Democratic National Convention: Day two, Hillary speaks


Senator Clinton is about to mount the stage and the anticipation is electric in the Pepsi Center.  At the conclusion of her remarks-tell me what you think.

36 thoughts on “Democratic National Convention: Day two, Hillary speaks

  1. zeitgeist9000

    Eloquent and clear as usual.

    And yes, the speech was as much about her as it was about Obama. Obama fans will have to get over that if they were expecting different.

    The Harriet Tubman reference was inspired.

    And the end: Godspeed. Godspeed to you, Hillary.

  2. She gave an excellent speech. The Harriet Tubman analogy perfectly coalesced all of the paradoxes and tensions of the primaries and wrapped them in a touching exuberance.

  3. zeitgeist9000,

    If this had been the stump speech of Mrs. Cllnton throughout the primaries, this would have been her nomination and her convention. Her words soared and uplifted the multitude with a positive vision for the future. She accomplished tonight what Barack Obama has been doing all along. It is hard to understand why she panned the galvanizing power of good oratory.

  4. Chesapeake

    She nailed that one, especially in the section when she for all intents and purposes let us know this election is not about her, but about the people who are suffering and left behind. The “Twin Cities” bit was a nice touch, too.

    z, I have no complaints about the amount of time she spent talking about her campaign. The transitions to Obama’s themes worked nicely.

  5. Al

    The speech the Hillary Clinton delivered before the Democratic National Convention was a well crafted, nicely delivered bunch of BS!! I am still waiting for a full surrender, un-nuanced endorsement of Barack Obama, not a statement of support. She has now set herself up to be either 1) the “savior” of the Obama campaign because she brings “her” people over the line, or 2) a candidate for president in ’12 no matter who wins the election in ’08 or 3) the architect of the agenda that she will hold Barack accountable to if elected.

    There were no shut doors or closed windows. She left all of her options open and had the unashamed audacity, arrogant temerity, and flat out gall to walk on and off that stage without saying a word of affirmation towards Barack’s character as a person, candidate, man, or fellow senator whose record of public service exceeds hers in depth and accomplishment on the local, state, and federal levels. She needed to say he is ready to be a commander in chief now and for the next eight years. But we did not hear that. We heard her align herself with history in a way that Barack would have been criticized for if he made a lingering reference to anything Black. With clever craft she placed herself in the stream of history with the women’s movement with not one reference to Shirley Chisom which could perhaps be seen as a logical link seeing that they both ran for president, but Harriet Tubman who ran away from slaveholders?!? Hillary also advocated a feminist agenda that at its core was unresponsive at best and absolutely insensitive to the needs a wants of the black community at any point of its history. The early leaders of the sufferage movement said that there was no way that “these beasts” a reference to the black man, should be allowed to vote before us.

    And on top of that, she did not refute McCain’s use of her voice, image or statements in the latest adds he has put out in the last few days. Yeah “no way, no more McCain” was a crafty effort of wordsmanship, but does anyone remember what she said and did in the months of January, February and March of this year. She called Barack everything but a child of God and treated him as if he was not even worthy of sharing the stage with her. And how many times does she get a chance to have a moment of catharsis. Is this not the 3rd or 4th time?!? It took her forever and a day to make what ever you want to call what she did at the National Building Museum in DC.

    I saw a interview on MSNBC with a Clinton delagate who said she was effectively thinking over her options when it came to the November election, because of what has “happened” to Hillary. When I heard that, I said to my wife now white people have grain of salt’s taste of what Blacks have gone through over the years in America, coming in second and having to deal with it. But one difference with our response to defeat, that has happened more times than often, is that we still remain loyal!

    I have heard more than one TV commentator say that tonight “She did what she had to do.” And I am more than sure that in the days ahead, as she did at a cafe in New Hampshire, as she did at debate in South Carolina, and as she did at the press conference in Ohio where she said all Barack would bring to the presidency is a speech, and at countless times before and between, Hillary Clinton will continue to do what she has to do. And heaven help us if she does!

