DNC day three: Obama Nominated By Acclamation


I am just so overwhelmed and I can’t write anything coherent. It has finally happened at long last and all I can do is take it all in.  

Bill Clinton has finished his address, what say you?

37 thoughts on “DNC day three: Obama Nominated By Acclamation

  1. It was a nice touch by Bill Clinton to recall the 1992 election and how he was charged with being inexperienced compared to George H.W. Bush. “They were on the wrong side of history then, and they are on the wrong side of history now.” Exactly right.

    Like you said SB, there is NO REASON other than racial animus for a Democrat to vote for Republican in this election. This has to be made plain over and over again in the coming months!

  2. Angie

    I know it was hard for President Clinton to say all that he said. But he said it. And I respect him for it. It needed to be said.

    Where his wife left off last night, he finished it tonight. Now, hopefully we can move on and win the White House in November.

  3. Angie

    Tonight, after all the speeches, one of my best friends and I were doing our typical recap and analysis of this particular political season. Well, Alicia pointed out something that I had never thought of. She said she wondered if JM was seriously considering/had selected a woman to be his running mate.
    We started brainstorming, trying to figure out what woman he could pick to make this a real race. Alicia pointed out that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison might be the woman they would want to steal all those so called hard line feminist.
    I gasped at the thought… But then I thought that if JM wanted to make this ugly, if he really wanted to go dirty and get the female vote, he could select Kay Bailey Hutchison.
    I was reminded how KBH had mentioned in a few interviews that she was considering a run for governor. But what if, what if this woman was actually being considered? Would all the Hillacrats run her way?
    This could really get quite, quite interesting.

    Skep/Trip/ Anyone: What do y’all think about this possibility?

  4. Angie

    Check this out.

    “A Friday announcement would be aimed at blunting momentum that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama would be expected to gain from his convention in Denver.

    McCain and his aides have debated whether to pick a solidly Republican running mate such as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has campaigned hard for McCain after losing to him in the Republican primary fight, or go with a less traditional choice such as independent Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, a McCain booster.

    Lieberman was Democrat Al Gore’s running mate in the 2000 campaign, and some Republicans fear picking Lieberman in an effort to appeal to independent voters would alienate core conservatives and make McCain’s nominating convention next week in St. Paul, Minnesota, a disaster.

    Other candidates in the mix are believed to have been Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former EBay chief executive Meg Whitman and Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, among others.”

  5. Angie

    “McCain, the Arizona senator and presumptive Republican nominee, is expected to announce his choice for vice president at the end of the week.
    Hutchison, 66, would be “an excellent choice,” syndicated husband-and-wife columnists Dick Morris and Eileen McGann said in a piece that catalyzed renewed speculation on the subject.
    “She’s been around for decades and is not going to start making mistakes now,” they wrote. “Her nomination would be a signal to American women that McCain takes their aspirations seriously, even if Obama does not. Hutchison is not charismatic. But her circumstances would be if she were nominated. The prospect of a woman vice president would electrify women throughout the nation.”

    Houston Chronicle

    Even if Obama is not? See how they are already trying to play this.

    I hope like hell that KBH does what people have been suspected that she will do after she steps down from her senate seat in 2012. Run for governor…
    While I hope she is not our future governor, although I think she will be, I certainly pray that JM doesn’t think that he’s slick and actually drafts her to be his running mate to get HC’s crybabies.

    I would much rather see KBH as governor than VP for a Rethuglican Presidency.

  6. NObody in the GOP believes McCain is going to last 4 years. You think they’ll put in a woman? come on, now. come on. same reason Jindal was a no starter – not putting no Brown man that close to the White House.

    KBH hasn’t fought shit for women’s issues.

  7. Chi

    Thank you so much for this site…I happened across it a few months ago and it’s been my go to place when I desperately need some intelligent perspective on things-

    I’m an Obama supporter and don’t always agree with you Skeptical Brotha, but I really do appreciate (and understand) your take on things.

