Harold and Snowflake jump the broom


Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council and America’s favorite Negro Corporate Whore, was on “Meet the Press” yesterday in his paid capacity as a “political analyst.” He announced that he and Snowflake, the white fiancé he hid better than Strom Thurmond’s black daughter, jumped the broom three weeks ago. How precious.

I’ve been trying to figure out the quadroon from Tennessee’s career plans, and I’m stumped. At first, I thought he was gearing up for another Senate run because his campaign website was up for more than a year after the last campaign. When it finally came down, I heard tell of a run for Governor. Then, the engagement to Snowflake was announced. Some of y’all speculated that Tennesseans weren’t gonna allow any miscegenation in the Governor’s mansion.

I just don’t know. If Obama is elected, it could go either way in Tennessee. Part of me believes that the rednecks will think that Negroes are taking over and they’ll reject him. The other part believes that Obama’s election will make it easier. Only time will tell.  

Today, I think he’s angling for a cabinet spot and seeking to make himself a prominent Washington fixture and corporate tool. If he accepts anything lower than a cabinet spot, like Secretary of the Army, he’ll soon be running for something again. In any event, he’s just 38 and has nothing but time. Senator Alexander is over seventy, Senator Corker is up again in 2012 and the Governorship is term-limited. Ford is a political vulture and opportunist. He is clearly circling wounded Republicans in Tennessee waiting for an opportunity to strike.  

Anyway, the Whore, as I prefer to call him, was busy spouting a gusher of corporate propaganda. He suggested the following running mates for Obama: Colin Powell, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, the corporate pedophile who balances state budgets on the backs of children he eliminated from Medicaid.

None of those corporate fossils is acceptable. He should choose somebody who adds something to the ticket and somebody he can work with.

The first people that come to mind are Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill and a Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. I would prefer either of them. They are mainstream pols, however, so we probably can look forward to nothing innovative, but they are decent people and they bent over backwards for Obama. Loyalty should not be a trait to be overlooked. Both possess the sharp political instincts to be good advisors to a President.

The second tier would be the Hillary people. Some of her peeps ain’t bad. Washington Senator Patty Murray comes to mind. With 16 years on the Hill, she is a senior member of the Senate and has the experience to aid and guide Obama like few others do. A solid progressive, she is also pragmatic and determined. She ain’t no great shakes in the speech-making department, but she can work on that. Her personal story is very interesting and inspirational and she would make a good addition.

Finally, the unaligned folks in the third tier. Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold comes to mind. Nobody would be better in the role of Vice President. His eloquence, experience, and progressive tenacity are unmatched by anybody. There is just one problem; the prickly progressive can’t keep a wife. The twice-divorced Senator ain’t got a spouse and that ruins the solid family man portrait party bosses like to paint for their tickets.

Whatever happens, I would sincerely hope that Obama’s pledge to keep lobbyists out of his White House is sincere and that one of the first names he crosses off his list of political appointees is that of the Whore.

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  1. TripLBee

    Skeptical Brotha,

    You are a marvelous writer and your posts are usually thought provoking, even when I disagree with them. In my opinion, the vitriol in this post crosses the line. It is true that Harold Ford represents the worst in accommodationist, corporate politics. By why refer to his wife as snowflake? Why call him out as a quadroon? This is hateful and beneath your considerable talents.

  2. On the VP front, seems that Kathleen Sebelius is right there with McCaskill in the Midwest State That Usually is Republican but Has a White Woman Governor, though Mizzou certainly brings more delegates to the table. I think Wesley Clark might be an option too, since he’s got that whole military experience thing going, as well as a moderately impressive primary run in ’04. The downside, of course, is that he’s more of a Clinton guy, and he’s not closely affiliated with AR enough to swing that state in the GE. Still, he might play well nationally, being White and militaristic and all.

  3. Zeitgeist9000


    Only when you speak of your Arch Nemesis, Harold Ford, does your deliciously tart rhetoric come to the fore.

    With terms like “quadroon” and “corporate pedophile” peppering this piece, I can only sit back and smile. Not so much because I agree with you, but because it’s so mean!

    What the hell is a corporate pedophile anyway? That just sounds funny.

