Cohen/Tinker election results



STEVE COHEN 44,995 79%

NIKKI TINKER 10,676 19%

JOE TOWNS 844 1%

Black voters, especially those of us in the South, have always been able to judge our politicians by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. We’re never given credit for having that ability when racially polarizing tactics are injected into a political race by one of us, but we’ve always had it and always will. Now Mr. Cohen can go back to the halls of power confident in the knowledge that he has unequivocally earned the trust of a majority of his black constituents. In order to keep it, he must continue to provide the same common sense, progressive leadership that has been known as his trademark.

The epic collapse of the Tinker campaign is one for the history books and closes a sad chapter in the book of political rivalry between Harold Ford Jr and Steve Cohen. His transparent maneuvering to shield his allegiances to Tinker by using his wife as a conduit for campaign cash, and his politically expedient denunciation of Tinker’s tone-deaf tactics should be enough for Barack Obama to remove the Whore from any consideration for a prominent role in his administration.

21 thoughts on “Cohen/Tinker election results

  1. sistermoon


    This is proof that good does prevail over bigotry and evil. I’m glad that the good people of Tennesee did the right thing…

  2. Memphis Fly

    Tinker left us no choice. The only platform that she had was being black. That was just not good enough. Now she should pack her bags and get the hell out of Memphis. Hopefully she will move to the Big Apple with her mentor Harry Fode, Jr.

  3. Dr. Monkey

    This story makes me proud to live in TN. Unfortunately I live in the Republican stranglehold of east TN.

  4. GDAWG

    Kudos to victorious Congressman Cohen, especially for his effort in the largely symbolic congressional apology to African American for thei enslavement and dehumanization at the hands of this government, among others. But I feel he would be a better Congressman, and person, if he could somehow, along some of the members of the CBC or rather “CNC” and others, could obtain and “binding apology” in the form of a “congressional act.” It would similar to the 1988 Act for previuosly interned Japanses American who, as a result, were given an apology and reparations via the “Civil Liberties Act of 1988”.
    Native Hawaiians were also accorded a similar binding apology. Now that would be something.

  5. Evan

    Haha, wow.

    Well, I was personally thrilled to see the insanely huge margin by which Steve Cohen won.

    I’m a white Memphian, and I have been arguing with other white people around the nation who have been drinking the kool-aid about Obama supposedly “playing the race card” and blacks “only voting for Obama because he’s black” and I kept saying “nonononononono, I need to tell you about the race in my city between Steve Cohen and Nikki Tinker.”

    I wrote on my blog the other day that in November, thousands of Memphians, black, white, straight, gay, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, and whatever else, will go to the polls and pull the lever for a white Jewish congressman and a black president.

    So, I’m new to your blog…when you use the phrase, “The Whore,” you’re talking about Harold?

  6. Fancee

    I am new here also Skepical Brotha. I like your style. Aunt Tinker is getting world recognition for the proper fitting name you gave her. She was so embarrassed and humilated last night. Now if she would take her kites and crosses back where she came from.
    Kudos to Evan…..

  7. Fancee,

    Thanks for the complement, I really appreciate the kudos. They encourage me to keep writing even when I have a dry spell or become discouraged that nobody is listening.

  8. Evan

    Well, I ran into Steve Cohen in the grocery store a little while ago…we were both buying pet food…anyway, I said “Congratulations, sir,” and he kinda gave me this “thank God that’s over” look and thanked me for all my work blah blah chit chat, and then we went back to buying pet food.

    There’s something I love about running into my Congressman at the grocery store.

  9. Now if only the “trailer park Republicans” (those making less than 500k per year) would take a lesson from southern Black folk, wake up and vote for their own economic self interests… God truly would be good all the time!

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