Hiatus ends tomorrow


Y’all, I’ve been sick for the last week and exhausted for two.   I will be back tomorrow with some thoughts on the state of the race, its inevitable end, and Obama finally leaving Trinity.   I love you all.  


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  1. Thanks for just dropping this line. Now that we know the background, we can breathe a little bit better. You get on the mend. We’ll be here when you get back to full strength.

  2. SB, be well. I just got up from catching a case of the ‘flu from emotional and physical exhaustion. I’m looking forward to the literary treat you’re going to provide for us, just like Big Mama’s peach cobbler.

  3. Chesapeake

    Good to hear from you. Can’t wait to hear more once you’re better.

    Healing and strength to you.

  4. imhotep

    Man, I didn’t realize how hooked I was until your absence. Get well, Bro. Like the dog from the Richard Pryor’s Monkey Skit, “You know I’ll be up in your *** tomorrow.”

  5. sixseven


    Thought you got married and took some time off with the lil’ lady.

    Hope you recover as quickly as time and circumstances permit.

  6. I just watched Clinton’s speech. It was the most graceless 15 minutes I’ve ever witnessed in American political speech. She repeated all of the lies upon which her campaign has been predicated. Her supporters chanted “Denver, Denver” and her smile widened. Some supporters shouted “Don’t vote for Obama!” and she smiled even wider.

    The moment embodied the crux of Clinton’s campaign: she appeals to the darker side of human nature. She plays upon fear and hatred and concocts resentments. And, in a purely objective political sense, she is a master demagogue.

    Obama, by contrast, appeals to the better angels of our nature. And that is his magic. That is why he beat Clinton. That is why he will beat McCain. Like the Skeptical Brotha, we are all just tired and worn down by the lies and fear mongering of our leadership. We need a change.

  7. sixseven

    I watched her speech too and was reminded why there is so much visceral disgust for this family.

    When the calls for her to quit the race got louder she stated that she was staying in the race “until there was a nominee.”

    There is a nominee tonight, so what does she do? She proclaims that she will “make no decisions tonight.”

    Senator Obama praises her effusively every chance he gets but she barely utters a word of congratulation on his win.

    Is any one still in doubt about the disdainful character of this woman?

  8. I know a lot of people whose central issue is gender issues. Whether they are gay and have been looked down upon, hated, beaten, etc or they are women who have seen their whole lives that they have been mistreated, ignored, made irrelevant, paid less, etc.

    A lot of what drew these people to Hillary Clinton is that she represents those same issues. I disagree with how she has conducted her campaign in many ways, but I fully believe in the people who see themselves in her, and her fight. Now is the time to show our respect to our democratic friends, whether or not we agree with their choice in nominee, we agree with their choice in party.

    We all believe in civil rights, womens’ rights, gay rights, environmental stewardship, education, health care, etc. and we should focus on that. I respect all the people who voted for Hillary, and I am looking forward to standing with them when McCain comes calling.

  9. Pater Fam

    From the Chicago Tribune – can you believe this nigga has the nerve to try to foist Hillary on Obama ?

    “Bob Johnson, the founder of the Black Entertainment Network, was among them, and said he was doing so with her blessing.

    Johnson said he had written the Congressional Black Caucus asking its members to urge Obama to place Clinton on the ticket.

    Clinton “didn’t direct me to do it but she certainly knows what I’m doing,” said Johnson, who angered Obama’s aides earlier in the race when he obliquely referred to Obama’s confessed drug use as a young man.”

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