Obama-Biden:Unconditional surrender to the Washington Establishment


Late in the midnight hour, the Washington press corps informed the world definitively that Barack Obama had reached deep into the senior ranks of the Senate’s comb-over caucus of corporate has-beens to recycle Delaware’s ponderous windbag, Senator Joe Biden, as his running mate. Obama’s selection signaled his unconditional surrender to the tribal Washington power structure and the corporate media voiced its approval through endless rounds of substance free adoration and praise.

Receiving the campaign’s tired little text message this morning was anti-climatic given the aggressive reporting the night before. This Skeptical Brotha is unimpressed. I am assuming that you’ve chewed it over some. What say you?

30 thoughts on “Obama-Biden:Unconditional surrender to the Washington Establishment

  1. David

    Hi Skeptical Brotha,

    I think this pick is very important. Here’s why:


    We simply cannot afford McSame’s policies. Biden will shore up Obama’s support in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Ditto in Michigan and Wisconsin. Simply put, this gives those people who just were a bit leery about voting for Obama the confidence they needed. Biden, though an establishment candidate, is a known-commodity in the states mentioned above. His foreign policy experience is incredible, and he will slam McCain’s choice.

    Also, he was a middle class guy, and is the least wealthiest Senator. Can you imagine if McSame picks Romney, which Time’s Mark Halperin says it will happen? Combined wealth of $350 million, and 15 houses… Great contrast.

    For me, as much as I liked Sebelius, the media was going to have an orgasm over her lack of experience, and how he doesn’t have experience. This pick assures us that…

    Be happy Skeptical Brotha.


  2. Hey SB,

    My first choice for months was Richardson, so that tells you what a dreamer I am. If I recall, YOU were one of the ones that bitchslapped me on that idea.

    My final choices were Webb, The Governor Cowboy (if only either one were in their second terms) and you convinced me of Sebelius.

    I was settled awhile back on Clark, but any mofo stupid enough to blow his credentials on arguments about McCain and the military that could allow the GOP to wrap themselves in the flag, instead of tearing it away from McCain, doesn’t deserve the spot.

    I couldn’t take Hillpatine.
    I couldn’t take Bayh, once I realized that Mark Penn came with him.
    Kaine would only amplify Obama’s perceived weaknesses.

    I’m not thrilled, but I don’t have the feeling in the pit of my stomach that would have come with Hillpatine or Bayh. If either of those had happened, I would be on the ledge.

  3. David,

    This pick is peace offering to our country’s plutocratic ruling class and an act of appeasement to the Washington power structure. It was made to grease the skids and to win. It was coolly ruthless and another example of the effortless acts of political expedience that has marked Obama’s spectacular rise from a state legislative seat in Springfield to the ultimate pinnacle of Washington power.

  4. rikyrah,

    Girl, that was so long ago that I don’t even remember what I said but it probably was along the lines of what I said the yesterday. This ruthless choice means we can expect nothing of consequence on the progressive front unless we’re prepared to engage in movement politics against Obama’s new Administration. That’s a step that blackfolks won’t be willing to take given the pride Obama’s achievement will engender.

  5. renee

    I knew it was coming. However, Sen Biden is a bulldog and can take whatever the Repubs bring, so this dog will hunt as they say! I will take it.

  6. renee,

    Campaign prowess and presentation is always an important consideration, but what I needed was the reassurance of a sound progressive. Biden is for the most part socially progressive, however, their are stunning lapses like his support of warrantless wiretapping. If he was going to reach back into the Senate, the selection of Patty Murray or Russ Feingold would have been better.

  7. renee

    Ahh but most Americans aren’t looking for progression. They are looking for the good old days when they had a job from a company that was stateside, when they could afford to drive to it and the pay would at least cover the mortgage. Okay mostly those days are over, but if we wanted real change, we would do that ourselves by demanding more from ourselves and our leaders, (i.e. Kwame Kilpatrick). But we continue to re-elect some of the a$$holes and blame them when it goes bad. We put them in power in the first place. I think this was good pick. Sen Obama needs an attack dog on his side and Sen Biden will fight for what is right. Some may disagree but Sen Obama knew he needed someone with Sen Biden’s creds especially on foreign policy issues. Short of Condolezza Rice, Who else could he have possibly chosen? He needed an insider that can play the game with the best of them. Sen Biden is riddled with flaws but who isn’t? He is not a perfect candidate but he is a good candidate and Sen Obama could have bowed to the Clinton machine and put her on the ticket. So the lesser of two evils.

