Is “Celebrity” the new right-wing buzz word for Liberal?


Coming from the same fools who brought us Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwartzenegger, and Charleton Heston, the fixation on Barack Obama’s “Celebrity”  by the McCain camp seems rather odd.   Comparing the former President of the Harvard Law Review to female celebrities who’ve never stepped a manicured foot onto anybody’s college campus is too cute by half.  Moreover, questioning Barack Obama’s leadership ability while showing him speaking to the largest adoring crowd of the campaign to date, also seems rather non-sensical.    If this is all they’ve got, they don’t have much at all.   I find this laughable and a pathetic attempt to turn an Obama positive into a negative.   It’s standard fare in the Republican play book, but I think they’ll find the Obama team more nimble than Kerry’s sadsack strategists.

13 thoughts on “Is “Celebrity” the new right-wing buzz word for Liberal?

  1. Chesapeake

    My man, you’re right. That campaign is substantively lame and laughable; however, the undermining imagery is powerfully suggetive to the people Senator Obama is still trying to get to know him. It says to them “bimbo,” “shallow,” and “irresponsible.” It grates against the image of “leader” and “family man.”

    It’s another mine that Obama has to, and will, blow out of the water!

    It’s great to hear from you. My best.

  2. TripLBee

    The only reason the polls are close now is because no one aside from political junkies, is paying any attention. If the McCain team doesn’t have some sort of dramatic improvement soon, they will get blown out of the water when people tune into these campaigns in the fall. I’m actually encouraged by how thoroughly pathetic McCain and his team appear to be.

  3. Rick

    i agree that it’s very early. they haven’t named their running mates. they haven’t given their convention speeches. they haven’t debated one- on-one.

    and, if the economy takes an even bigger downturn between now and november, I would say that could be the biggest dagger for a McCain campaign. that is, assuming Obama can capitalize on McCain’s complete ineptness on economic matters.

    I must say if Obama comes across as “detached” to Americans who are suffering economically …I believe this election could be alot closer than it should otherwise be. this is his election to lose…

  4. Actually, it’s the comparison to two drunken, White whores that’s the message. If it was about celebrity, then why not compare him to Brad Pitt or George Clooney or even crazy ass Tom Cruise? They have pics of Obama with ALL of these three.
    No, they chose two worthless drunken criminal White Hos.

    THAT was deliberate.

    We all knew that they’d bring in the White Women – we just didn’t know when and how.

  5. rikyrah,

    “Actually, it’s the comparison to two drunken, White whores that’s the message.”

    Girl, you had me splittin’ a gut with that line. I shouldn’t have laughed, but I couldn’t help it. It just goes to show that this strategy was a deliberate provocation on their part so that they could speciously accuse Obama of playing the race card first.

    They ain ‘t slick.

  6. Anon 1

    The democrat party will always be the party of slavery, seggregation, and Jim Crow laws. Republicans do not see people as hyphenated races, ethnicites or groups. As long as Obama keeps whinning and complaining about what people will think of him , the republicans will do to him just what they have done to other liberal democrats running East of the Mississippi. Frankly, I am real tired of his “look at me, I’m black moments.”

    Obama needs to appoint a VP to get help with his critics.

    I will admit that perhaps he made a mistake when he named Bush and Mccain as the people who were attacking him. Had he said “they” and not John Mccain, I doubt if JM camp would have made his remarks an issue.

    The CELEB Ad is brilliant because it use pop culture icons to raise two important issues – Taxes and offshore drilling. Within 24 hours of that Ad airing Barack Obama shifted his position on offshore drilling. Obama had no problem with the Obama girl you tube video and he certainly use white people in his Ads.

    Obama just needs to give more townhall debates and leave the large venue for the convention. But he has to have a counteract because he is very close to being defined as John Kerry was defined.

    There are enough differences between these two candidates for the AMerican people to choose from. It is not Obama race that will be his downfall, it is his Ego. On the other hand, it is JM race and party that will prevent him from making inroads with liberal blacks. ALthough even some republican and conservative independent blacks will vote for Obama.

    Both of these candidates want to win and we need to stop taking these things so personally. I see these attacks as equal opportunity attacks.

    By the way, I Have to wonder why is Obama supporting affirmative action base on quotas and why is he against school choice vouchers. School choice would allowed parents to send their kids toprivate schools. Why must black folks support the public schools if they are failing? I believe in affirmative action based on merit. I guess I am looking at John Mccain proposals. ANd yes I am conservative Black.

