Pennsylvania results: Hillary Wins



NBC is reporting that this race is too close to call as the polls closed moments ago.    I told y’all that I smelled death in the air, but didn’t realize that it was imminent, just inevitable.   It’s over.  Russert and Brokaw have pronounced her dead.   The campaign is broke, the vendors ain’t been paid, and the fat lady is belting her lungs out.   Obama’s massive media buys in North Carolina and Indiana and his massive cash advantage are kicking in. The numbers will be out soon and we will know for sure.   She’ll probably still win, but not by the comfortable margin that she needs.


Democratic Primary Results

Real-time Race Results: Updated April 23, 2008 – 12:34 AM (all times Eastern Standard)
Precincts Reporting 98%

Candidate Votes Vote % Delegates Projected Winner
Clinton 1,233,030 55% 74 Winner
Obama 1,020,076 45% 60

35 thoughts on “Pennsylvania results: Hillary Wins

  1. She will probably still win, but I’ll be shocked if it’s by double digits.

    Thank goodness for Roland Martin – only Black person remotely telling the truth. Eugene tries, but he’s not as forceful as Roland.

  2. Rp

    Glad you are back. I like your head on perspectives. I hope you are right on this one. I will send out a mass e-mail to every frat boy pundit who hates on OBAMA. May she rest in peace, so we can get some……………

  3. Bowie, NV

    Trust me…she is going nowhere. You guys should know better. She will take him down , maul him and ensure that there is nothing left of him to salvage in the general!

  4. TripLBee

    Hillary aint dropping out anytime soon. The supers will continue migrating towards Obama. I predict that he’ll have the 2025 needed to lock up the nomination by late May or early June. Hillary is gonna chew this bone until she’s sent to the dog house.

  5. What makes me sick is how the media is going to spin this “win”.

    Even if it’s only by 4 points or less, they’re going spin it like a landslide.

    But she’s lost a group of voters, the ones who haven’t been paid for services rendered.

    The Fat Lady hasn’t sung, but she’s warming up her lungs to belt out a good one.

  6. Chesapeake

    No matter how much Senator Clinton postures that she will go all the way, that posturing is not persuading donors to continue donating. Moneybags are not convinced, and they are not going to throw money into a losing cause. Senator Obama took Clinton’s and the media’s best shots (except for what’s being reserved for the general election) in the popular surrogate governor’s state, and by reasonable man standards, Obama succeeded. Numerically, Clinton was unsuccessful.

    Unless the Prez and Senator have a family meeting agreeing to spend a good chunk of the family wealth on the losing cause, not only should we smell what SB smells but also, TPJ, we should smell real soon the fat lady’s breath.

  7. Whew…no double digits, and he improved in pretty much every category from Ohio…that’s a good thing. 🙂

    Mad props to Senator Casey, once again.

  8. Just got back from another rough day in PA. Listen, I had a long long rough day, dealing with some of the MOST RACIST people I’ve ever met, including one who felt like expounding for as long as I could stomach him about why black American folks are inherently morally challenged (little hint: it involves the belief that all the slaves were criminals before the British brought them here).

    We fought tooth and nail, there were more than 14,000 volunteers lined up in a state that is heavily Clinton demographics.

    Add to that a last minute shout out to Osama Bin Laden in a Haterz for Hillary commercial.

    Now, tell me, my man, do you still intend to sit this one out when it comes to be your turn to stand up and be counted?

  9. SB,

    You know I respect you. You know I do. But, we need you in those North Carolina trenches. I don’t know how plainer to put it. We just do.

  10. Just a little FYI I picked up from a JJP reader:

    The NC Republicans are about to start a racial ad campaign against Obama in NC starting tomorrow. The Willie Horton ad maker is about to air racial ads in NC starting tomorrow.

  11. One thing is clear; He’s got to start working on the redneck vote for the GE. Maybe he needs to join the NRA and start shooting baby pigeons or sumthin.

  12. NJC

    I think the “bitter” remark kept this from being much closer.

    Of course, it’s not just one thing usually, but I think that was just the tipping point that stalled momentum in Pennsylvania, that otherwise would have continued.

