Condi Busts a Move


Condoleezza Rice has made a series of overtures in recent weeks toward the wingnut establishment which indicate that she is surreptitiously campaigning to be named as John McCain’s running mate. Now that her time as Bush’s concubine and plantation Negress is drawing to a close, she is busting a move toward conservative apostate John McCain. Her fealty toward Bush no longer has the cachet it once did and she is looking to replace one massuh with another.

Content and empowered as Bush’s Foreign Minstrel and the black face of American Imperialism and White Supremacy, Condi now sees it in her best interests to contest for the Vice Presidency at this time. The GOP consensus is that Barack Obama has a lock on the Democratic nomination, so the time is right for Condoleezza Rice. I have written of this possibility in the past and I clearly wasn’t too far off the mark.This has been out there for awhile but I felt that today is the perfect slow news day to discuss it. Have at it

68 thoughts on “Condi Busts a Move

  1. john in california

    A new bio od Ms Rice is out and in my nieghborhood library. Has anybody read it? Is it worth the time?

  2. TripLBee

    There’s no way McCain picks her to be his VEEP. She has three strikes against her, only two of which are obvious. It’s an open secret in DC that Condi is a lesbian. I was at Stanford when she was the Provost there, and most students were aware of the fact that she lived with a woman. I am surprised that she has been able to stay in the closet this long. The media has cut some slack to Condi, Janet Reno, David Souter and other high profile non-heterosexuals in D.C. I can’t imagine that would remain the case were she on McCain’s ticket. Hard core conservatives (i.e. bigots) already despise McCain. If he picks Condi as he VEEP, Obama will barely have to campaign.

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if she were. I actually thought that back in the day and forgot about it. I mean she’s permanently single… she’s gotta be keeping fit for someone, right?

    Besides that, her ties to Bush (Cheney and Rumsfeld) and the nebulous policies leading up to the nebulous war would kill her candidacy in a heartbeat.

  4. John Shreffler

    She’s not going anywhere. White Country Club Millionaire Republicans own McCain”s ass. Hell will freeze over first before they’ll let him choose her, since you’d have to give it even odds him dying in office. Trust me on this–I lived among ’em for too log in Oklahoma and Texas and even snuck into one of their law firms for a year or so back in Carter’s days trying to see if I could learn how they managed to screw us all. Those guys know how to figure and there’s no way we’re going to see Condi as President, which she’d likely be if McCain won.

  5. TripLBee


    It was an open secret at Stanford. I was surprised when she took a high profile position with GWB and, apparently, brought her lover along with her. I thought this would be an issue in an administration at rabidly homophobic as this one. I doubt that this would remain a secret were she to be on a national ticket.

  6. I think if the Republicans were looking at picking a token it would be Colin Powell. He doesn’t have quite as much baggage since he bailed and distanced himself from the Neocon freakshow already.

    I always wondered why he never actually ran for president since Big Media was giddy over the prospect of it.

  7. E,

    Nobody is gonna vote for a ticket with two Seventy one year-old men on it. McCain and Powell are virtually the same age. Powell just had a birthday on Saturday.

  8. TripLBee,

    Several full-length biographies of Condoleezza Rice have been published in the last two-years by serious Journalists. None have said or intimated that Condi is gay. None.

    In fact, Marcus Mabry, a black journalist, a chief foreign correspondent for Newsweek, published the book Twice as Good, a full-length bio. His was the first of many by serious journalists.

    Mabry is also gay. Do you seriously think he would have missed that?

  9. TripLBee


    I don’t know what to say brother. I’m not trying to out her and I couldn’t care less who she sleeps with…But if you know anyone who attended Stanford in the mid-90s ask them and I’m sure they’ll tell you what I’m telling you. It wasn’t a secret on campus.

  10. zeitgeist9000

    Condi as VP could be a possibility.

    The rumor I’ve heard is that she’s Bush’s “concubine,” as SB puts it. But the lesbian thing I hadn’t heard.