    I absolutely love Rikyrah and TriplBee; who of course both articulate my sentiments most of the time…

    Thanks again for what you do with this site…

    Take care and God bless!

  8. Chesapeake

    President Clinton was on his game last night. I thought he’d spend his time attacking Bush, McCain, the republicans and the country’s regression under their “leadership.” I was prepared to accept that. But I’m pleasantly shocked that he carried the Obama banner, raised it, and waved it. If his speech was an indication that Hillary, Chelsea, and he will be working hard on the trail, good! The country will benefit from their help in getting Obama elected.

    BTW, Hutchinson, while as interesting as a brown cardboard box, would be a crafty choice considering the democrats’ “angry white female flight” problem. I don’t know if McCain can get that by the good ole’ boys, but it’s intriguing … a political scientist’s have not even dreamt about this potential competition.

    It is also crafty that the republicans have leaked this out to us this week. I couldn’t resist. Now, back to the DNC …. Put your running shoes on, z!

  9. BigSister

    Bill did what bill had to do. I know the talking heads believe Obama caved to the Clintons, but it was the right move to put them out front and make them dance. That is what they have done to us for so so so long. Why do you think that rabid blue dog dem wing is so upset. They have to the tap dance for the negra. How humiliating it for their beloved Bill and Hil. Imagine teflon Bill having to shill for that uppity nigger.

    People who say Obama is a light weight and have no skills need to take a hard look at this brother. They should be afraid. He kills them with kindness. Jesus said do good to your enemies. It is like heaping coals of fire on their heads. He does not do the things convientional wisdom says do. They cannot figure out how he is where he is. It is a mystery. So the try to reduce his impact with all that crazy s–t they float.

  10. Andrea

    Seriously? Seriously?

    I think the significance lies in the competition. An outlier with brown skin upended the reigning establishment. I don’t see MLK’s Dream actualized, not one ‘nary bit. People are stretching. People (the poor in spirit) are hoping to see God (for their’s is the kingdom of heaven) in Denver. This is artistic licensed version and for that, it is bittersweet.

    The pomp and circumstance was all ceremony to wind down the time when all acrimony had to be tempered for the cameras because a bigger picture was sought. All depended on putting on a good show. The little people at home (the local legislatives and constituencies) needed to know their was unity even if it was paper-thin to win against their common enemy: Republicans. We (well, you) got to see in real-time the display of assumed duty responsibilities play out in concert to forge a unification bond the party needed.

    But I don’t fall for ceremony when I know it is a production to sell authenticity. And this comment is not to deride the Dems. I feel this way about my party, if I had one. But still out of it all where I could take the media play by play of the primary results, this convention so far is just that: ceremony…a grand production. The Republican Party’s too will be the same with vaseline on their teeths.

    We Blacks are so easily sold on pomp. It’s our addiction to religiosity. And Bill Clinton is a hustling preacher. Bill Clinton is the same Bill Clinton from the 90’s and he was never and has never been our friend. Just because people play nice, it does not mean they like you. Don’t fall that crap. Yeah, it was like a movie. Everyone was acting like they had sense and was in love. It’s what soldiers do when the General tells them to stop whining and face their fears.

    Now I am reading here like people think the Bill Clinton has changed when it is still the same man from before. People have dimensions and this is the sweet side that seduces to maintain power.

    But for all it’s worth, it was watching live tyranny these past few months with this ceremonial crowning ritual that inaugurates the official new order of recolonization. The Clintons were overthrown and that was magnificent of a feat. The sad reality is that ownership of the plantation’s deed was only transferred from The Clinton to Barack and Associates. The Democratic Party is his with a field of angry uppity White Women that are facing their first day of being free not knowing how to make it on their own. They too are in that familiar state of a new order — wondering whether to suck it up and just sharecop on Master Obama’s plantation for awhile. Reconstruction seems gloomy to them right now that their keepers are not in charge anymore.

    So no…I have no empty platitudes to offer. The show must go and the dance continues.