  13. Andrea

    I never opined about Pennsylvania because I knew no one wanted to hear it. I lived there in Philly on Delaware Avenue. In the Coast Guard I dragged bodies that popped up in the spring in the river after having been frozen all winter. Philly is a cruel city. No brotherly love. And I travelled there to bring Uppity Negro to Lincoln University and Temple. Temple has a lot of White Ethnics. Temple is (let me be politically correct) White Bread and Drexel and Penn is foccacia and caibata. Villonova is high-end wheat. And around the corner from Lincoln — along the way of the highway near the college, there are Confederate Flags boldly hanging from the porches. I’m talking walking distance to Lincoln University. All in all, it’s quite uncomfortable to walk to your toes seeing the various types of people but also to see such fearfulness in a Northern city.

    Out past the mainline is where the Blue Bloods are and White Liberal Elites but they don’t intergrate either. I really was not seeing the hope their in Pennsylvania knowing how the history of a lot of historical fighting between Black Elites and Old Money handout penance seekers.

    And living in South Philly around the Italians and staying in Fishtown around the Poles, I knew that a lot of White Ethnics just wasn’t going to vote for him because Philly has a serious Black-on-Black crime problem understated in national news. They are killing each other left and right in West Philly. So with that, I had a feeling unless Obama came down hard on Blacks, they were not going for him.

    It’s similar all over the state in being a place of people who are descendants of immigrants from Europe that came to America to get rich. They are depressed. They are however also people who don’t interact with other types of newer people. They are clannish people.

    But so much crud about racial strife in Pennsylvania never hits the news. At Penn State students used to write me about wanting me to come fight for them against attacks on their dorm room doors and I would think and scream, “Where are your parents? Why don’t you organize and get them up here? Get other schools from out-of-state to put what you are going through on blast!” The problem was: the school and their police force and the county blocked reporters and intimidated the students. Let me correct that: the students were too intimidated and under-educated in being industrious to figure out how to get around the MACHINE of the local network to keep outsiders out. This was all before YOUTUBE but just a few years ago.

    So I don’t see how much could change because of someone coming to their state and not knowing these people in how to talk to them. The only thing that would have put him over was to placate and beat up the Blacks in Philly because the idea of how bad it is of the crime statistics is how they see Blacks. They see the news and the actually degradation of decline in Black Life in Philly (hearsay: Trenton and Camden) as evidence that unless Obama was going to safeguard and protect them from the changing times, they were not for it.

    When I heard the “bitter” comments I knew that it did not hurt him. What he said was try. Pennsylvania is Old Country settlers and immigrants. They simply don’t care for too much new stuff and especially by someone that don’t speek their language. It had little to do with him being Black as much they are scared to death of new anything because new seems bad and scares them that the life that they have known and has rooted their cultures is asking for them to change and adapt. They are racists and can be violent about it. But they are truly scared of change.

    Open a mill or factory and they will be happy. They just want to be a foreman and make good money. They don’t care about the world. They care about small time small America issues. Don’t come around there bothering them unless you bringing back their past.

  14. Angie

    Andrea, thanks for the insight.

    Rikyrah, I want you to know that I thought about you and the “lobster hate” when I was walking out of the house for work. My mother was watching the news, and you know who was on CBS jocking her so called win. I got suddently pissed off and started fussing at the television. Then, I caught myself. I grabbed my purse, slipped on my shoes, and wished my mother a blessed day. I refuse to let that woman push me over the edge.


  15. rikyrah…the media is gonna give her a 10 point win no matter if it’s 54/46. They want this thing to go the distance even though it’s already mathematically impossible for her to win and has been for over 2 months. Don’t let ’em raise your blood pressure. Turn off the TV and get out in the soothing spring sunshine for a bit. 🙂

    Andrea summed up the Pennsylvania dynamic pretty well. I was at Penn State for a couple years back in the 90s and the racist graffiti thing was going on back then, too. And yes the college admin wanted nothing more than to sweep it under the rug. Black students couldn’t wait to transfer out of “Happy Valley”.

    What bothers me is that the next president will be decided by exactly these demographics and the very backwards attitudes they cling to like a life preserver in a stormy sea. We are quite literally fucked if we think they will ever change before they die. The best hope is for a large segment of the voting public to stay home on November 8th. But the racial thing will be pumped up so much that they will feel compelled to preserve “tradition”.

  16. Chesapeake

    Senator Edwards is expected to endorse Senator Obama, today. If so, the endorsement may be the proverbial fork America needed to stop the madness. Stay tuned!