    Repub VP is more likely than not to be a white male to counterbalance the historic ticket on the Dem side of a black male/white woman and/or both. The white male/white male combo on the Repub side would be an indication to the truest swing voters, white males, that the Republicans have their best interests in mind.

  11. When the media was suggesting a couple of years ago that Condi would run for POTUS, I thought for sure that the MSM was smokin’. But after reading some very thoughtful articles that talked about the prospect of CR as VP, I am bracing myself for Condi being selected as a VP candidate.
    She will help create a balance on the whole first black or first woman mantle. She will give the white people, who for no uncertain terms would vote for BO and HC, the chance to say, “See, we’re not racist or sexist. We just didn’t want to vote Democrat.” Having her on the ticket is a gangsta move on the part of the GOP.
    They don’t give a damn about Condi. If they select her, she really will be a token piece.

  12. msbizniss

    Okay SB,

    This maybe a thought in their minds but I have one thought of my own.

    Lets look at it this way,
    Okay, we have a white male in his seventy’s with rumors of having some form of cancer who picks a running mate who is African American female. Now, what if for some crazy dream or reason he wins that leaves an AA female as second in command to a cancerous wallop……..

    Okay, yeah, don’t think those guys are going to go for that one. They don’t even respect the woman, they wont even call her by her full name. Sorry Condi.

  13. I don’t believe that Dr. Rice is a lesbian. She’s a Brilliant Black Woman in America who hasn’t been ashamed of her gifts; that alone can consign her to being alone.

    Now, I honestly believe that the $$$$ people of the GOP have their VP Favorite – Mitt Romney…never ever forget the meeting in 2007 in Utah with the big money bigwigs that included Dick Cheney and only ONE GOP Hopeful – Romney. I’d go so far as to say that if he chose Romney, he better not close both eyes ever again going to sleep at night.

    But, if he chose Dr. Rice, then I’ll make the bumpersticker:


  14. Is there a high profile Republican Hispanic? All the ones I know were born somewhere else and immigrated here, thus eliminating them from the VP Spot.

  15. SB, Rikyrah and TripLBee:

    I’m from Cali as you know (Northern Cal) and I’d heard those rumors about Condi Rice all the way from San Francisco to the Stanford Campus at Palo Alto.

    Now, whether or not it’s true remains to be seen, but the rare time I watched Fake News, Condi was a guest on “Fox and Friends” and I swear, the hosts were trying to act as if they were trying to set her up on a date with a New York anchor named Lauren Green.

    They gushed about how much Condi and Lauren had in common and how they would like one another; they could hook them up, etc.

    I didn’t really see Condi’s response because I switched channels at that point.

    What I personally think Condi is – an accomplished woman who accomplished what she has not by her own personal skill, but listening to, and obeying the guidance of many “mentors’ who paved a path for her that was not available to many African-Americans because she was a “non-threatening” Negro.

    Case in point – you don’t get to be a Provost at Stanford University in your early thirties. Usually you’re middle age. Condi’s mentors were heavily and well connected, politically, corporately, academically, and she was their own private “Affirmative Action” baby. What we see in government now, is a reciprocation of those investments planted into Condi as far back as the early days of the Reagan Administration.

    Regarding her sexuality, I think Condi may be capable of batting for BOTH TEAMS, if you get my drift. There were property titles on record out in California that were discovered indicating that Condi owned some pricey real estate down in Palo Alto (where the average tract home prices at no less than $1 mil), and that a woman was on the title with her as co-owner.

    That could be perfectly harmless. Or not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except it might cancel her out as a potential VP for McCain.

    When she attends State functions and formal White House affairs, she usually has former 49er Wide Receiver Gene Washington on her arm, and as far as I know, Gene isn’t the type to be a willing “beard” to cover for any woman he’s not screwing.

    I say that she strokes strategically and the gender doesn’t matter as long as there’s mutual benefit on both sides.

    It no longer benefits her to screw Bush. And I came to that conclusion watching her testimony during the 9/11 Commission hearings. She picked up too many of Bush’s facial tics and fidgeting mannerisms. My mother used to say that when a woman has been intimate with a man for a period of time, he’s not only depositing his seed within her; he’s also depositing through his seed his personality and some of his traits, which is why women shouldn’t have too many sexual partners – all those personalities and spirits, if you will, vyinig for attention and prominance within the woman.