  6. SB,

    You for real?

    I’ve got a blog full of posters are not happy with Hillpatine. I was about to erase it from the tivo, and now, with what you said, I might just have to watch it.

    Did you catch my Cowboy Governor?

    Luv him.

  7. Angie

    Rikyrah, I haven’t seen it yet either. I will watch it some time tomorrow.
    However, I heard that her speech was great, spot on, and what was needed. And this assessment came from folks that hate Hil.
    Now only if she had done this sooner, only if she had dropped out of the race sooner, only if she had been respectful and dignified in her campaign, I could then respect her and support her as a American leader. Oh well…

  8. KRK

    By the end of the primary, Clinton’s rhetoric was an attack on the legitimacy of the Democratic party’s nominating process and the validity of Obama’s win. Many of her supporters still believe that garbage, even if they see that Clinton is falling in and being a good Democrat.

    She gave a good speech tonight, even great, but until she says, loud and clear, that Obama won fair and square, she hasn’t exactly done everything that she could. And that’s not only for Obama, but for the party.

    It also wouldn’t hurt for her to have left out the “McCain is my friend and has given noble service, blah, blah, blah” and replaced it with a little personal endorsement of Obama’s character and abilities (not just “we need a Democrat”).

  9. Andrea

    Remember in 2006 when you asked me who I would vote for President and I asked my first and second choices? Well, did you see him last night?

    Governor Sweitzer

    I didn’t watch, haven’t watched, and don’t plan to watch the conventions but I did see him speak because he is the one I really think should have ran. He’s ahead of the curve in certain issues and that is what we need in innovative leaders.

    As for Hilary…it’s politics. We are so caught up in the media’s need to sell drama of her every move now that keeps the psychodrama going but we, Blacks, we never this invested in seeing her or her husband quirm for decades when they were the same people. I think our sanctimonious interest still does not cover up or compensate for the fact that we (Blacks, as a group) simply transfer our idolatry from one clique to another another with the same models still in place.

    As much as I have never voted for Bill in the past and always hated the Democratic Party hence I became an adult to understand the dynamics at play, this self-righteous rally by some after-the-fact is a whole lot disingenous. You have always called The Clintons squarely but not most of Black America. Now…everyone is acting like they need to be avenged when they were the same people who gave The Clintons power.

    It’s makes me sick.

    So adding to the media’s insatiable thirst to crucify her — and yes, a lot of it has to do with her being an invading woman — we should not side with the media’s temporary contempt for her because they will be doing the same thing to Barack once they tire of his novelty. All Barack did was steal The Clinton’s constituencies and that will one day be fodder for the next usurper.

    Normally I don’t say that I hate the media, but right now they really are drunk in trying to induce drama to draw us in and get us drunk with them. It’s crazy.

    Hilary did the bit part and she has every right to be pissed. We have every right to take advantage of the opportunity to understand that people don’t have to play fair. We need to learn this from The Clintons. We need to not think the surface drama is all to it. We need to understand that it’s never going to be over but what we think we see in the drama is our desire to be a player in it. It’s bigger than us and we need to learn how to stop being pawns of both camps.

  10. Michael

    She did not come out and fully endorse Barrack and say he is fully qualified for president. Kudos to her, because he truly is not qualified. Last night was painful to watch. But the convention is not about emotion. And what was the deal with the lady earlier in the evening that could barely read her own words….so much for public education I quess and then that clown of a Montana govenor was a real pieice of work….pretty obvious he’s jockeying for a cabinet position, he should sell used cars. And of course trotting out the obligatory grieveance speaker from the Iowa flood….that is Iowa for God’s sake, how hard did they work to find her…since Iowa is like 90% white….and did anyone check her citizenship status? I’m so unimpressed, just tired of the pandering…..none of this has been about Obama. I’m almost ashamed to be a Democrat today. I really think its incredibly disengenuous for some of you to act like you weren’t the very one that elected the Clintons and made them who they are. It will be interesting to hear Bill tonight. Please tell me we are not going to trot out another line of speakers like we did last night…it was painful. I just don’t know anymore

  11. RisingTide


    You listen to Jim Leach, hear his words. He may not be the best speaker, but his words are gold.