  17. john in california

    If one eliminates race from the picture, the most important demographic point to make about the PA result is the breakdown along lines of age. Obama wins under forty, Clinton wins over forty. Since older people vote in higher proportion than younger, and our population is aging, Obama is going to have to make his unifying message take a different emphasis in the fall. The fact is that our tax structure, education benefits, union contracts and just about any other economic measure have favored those that already have over those who have yet to get. A necessary transfer of wealth from the older generation to the younger in some way other than individual inheritance is necessary if we are to keep from sliding into generational warfare. McCain’s only real selling point will be that he will let old people keep what they have. It is a weak point, given a thirty percent devaluation of the dollar and no tying SS benefits to buying power, but, nevertheless, when people are afraid they will often vote for a status quo they know rather than take a chance on something better. I am sure Obama is a little frustrated he did not knock down the spread another point or two but, racism aside, I think he knows he must find a way to reach the older demographic in such a way that they feel a part of ‘the change’ without being threatened by the unknown. To do this he is going to have to make a very explicit appeal to older folks in his ads and he is going to have to back it up with a roadmap to better health care and reiterate his point of allowing more supplemental income for SS receivers. And he must do this without making young people see themselves as disenfranchised and burdened again. In a tough economic climate and a with the government drowning in debt, it is going to be impossible to do without a much more aggressive call to increase taxes on the wealthy. So far, Obama has avoided making this central to his campaign but if he is to prevail in the fall he must come out strong on this.

  18. Chesapeake

    re: my comment @12:17 pm,

    I apologize for that comment. There being no trace of the comment on the web, my source must not be reliable. Sorry.

  19. Mark

    First, I want to say that I really appreciate this blog. I come here often and enjoy not only the blog entries but the comments. So thanks to everyone.

    I am a white male who grew up in one of the many mill towns in western PA. It was then (although population has likely dwindled) a city of about 50,000. The african-american population there was less than 1%.

    Sadly it was a place of open hostility toward blacks. Not necessarily in terms of violence (at least when I was growing up there in the 70s and 80s) but it was viewed as a legitimate opinion to oppose anything having to do with the civil rights movement.

    Even my own grandmother, who I loved dearly, would say some crazy stuff that you know you just have to sort of sit there and listen to because there’s no point in trying to work on the prejudices of somebody who is 75 years old.

    Anyway, I think Andrea has done an excellent job of describing the situation there for the most part and I have only a few comments to add.

    First of all, there is an economic component to the racism which (of course) is based on completely false perceptions.

    These people have been watching their way of life erode for the last thirty years. Life was good a quarter century ago — the jobs were secure, they paid well and there weren’t really any worries. But yes these jobs have slowly gone away and those that have remained are less and less secure and don’t pay quite as phat as they used to.

    At the same time there has been much needed progress in terms of economic opportunities for african americans

    But many of these people live in a bubble of BS where they keep telling themselves that the reason african americans have increasingly entered the middle and upper-middle class is due to affirmative action (and exclusively affirmative action). Many of these people are firmly convinced that white people are discriminated against.

    It is of course a bunch of crap but that’s how it’s viewed by a lot of these people.

    Frankly, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the people where I grew up but well, my hometown is a nasty place with a bunch of small minded people.

    The problem for Obama is that outside of Philly and Pittsburgh, a large percentage of whites are either overt or latent racists. For many of these people, I think Obama will have a tough time penetrating their bubble of BS.

    So it will be an uphill battle for him in the GE, I think. That said, I think he can bring in enough of them to make it close and I think he can generate some cross over appeal among middle class and upper middle class white republicans and indies.

    Based on my own experience there, the folks who identified with the GOP were less concerned about race than were the folks who identified with the democrats.

    Now these people might have some provincial attitudes about “hip hop culture” and so forth. But I don’t see Obama triggering those types of prejudices.

    Just my $0.02

  20. Shadow Self

    Excuse me while I shed a tear. I love all of your comments about racist whites. Read the Department of Justice figures on interracial crime. It’s by far more black on white than anything. Oh…and the whole thing about slaves being criminals that the British brought here. They were generally slaves in Africa before they were sold (By blacks in Africa I might add, usually of a rival tribe.) And as far as Affirmitive Action goes…Who the hell wants to live in a society where your doctor is only your doctor based on the color of his skin? That is really fucking intelligent. I can’t begin to comprehend this level of ignorance. This moronic concept and your entire blog has rubbed off on me. I think I caught stupid. I forgot what I was going to say………

  21. Mark


    The quoting of crime rates is Exhibit A in the racist’s justification handbook.

    I have personally been the victim of black-on-white crime. When I was in college I was attacked by three black youths late one night while I was walking across campus. They knocked me down and kicked me in the face and in the ribs and every time I got up they knocked me down and kicked me again. I’m not sure how many times or how long this went on but I eventually worked my way into an area where there some people at which point the people attacking me ran off.