    Condi acted just like Bush would in front of Congress and lying under oath.

    While she called Bush “her husband” it didn’t get more play because the media made sure it didn’t get any play.

  16. TripLBee

    I don’t want to beat the lesbian rumors into the ground, because I don’t want to give the impression that I’m denouncing her based on her sexuality. I will just say that, just as New Yorkers generally assumed that Ed Koch was gay, most folks at Stanford assumed the same about Rice.

    My distaste for Rice started in earnest when several students from the Black Student Union invited her to sit on the dais at the annual celebration we had marking the graduation of Stanford’s black students. The president of the university always attend, as do many if not most of the faculty. We thought Rice might be honored to sit on the dais. Instead she refused to attend, implying that the whole ceremony was some form of reverse racism. I couldn’t care less what Rice’s sexuality is. All I know is that, in spite of her impressive intellect, she is a disgrace.

  17. TripLBee

    PS—There is no way in hell that she’ll be McCain’s VP. My early bets are on Charlie Crist.

  18. This group has a better chance of winning presidental seats in IRAQ – than America.

    You think the white males in the Republician Party will go for her… Not !

    If they wanted to get creative they should put J.C. Watts on the ticket. However, Watts is still pissed because they told him to go to the corner when he tried to move up the ladder.

  19. TripLBee:

    My own experience with Dr. Rice is that she had an opportunity to fully advance Affirmative Action issues on her watch at Stanford and she didn’t.

    200 Black and Latino kids with SAT scores in the 1000s, 3.70 or higher GPAs and came from low – to lower middle class backgrounds applied to Stanford – you would think at leat 5% of that bunch would have gotten acceptance letters.


    I worked with the Upward Bound and other college prep programs in Oakland that prepped those kids. Many of them got into Yale, Harvard, one to Princeton, and I think some got into HBCUs like Dillard or Howard. All of them went to someone’s college, be it San Fran or San Jose State, Cal State or the U. C.System – or out of state colleges.

    That was over 20 years ago. At least 50 of them applied to Stanford and Dr. Rice had responsibility for the implementation, oversight and monitoring of the university’s Affirmative Action Program, including diversity recruitment of students into the school.

    The Irony of it all is that for her obedience and loyalty to the Republican Party, the old white guys who are the party leadership, will do exactly as Roderick says – but Roderick is being generous in saying they should consider J. C. Watts. Watts toted their water and when Tom DeLay advanced to Majority Whip in the House, he made it clear to Watts that the new leadership in Congress did not include HIM.

    Watts retired from Congress and makes a boatload of money as a corporate lobbyist here in DC.

    They’ll will use Condi to close the deal in putting Mitt Romney or Charlie Crist in the slot and hopes the rest of the ReThugs won’t notice.

  20. TripLBee

    Political Junkie,

    I taught at Lowell Middle School and Castlemont so we probably crossed paths. In any event, Rice made it clear that she wanted to distance herself from anything that smelled “too black” while she was at Stanford. She was a huge disappointment. I haven’t been the least bit surprised with her follow up performance in the Bush Administration.

    I don’t think that McCain will pick Romney either,largely because he’s been kissing the ass of the Christian Right which hates Mormons more than it hates black lesbians. McCain is having such a difficult time shoring up his own base that I imagine he’ll make a conventional, safe pick. That’s my guess anyway.

  21. satirah

    Politics is getting too hilarious! McCain would not add Condi to his ticket as VP. That is a hot mess of a disaster waiting to happen. One of them would end up being a joke…probably McCain.

    Who knows? On the other hand, that might work out though! Ebony and Ivory in the White House… We have arrived! LOL! 🙂 I crack me up!

  22. “My early bets are on Charlie Crist.”