  4. TripLBee,

    Harold made a point of telling white voters during his senate campaign that his father’s mother was white, when his aunts, and other relatives vigorously disputed it. The Memphis Commercial Appeal even did a story on it.

    Given the fact that they clearly have some White ancestry, and there is nothing wrong with that, I found it a curious bit of pandering that was sooooo wrong. It was that and his confederate flag bar pandering that was a little much too for me.

    Thus, I use the description of quadroon, which he clearly wants to be seen as. The whole issue of Snowflake, as some poster dubbed her, was the icing on the cake. We all know about the history of inter-racial marriage in the south, and the fact that Harold hid his fiance, and lied on his grandmama, means that he is incapable of being honest with people about anything.

    That, in a nutshell, is the basis for my vitriol.
    And just so you know, my brother David is also bi-racial.

  5. RisingTide

    I know a friend who was on Ford’s Senate Campaign. I think he’d get a real kick out of this — I know I do!

    I don’t think my friend is welcome in Memphis anymore. 😉

  6. renee

    SB: I am disappointed by your namecalling. I think you can voice or write an opinion without lowering your standards. I am not a fan of the Ford family, however she is still his wife and if anyone referred to Michelle Obama as some racist term we are offended, at least I am. So lets cut out the namecalling and rise above.

  7. Renee,

    I thank you for your comments, however, anybody willing to be hidden in a closet like dirty laundry, for the sake of political expediency, is a fool. She is deserving of the all the derision I can muster.

    There isn’t anything wrong with them being together–why hide it during a political campaign? He married the girl, so it was perfectly acceptable to tell people they were together.

  8. TripLBee


    Trust me, I am not defending Harold Ford. For purposes of disclosure, I actually knew him well when I was in college. We’re both from DC (he’s not really from Memphis) and we played in the same basketball circles. (For whatever it’s worth, he was not very good.) I’ve been extremely disappointed in his approach to politics, though it’s in following with a long family tradition.

    I take issue with the term quadroon because we have a lot of healing to do in our community over issues related to skin tone. And “snowflake” is just plain mean. Those terms are hurtful to people who have nothing to do with Harold Ford or his corrupt political family.

  9. TripLBee,

    I am sure you are aware of the landmark decision reached by California’s Supreme Court regarding Same Sex Marriage. Other courts in other states have come to similar conclusions. At the end of the 2006 Senate Campaign, the New Jersey Supreme Court came to the same conclusion. This is what the shameless, demagogic quadroon from Tennessee had to say:

    “I do not support the decision today reached by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding gay marriage. I oppose gay marriage, and have voted twice in Congress to amend the United States Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. This November there’s a referendum on the Tennessee ballot to ban same-sex marriage – I am voting for it.”

    That, my friend, is just plain mean, if I may borrow a phrase. I reserve the right to mock his marriage to Snowflake because he unconscionably denies that right to all who happen to be gay or lesbian.

    Mildred Loving, the woman whose Supreme Court case gave him the right to marry the love of his life, just passed a few weeks ago. Her courage and character pale in comparison to his political expedience and cowardice.

    He is the biggest fraud to ever claim membership in the Congressional Black Caucus and both he and his bride earned every syllable of my contempt. So, I ask you, what’s meaner,the vitriolic rantings of an obscure blogger, or being denied the right to marry the love of your life and live in peace?

  10. TripLBee

    Skeptical Brotha,

    I hear you about Harold Ford. I do. I share your opinions about his shattered moral compass. My point is that his sin is not his mixed raced ancestry or the fact that his wife is white. You are a progressive and I am surprised that you are invoking these racial flash points to sully someone you don’t like. This is precisely the campaign that the GOP ran against him in 2006. You are way better than the GOP and your insults to his and his wife’s ancestry do not seem to be in keeping with your otherwise progressive stands on issues of race.

  11. Rp

    WoW, I’m currently LMAO. THe rest obviously did you good, ouch,lol. Glad you are back. Dont agree with most of your stuff involving OBama/Rev Wright/ Thrown under the bus/ stuff. But the rest, Truman Capote, James Baldwin would be proud. Your knife, (pen) skills are sharp! Go OBAMA!!!