    Don’t got no TV, so I’m hearing Hillarys speech through you folks.

    And pay no heed to the Sixty Supporters of Unjust McCain. Hillary supporters are pro-Obama in a MAJOR WAY. We’re talking Obama up +20 against McCain … when we’re talking women, Hillary’s core demographic.

  12. Andrea


    Governor Sweitzer did not support Obama. He said he was not supporting either candidate and they both lobbied for his support. He said he was endorsing whomever won and that is what he did. He does not want to be part of the cabinet.

    He wants and has wanted to inject new ideas of innovation to end our oil dependency overseas. He used to work in the Mid-East and he has been trying to talk it up for the past few years about the threat to national security in being dependent on foreign countries’ who control your energy supply. There are so many environmental issues affecting national security that the average citizen does not have to worry about now in thinking of.

    So…you are wrong. Just because he is rally the Democrats does not mean he is brown-nosing for immunity. He could care less. He sees the bigger picture that the country is being threatened.

  13. I just hope she quietly fades away afer this, along with Bill and the Clinton cult followers. NAFTA and Newt Gingrich still remain as the centerpieces of their disastrous legacy.

    Was good to see Dennis Kucinich preaching last night. Wake up America….unfortunately a large segment will always be somnambulent zombies.

  14. Befree

    I think people are being real nit picky. She did endorse him. If she had said these words exactly “he is ready to lead” I guarantee in a few hours McCain would have this comment and her previously saying he not ready side by side in a commercial asking “ if she’s not sure, how can you be, Vote McCain”. Her speech was five steps ahead of that.

  15. imhotep

    Sorry folks, I just don’t like Ms. Clinton. She’s disingenuous to the core of her soul. She’s saying the right things but I don’t believe anything she says. At some point a speech has to be graded on believability and honesty, she doesn’t have it. Her pompous self-importance is irritating. Just go away.
    Take your disfunctional issue-ridden family, and your league of racist, big-hat wearing, no husband having, bitter three name, hyphenated name, too-old-to-be lesbian bitties, and go away.

  16. Michelle

    She did not come out and fully endorse Barrack and say he is fully qualified for president.

    Hillary Clinton is not qualified to assess such a thing.

    She started with nearly every advantage and still managed to lose the primary. Her mis-steps were so many I can’t even count them.

    She is not qualified to assess whether Senator Barack Obama is “fully qualified for president.”

    She lacks the ability and the wisdom to make such an assessment.

    Yes, she ran a campaign that said she wanted to be elected “parent” (or monarch) of this country and tell people what to do. Shut down your brains and hearts and “trust me” … that was an underlying message of her primary campaign. But that is not indicative of actual wisdom. It’s just a claim to wisdom that her own actions showed to be false.

    Senator Obama’s actions speak for themselves.

    Voters are the ones to decide this. This is our job.

    Hillary Clinton has shown herself unqualified to make the assessment, and should be no need to look to her to tell us one way or another.

  17. Hmmmm....

    It’s time that Obama make himself known to all Americans and express why he is qualified…fully ready…prepared…to be president of these united states.

    It’s not on Hillary anymore. Since conceding in June, she has stumped for him, raised money for him, emailed her supporters about the goings on in his camp and the democratic party for him, she has done what she has to do…and what she has been asked to do…

    whether or not you believe she made the speech because of her own self-interests, the interest of barack obama and/or the democratic party…the speech was made. and it was a really, really great speech that demonstrated how much Hillary has grown as an orator and political powerhouse as a result of her campaign experience…

    a snippet from Slate Magazine:

    “Tuesday night, the Democrats celebrated Ted Kennedy. He was in Clinton’s shoes in 1980, after his hard-fought battle with Jimmy Carter. When he gave his convention speech, he mentioned Jimmy Carter once, congratulating him only in passing. Ronald Reagan never mentioned Gerald Ford in 1976. Hillary Clinton named Barack Obama more than a dozen times. Kennedy’s famous speech declared that the dream will never die. Clinton’s pitch was that the dream cannot live without electing Barack Obama.”

