Barack and Hillary take a meeting


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WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton met late Thursday with Barack Obama, a day after saying she would end her quest for the Democratic nomination and endorse the Illinois senator.

A senior Obama campaign official confirmed to NBC News that Obama delayed his departure from Washington Thursday night to meet with Clinton at her home here.

Earlier, Clinton had disavowed efforts by some supporters who have urged Obama to choose her as his running mate.

“She is not seeking the vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her,” communications director Howard Wolfson said. “The choice here is Senator Obama’s and his alone.”

Clinton was planning an event in Washington Saturday to thank supporters and urge them to back Obama’s candidacy. But as she was bowing out of the race, supporters in Congress and elsewhere were ramping up a campaign to pressure him to put her on the ticket in the No. 2 spot.

Bob Johnson, the billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television and a Clinton supporter, sent a letter to the Congressional Black Caucus Wednesday urging the group to encourage Obama to choose Clinton as his vice presidential pick. He said he was doing so with her blessing.

Obama is seeking to become the first black president.

Clinton has told other friends and supporters she would be willing to be Obama’s running mate. But her immediate task is bringing her own presidential bid to a close.

High stakes

In an e-mail to supporters, the New York senator said she “will be speaking on Saturday about how together we can rally the party behind Senator Obama. The stakes are too high and the task before us too important to do otherwise.”

Clinton expressed the same sentiment in a conference call with 40 members of her national finance committee, whom she urged to begin raising money for Obama and for the Democratic National Committee.

“She was in good spirits and totally supportive, without qualification, of Senator Obama and his campaign,” finance co-chairman Alan Patricof said of the call.

It was a shift in tone by the former first lady, who announced 17 months ago that she was “in it to win it.” Many of her supporters want her as the vice presidential candidate, in their minds a “dream ticket” that would bring Obama her enthusiastic legions and broaden his appeal to white and working-class voters.

But Obama indicated he intends to take his time making a decision.

“We’re not going to be rushed into it. I don’t think Senator Clinton expects a quick decision and I don’t even know that she’s necessarily interested in that,” Obama told NBC in an interview.

Clinton’s move to formally declare that she is backing the Illinois senator came after Democratic congressional colleagues made clear they had no stomach for a protracted intraparty battle. Now that Obama has secured the 2,118 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination, Clinton had little choice but to end her quest, and sooner rather than later.

Some of Clinton’s closest supporters — the nearly two dozen House Democrats from her home state of New York — switched their endorsements to Obama Thursday.

The public announcement from the 23 New York followed two days of private phone calls weighing her options.

“She was just as spunky as ever,” Rep. Charlie Rangel said of Clinton’s mood on the calls, as her friends and supporters urged her to come to a decision “sooner rather than later.”

Many of the lawmakers said it was important for them, as New Yorkers who are close to Clinton and helped launch her presidential bid, to work together to repair some of the rifts in the party.

“We’re Democrats. Dammit to hell we fight. When it’s over, we come together and go out there to win,” said Rangel, the dean of the New York delegation.

The New Yorkers, said Rep. Gregory Meeks, have a duty “to lead this transition” to full party support of Obama.

Another of Clinton’s most prominent supporters, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, also announced his “wholehearted and enthusiastic support” for Obama Thursday.

Exit strategy

The move to end her campaign came Tuesday, when Clinton told House Democrats during a private conference call that she would get behind Obama’s candidacy and congratulate him for gathering the necessary delegates to be the party’s nominee.

The only degree of uncertainty was how. Clinton is exploring options to retain her delegates and promote her issues, including a signature call for universal health care.

The announcement closed an epic five-month nominating battle pitting the first serious female candidate against the most viable black contender ever.

Obama on Tuesday night secured the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. But Clinton stopped short of acknowledging that milestone, defiantly insisting she was better positioned to defeat McCain in November.

“What does Hillary want? What does she want?” Clinton asked, hours after telling supporters she’d be open to joining Obama as his vice presidential running mate.