    The gay rumors have been following him around, too. McCain’s crew is probably working OT these days on going through potential Veep candidate’s closets with a microscope. They might just end up with Holy Joe Lieberman as the only squeaky clean candidate. Except of course for the blood on his hands, which for some reason no one cares about.

  23. TripLBee


    Really? Wow…I guess the GOP is secretly awash in self-hating gay folks. On the surface, Joe Lieberman would be an interesting choice but he also has several terminal strikes against him. He is about as polarizing to the anti-war crowd as Hillary is to the far right crowd. He’s also a Democrat, which will not sit well with the GOP base. He’s also relatively liberal on social issues, which will not endear him to Republicans. Finally, and most fatally, he is Jewish. Conservative Christians are already upset that McCain is the nominee. They’ll be committing suicide if he selects a Jews as his VP.

  24. I don’t think that McCain will pick Romney either,largely because he’s been kissing the ass of the Christian Right which hates Mormons more than it hates black lesbians. McCain is having such a difficult time shoring up his own base that I imagine he’ll make a conventional, safe pick. That’s my guess anyway.

    I think that McCain was making a move towards Flipping Mitt, which is why that group popped up to stop Flipping Mitt from getting the spot. They do not like the Mormon. I thought that stuff was all worked through because of his campaign; I see that I’m wrong about that.

  25. No problem there, TripLbee, all McCain has to do is tell the evangelical wingnuts that having a Jew as VP will bring on the Rapture…and they will follow like sheep to the slaughter.

  26. Let me make it clear that I am VERY against Condoleeza Rice’s deadly impact on the world. Very very ANTI. I had to scroll quickly past your large picture because I can’t even stand to look at her. It is very difficult for me to deal with the fact that a black woman is complicit in so much murder and hatefulness on behalf of the US.

    But even for me…the most anti-Condee person I know…the way you talk about her up there is pretty gross. Way too simplistic (especially given the later comments that problematize your assumptions about her sexuality.)

    I really don’t think that projecting plantation stereotypes onto a truly complex…and truly dangerous public figure like Rice is helpful at all. This isn’t Sally Hemmings. This is a black woman who is willing to sign “yes” on the deaths of people of color all over the world, especially in Palestine and Iraq (and in Guantanmo and in New Orleans). I have to take this life or death situation a little bit more seriously.

    Your move to devolve your political observation into a sex fantasy is less insulting to Rice than it is to the rest of us who need a way to take female politicians and their actions seriously, because our lives may depend on it.

  27. Cliff

    “She picked up too many of Bush’s facial tics and fidgeting mannerisms. My mother used to say that when a woman has been intimate with a man for a period of time, he’s not only depositing his seed within her; he’s also depositing through his seed his personality and some of his traits, which is why women shouldn’t have too many sexual partners – all those personalities and spirits, if you will, vyinig for attention and prominance within the woman.”

    Scientific evaluation TPJ. I guess there can be no denial of this affair now.


    She could run, but she can’t hide.

  28. TripLBee:

    I attended Lowell Middle School and graduated from McClymonds High – so we may very well have crossed paths at some point. One of my former co-workers, Harold Logwood, is on faculty at Castlemont today.


    I think some of us were sharing what we knew about Condi and why McCain may not pick her for VP. But you make good points about her having blood on her hands – I hold her personally responsible for 9/11. If she’d given Bush that memo on August 6th, titled “Bin Laden determined to strike U. S.”; not to mention in Bob Woodward’s book “State of Denial” where former CIA director George Tenet noticed activity at airports involving Al Queada operatives – he went to Condi with the info on July 10th and the heifer didn’t budge.

    Add all her ignorance and you have 9/11 happening, which could have well been prevented if she had done her job, which was to inform the POTUS of these activities and put something in place to prevent the attacks.

    Wasn’t she in New York shopping for shoes? Or did that shopping spree occur during Hurricane Katrina? I forget, but it was more indication that she was waaayyy in over her head, both as National Security Advisor and later being promoted to succeed Colin Powell as Secretary of State.

  29. Rick

    Alexis and Angie:

    Over the years, I’ve had many a conflicted feeling about Ms. Condi Rice.