    Obama has the nomination (or will officially in a few day). It’s time for him to MAN up and let the people know. HE is running for president. It’s not her responsibility any longer.

  18. Michael

    Michelle? Tell us how that is in any way different than what Obama is asking us to do. This man-child is telling us to just shut down our brain “hope” and trust that his total lack of experience will straighten out a mess that took decades to make! I’m no Hillary fan but she sat at the right hand of power for many years, I think she has some idea. But aside from that, Obama has to adress his gravitas gap, and certainly Hillary could have helped. Seems like you’re getting idignant that Obama would need anything from a white woman. He does need it. You think Hillary is going away? Hillary will be watching every misstep of Obama’s and will be back to run against him. I would say that’s true as you say “Obama’s actions speak for themselves” right down to every miscalculation on foriegn policy, questionable past relationship, financial naivete, and lack of an ability to pick a viable VP. This covention has fallen flat, its more like the Clinton show that anything else. It is indeed our job to decide if he is qualified, so I suggest he start doing something to make us think that, cuz I’m not feelin’ it! And apprently, according to all the polls, niether is the electorate.

  19. @SB: Re “The Harriet Tubman reference was actually a staple of Hillary’s speeches in front of black church audiences. It’s recycled, but it worked perfectly.” …thanks for clearing that up.
    I thought it was a fresh “verse” from MC Hillary.

    Now if she’d have come on some “You go on or die” Harriet Tubman pistol stuff, I’d have had to jump up…

  20. Michael,

    Those would be great talking points for Bill O’Reilly. Let’s debunk some of the popular mythology you’re propagating. “…she (Hillary) sat at the right hand of power for many years.” And George W. Bush, the son of a President and the grandson of a US Senator, grew up under the right hand of power. You see where that got us.

    “…trust his total lack of experience…” Well, this man-child with no experience out organized, out strategized, out fundraised and generally did just about everything better than the more experienced folks he ran against in the primary. Apparently he didn’t need to sit at the right hand of power or be in the Senate for decades to master this game.

    Look, you can vote for John McCain, write in Hillary’s name or do whatever you wish to do. But I’m curious about why you hate Obama so much.

  21. TripLBee,

    You know why Michael is bugging. It’s race. That’s what it is about and why they cannot abide an Obama presidency. The sad and pathetic thing is that he will do nothing that any other white Democratic president would do. He is no different ideologically or practically. The same neo-liberal program will be supported, regardless.

    They’ll still vote for John McCain because Obama’s being half-white just won’t do.

  22. “Those would be great talking points for Bill O’Reilly.”

    Actually Trip, that’s probably where he got them from. Funny how a self-proposed Democrat like Michael can hit every wingnut talking point out there. Go away Zell Miller, aka Michael.

  23. Skep,

    Silly me. I thought that Michael was black. In any event, I had an illuminating, very disheartening occurrence at a gym in Santa Monica, CA earlier today. There was a group of five elderly white men discussing politics, to a man denigrating Obama. They were all pledging their support for McCain. Then one said, “and I’m a liberal Democrat”. A second one chimed in “me too” and then a third. At that point I walked over to them and asked, “if you all are liberal Democrats why are you going to vote for a right wing Republican over a liberal Democrat?” The first man said, “because Obama is an elitist.” I asked him if how it was that a working class could kid who earned his way to the Ivy League without the benefit of patronage, could be considered more elitist than a fourth generation Naval Academy graduate who doesn’t know how many houses he owns. The conversation went on in this vein before I suggested to the men that they should be honest with themselves about why they will not vote with Obama. As you might imagine, it was all downhill from there.