  8. zeitgeist9000

    I’ve had a headache since a Republican friend of mine called last night and gleefully proclaimed he would be doing jumping jacks that Hillary wasn’t on the ticket.

    The Hillary people (my dad included) seem happy with the choice of Biden.

    So again I pledge my vote; now I guess Hillary has to work her heart out and if Junior isn’t successful the ultimate blame will be hers. 🙂

  9. zeit,

    In all fairness, I think that Miss Hillary has been gamely doing her part. Her convention speech is the biggest part left remaining and her personal appearances across the country for the ticket.

  10. Alexis

    I think it was a pretty good choice. I personally liked McCaskill, Gore, or Sebelius, and none but one really had a chance at that one. To be honest, I didn’t care too much about who he picked, as long as it wasn’t Hillary.

    I also think Biden will be a great attack dog and debater. Today he said “we don’t need a good soldier, we need a wise man” or something along those lines, which is basically what Wes Clark said, but no one is going to accuse Biden of not being patriotic when he makes the obvious point that being a POW does not qualify you to be POTUS. I think that is a great asset.

  11. Alexis,

    Don’t get me wrong, hon. If I were to give Biden a rating as a Senator, I’d say he merited a solid B. It’s rare that I disagree with him. But let’s face it, voting for the war, expanding the federal death penalty to cover more than 60 crimes, and voting to expand warrantless wiretapping are not his finest moments in the Senate.

    Obama could have done better. You know so.

  12. franko

    I agree that Obama could’ve done better. I would’ve loved Russ Feingold. He always holds his ground. I really wanted Caroline Kennedy for the “change” that would have been manifested in her co-candidacy. What did you think of Michael Moore’s mention of her as his preferred VP candidate on the ticket?

  13. franko,

    I think it is fascinating. Caroline is so private, so shy, she would never run for office. But if she ever did, the best office for her would be Congresswoman Maloney’s seat representing the silk stocking district of Manhattan.

  14. “This pick is peace offering to our country’s plutocratic ruling class and an act of appeasement to the Washington power structure. It was made to grease the skids and to win. It was coolly ruthless and another example of the effortless acts of political expedience that has marked Obama’s spectacular rise from a state legislative seat in Springfield to the ultimate pinnacle of Washington power.”


    You confuse me brother. Who did you think he was going to pick? Che Gueverra? He’s trying to win this election. You had to know he was going to pick a grey haired white guy. That being said, Biden isn’t a bad choice. He comes out of the Kennedy-Kerry liberal wing of the party. I was afraid he was going to pick a moderate like Kaine or Bayh, or, God forbid, a closet Republican like Jim Webb or Wesley Clark. Considering the mountain Obama has to climb, I don’t think Biden was such a bad choice.

    I’m going to assume that you want him to win this election. With that stipulation in mind, who do you think he should have picked? I’m not asking you who you wish he’d have picked, rather who you think he should’ve picked. I know you made a pitch for Sebelius, but for all of the schizophrenic reasons you mentioned, he couldn’t win with her.

  15. TripLBee,

    If Obama was gonna reach back to the Senate and get him an Old Head, he woulda been better off with Feingold. As a whole, Feingold is more progressive. On virtually every issue: Wiretapping, Death Penalty, FISA, Racial Profiling, Feingold is stronger than Biden. His 16 years in the U.S. Senate and his 10 years in the Wisconsin Legislature is more than sufficient to be president.

  16. Trip,

    I forgot to mention that he is also young enough to succeed Obama and would have removed the haunting spector of another Hillary run. He has left us in the position of having no frontrunner for 2016. That would mean a divisive contest that prevent us from winning another 4 years. We need back to back presidencies to fix the mess created by Dick and Dubya.

  17. Skep

    Hillary will be almost 70 in 2016. That’s not necessarily too old, but pretty close. Also, I think there’s a lot to be said for a president picking a VP who doesn’t want to succeed him. It means that they don’t have to spend their second term worrying about getting undermined by their #2. This is about the only thing that Bush did well during his eight years.