  12. This is going to be the last word. I use the provocative terms because they are descriptive words that bring clarity and nothing more. Harold is a fraud, a right-wing shill, and corporate Whore with no peer. Harold hid his lady like a dirty secret and now we are supposed to tip tow around criticizing them because it may sound racially motivated. Come on, now. You know me better than that.

    He hid her little behind because it woulda messed up his little confederate canvassing effort.

    The day before election day, Harold was on Larry King and he told Larry:

    I will travel to Jackson tomorrow. One of the great stories in our campaign is our stop at the Little Rebel Bar and Grill, a little place with a lot of confederate flags every which way. I’m one of their favorites. They have my paraphernalia, campaign materials up everywhere. We’ll go there tomorrow for lunch where we really kicked off this campaign and energized this campaign. We’ll make a few stops at polling places tomorrow.”

    “And, I know you said a little earlier that I might be one of the more nervous or anxious candidates. We’ve had a great campaign manager and one of the unseen campaign managers has been my Lord and Savior. I got great confidence. People in my district and our state want change and it’s all in his hands now. We’re going to wait tomorrow for the results.”

    TripLBee, you know me well enough to know how I feel about that sorta thing. There is nothing he won’t betray to grasp the reins of power. He’ll even betray the woman who is now his wife. Surely you understand what I am saying. If he couldn’t respect her enough to be open about her then, does he really respect the young lady now, or is she just some kind of trophy for him?

    Bottom line, he is a gay baiting, confederate hugging corporate whore who will stop at nothing to obtain the only thing he loves—POWER, because he sure doesn’t respect or love his family or people that are different from him enough to put them first.

  13. newman

    DAMN! SB,



  14. Newman,

    Like I told TripLBee, the race of his wife is not the point. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the what they are about as a couple. From what I can see, they ain’t about nothing but the advancement of his political career.

  15. I’m wondering if he’s taking his bride to the Annual Tennessee State “Coon Supper”, this year?

    The same “Coon Supper” that he went to a couple of years ago and blew off voting for the Congressional Budget that would have stopped funding for the Iraq War back in 2004. His vote could have stopped Bush in his tracks from asking Congress to continue funding a losing effort.

    For those of you critiquing our blog host, it IS his BLOG. And I totally agree that Harold Ford and his new bride deserve all the scorn and derision that can be heaped upon them both: her, for agreeing to be hidden like dirty laundry for the sake of his political career; him for outright pandering, whoring, capitulating and shuck and jiving to advance a political career in which he absolutely planned to do NOTHING except wear the title and accrue all the sell out benefits that the lobbyists could pay for. On the taxpayer’s dime, too.

    I wish Harold married because he loved the woman; I don’t care about her race. But it says quite a bit about BOTH OF THEM, that they’re relationship was hidden because he was running for the Senate in a redneck state where stringing up Black people in trees is still CONSIDERED SPORT.

    I just wish that SB hadn’t held back on his vitriol, because I know how sharp that sword of the written word is, and how well he can wield it.

  16. TripLBee

    Not that this will change anyone’s opinion. but he wasn’t dating her at the time he was running for the Senate. I’m not in the business of defending Harold Ford, but get your facts straight.

  17. Well, um…

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    Nobody can rank on The Dark Sith the way that you can, SB.

    I loved it.

    He was dogging Obama right up until North Caroline and Indiana – didn’t fool me, because I’ve got ears.

    And, now that he sees which way the wind is blowing, he’s trying to catch that kite.

    I’m sorry, SB, there are some places where him being married to Snowflake ain’t gonna fly, and TN is one of those places.

    It’s not a coincidence that it’s the TN GOP who is doing the attack ads on Michelle. Just not going to happen in TN.

    As for my list for Obama, I’ve said before that I don’t want anyone who supported Hillpatine. Not in the least – EVER.

    My list of folks as possibilities for Obama:
    Governor of Montana

    I love this post. Don’t you dare…and I mean, don’t you dare ever let up on The Dark Sith. He deserves every bit of your contempt.

    As far as The Dark Sith and Snowflake…once again I’ll point out…WHY DID HE KEEP HER LOCKED UP IN THE BASEMENT DURING HIS SENATE CAMPAIGN?