    Dear God, it is so depressing. I really thought we’d come farther than this.

  24. To really set things straight, Hillary’s entire speech should have been the subject of racial animus towards Barack Obama by many of her supporters.

    Yes, you can write off the older generation of white folks in this election. The youth are going to have to make up the difference. I, for one, am not optimistic about that happening, based on past performance. Surprise me, yung ‘uns.

  25. Ernesto,

    I haven’t seen a Presidential election in which race or some form of prejudice was not partially a subtext. This one will be no different. It now seems that it will be tighter than I intially thought.

  26. Trip,

    I am trying not to think about how many “Liberal Democratic” oldheads are out there that cannot admit that their ambivalence and distaste for Obama is racial. I’m angry enough as it is.

  27. Trip,

    I know that you’re spirit is troubled, but focus on the triumph of tonight. It has finally happened. Twenty-four years after Jesse brought us to tears in San Francisco, it has finally happened.

  28. Chesapeake


    I’m proud of you, soldier, for confronting those dudes at the gym and standing your ground against them. Skep and Ernesto are right. Racism is a strong factor in this election, and all those excuses of elitism, substance, sexism, stealing the nomination, etc., are veil covers for racism. There’s no other reason for a centrist democrat to vote for anyone other than Obama. And there’s no other reason for a liberal democrat to vote for McCain.

    With brothers like you on his side, Obama will be our next prez.

  29. Chesapeake,

    I appreciate your kind words because this has been bugging me today. You know, I was just trying to ask those brothers why they felt the way they did. It was just sad to see how angry they were at Obama, a man who has gone out of his way to be graceful. I know it sounds naive, but I just don’t get it.

  30. Angie

    Trip, my brotha: Please be encouraged.
    I too had a conversation with someone that troubled me and left me feeling upset.
    My cousin, who up until tonight, I respected a great deal, told me that she could not back Obama because he didn’t have the experience. She said the only reason why people (black folks) were voting for him was because he is a black man.
    I am so sick, sick, sick of this “he doesn’t have the experience” bull$hit. It’s not like the man has walked off a job at the light company and just decided he was going to run for president. Obama is a United States Senator. His experience there provides him with insight and experience that must be counted and respected by all those that say he has none.
    Does he have it all figured out? Nope… But I’m confident that the man is smart enough to surround himself with advisors and staff that will support his efforts to be a president that will uplift and protect the “little/average American.”
    And as for folks saying that people are voting for him because he is black… That pisses me off too. I hate it that they are reducing this man to a sack of black skin. How dare they?
    And how dare they minimize my ability to choose, to decide, to assess who will be a good person to vote for. Yes, I am black, but I am quite capable of deciding. And I can do it without considering race.

    What I cannot understand for the life of me is these black women, like my cousin, who can give a free pass to certain black men to be ridiculous deadbeat dads and damn playboys. But can turn around and demand so much from Obama.

    And do you know that our conversation ended with this woman saying that Obama is a muslim.
    Of course, that pissed me off. Trip: Like you said to one of the commenters above… Those that are still walking around with false information or no information at all have done nothing to educate themselves. They don’t want to know the truth.
    I finally asked her: If he was a muslim, and he’s not… But if he was, why in the hell is that an issue. I told her that I am tired of the ethnocentric views of some so called Christians.

    I’m finally calmed back down after our conversation. But no doubt about it, she got me going.

    I’ve decided that I am not going to give any of these folks that are allowing their racist, double-standard views any more of my attention and energy. They don’t deserve it.

    The last with be first. And the first will be last.


  31. BigSister

    Take heart that what you said to those men hit the mark with them even if they refuse to acknowledge it. The truth is always the very best of weapons. When they depart from each other each man will think about what you said. If even one receives the truth then evil is defeated. How do you eat a 500 pound gorilla? One bite at a time.

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