Star Jones files for Divorce


Her Royal Highness, Star Jones, Empress of Phony, has filed for divorce from Al Reynolds after a three and half year sham marriage. I can’t say that I am surprised by this development. Fired from The View, cancelled by True TV, and panned by critics worldwide, the Empress of Phony’s life seems to be falling apart. But to borrow a phrase from Moms Mabley: I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. Star’s marriage and career are dead. Good.

17 thoughts on “Star Jones files for Divorce

  1. BHR

    Harsh comments. Ouch! Speaking of phony marriages.

    This one is about to take place. Here’s a bit of a buzz.

    On Harold Ford and Emily Threlkeld’s website,, you have to have a password to get in. The reason that you have to have a password is because there’s a photo where Emily is wearing a pink smock. She is clearly PREGNANT in that photo. You can see her baby bulge in the picture. There is also another photo of her with a fishing vest on where she’s hiding her belly. These photos were taken in Miami. Emily is not pregnant now, so where is the baby. I commend Ford for doing the right thing, especialy given that he’s a Ford. So many men would have backed out. I guess he didn’t want to be like the other men with illegitimate kids dispersed throughout the family.

  2. BHR

    At the prodding of his publicist, Ford decided to walk down the aisle AT THE LAST MINUTE. He and Ms. Threlkeld made a verbal agreement (verbal contract) to go through with this bogus marriage because he knew he couldn’t get elected to governor if the GAY rumors persisted. It was a last minute decision based on their verbal agreement and the nudging of his publicist to quell the gay rumors. EMILY WAS BROUGHT IN AS HIS BEARD. Ford stated that he and Ms. Threlkeld didn’t become close until AFTER the election. Yet in May 2006 he was on a couple of news shows, including Imus, stating he had an important announcement to make after the Senate election (assuming he would win). Who was this woman that he allegedly was going to marry if he and Emily didn’t grow close until AFTER the election in November 2006? If he didn’t fall in love until AFTER the election why did he make the announcement on Imus and another cable show that he would announce his nuptials AFTER the election was over with. Maybe his mind wasn’t made up about her yet. Also, Ford has been seen with MANY other women during the time he and Emily supposedly were dating during the last 2 and 1/2 years. So maybe they have an open relationship. I wonder if this openess will continue when they’re married. There are rumors there may already be a couple of side flings in other states. It seems that Ford has found a doormat to walk all over.

    Ford very much wants to run for Governor of Tennessee. However, rumor mill says that he will have some stiff competition when Frist throws his hat into the ring……..soon.

  3. LOL, SB, I wondered how long she would stay with the “Beard”.

    When Star got married, she was radiant. After the lipo and plastic surgery, she looked like she was rode hard and hung up wet.

    It’s hard when a marriage breaks up, but it has to be especially hard when you’re married to a brotha who would rather be with…OTHER BROTHAS! Yikes!

  4. rikyrah

    I have a whole lot of mean things I could say about Star…but, I won’t. Only hope the pre-nup stands up.

  5. Rikyrah, LOL at the pre-nup standing up comment.

    And believe me, I restrained myself, because I actually like Star Jones when she first started out, and before she started believing her own press releases.

    Old sistas out in Cali took one look at Mr. Reynolds and said “Why she marrying a ‘fruit’? Plenty of real men would want her…”

    Field Negro said in his sidebar that she and Terry McMillan can probably trade notes…OUCH!

    I have more sympathy for Star than I do Terry, because Terry tried to rub sistas’ faces in the fact she thought she had it goin’ on to the point she could pull a young stud, but when we saw him at the luncheon launching “A Day Late and A Dollar Short” (best novel since Waiting to Exhale), every sista under 40 took one look at him and began to wonder out loud how long it would take the young brotha to find his way to San Francisco and get his swerve on…

    Apparently, according to the divorce papers on file in Contra Costa County court, it didn’t take Terry’s spouse very long at all.

  6. blksista

    It was only a matter of time.

    I was telling my sister in Hot-lanta the 411 in 2005 that this marriage wouldn’t take because Al was gay. She said her churchgoing friends were divided, with many more or less hoping that they would stay glued, and the rest with much more hipper minds saying on the quiet, “Nahhhh.”

    There’s not a heterosexual woman in her right mind that would stand her man having a double life and divided feelings–whether he’s heterosexual or not. I guess Star swallowed that twaddle that traditional marriage “before God” would straighten out a gay or bi man. That’s what really deep-sixed this marriage, not all the wretched excess accompanying it, nor her vaunted weight loss. HE WAS GAY.

    I heard Terry’s still with her ‘husband, although people will have to school me if they aren’t.

    And it’s Moms Mabley, not Mom’s Mabley.

    I hope that pre-nup holds as well. If not, she’ll be paying him ducats until doomsday.

  7. Blk Sista:

    I was living in Cali at the time the McMillian marital drama went down, and after they showed up on Oprah’s show to discuss it.

    That surprised me; Terry’s going on Oprah’s show, after a 10-year absence, because Terry dissed her on the air when they were promoting the “Waiting to Exhale” movie. But, I’m digressing here.

    The point is unless the guy wants to stop being gay (and I’m of the opinion some guys are born gay) unless he’s going celibate, he’s going to go the way of his sexual attraction, period. If Star Jones knew this guy was gay, she should have walked away and stayed single until she found a straight brother. It’s almost like the Juanita Bynum incident – God pretty much gives you clues as to what kind of man you’re hooking up with, so you can’t be surprised, upset, disappointed if the man act as advertised.

    Before her plastic surgery and lipo, Star Jones was a beautiful woman who got caught up in going “Hollywood”. And yeah, I thought Al Reynolds was gay the day I clapped eyes on him in Ebony magazine.

    I hope she had the lawyer’s common sense to tie him to a pre-nup, but since she married him in New York, a community property state, I expect him to challenge any pre-nups so he can get fat paid if the pre-nup doesn’t give him enough cheddar.

    Unless the Lord change a gay man, women need to stop thinking their love can swing a gay brotha straight. It frustrates her and keeps the guy from getting his swerve on with other men.

  8. TallulahBankhead

    Think about it…Star must have been a Lucrezia Borgia in a previous life to not have one friend or family member take her aside 3-4 years ago to
    tell her
    do not marry Al and if they couldn’t convince her to not marry him, to not be such a gorgon when it came to planning the wedding.

    Her grasping, grubby behavior was abominable but a piece of my heart feels bad for her because it can’t be easy to admit that you married a man who seems to prefer men rather than be alone.

  9. Mirage

    I don’t know about the Harold Ford gay rumors but I do know he is an equal opportunity dater and has slept with them all. I talk to his cousin and the family is kind of split on the marriage. His penis is very small and when he has been drinking you can forget about it. but he will probably be like his parents and be married in name only in a few years. Ford, sr. is a player for life and he idolizes his daddy.

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