    Just askin’….

    PS- Are you going to attack that Kathleen Parker piece of racist tripe that I linked to down below?

  18. Nquest


    It appears you’re the one with the fact-less position here.

    Monday, October 15, 2007

    Congratulations! Harold Ford Jr. To Marry Emily Threlkeld

    Harold Ford Jr., one of the country’s most eligible bachelors in politics, became engaged Friday to Emily Threlkeld, 26, who works for clothing designer Carolina Herrera in New York.

    “We dated a little over two and a half years,” said Ford, 37, a former congressman and current Democratic Party leader who ran for U.S. Senate last year. “We dated throughout my campaign.”

    From: haroldfordjr2006.blogspot.com

  19. Mirage

    i never trusted him. his eyes are sneaky and we all know he’s a professional liar. he has a reputation for treating black women with little respect and practically shoving them aside to get in the faces of white women. a black female friend of mine had an encounter with him at a public rally some time ago. she stated that even though she was very cordial to him he seem to be uninterested in speaking with her and then proceeded to talk to other young blondes that were surrounding him. my friend walked away confused and somewhat hurt. after reading about how much of a gentleman he was and how kind he was to everyone, she expected the exchange to go completely the opposite. my friend now says she has very little respect for this guy. i also heard that he has said he’d never marry a black woman…that black women were only good for sexual partners. so its no surprise that he and snowflake jumped the broom

  20. Befree

    He better not pick the Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as some have suggested. Her son created a game based on stereotypes of non white people and this idiot supports it. Hell no he better not pick her.
    John Sebelius, 23, has the backing of his mother and father, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary Sebelius. The governor’s spokeswoman, Nicole Corcoran, said both parents “are very proud of their son John’s creativity and talent.”

    Governor’s son sells ‘Don’t Drop the Soap’
    TOPEKA, Kansas (AP) — The son of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is peddling a board game titled “Don’t Drop the Soap,” a prison-themed game he created as part of a class project at the Rhode Island School of Design.

    John Sebelius, 23, has the backing of his mother and father, U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary Sebelius. The governor’s spokeswoman, Nicole Corcoran, said both parents “are very proud of their son John’s creativity and talent.”

    John Sebelius is selling the game on his Internet site for $34.99, plus packaging, shipping and handling. The contact information on the Web site lists the address of the governor’s mansion. Corcoran said the address will change when John Sebelius moves.

    The game also goes on sale starting January 31 at a shop called Hobbs in the college town of Lawrence.

    “Fight your way through 6 different exciting locations in hopes of being granted parole,” the site says. “Escape prison riots in The Yard, slip glass into a mob boss’ lasagna in the Cafeteria, steal painkillers from the nurse’s desk in the Infirmary.”

    The game includes five tokens representing a bag of cocaine, a handgun and three characters: wheelchair-using ‘Wheelz,” muscle-flexing “Anferny” and business suit-clad “Sal ‘the Butcher.”‘

    Corcoran said John Sebelius sought legal advice to be sure he followed proper requirements, and he even took out a loan to pay for the production of his work.

    “This game is intended for mature audiences — not children — and is simply intended for entertainment,” Corcoran said. E-mail to a friend

    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

  21. I’m with BeFree – Sebelius is out because her son showed his bigotry and is getting paid for it while they congratulate him on his “creativity”.

    I didn’t think of Jon Tester, but he’d probably be a good VP running mate.

    Feingold is at the top of my list – I’d rather see Richardson in Obama’s cabinet; as Sec of State.

    Edwards should be Attorney General, and allow Chris Dodd to run Labor or Transportation.

    Harold Ford shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near an Obama cabinet. While Obama can be gracious in most mistreatment, he really cannot stand Harold Ford, and the feeling is mutual. As you said, Rikyrah, Harold sees which way the wind is blowing, and for the sake of his political career, he doesn’t want to be left out.

    While most of us don’t care about the fact that Harold married a snowflake, the bottom line is, he must be ready to give up running for political office in the state of Tennessee, and the only way he runs for a national office is to become a carpetbagger and move to another, more progressive state, where the race of his wife will not be an issue.