  11. Angie

    Rikyrah: Trust me… I am not lobbying for KBH. I hear everything you are saying.
    But as you know, the Rethuglicans do not play by the same set of rules. And the truth is that KBH don’t have to have done a damn thing for women for it to satisfy them. The fact that she is a white woman is good enough for some of those racist clowns that have a hard time seeing their girl/candidate lose to a damn black man.
    Just think about it… Obama has accomplished a great deal. And these folks are still saying he has no experience. They see what they want to see. If they want to look at her as someone who is good for women issues, they will.
    They know how to spin this thing. They know how to act like her political career, her experience in business did a lot for women in itself. They are snakes like that.

    And while this woman has no personality, JM don’t have none either. I can tell this man has aged significantly since the last time he ran. He seems like he is tired and about to fall over any moment. He’s just now starting to perk up a little bit. And that’s only because they been so damn messy in the last couple of weeks.

    The reason why I don’t think it is going to be MR is because his butt is too damn old as well. They are not going to put two men in their 70’s on the ticket. And if they do, that wil shock the hell out of me.

    “Kay Bailey Hutchinson is a horrid debater. You have to think about it. Would she get out the base?” Rikyrah

    You’re right. I can’t see her going against JB in a debate. However, they will play the female card, like HC did, and JB won’t be able to bulldog her like he would a man. If he tried to stomp all over KBH in a debate, the women (feminist) would be crying wolf. However, not as loud as they cried when a black man put a white woman in her place, but they would still take issue with it…

    Rikyrah, I pray that you are right. Because trust me, I don’t want to hear them lying about what a fabulous woman she is all the way to November. I also hope that Texas don’t lose their mind and elect her governor, although I know that they will. Texas is thrown off like that. **smile**

  12. Angie,

    My wife and I have been talking about McCain’s VP scenario for months. He is really boxed in by the bigotry at the core of the GOP. He can’t pick a person of color so forget about Powell or Jindahl. He can’t pick someone who is not a traditional Christian so forget about Lieberman and pick Romney at your peril. He certainly can’t pick someone who is gay, so beware of Charlie Crist. And a woman? No way.

    So who is he left with? A bunch of hawks who are on the wrong side of the war or evangelical Christians like Huckabee who will send independents and PUMAs fleeing to Obama. I think if he is smart he will pick Pawlenty. But we’ll see won’t we. It’s nice to see the Republicans squirming for once.

  13. BigSister

    That is precisly my point. Bill has not changed. Can’t you just see the steam coming off his head by having to dance for the darkie. I am not saying that I agree with all of Obama’ veiws. He does not have all the answers. No one does. But I will trust him 100 times more than I do McCain. This is the system we live under. You should continue to speak out, that’s what makes our country better. But I do not believe the world is as dark as you see it. But I do believe you see it thus. And maybe, just maybe you will open my eyes to something I have not seen before. And I pray the same will happen for you.

  14. Angie

    Trip: I used to think that the Republicans would never go for anyone outside of their traditional Christian circle. But now that they don’t have any options, I do think they will think outside of the box and possibly select MR. I would just be shocked since he is so damn old.

    Possibly Pawlenty… That seems like a safe pick. But it doesn’t seem like one that could help them win.
    Honestly, I wish for tomorrow to get here soon so that I can see what they have up their sleeve.

  15. Angie,

    I can’t figure out why Romney is figuring so prominently in their calculations. He is a Mormon which means that huge swaths of the Christian right simply won’t vote for him. Bigotry has its costs you know. Pawlenty does seem like a safe pick, but then again I thought Obama was going to pick Evan Bayh.

  16. Angie,

    I’m for real when I say that talk to the GOP folks: nobody believes, IF McCain won, he’d last the entire 4 years. So whomever they put in with him, they do expect for them to become President. That’s why the GOP MoneyMen are so firm and have always been firm: Romney.

    They’re not putting no woman or anyone else up there.

    If McCain was smart, he’d choose Huckabee, who is the only one who could debate Biden and do really well. But Huck is an economic populist, which will not do to the GOP MoneyMen.

