It Must Be A Woman


I’ve grown weary of hearing from the irrational dead enders in Hillary Clinton’s cult of personality. I’m tired of their racist demands that either Obama fold his candidacy and yield to her superior experience or accede to their arrogant demands that she join his ticket. I am deeply offended by their unwillingness to accept Hillary’s defeat and their oft repeated intention to cast a vote for John McCain instead. Moreover, it chaps my hide for the faux feminists in Hillary’s suicide cult that claim to be insulted by Obama’s consideration of another woman.



Moreover, nobody can tell me that a woman Governor who wins four statewide elections in a red state and still manages to govern progressively and with compassion and common-sense shouldn’t be considered to become the first female Vice President of this country.




Kathleen Sebelius is the total package and she happens to be a woman. I share the goal of the White House Project and the feminist community. I supported Carol Moseley Braun when the bulk of the faux feminists pretended that she was neither qualified nor viable. She was both and would have been able to prove that with their support. I didn’t support Hillary Clinton for reasons I’ve already stated in full and won’t rehash them here. But I am sincere in the belief that Obama’s running mate must be a woman. The time has come for a woman to be next in line to become President of the United States and Barack Obama would do well to text-message the name of Kathleen Sebelius to an anxiously awaiting public today.

After two decades in public life, she has just as much to offer as Hillary Clinton, if not more. During her time as Governor of Kansas she has twice reached across the aisle to chose a Republican as a running mate and has governed from the center and been productive while dealing with a Republican legislature. She protected a woman’s right to chose by vetoing draconian legislation, protected the environment by blocking smog producing coal plants, balanced Kansas budgets without raising taxes, protected funding for K-12 education, and as Insurance Commissioner for 8 years, protected consumers by preventing the state’s Blue Cross non-profit from being bought up by a managed care conglomerate that would have jacked up premiums.

It’s hard for me to understand why women who helped Hillary break the glass ceiling in American politics wouldn’t at least want another woman to be considered if their favorite daughter didn’t make the cut. Otherwise, what was the damn point of their efforts? Hiliary’s feaux feminists were the same people who excused Bill Clinton’s serial philandering and humiliation of their feminist icon and now they have the temerity to attempt to crucify Barack Obama, a man who has never publicly humiliated his wife by straying, on the cross of sexism. Please tell me that you see the racist double-standard in that.

I’m with Robert Schlesinger on this one. It is insulting to all the women in public life to suggest that all they bring to a ticket is gender and particularly insulting to the woman who made the final four, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Moreover, to answer Schlesinger’s rhetorical question of whether the women’s movement should be subsumed to one woman’s movement? I think the answer is clear. It cannot be and should not be.

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  1. Hmmmm....

    Skeptical Brotha-

    with all due respect, I find this posting troubling for several reasons. Why shroud your support for Sebelius in the context of your issues with “faux feminists in Hillary’s suicide cult?” Why not just celebrate the acheivements and qualifications of Sebelius in your hope of Obama choosing her to be his running mate? By choosing not to do so, you feed into this anti-Hillary hysteria that is surely counter-productive (especially since she’s not in the race anymore)…and in the process of uplifiting one woman (Sebelius) you actually end up verbally attacking and putting down another group of women (faux feminists). It’s postings like these that continue to make these “faux feminists” continue their plight.

    On another note, although I recognize the conveniency of creating a monolithic group to attack – the faux feminists – it’s unfortunate that you’ve bought into the corporate media’s sensationalism of Hillary Clinton supporters. To argue that the women who supported her are the same women that excused Bill Clinton’s philandering behavior and are the same women trying to crucify Obama is incredibly unfounded and an irresponsibly, overgeneralized statement. reading that took my breath away! It leaves me wondering how much more you will make up, how many more egregious insults will come flying from this page so that you can go out of your way to attack “faux feminists,” whoever they may be.

    Unity is a two way street where i’m from…

  2. Hmmmm…..

    I couch my argument in the way that I do because prominent Hillary supporters like Taylor Marsh, who gratuitously attacked Michelle Obama as an unpatriotic shrew, and angry black woman (God forbid), feel that Hillary and only Hillary is entitled to be Obama’s Vice.

    From her blog:

    There are also some reservations about the popular Kansas governor:

    In a recent Kansas City TV interview, Sen. Obama said, “I love Kathleen Sebelius. I think she is as talented a public official as there is right now.” But one operative said, “It would be tough to pick any woman other than Hillary.”

    Marsh Continues:

    “I’ve heard similar rumblings from some Democratic friends of mine. Fair or not, many do feel that if one woman has earned the right to make history on this presidential ticket, it is Hillary and only Hillary. Sebelius is a talented governor with a bright future in the party, but I believe that choosing her this year would go over like a lead balloon.”

    I am pushing back at the notion that a woman with 22 years in elective office and four statewide wins under her belt is less deserving than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has many things to commend her, but I believe that Kathleen Sebelius has more and she has executive experience to boot.

    If you can’t handle what I’m saying, or deal with the unmistakable racial implications of some feminists unreasonable and irrational hatred of Barack Obama, than to hell witcha.