    He has to realize this, but, then again, this is Harold Ford, Jr., we’re talking about, and he continues to surprise me with high levels of intelligence, but absence of common sense. If he thinks his wife’s ethnicity will not be an issue in the state of Tennessee, he needs to explain why he was trying to court favor with confederate rednecks when he ran for the Senate seat, and why, even though he was dating his wife, no one knew about her until after he lost his campaign?

    And I don’t know any white woman who would have been willing to keep her mouth shut about dating one of the nation’s most eligible bachelors, unless she was equally ashamed of the relationship as well, or unless there was a monetary inducement for her to keep her mouth shut.

    Harold should be laughed out of any political discussion from now until the cows come home, or Bush gets tried for war crimes. Even in an Obama administration, there is no room for Harold Ford or any other DLC cronies, and because Obama needs people he can rely on and inspire loyalty, we’ve seen how “loyal” Harold is, especially when his affiliation with certain undesirables causes him to drop them like a hot rock from a bridge.

    Ask Don Imus about Harold’s loyalty – Harold wouldn’t defend him during the Rutgers Women Basketball team blow up; and Imus called Harold a “disgraceful SOB” on the air before he was fired from MSNBC.

    Obama has already experienced this with Harold going for Hillary, until it became apparent that the Borg Queen is destroying the Democratic Party.

    There probably isn’t enough scorn and derision to be heaped upon Harold, but I’m willing to try.

  22. TripLBee


    Well it looks like I’m the one who got my facts wrong. I can admit a mistake and eat my crow.

  23. Denesica

    Maybe it was a last minute decision to marry her. That’s why she was hidden in the closet for so long. He’s definitely lacking in common sense.

  24. RhondaCoca

    Great Post!

    I met Harold Ford Jr. because my family are Merrill Lynch people, my grandfather was a trader for 30 years, my uncle is a top exec and my dad is a broker. I cannot stand this man. I just cannot. I have met him and both Stan O’Neal. The more I read about him, the more I lose respect him. He’s the definition of self-serving opportunist with a sprinkle of self-hate in regards to his pandering in TN.

    The “Whore”, “The Dark Sith”…haha…great.

    SB, don’t hold back!! By all means, don’t.


    You are exactly right. I have heard that time and time again. Hopefully she doesn’t take him to the cleaners in a few years.

  25. Speaking as a Tennessean, I cold care less who he marries. The reason I don’t like him is he’s too far to the right for my tastes and he’d sell us all out to corporate America in a heart beat if he could. He’s a Democrat in name only. And I’ll never vote for him until he moves back to the left.

  26. TallulahBankhead


    Don’t ever stop speaking the truth about Harold Ford and other craven, soulless, hypocritical ciphers like him.

    You have described his brand of humanity so accurately — it keeps me coming back for more!

    I’m praying that he decides to follow his true calling and become a full on corporate whore and forget about having a political career or (giggle)
    running for POTUS one day.

  27. TallulahBankhead


    Don’t ever stop speaking the truth about Harold Ford and other craven, soulless, hypocritical ciphers like him.

    You have described his brand of humanity so accurately — it keeps me coming back for more!

    I’m praying that he decides to follow his true calling and become a full on corporate whore and forget about having a political career or (giggle)
    running for POTUS one day.

  28. Memphis Fly

    Keep up the good work. Ford is deserving of everything that you have written. You are truly a Wordsmith!

  29. The reason I see that God made rules against gay marriage is because of the chaos in the society that occurs when the family is threatened, by making gay activity the norm.
    Why should the mainstream church allow gay marriage when the God of the bible and most followers see this as abnormal sexual behavior and do not want to advertise and normalize this behavior to their children who attend their churches? Gays are allowed civil unions and if they want to marry in a church they can begin their own church.

  30. kww

    Emily Threlkeld is Jewish. So his snowflake is not truly white but instead is the result of a carefully crafted cultural mirage that has allowed the Jewish community to shed the ethnic albatross that held their Ellis Island ancestors back for decades…interestingly, now Fords support of Hillary becomes a bit more obvious seeing that his girl is a jew and no doubt a rabid Hillary supporter. Harold Washington is akin to Jesse Jackson…their ilk at best only keep folks jaded about politicians and politics in general.

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