  7. Anon 1

    By the way, I was happy when Barack Obama made it clear over the week end he DOES NOT support reparations for slavery. Tem to move on. We need better schools, communities for everybody.

  8. Change

    “There’s nothing exotic or complicated about how phenoms are made in Washington, and, more to the point, how they are broken…

    Andy Warhol said we all get our 15 minutes of fame,” says Barack Obama. “I’ve already had an hour and a half. I mean, I’m so overexposed, I’m making Paris Hilton look like a recluse.” (feb 24, 2005, Washington Post Artcicle)

    Barack Obama was the one who compared himself to Paris Hilton first. Oprah was the first to call him “the One”. This campaign will only be about race if Obama make it so and we all know it’s not in his best interest to do that.

    Stick to the issues – Liberal vs Conservative.

  9. Rick

    “…Tem to move on. We need better schools…”

    Co-sign 🙂

    In other news — and in a scene most Americans have gotten used to over the last ~8 years — the Associated Press reported today that:

    “Some 18,300 police were on high alert with riot gear and bomb-sniffing dogs to maintain order across the South Korean capital during the American president’s less-than-24-hour visit to the country, the National Police Agency said.”


  10. Anon 1

    Not all South Koreans are not mad with BUSh. Some SOuth Koreans are mad because their government lift the ban on imported American beef. If you think Barack Obama will wave a magic wand and suddenly the world will love all things American, you are indeed living in a fantasy world.

    All American presidents sooner or later will be hated by some nation. That goes with the territory of being the most powerful nation on earth. You cannot please everybody. Anyway, the way Obama is hawkish on Afghanistan, it seems he isn’t much of a change policy.

  11. Rick

    well the fact that 18,300 troops needed to be mobilized gives weight to my argument that
    the South Korean government was more concerned about the folks that WERE mad with Bush…as opposed to the folks that weren’t, which by deduction makes your first point irrelevant.

    Second, the South Koreans have a “beef” with Bush and his foreign policy that pre-dates what is merely the ‘latest’ controversy over cattle exports. If you were familiar with politics on the peninsula, you would have been aware of that.

    And yes, while there have been tensions between the South Koreans and the U.S. over the past couple of decades (and administrations) — which have nothing to do with the silly argument about “Koreans and (other countries) being jealous of the U.S.” and more to do with policy differences about how to handle North Korea — the Bush administration’s complete incompetence in dealing with that and other questions have led to our standing in that part of the world (and other parts of the world) reaching a new low.

    Sorry, all U.S. presidents have not been viewed the same. One need go back only one administration to see on CNN a U.S. head of State not being met with violent protestors on his official visits. And it would be nice to see that again under an Obama Administration (magic wands aside).

    Anon-1, there is also hypocrisy in your statement. You recently accused Obama of vanity and having a big ego, but then you go on to make the rather foolish remark that: ” [being hated] goes with the territory of being the most powerful nation on earth.”

    it’s that sort of hubris which is earning the US the royal ass-kicking we are now receiving: i.e., having to beg the Chinese to finance our budget and trade deficits in order to purchase oil from the Middle East (which is also providing a lifeline to our troubled financial system).

    Now the thing about an ass-kicking is that it could be beneficial (over the long run, not the short run) if it makes you change your ways and make positive changes. But listening to you and others in conservative circles, there is a lot more ass kicking that needs to occur in order for us to change course. And I worry about that only because it’s the poor folks and the middle class who ultimately have to pay for the bill.

    It’s the way of the world and the way things always have been a friend tells me. Yeah, but it’s also BS.

  12. Imhotep

    I agree with Bob Herbert on this one. I remember the anti-Harold Ford commercials in Tennessee how they used that reliable “boogey man”, the Black Sexually Predator and the scantily clad white woman. In the past, always effective. This time in the hands of the not-so-skillful campaigners, it really comes off as a positive ad for Obama. If you turn the sound down, or not paying attention, all the pics of Obama look good and positive. Yes, I see the phallic symbols, but it actually makes him look more virile. The ad almost has a reverse effect than intended. Obama needs to let the McCain people do ALL his ads.

    I can’t wait for the debates, McCain is in big trouble and he’s pulling the race card WAY early. He’s short, he’ old, and apparently not too bright, Obama is going to wipe the floor with him. If Obama laughs everytime MCain gets mad, we’re going to see a little old man explode on national TV.

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