    On the one hand, she is a black woman who has reached the height of power. And, I do admire that in its own right. On the other, I’ve often found myself being disappointed with regard to how she has chosen to exercise that very same power (or not to exercise it, as appropriate).

    On one side, the woman has Alpha-level intelligence. On the other, she at times seems to lack basic common sense. Case in point: few can rival her knowledge about the history and politics of Russia, her area of specialty.
    *However, all one needs is an intro-level International Relations course to know that NATO expansion and a missle-defense system right outside Russia’s doorsteps would catalyze growing Russian nationalist sentiment –potentially lay the origins to another Cold War at worst, and significantly hurt US-Russian cooperation in other key strategic areas (Iraq, nonproliferation etc), at the least.

    On the prior point, I have often been dumbfounded by U.S. foreign policy towards Russia and neighboring states as it relates to NATO expansion and that missle defense system. All the more because she should know better.

    I am often struck by her brilliance and eloquence, particularly when it comes to defending herself at senate or congressional hearings. You can not trap this woman. She is the best in the business in that regard. At other times, I am maddened by the sheer lunacy of the things that have come out of her mouth (e.g., “mushroom clouds”). Ultimately what scares me about her is that she is an ideologue, failing to adjust to events on the ground staring her right in her face, but rather demonically possesed by dogma.

    That basically sums up how I feel about Condi Rice. If you come by my house, you’ll see a Dec 2002 Newsweek article on my coffee table (underneath lots of other stuff) when she was described as the Most Powerful Women in Washington as National Security Advisor. That was just months before the March invasion. These days I’m very disappointed about her tenure at State, given the reasons I explained above.

    Do I think she’d be considered as VP?

    Republicans would rather see McCain/Rice in office than Obama or Hillary. And piggybacking what Angie said, with Condi, they’d get a black and a woman in ONE person. The Democrats may have a black OR a woman on the ticket, but perhaps not both.

    (Go figure, the republicans might even have the AUDACITY to claim that they are AHEAD of democrats as it relates to gender and racial equality…ha ha)

  30. john in california

    Rice is a real possibility if Hillary is the nominee because that would leave many A-A’s highly disappointed in the Democratic party for anointing Clinton and repubs would hope that Condi could draw that disaffected vote. If Obama is the dem candidate, as expected, then Condi adds no demographic pull to the ticket. Since Condi is so identified with tinpot, putting her on the ticket is total ‘stay the course’ and polls say that is not a winning electoral strategy. I don’t think she draws the women’s’ vote since her life and career choices have distanced her from her femininity. On the other hand, neither Lieberman nor Graham pull enough weight in the Jewish or Gay (closeted) communities to make them particularly attractive, and nobody outside of Florida has heard of Crist so maybe it’s Condi by default. I would like to see Huckababy, just for the comedy of seeing McCain say something in one breath just to be contradicted by Huckababy in the next.

  31. McCain and the Huckster on the same ticket?


    The first thing Huckabee would do is tell McCain to watch his mouth around him, and to honor his wife by not calling her the C-Word.

    McCain: ##$%&@!!%^

    They might haul Jack Kemp out of mothballs to help McCain – of course I’m engaging in Snark this morning – forgive me.

    If they want to get disaffected African-Americans, he would have to put Colin Powell on the ticket, because out of all the Handkerchief Heads in the Bush administration, he’s the least damaged, and White America doesn’t feel threatened by him.

  32. Jessica

    John in Cali,

    That would be true if people just got in line behind the right color, gender, religion. . . It’s not what happens in the real world.

    It would be interesting though to see Condi on the ticket. All the screaming about gender loyalty to Hillary and race loyalty to Obama would fall apart, I would think. I can’t imagine that NOW would issue a nasty letter about how all women should get behind Rice because she is a viable female candidate. They do mean viable Democrat, right?

    As for the comments about Condi’s sexuality, I haven’t heard that and my gay-dar doesn’t pick that up. I do think that it would be a problem, but I have been very wrong this year in assessing people’s bigotry. As for her race being an issue for Republican voters, I would have to say some but not most. It would be great to see white Republican’s “prove it” as white Democrats have.