    It’s Romney.

  17. TriplBee and Angie,
    There was a meeting, of the GOP Money Men in Utah, attended by Dick Cheney in 2007. There was ONE GOP Presidential Candidate invited.


    WHY do you think the pocketbooks have been closed to McCain?

    Pressure to put Romney on the ticket.

    Pawlenty? They’re going to choose Pawlenty, and claim OBAMA has no experience? GMAFB.

    Same thing with Jindal.

    Huckabee is the best choice; would bring out the base like nobody’s business. BUT, he’s an economic populist – THAT IS WHY THE GOP ESTABISHMENT UNITED TO DESTROY HIS CANDIDACY.

  18. akech

    Skeptical Brotha,

    Can you and your colleagues discuss why the relationship between Barack Obama and William Charles Ayers, a professor at the University of Chicago, is being investigated by the Republicans machines?


    The questions are:
    (a) If this Ayers guy is such a radioactive person, how comes he is on the payroll of the University of Chicago where he is in daily in contact with young students attending the classes he teaches?”

    (b) If Ayers is a terrorist, why is he not in detention/jail/Guantanamo Bay like structure, instead of letting him loose and blacklisting anybody who may knowingly/unknowingly come into contact with him? In other words, why is he allowed to roam freely indoctrinating the young minds at the University of Chicago?

    (c) Does this mean that anybody, staff or student, who comes into contact with this guy, is blacklisted and have no future?

    The people who are conducting this investigation are acting like the world’s “alpha dogs” on a mission to see to it that the thinking process of rest of the human race is under their control. This is a very dangerous endeavor indeed, particularly in an environment where the corporations are running the show and have free hand in listening in on private citizen’s phone conversations.

  19. Akech,

    I live in Hyde Park where both Ayers and Obama have lived for years. To be clear, Ayers is not a professor at the U of Chicago. He’s a professor at the U of Illinois’s Chicago campus. Anyway, he was a Weatherman 40 years ago (when Obama was 7). Some people in the Weatherman Underground, as they were called, set off bombs at the US Capitol, at various army recruiting centers, etc. The only people who were ever killed in Weathermen bombings were Weathermen themselves. (A group of them blew up a bomb they were building in a Greenwich Village lair and some were killed.) Most Weathermen were young radicals who did not use violence.

    Like most of the privileged white students who dominated the left-wing student movements of the 60s and 70s, Ayers grew up and joined the Establishment. (Look at Tom Hayden as example one, or even Bobby Seales and Bobby Rush.)

    Ayers and Obama sat on two nonprofit boards together and the GOP (and Hillary when she was running) jumped on this as evidence that Obama is a terrorist. Anyone who has ever sat on a board knows how ludicrous this claim is. I’ve sat on plenty of boards and have never felt the need to conduct background checks on the other board members. Most people join boards because of an affinity for the goals of the organization. The affiliations of other board members are usually irrelevant.

    THis is a Willy Horton moment by a desperate GOP. They will drudge up increasingly ludicrous claims about Obama’s inclinations. Remember that these are the people who claimed that Bill Clinton murdered James Foster.

    Sorry for the long post.

  20. David

    Skeptical Brotha,

    I cannot wait until Barack’s speech tonight. This is really something that can put him far ahead. I thought the Bill Clinton speech was effective in 2 ways. First, it said why Obama would be a great commander in chief. Second, he reminded people that the GOP fascists did the same thing when he was running in 1992. I watched a video of Bush’s dad (H.W.) who in 1992 said that his poodle had more experience than Bill Clinton. So Clinton reminding the public that look, Obama is ok was big. This is a Democratic year, and we just need to actually show up. I hear a lot of young blacks talk about Obama, but they need to really come to the polls. This is really important. I remember reading Field Negro’s site when the PA primary was going on, and he gave an example of how some blacks just stayed home. We cannot do that. We HAVE to do this. I think Obama is close. Let’s make it happen guys!