  3. We could go on and on about the paradox of uttering “Hillary Clinton” and “feminist” in the same breath. That point aside, there is no way that Obama will pick a woman or a person of color to be on his ticket. Let’s get real about the country we live in. The only reason that Obama is not annihilating McCain in the polls is because he is black. Sure, there is a significant chunk of Americans who will never vote for a Democrat or a progressive. But there are many who will do so, who simply will not pull the lever for a black person. Obama wants to win this election. He does not want to contend with the added droves who will not vote for a woman. He will not pick Sebelius no matter her qualifications.

  4. TripLBee,

    She made the cut and according to Hillary, the glass ceiling has 18 million cracks in it because of her. If Hillary’s disingenuous willingness to consider Obama as a running mate is as valid as the Vote Both organization’s creation attest, than why could not Obama go with another woman other than Hillary?

    I just don’t buy the working class racist thing. If they have a problem with Obama’s race, or his running mate’s gender–even though they woulda voted for Hillary, are they really Democrats to start with? I don’t think so.

    Anybody willing to support John McCain is not really a Democrat. I don’t care what anybody says.

  5. RisingTide


    My source on the inside has it at 60% chance Sebelius (with the rest split among the usual suspects).

    She’s an Obama type governor, managed to get half the Republicans to switch to Democrats (their leadership, the halfway sane people who looked up and said “my party’s gone batshit crazy”).

    She’d be a fantastic president (though I am still pulling for Clark, even if he is a Clintonista).

  6. Skep and RisingTide,

    Let’s be clear, I am not questioning Sebelius’s qualifications. I’m of the opinion, however, that Obama–politician that he is—is too cautious to pick a woman or a person of color. There are still wide swaths of the country where racism and sexism prevail.

    As for Clinton’s 18MM votes (which were actually 17MM), that was the Democratic primary. This is the general election. Those two animals, as you well know, are completely different.

    Look, I’d like Obama to select Richardson because I think he has a great political resume and because I think that a black-brown coalition could rule national politics for the foreseeable future. But that aint gonna happen either. He’s going to pick a white man.

    If I’m wrong I will happily eat crow.

  7. Great post. Despite any claims to the contrary, you are 100 percent correct about the Hillbots. I know them all too well, both online and in person. They are vicous, vindictive, bitter, delusional creatures who cannot ever be trusted to help elect any Democrat other than their “girl”. And they are indeed “faux feminists” for their hypocrisy in not acknowledging that Hillary stuck by Bill and his shenanigans all these years just so she could have a shot at the top job.

    I doubt Obama gains much by picking a milquetoast white guy like Bayh or Kain just to ease the fears of conservative white men. That demographic ain’t gonna vote for him, period. Al Gore couldn’t even win his home state of Tennessee. His best bet is to go with Sebelius or Richardson for the woman or Hispanic vote.

  8. Hmmmm....

    Skeptical Brotha-

    it’s not about not being able to handle your viewpoint. but your argument takes better form now that you’ve identified taylor marsh as figurehead for these “faux feminists.” i read taylor marsh’s blog sometimes. the day after hillary conceded, she threw her support behind obama in a big way.

    i wouldn’t have assumed from taylor’s posting that you’ve quoted above that she’s saying that sebelious is not qualified. i think her sentiment is a guestimation at how other hillary supporters might respond to “any woman other than HRC” on the ticket.

    My personal opinion is that a lot of women who supported Hillary will resent Obama if he chooses Sebelius. It’s not because they don’t believe Sebelius is more qualified, less qualified or as qualified than Hillary (that’s for patriarchal drones to argue and discuss) – in fact, Sebelius is not the issue. The issue – as i assume they will perceive it – will be a conglomeration of many things: that Obama’s campaign was complicit in the media and his campaign’s use of sexism to prevail in the nomination (think New Hampshire debates & “Bros before Hoes” campaign flyers), then after he won he LOOKED OVER Hillary, his chief competitor for the nomination and the candidate who won nearly 18 million votes and amassed a broad coalition of core democratic party members – the most ever for any woman in a presidential primary – and in all of this and all of the emotional rollercoaster aftermath, Obama decides to choose to another woman – when he had the option to choose Hillary – he chooses another woman for the VeeP spot.

    no matter if it makes sense to you or not, he chooses Sebelius and my guess is that he can kiss a good portion of Hillary supporters goodbye.

  9. “he LOOKED OVER Hillary”

    Quite simply, he was FORCED to look over Hillary because she went negative and stayed negative so long in the primaries that she gave the other side tons of sound bytes to use against them as a ticket in the general election.

    “he can kiss a good portion of Hillary supporters goodbye”

    They want to cut off their nose to spite their face out of sheer vindictiveness. One of their many not so attractive qualities.

  10. He ‘LOOKED OVER Hillary’?


    Hillpatine WAS NOT vetted.


    she wouldn’t answer the following questions:

    1. All HER earmarks
    2. What’s in the 18 million missing from the tax returns
    3. Bill’s Donor List to the Library
    4. Bill’s Donor List to the Foundation

    She wasn’t vetted because they refused to pony up this info.

    End of story.