    As for Colin Powell, I think that strategically he would be an excellent choice and would provide the distancing from Bush that the Republican’s need. Powell has been on the talk circuit dropping cryptically scathing remarks about Bush and his performance for years. He is not a fan.

    All that said- I really cannot stand McCain.

  33. Dawn

    Condi adds nothing to the ticket, NOTHING! John McCain doesn’t need any help on the foreign policy front; she does not appeal to white women; and the Black vote is not up for grabs. He needs help on domestic issues, namely the economy, and youth and charisma. Condi has a good shoe game, but I don’t think that speaks to any financial acumen other than she likes to spend money like the rest of us.

    John Thune, Republican Senator from SD, is going to be his VP pick. John Thune is a solid reaganite with a MBA, John F. Kennedy looks and charisma. In 2004, I picked two up and coming political stars: Barack Obama and John Thune. Bet that!

  34. Rikyrah, I thought you appreciated it when I get deep. :-p

    Dawn, interesting pick of Thune; he completely escaped my radar, but you could be right about McCain’s VP choice.

    I just hope he doesn’t call dude the C-word after shouting it at his wife…((eyebrows raised))

  35. Rick

    The more I read, the more I think that…

    Maybe just maybe this campaign — with its overly and long agonizing process — has LESS to do with any of the individual candidates (and associated characters) themselves, but more about a divine, yet painful, uprooting of some deep underlying issues that, like weeds, need to be pulled up and excavated before this country can move forward as God would intend for it. The candidates themselves are just catalysts. Vessels.

    It does seem in my eyes that it took someone to step forward to spark a national conversation about some of the issues that have come out over the last year. Of course, some of these issues include inequality in race relations, gender, income and intolerance (including in the black community) about sexual differences. Some across America have been surprised about some of the issues that have come out over the past year and change. Issues must be identified before they can be solved.

    Of course, none of these issues will be solved in 2008. But maybe our generation’s role is to carry the conversation forward for the benefit of our children. Seen in that light, the question then becomes, what role will we as individuals have in this divine drama? What are we doing to advance the cause…?

    just something to consider…

  36. john in california

    Going O.T., please excuse, but read this morning about the whole whitehouse gang being in on the actual defining of torture methods. Ii this isn’t impeachable, I don’t know what is. SB, is there no way to put real, electorial pressure on Conyers to hold impeachment hearings? Isn’t there someone in his district that will challenge him on this and make it clear he will lose his seat if he does not proceed againt these criminals? Beleive me, if some one rose up to take Conyers on, the netroots would raise a million in a minute. Sorry for the O.T., it just makes me crazy.

  37. Andrea


    It’s nothing to consider. We should be mandated to see what you see.

    Your summation pinpoints the forced realities mainstream America has tried to suppress and has used to keep us in forced regression to restrain and deny evolutions.

    You are there. You can see the paradigms. You can see.

  38. Andrea

    Your points are always valid, Rick. It’s just what you said was so vulnerable…so sheer…and actually it was a calm and inviting ultimatum fighting the sustained fatigue we all feel. You simply challenged us. As much as it was delicately put, it was still a bit heavy in that most of us don’t want to have to be that intimate all the time…with ourselves, our thoughts, our fears…not knowing…maybe being wrong.

    So much of everything you say is right on the money. I just have never told you. The sentiments were in my head though.

    I’m always looking to see who has a Third-Eye and a can of courage in their arsenal. It’s so hard to find in our peers. Our elders did not make it a priority as they should have in rearing us as a collective group with monolithic identity. And if only you knew that was my resounding back-story for the past few years. I was looking for just what you give. I find most people are terrified to go there but they say they want to matter and make a difference. If only you could help them.

    It’s hard to find the ingenuity that is combustible in our own on the surface and in the mainframe. You have (brave)heart.

  39. mike

    Texas white conservative here just surfing through…

    I admire Condi and have been since she was appointed as Bush’s Nat Security Advisor in 2001.