  18. Alexis

    Mr. SB,

    I admit I didn’t know too much about his record, and it’s not particularly admirable, but I still think he was the best choice. I mean you had Bayh, Kaine, Chet Edwards (really, who is this guy?), John Edwards (screwed that one up – literally), and, dare I say it, Hillary/Bill/Chelsea. Bayh was dubbed “The King of Boring White Guys”, and I don’t know anything about Kaine, only that he’d reinforce the “inexperience” meme.

    And tbh, I keep thinking of the V.P. debates. I’m not sure anyone actually watches those, but all of those V.P. candidates would suck, except Biden, and I hate to say Hillary. So, that’s my case.

  19. SB,

    Feingold is a twice-divorced, not married man. Not gonna happen, my Brotha. Got to be hitched. Feingold went down on my list when he gave McAncient compliments.

  20. Michael

    Biden is the ideal pick. he can be the attack dog and that will insulate Obama. One issue is, Biden loves to hear himself talk, he is certainly verbose..and some of the things that comes out of his mouth could hurt them. You are correct, he is one of the least wealthy people in Washington, which will appeal to those voters that think being poor and too stupid to make any money in this great country is actually a virtue. (not sure how this happens, but apparently being unsuccessful is a positive, desired trait in this day and age. Oh and let’s not forget Biden’s masterful control of his verbosity with these lovely phrases!

    (Obama is)” the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean” f

    -”You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. Oh, I’m not joking.” and

    -Who didn’t even realize that his own state, Delaware, was in the Union and not the Confederacy? And who tried to cite this erroneous membership in the Confederacy as a positive credential

    This guy is a real piece of work. He will do well as the “Angry White Democrat Guy”. Obama won’t have to do the dirty work…Biden will, since there is no political downside, Biden’s career is in the twilight years, so this old angry white man will play well. Sorta the same strategy that was used with Murtha when he was trotted out to say those ignorant things, there was no political downside with him either….I call this the “expendible dem strategy” Throw a person out there that will deflect the fire. i thought the pick was certainly strategic, and a yawner at the same time. Hopefully they can control this guys mouth!

  21. Michael,

    Delaware, along with Maryland and Kentucky, were officially part of the Union only because Lincoln imprisoned their political leadership before they had a chance to formally secede. All three states were slave holding states that were exempted from the Emancipation Proclamation. So Biden wasn’t actually wrong when he discussed Delaware’s Confederate roots.

  22. imhotep

    I think it was a smart move. Biden will be VICE president. So BO still has the final decision. My only problem with Biden is his loyalty to Israel lobbyists, which is difficult to tell the difference between them and the NeoCons. I don’t want WW3 to start based on the perceived threats by Israel. These people have way too much say on our foreign and domestic policies. I just hope BO doesn’t go overboard trying to appease these people, because they won’t be satisfied until everyone is dead in the Middle east except them.
    CLARIFICATION: I am not anti-Semetic in any way, even though the people I am discussing aren’t actually Semetic. I am anti-foreign arm twisting and cajoling, anti-zionist.

  23. thhalejr


    Obama’s trying to win, plain and simple. Our choices from a Black perspective only don’t necessarily play very well in the whole of America; sad but true. This is a time for all well meaning people and Blacks to support this candidate, because we may not see this opportunity for a long time.

    All of BO’s decisions are not going to be 100% liberal or progressive, but he’s been 95% on the side of most of the people who participate on your blog-progressives and liberals. Let’s get him elected and work to get the most important issues on our agenda passed, and then work on others.

    Sebelius was a big choice of mine, but the politics of the day, i.e. polls, pushed her out. Biden shores up all of Obama’s weaknesses.

  24. Michael

    Interesting perspective…..so he’s “trying to to win”. So Biden recieved 9,000 votes in the primary, to Hillary’s almost 20 million. Actually this decision is based on him needing to make strides with the white male vote. he will need those to win. Sebelius was also my choice. I almost could have held my nose and voted for Obama, but Biden is a deal-breaker for me. I don’t want this guy anywhere around the White House.

  25. Chuck Hagel would have been good because of the powerful “let’s break the partisan stalemate” angle that would have been available. Hagel’s Senate voting record in large part sucked, but his correct assessment of the Iraq disaster made that forgivable.

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