    SB, thanks for the 4-1-1 on Sebelius.

  11. Look, I’d like Obama to select Richardson because I think he has a great political resume and because I think that a black-brown coalition could rule national politics for the foreseeable future. But that aint gonna happen either. He’s going to pick a white man.


    The first time it was asked, I said Richardson. I was soundly reminded here that America couldn’t take a Black/Brown ticket.

    But, he was my first choice.

  12. Hmmmm….

    Faux Feminists will resent Obama for giving a qualified woman, the Governor of Kansas, a crack at being the first woman president and for her unwillingness to join in the suicide pact of Hillary dead enders that could lead to a McCain presidency. A presidency which would promise to end Roe.


    I don’t doubt your sincerity, but this line of thought is delusional and dangerous for our democracy.

  13. rikyrah,

    I think Richardson would be great. But I sincerely believe that white America ain’t ready for two colored folks at the top. Hell, they still coming up with bogus issues with the squeaky clean establishment Negro that Obama represents.

  14. “that Obama’s campaign was complicit in the media and his campaign’s use of sexism to prevail in the nomination (think New Hampshire debates & “Bros before Hoes” campaign flyers)”


    Obama bent over backwards to avoid the appearance of sexism. The “Bros before Hoes” paraphernalia has been proliferating all over the country and certainly did not come from the Obama campaign.

    Truly, it just drives me crazy to hear folks rationalizing the reckless, patent racism to which Clinton resorted in the campaign, with some fantasy that Obama engaged in equally sordid sexism aimed at Clinton. That just didn’t happen.

    The fact of the matter is that there were many, many older, relatively well off white women who felt that Clinton was entitled to the nomination, in spite of the fact that she lost square and fair. I have been watching politics for 30 years and have never seen anything like it.

  15. Hmmmm....


    she wasn’t even ASKED any questions – so what is this “she wouldn’t answer” any questions?? all of the news reports this morning confirm that Obama has been paying lip service to the idea of Hillary being on the short list when in fact it is now apparent that she was never even being considered.

    Skeptical Brotha,

    Again, the issue is not with Sebelius, it’s with Obama.


    i think you must be mistaking the ongoing argument ensuing in your head with an actual idea that i am putting forth, which has nothing to do with racism. i’m not trying to rationalize the alleged racism in the Clinton camp. in fact, i don’t even mean to discuss it or draw comparisons to it. if you do so, as you have done, then inevitably, you diminish the importance of one over the other when really they are equally destrutive “isms” in our society. the women that are upset at how things turned out for clinton are not just well off and white – that’s just a tired mischaracterization of her supporters, which you could see if media was more interested in telling a fuller picture of what’s going on. but they aren’t. as a woman who is neither well off nor white, i am left to do my best to let my voice be known.

    I guess this all is a moot point now, considering that Biden was chosen as his running mate.

  16. Chesapeake

    Having read and heard a few comments this morning about the selection of Senator Biden as Obama’s running mate, I am now more convinced than ever that many Clinton supporters feel they have lost their entitlement to the White House. No measure of grace extended by Senator Obama (during and after the nomination campaign) will suffice to stem the flow of a chunk Clintonistas from voting against Obama are abstaining.

    The fiction that Obama did not actually consider Clinton is just another fictional excuse her supporters use to blame Clinton’s strategic and financial mismanagement of her campaign on Obama.

    Sebelius would have been a better compliment to Obama than Biden, but choosing her would have been a dagger to the Clintonistas that would have given Obama no hope, whatsoever, in attracting them back. He couldn’t afford that.

    That’s crazy, ain’t it? If he would have selected a woman, he would have alienated women! Schizo!!

  17. Chesepeake, nothing about the Hillbots can be explained with logic. They are part of a cult after all, and logic and reason both go out the window when trying to rationalize their actions. It’s a lot of vindictiveness mixed with delusion. That’s the only way to explain their disdain for everything Obama.

  18. Hmmmm….

    You accused Obama of engaging in sexism aimed at Clinton. That is a ludicrous charge. Clinton lost. Obama won. It’s that simple. But many of her supporters—many of whom used to actually be liberals—are saying he cheated, he resorted to sexism, etc. After 8 years of Bush and essentially 40 years of Republican dominance, I am baffled at the willingness of many Clinton supporters to blow this election simply because things didn’t go their way in the primary.

  19. Chesapeake,

    One thing that’s been lost in this crazy election process, is the fact that, for all of her strengths, Clinton is also a rallying cry for the far right. That is not her fault. And in fact, she is the target of that animus because she stood up to their calls for her to wear an apron and keep her mouth shut while she was the First Lady. But the fact of the matter is that evangelical Christians and other far right conservatives are not excited about this election. Even had Clinton run an honorable campaign (which she didn’t do) she would still provide motivation for what is now a dormant GOP base. Because she ran a disgraceful campaign, her selection would further serve to alienate many Obama supporters. Her selection as a VP candidate, therefore, would make no sense.

  20. One thing that’s been lost in this crazy election process, is the fact that, for all of her strengths, Clinton is also a rallying cry for the far right.
    True, and the main reason she should have never ever been considered.

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