    After the attack it hurt to move for two days and I couldn’t really walk for about five. I still have occasional neck pain where they first struck me fifteen years later.

    I can tell you definitively that it was three specific people who committed that crime and that it would have hurt just as much had they been white or asian. It wasn’t an entire race of people attacking me, it was three individuals.

    Frankly it angers me slightly to see somebody pull out a statistic like that in justification of discrimination/racism because a vast majority of people who rattle off such statistics have never themselves been a victim of such a crime.

    The people who did that to me were never punished for their crime and even today I would still like to see them held accountable in some way (although I’m sure statute of limitations is up). But what I don’t want to see is decent hard working people who happen to have the same skin tone be discriminated against based on what those three people did.

  22. After 2004, I vowed I would NEVER overestimate the intelligence of the american voter again. That’s why I, and I think a lot of people, fear that 2008 will be another electoral disaster and we will see race, and especially the Muslim paranoia, once again used to dupe people into voting against their own economic self interests. The deciding factor will be the type of racist, xenophobic, scapegoating demographic represented by people like Shadow Self who would rather see the treasury looted by war profiteers than admit that his own prejudices are driving some patently illogical fallacies that are his core beliefs.

    Perhaps, in the long term, it’s for the best. A third term of Bush’s fiscal and foreign policies will virtually assure the biggest economic crisis since the 1930s. In the best scenario, after that disaster some true reform and progress will follow, or at least there will be a rebuilding of the social safety net that has been torn asunder over the past three decades.

  23. Shadow,

    Having written a thesis on the Atlantic slave trade, I must correct you. There is a popular myth developing that the majority of African slaves in the New World were sold to European traders by other Africans. That is simply not true. Certainly there were instances where Africans sold other Africans (usually prisoners of war) to European traders. That system was not reliable for the African traders because they themselves were often kidnapped by European traders. By the 17th century the vast majority of Africans who were enslaved were kidnapped by European traders. I am sure that you can find websites that will support your mythology, but they are incorrect. There is ample documentary evidence to the contrary.

  24. john in california

    Well, I don’t know what to think here, sb. Is it a mark of growing popularity when you start attracting trolls, moreover dumbshit trolls like shadow, or is shadow, in fact, a secret persona of someone who deliberately writes like a dumbshit just to mock dumbshits and give everybody else a easy punching bag? ( Maybe only the shadow knows??)
    Shadow. If you are a real dumbshit then anything I say to refute your ‘arguments’ (do you really think they give a medical diploma – you know the thing you get after passing all your med school classes and doing your residency, etc – based on complexion?), will be lost in the empty cavern where you should have a brain but, if in fact you are not a real dumbshit, but a just a guy who likes to act like a dumbshit to get a reaction, then I suggest you go for the one that seems to cause the most consternation among wingnuts.
    That is, ask the question “If it is all right for Dave Chappell and Chris Rock to use the ’n’ word, why can’t I?”. This seems to be a deep concern of the aggrieved white guy bloggers and would, no doubt, increase sb’s numbers leading to all sorts of pennies-from-heaven advertising revenue. As far as having teh stupid , I’m sorry to say you are right. Wherever you picked it up, it looks like the strain you have is the same as our Dear Leader, who also finds it nearly impossible to remember from one sentence to the next what he is talking about. Unfortunately it seems incurable. Maybe if you could get someone else to write your comments and then you read them from a teleprompter…? Oh no, wait.. Now I think I’m catching it! Please, Shadow, go back to bed and stay there until someone finds a cure ( and if that someone is teh black , we promise not to tell you).

  25. Akech

    The Clintons may have outsourced the attacks on Obama to Richard Mellon Scaife (the owner of “Pittsburg Tribune-Review”), the Republican Party and Fox Network.

    Terry McAauliffe, Clinton campaign manager now frequents FOX.

    The relentless attacks on Mr. Obama are now being managed the same way Mr. Scaife’s “Arkansas Projects” which ended up with Clinton’s impeachment was managed——->through outside sources and the major media outlets are in on it!!!!

  26. Akech

    I am a Catholic. I was not bothered by Catholics in Pennsylvania voting for Hillary. However, when close to 38% of them say they cannot vote for Obama because he is black, I am in a terrible pain.

    To me, this indicates that Christianity has failed in carrying out the intentions of Christ. What then is the purpose of faith if we can pretend to love God who we do see not and hate another human being we encouter on our daily lives??

  27. newman


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