroit and he will not let go…….Killerpatrick must go.

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