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  1. Did Tweety get that chill up his leg again? I mean, he was actually in Obama’s presence and all 😉

    I swear, Tweety and those “man crushes”… and yeah, Obama seems to have his groove back; however, I’m being super cautious because I feel like a partner in an abusive relationship and Obama is doing the abusing…((sigh))

  2. propagandhi

    Who are you people? You characterize Hillary as “Borg Queen” and her Black supporters as hankerchief-heads and and holy rollers; you go on and on about the failure of the young (or anyone) to embrace your radical artsy-fartsy political performance pieces (Uppity Negro); and NOW you’re losing your enthusiasm for Obama because he disavowed the bombast of some egoist cum preacher? HA!

    There are plenty of reasons not to support Obama:

    – He doesn’t support gay marriage (as the child of an interracial marriage, running for Pres. of the US 41 years after Loving v. Virginia. HA! How old is he again?)

    – He doesn’t support universal health care. (Instead he supports corporate welfare for for-profit insurance companies, and coopts the language of the left to describe it. HA!)

    – He doesn’t support a reinstatement of the federal anti-usury laws/regs repealed by Reagan in 1980. (Instead he argues that a lower corporate status quo should be adopted by imposing interest rate caps on credit and loans. HA!)

    And the list goes on.

    But his jettisoning of the Rev. Wright, for his imperious sanctimony, hardly seems like an honest place to draw a line in the sand. It smacks more of an astucious criticism; It smacks more of cowardice.

  3. Andrea


    Obama said a lot of stuff I never liked and voted a lot of ways I never liked. I held hesitation prior for a long time about supporting him until I learned that he had an ambitious approach to decentralizing generational conclaves. And what did I do: I had faith and let it go, of my residual doubts, on all issues in question because the idea of DECENTRALIZING segments of status quo and Establishments my main concern that I saw no one tackling as a major social issue yet it was being thrown around a lot in academia. I saw the possibilities of what could come from decentralization.

    But this issue…this issue here…of his pastor and his co-opted religion…it’s too much about character — not policy. And this is just something SIMPLY that was avoidable on his part — if he had integrity.

    And as for his mandates to support or not support initiatives you balk at of his refute, those are policy issues any person labeled as a politician does not have to uphold. Those are optional positions of any politician. Issues about your faith and the defense of your self-identified culture which is a character issue. That merits the criteria of more crucial judgment as non-optional in choice.

    So everything you are accusing of me in judgment of him is ACCURATE for not holding that criteria you had even as higher of him. I revere you dedication for calling me on it. But…on the other hand…he met my basic needs of the one policy motive that outweighed the other policy missteps and slights. I mean hell…I voted for Ralph Nader for the past two presidential campaigns as a resistant independent to never support the Democratic Party schemes.

    I was taking a leap in faith that what could come from decentralizing the electorate by Barack that would grant us all beneficiaries in a bottom-up revival that would subsidize the lack in reasons you have given. That was something Ralph Nader has not been successful in doing in getting mainstream voters to turn the Establishments inside out and upside down.

    But this issue about his preacher is more telling of him not as a politician but as a man. That there is where I could no longer support. To you, maybe it is an err of inconvenience that should be disregarded, but to me, it is a warning sign of seeing how he appropriates the values of things that should not be negotiable even as a politician.

    SO THAT IS WHO I AM and I appropriate the right to exclaim my convictions to retract my support.

    But I find your attack on what I was doing as Uppity Negro a smutty, gutter attack to make a point that I am…disloyal…when loyalty has to be a two-way reciprocation in relationship. Barack failed me in that relationship. I am not deemed property to remain aligned with anyone as terms of some wayward “low information voter” pathological co-dependency when I feel I cannot trust the man. Decentralizing as a reason for continued support is not enough and that lowered criteria I made concessions for to get to be a component of a decentralized movement is not as important as my conscious to by-pass another thing. It takes courage to cut the ties or to take a break and go for mediation. However still, it takes 2 to go through mediation. And on this issue, he has to show me that he is going to meet the objectives and past the test. My faith was tested and I gave in to give him a chance and several chances. This is one thing that does not take exemptions or options.

    It shows though with your lack of abysmal ineptitude to understand your own vicious resolve to try to wound me not knowing I agree with your challenge that I and we all should have maintained higher standards of his policy initiatives. That said however, your policy standards that Obama failed to meet are not tops on my priority list as a concern or deal-breaker. Sorry.

    But as well…like people say of POLITICIANS…they will not please everyone with all of their policy decisions and directives. And policy standards differ as selective warrants for each voter. I understand that. Don’t you?

    Rev. Wright however is not a policy stance and the handling of the issue was not optional. The issues of Rev. Wright and how it was handled does not fall under politics or policy initiatives of convenience. Your faith is not a dispensable factor and the relevance of those intertwined is not bargaining chips.

  4. Chesapeake


    You framed the issue right for me when you wrote “… losing your enthusiasm ….” While I still LEAN toward Senator Obama because I want to vote and he’s may be the best choice, I agree with Andrea about the importance of Obama publicly detaching himself from Rev. Wright. Andrea summed it up for me. too. I also am concerned about the issues you raised – some of the reasons why I’ve been reluctant to COMMIT to support him.

  5. Did Tweety get that chill up his leg again? I mean, he was actually in Obama’s presence and all

    I swear, Tweety and those “man crushes”… and yeah, Obama seems to have his groove back; however, I’m being super cautious because I feel like a partner in an abusive relationship and Obama is doing the abusing…((sigh))


    You are too funny for words…

    I was wondering that about Tweety too.

  6. thatguy

    To those who feel that Obama has been ruined for them because of the Rev Wright drama that was manufactured by the msm. For those who want to agonize over the technicalities of the way he has handled himself during the whole thing (sticking by his Wright, Trinity, giving a pretty damn good speech on race to boot).

    Sean Hannity thanks you! Mission accomplished.

    You are not unlike those who feel as though they have some sudden DEEP insight into the man after pastor-gate. Let’s judge Obama on a blurb from The View by taking it out of context and ridiculously claiming that it offers some serious soul-baring insight into the man’s character.

    Instead of trying to out-militant each other, how about trying to look at the big picture?

    Some of you sound like the crazy freaks on conservative blogs. Only instead of repeatedly saying “he sat in the church for 20 years!” it’s “he said he might of left that church after 20 years.”

    Keep gang-banging Obama over something his pastor said. Rush Limpballs is cheering you on.

    Divide and conquer.

  7. casey

    It’s interesting to read about your angst about what Obama said about Wright on The View. I thought he gave a reasonable and understandable response. I figured that given he stayed at Trinity meant that Wright didn’t say that kind of stuff all the time.

    This afternoon Chris Matthews seemed astounded that Obama would NOT throw Rev. Wright under the bus.

    I’m just glad that Obama isn’t so quick to keep Wright to the curb as you seem to be doing to Obama about a hypothetical no less.

    Oh well, to each his own.

  8. Casey,

    There was nothing hypothetical about what he said, he made it clear that had Wright stayed, he wouldn’t have. He need to keep that damn sh*t to himself, especially when it was the black church and its activist members who broke down barriers during the civil rights movement that made his run for president possible.

    To say that you would have left your progressive and welcoming congregation of twenty years because some whitefolks could twist and misconstrue the words of your pastor out of context-that’s just asinine to me.

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