The Quickness


THE QUICKNESS, a political homage to Jill Scott’s “The Thickness”

By Skeptical Brotha

Ain’t this some shit. He got,
Big ol’ ears,
Big ol’ eyes,
Big ol’ lips,
Big ol’ hands,
And a Big ol’ dick,

He so big!
He supposedly has an expansive mind
But he still looks 14,
Articulate, clean, supple, and fine,
Hear them,
all those oohs and ahhs slip as he licks his lips,
Oh, all the women wanna fuck him,

They want him to talk about it, (Hope)
Tell it,
Spread it,
Relive the conquest,
How he beat her stupid ass (Hillary) and how he knocked that shit, (outta her hands)

Blacks folks don’t stop,
Won’t stop,
To recognize that there’s more,
More underneath that quickness,
That sweet and round, brown, intellectual bigness,

Barack likes his Negroes mindless and eager,
Sweet and meager,
Don’t you complain about my shifting positions (Jeremiah Wright, FISA, Affirm Action),
Just drop that pro-black shit (Reparations),
And help me rise to the presidency with a quickness,

Black folks don’t stop (to think),
Won’t stop (to think),
Lift it, (his campaign)
Lift it,
Lift it baby,
Drop that pro-black shit again,
Cause I ain’t your tribesmen no more,
I ain’t your friend,
Come on y’all just let me get in,
Let me into all that thickness, (of imperial presidential power)
That sweet and round supple bigness,

Now that he’s won the nomination can’t nobody even try to reach yawl’s minds,
The Black Community has been degraded, exploited, NOT celebrated,
Saturated with self hatred,

Let me say that again please:
We’ve been degraded, exploited, NOT celebrated,
Saturated with self hatred,
Cause every time we turn on the TV,
What do we see, big ol’ Obama changing positions to please whitefolks who will never fucking vote for him,
And it don’t have nothing to do with what is right for all of America,

Thus, my definition of progressive betrayal,
Thus, my definition of progressive betrayal,

Jesse hit the nail on the head

Oh, oh, oh Lord,
Oh Lord,
Oh Lord,

Let him,
Let him recognize the magnificent opportunity you’ve created,
Lift him,
Lift him,
Lift him,

Let all of America be elevated,
Let all of America be elevated,
Lord, Lord,
Let all of America be elevated,
Let her be elevated,

Cause he is so big,
he’s so big,
he’s so big,
he’s so big,
he’s so big,
he’s so big,
he’s so big,
he’s so big,

Let her be elevated,
Let her be elevated.


8 thoughts on “The Quickness

  1. Change

    Barack Obama gives a good prepared speech. But Obama is allowing David Axelrod to turn him into his little marketing puppet. All these shifting positions in such a short period of time is quite frankly ridiculus. David Axelrod is shameless in making a parody of Obama’s core issues. I have to wonder, is Obama a leader or a follower. Is Obama easily led and manipulated? David Axelrod has exposed Obama’s indecisive positions on core democrat principles. Sorry but Obama is a puppet politician. David Axelrod will be a very rich man when this campaign is over. Can you imgaine our black leaders of the past, WeB Dubois, MLK, STokely Carmichael, Malcolm X, SHirley Chisolm, and those of the present Michael Eric Dyson, Walter Williams ever allowing anybody to make a puppet out of them. I am sorry but I feel very sad for BArack Obama. It truly pains me to see him on stage having no clue how to explain core demcoratic priniciples without his telepromter. Obama is regurgitating too many cliches and repeating too much of other people famous lines. I want originality from Obama.

  2. Michael Eric Dyson, Walter Williams = black leaders??

    And Williams is not a puppet???

    Talk about “regurgitating too many cliches”…

    Anyway, SB… the piece is on the spot, spot-on.

  3. GDAWG

    Change; I really feel you are onto to something a lot of Black folks don’t want to admit about BO. I have watched BO flipflop like crazy on similar democratic core issues. And, perhaps, it seems he’s worst than McDementia in this regard. Too bad. I still feel he is not our best hope for true change.

  4. Andrea

    You have illustrated the relationship Barack Obama has with Blacks but, Michelle gets off scott-free as an assuming accomplice.

    This is not a new or rare phenomenon. This is and has been the challenge of educated Blacks who know some drastic changes must occur but they don’t have the stamina, temerity, or trust to talk to their own straight out of fear that the scared, feeble-minded Black brethren will not stand the journey for having been too weak and emotional to keep their cool and remain intact to not have the faith. I understand Barack’s method of operation and I too considered the benefits of not trying to offer our people the respect to trust them to not fail. And yes, they tend to fail and not want to take wild risks in which he is undertaking. But that is as well why he does not deserved reserve regard but he treated us like children that were so far gone from social and spiritual maturity that he plays the game that he has done nothing wrong ever in his relationship with Blacks.

    You have to trust the people even though success rates have shown that trusting our people to believe and trust in innovative wild risks proved fruitless. Still, you can help the people until you talk to them straight and give them the respect that they MAY JUST UNDERSTAND your schemes.

    We as a people have a propensity for remaining children mimicking adulthood but I rather fight our own than placate and lie to them or lead them as continually helpless lemmings who will never be mature enough to be trusted to take risks. He never trusted Black People to understand his schemes so instead he uses us as a group.

    I understand his worthless guile and yet, I have no sympathy still. Blacks failed me and failed so many that thought and fought ambitiously with their lives to leverage them offerings of better lives but just because they are afraid, I and so many did not try to trick them into blind loyalty. Our people need to be spoken to honestly. Barack and Michelle have not been completely honest in what I do believe is sincere in that they do want to save us. They are just willing to wager us with White Liberal Elites this go around to try to appropriate better conditions for us. Still…it is the utmost disregarding of seeing that we are mature enough to be trusted to deal with the clauses of his run and his method operations frankly.

    Our addiction to upholding the myths beat into us on plantations and even as far back in missions in Africa stand delegate our cognitive limits in maturity and immaturity. That’s still no reason to for him (Barack Obama or Michelle or any other Black Liberal Elite) to want to reason that they had no choice but to do what was best for us in continuing to treat us like the children we are. If anything, he cowardly refused to risk to trust us in demanding us to grow in order to be a part (a meaningful, useful, regarded, enterprising part) of his presidential run which could and has systematic opportunities to hlep us evolve and adapt hence our 40 year plus residental decline.

    As much as our people frustrate me, I NEVER allow their fears and immaturity to alter and limit my authenticity or placate them for my personal gain. I could not do it and neither could so many who could have played the schemes Barack and Michelle has played as noble saviors.

  5. A. Love

    Though I believe that all the aformentioned comments offer some interesting insight… I think many of you/us(many Black people) are losing sight of the bigger picture.

    Barack Obama is human… As are we…
    The expectations that Americans (esp. his skeptics) have for him are those that only the Lord himself can meet. What man/woman do you know who does not falter? Who does not change his/her mind from time to time? What man/woman/politican can you trust whole-heartedly? Think about it… and if that’s not doing it for you look at the competition…

    The fact is Barack Obama is young, and isn’t as polished as previous presdiential candidates( in saying what Americans want to hear), but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he wants for America or what he is doing… it means that he’s a work in progress. AND he chose Joe Biden as his VP, who is well spoken, very experienced, and can prove to be a very valuable resource to and supporter of Obama.

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