16 thoughts on “Barack and Hillary take a meeting

  1. Well, best to get it over with. I hope he has someone testing anything they give him to eat or drink.

    I don’t trust her. Never will. And neither does he.

  2. zeitgeist9000

    The choice of 1/2 of the Party and she is to receive no consideration.


    I hope he does pick her so that all the Hillary haters will have not only 8 years of her but instead 16!


    Oh, and if we’re lucky, she’ll pick Harold Ford, the governor of Tennessee, as her running mate.


  3. NuPolitico


    Hillary doesn’t DESERVE it. The sense of entitlement is nauseating. She was not the choice of 1/2 of the party according to the party rules. The popular vote argument is ridiculous cause that’s not what it was about. Period.

    I mean, this is like 1971 Frazier v. Ali. It was close for most of the fight, but Frazier pulled ahead and won. Ali fought hard and kept fighting ’til the end, but Ali wasn’t owed anything.

  4. At this point Clinton doesn’t deserve to be dog catcher of Chappaqua, or wherever the hell she’s from. Obama will win handily without her and put an end to American dynastic politics once and for all.

  5. Cliff

    “Obama is seeking to become the first black president.

    Clinton has told other friends and supporters she would be willing to be Obama’s running mate. But her immediate task is bringing her own presidential bid to a close.”


    GOTDAMMIT these new Negras are gettin outta hand.

    First a half Negra comes in and beats a white woman and gets away with it, then he’s gon’ have the nerve walk up and down tha’ victory aisle holdin tha hand of that woman who claims she’s only been lovin being a slave for the FIRST TIME.

    BOOOY I’m glad we gotz some good ole boys down there in Tampa who gon’ help us put these New Negras in check, and of course help us brang that old south back. Always wantin ta cry bout, and blame us for slavery.

    Well I got sumpin for ya’.


    Well I’m tellin you, thanks to them good ole boys down in Tampa we gotta flag thats lettin ya’ll know how many times you Negras shoulda’ been happy been lovin it, and been appreciative.

    Ta’ hell wita’ FIRST TIME.

    Wada about three years of slavery plus one hudred years of lycnchin, that adds up ta way more than a FIRST TIME.

    I’m sayin that equals to INFINITY TIMES. What about our government stoppin you from getting equal rights, equal education, and killin and incarceratin every one of you we can find, that also adds up to more than a FIRST TIME.

    You got all the guns, drugs and BET you want, that also adds up to way mo’ than just a

    It just makes me wanna grab my pistol when I see him walkin victoriously down that aisle with that gorgeous chocolate WOMAN on his side who’s only been loving this country for the FIRST TIME.

    Cliff: That Slavemaster is pretty nasty,

    Join the Team, Rep. Charlie Rangel. Join the Team Bob Johnson.


  6. Hey Everybody,

    It’s been a while but working in the Media during this time is obviously all consuming.

    I seriously need to get out of tv news, any of yall hiring?

    Anyway, after watching Senator Obama’s interview with Brian Williams, something struck me. When he talked about the teacher that saw a change in behavior of his male black students during the course of this campaign.

    It’s one thing to show young people historical figures like King and Malcom as things to aspire.

    But I saw how riveting it is to see a contemporary become successful outside of what we are typically told we can excel at.

    For me, this makes it all worth it. It’s something I, my younger siblings, and people I know can immediately relate to. Which doesn’t happen too often.

    Anyway Obama 08!

    (btw dont get it twisted she did not win the popular vote, and counting the wins after march 4 as a metric would be to ignore the 38 states she lost before then.)

    Thats my 2 cents, im sure I’ll be back.