    She is an awesome example to all americans and represents the USA to the world magnificantly.

    She grew up in the racist south in the 50’s and 60’s. Her father defended his family against terrorist white trash that hate with a shotgun at night in their neighborhood.

    My perspective is that she would be the best choice for McCain (whom I reluctantly support).

  40. Rick

    to God be all honor and praise. whenever I am used to get others to think about something in a way they might not have considered previously, that makes me feel good. But I can not take the credit.

    what I like about this blog is that I know for sure the regular contributers here, including yourself, have had a great impact on others who frequent this space. We each have a unique perspective given our different backgrounds. We come together like a mosaic. We each have power to be leaders. i’d like to thank you for your contributions as well. you remind us of the importance of being true to ideals, so that they don’t get completely lost around the negotiating table.

    that is an important voice.

  41. Angie

    “What I like about this blog is that I know for sure the regular contributers here, including yourself, have had a great impact on others who frequent this space. We each have a unique perspective given our different backgrounds. We come together like a mosaic.” Rick

    Rick, I couldn’t have said it better.

    Thanks everyone for your awesome perspectives. Like I always have said since my first introduction to this blog, some of the most brilliant minds convene here. And what’s so wonderful is that y’all, in all your intellectual brilliance and social/political insight, let me come amongst you. *smile*

    Thanks for letting me hang out with y’all.

    Have a peaceful, beautiful, and God inspired weekend.

    Angie B.

  42. TPJ: Did you see my post at Field’s blog regarding Christians and the abortion issue? In case you didn’t see it, I wanted you to know that I did give you some feedback as you requested.


  43. TripLBee


    Condi was one of the principal liars in the whole “weapons of mass destruction” “Saddam is working with Al Qaeda” nonsense. I could never support or even respect someone that deep in one of the great shames in American foreign policy.

  44. Rick

    OT: Obama Strikes Back at Hillary on ‘Elitist-gate’ comments

    “She is running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen, how she values the Second Amendment. She’s talking like she’s Annie Oakley,” Obama said, invoking the famed female sharpshooter immortalized in the musical “Annie Get Your Gun.”

    He continued: “Hillary Clinton is out there like she’s on the duck blind every Sunday. She’s packing a six-shooter. Come on, she knows better. That’s some politics being played by Hillary Clinton.” — Obama

    Maybe Hillary’s also having flashbacks from dodging that sniper fire when she was first lady!

  45. john in california

    I understand the vp has an open invitation to hillary to go dove hunting with him down in texas.

  46. Angie

    Rikyrah, I don’t even know if my heart can stand it if I read this article. The teaser has already pissed me off.

  47. Rick

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    I was telling someone the other day — who felt like giving up on something — that the blessings they were given were not just for them…but for the good of other people.

    and that to quit, would not be just giving up on herself, but letting down all the people (seen and unseen, known and unknown) who benefit from the blessings that person was given.

    that’s what I think to myself when I feel like quitting and giving up on something.

    and then, eventually, I roll up my sleeves and get to work again.

    just a random OT post I felt like sharing 🙂

  48. uplift…sorry.


    I do hope you’re ok….even comething cynical from you would be welcome by now. When you go for stretches like this…I begin to worry.

    Just holla at us, ok?

  49. Angie

    Thank you Rick. You’re always so thoughtful and kind.

    SB: It’s strange to be concerned over someone that you don’t even know, never heard their voice, or even know their real name. But I am concerned. I do realize that you are a person behind that avatar. So, quite naturally after days have rolled by, I’ve wondered if everything is alright with you. No, not Skep, but you.
    Please just let us know. My prayers are with you.

    P.S. If you were a person that had a tendency to neglect your blog, like me, then I wouldn’t me so worried. **smile**

  50. Yo, Angie, I did see your response to my question over at the Field Negro’s blog. Thanks for an honest assessment.

    Rick, I’m cosigning with everyone here who stated you contribute posts that drop some serious knowledge and makes us think. Thanks for seeing those paradigms and pointing them out to us who want to be able to think for ourselves.

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