  7. I had made a little promise to myself that I was definitely not going to punish myself today and watch the speech, like I did earlier this week. But unfortunately, me being the sucker I am, turned CNN on to watch the speech.
    Well, I wasn’t as horrified as I was earlier this week by her speech. But this woman still managed to piss me off.
    But at least it’s all over. Senator Clinton and this nightmare of a campaign is behind us.
    I watched how the tone and pitch of this woman’s speech declined as she, one of the most stubborn women I have ever witnessed, tried to falsely convince her stubborn supporters to back Obama. It was so obvious that this woman was clearly unhappy that she had to endorse Obama. It was like it was one of the most painful experiences she’s ever had.
    But I don’t feel sorry for her though. It wouldn’t have been this hard to step out of the race months ago when she really should have done it.
    And it also wouldn’t be so hard for her so called supporters to back Obama if she had respectfully bowed out of the race months ago.

    I was pissed off because Clinton, who is a very smart woman, made sure to blacken Obama a whole ot more in this so called historical speech. She continued to remind all of American how Senator Obama was an African American. For all those white folks that may have tried to just see him as an American, she made it crystal clear to them that they were voting for a black man to be president.
    I thought that was wrong. Of course, the msm didn’t mention it. Well, at least while I was watching.
    I’m sure that most people thought she was merely pointing out the historical significance. But I felt that she was taking one final stab into the heart of his campaign.
    Perhaps I’m too much of a skeptic.


  8. Enough Already!

    Go HRC!!!!!!!!

    “…I ran as a daughter who benefited from opportunities my mother never dreamed of. I ran as a mother who worries about my daughter’s future and a mother who wants to lead all children to brighter tomorrows. To build that future I see, we must make sure that women and men alike understand the struggles of their grandmothers and mothers, and that women enjoy equal opportunities, equal pay, and equal respect. Let us resolve and work toward achieving some very simple propositions: There are no acceptable limits and there are no acceptable prejudices in the twenty-first century.

    You can be so proud that, from now on, it will be unremarkable for a woman to win primary state victories, unremarkable to have a woman in a close race to be our nominee, unremarkable to think that a woman can be the President of the United States. And that is truly remarkable.

    To those who are disappointed that we couldn’t go all the way – especially the young people who put so much into this campaign – it would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours. Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. When you stumble, keep faith. When you’re knocked down, get right back up. And never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.

    As we gather here today in this historic magnificent building, the 50th woman to leave this Earth is orbiting overhead. If we can blast 50 women into space, we will someday launch a woman into the White House.

    Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it. And the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time. That has always been the history of progress in America.


  9. sixseven


    You are not a skeptic at all. What I took away from the “endorsement” was that it was not sincere, especially when she ran off that string of consecutive sentences punctuated with “we must elect Barack Obama.”

    It just seemed contrived and said more out of obligation than sincere conviction.

    This speech should have been full of what Barack accomplished. Instead it was fraught with what she accomplished and how tough and strong she is. She also managed to get a plug in for her envious husband.

    So it seems that she was all about cementing the Clinton legacy and the act of “suspending” her campaign suggests that she will remain a thorn in Obama’s side.

    But I ain’t worried. Barack’s a shrewd cat. That RFK assassination comment and her failure to give him full props on Tuesday nite should be more than enough to keep her off the ticket, but if political expediency forces him to sign her up, best believe he will be keeping an eye on her …. and him.

  10. sixseven


    Their goal is that she be PRESIDENT. Nothing else will suffice.

    I expect anything from them!

  11. I did notice that Clinton’s pitch seemed less enthusiastic when she was extolling the virtues of Obama. I have to be fair however. It was a good speech. I actually liked the fact that she tied together the struggles of women, gays, black Americans, Latinos, etc. She returned to her liberal roots. Had she apologized for her vote on the war and run in this fashion during the whole campaign, she may have won. In any event, her tone was starkly different and improved over her previous petulance.

  12. RisingTide

    Enough Already!

    welcome back, and I’ll say just what I said to another Clinton supporter. We’ll see a woman president within my lifetime — even if I have to run myself!
    (I’m not nice, not sweet, and not very politickally inclined)

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