  21. Andrea

    Big Sister,

    That a nice sentiment but you don’t have to pray for me that I see what you see. I see it. I have hope. But I have the hope that requires hard work and absolute truth. That hope Barack is selling is hope-lite. Believe me and I detest the rudimentary schemes of how we simplify to reconcile with resolve. I don’t need praying for. God likes me just like this: tough….unapologetic.

    My dark tones comes from so many’s feathery viewpoints. We are infantized adults not understanding that part of how we process life.

    That convention — the DNC’s — is a production. Now when I say that, I really am saying that about more than just the Convention but the confluence of elements tied to, leading up, extended from, and begetting from the actuality of it. The convention itself does have business to take care of but it so far a production to persuade. That’s a bullet point benchmark they need to succeed at in impressing the people to see what they want them to see.

    It is marketing. It is not real. This has nothing to do with Barack Obama or the fact that this is the Democratic convention. This is about our lives albeit this convention as the only issue. Too much of what we invest upon as authentic real-time affects are sheer manifestations of talking points needed to be conveyed to make the sale. It’s just now I am listening to Blacks ask me about the convention like it is life-changing when I know IT’S SUPPOSED TO TANTILIZE to look that way. It’s supposed to convey the drama of reconciliation catalyzing a love-fest. That’s the agenda.

    And any Simpleton may ask me why I am against that and I will say that I am not against the love-fest — if it was authentic. Maybe because I did filmwork and I did media when I was an activist that I know what all encompasses pulling off this production and THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS are kept from the people in close door talks. It’s a different type of editing when so many want a specific effect and specific by-product that what is given to the people is actually the Disney version of the business. Wall Street is kept from us. And we call that democracy.

    I just had to teach this to my mentee who too did (smart girl) pick up on the fact that the convention felt like a show. She actually said “an awards show” and she said her mother chastized her about ‘hating on the convention. Well when she told me what she attested, I told her her assumptions were right. I had not even taught her that but I had taught her about looking at things for the transparency. She realized residually what I also was talking about in the fact that our people did not want the truth. She told me that she was witnessing her mother balk at her highlighting the truth. The cycle continues.

    And just as quickly as she caught on also that she did not see the transparency in programming. She kept asking me if I was watching and I had to remind her that the media’s advertisement of the drama is forcing her to ask me. Each time I refrain, I deny the media. I told her I could read about it in the paper. She was stumpted. She had to think for a bit how I resolved to not do what the media was instructing most people to do. I told her that I was not that easily controlled.

    She had no idea that the speeches were pre-approved and so many hands the speeches passed through. Nothing was shocking in the text. The aura was the only thing after-the-fact organic in what people were feeling off of the production. Whereas our people think the aura is magical, they don’t realize the networks, producers, and DNC members had already seen the speeches and knew the pauses, knew when to clap, and knew when to cue the music.

    This was major league television utilizing the power to persuade and influence through the idiot box. The music, the sound effects, the confetti, the streamers, the banners, posters, the hats, the tacky over-dressed church ladies, the grinning…it’s all orchestrated for an effect. And when we have CNN trying to make it seem like time is stopping because of these effects coming together or MSNBC’s overture running their graphics with the “take me serious, this is serious” vocie-overs, we (like John Stewart said) fall for the media’s intention to make us feel the “false sense of urgency” that everything is more significant than what it is in a negotiated truce to act like they, for the Dems, are happy party.

    My mentee told me she did not think of any of this that details the blueprint of producing but also the necessary consideration in construct needed to sway her. She thought it was natural. I told her that is how our people think. Lots of other people think the same linear way but we, the underdog race — we can’t afford to be so flat and hallow in thought.

    It’s not to say anything against the substance of the speeches. It is just to say and realize that we really love feel good moments and we get it twisted with what is proxy moves.

    I am not saying anything against supporting Obama because you can accept the absolute truth about everything — nothing this thing our people do in their lives to paint everything pretty when it is actually not pretty at all. It’s rather not glamourous and rather gritty. It is rather systematic and nerve-wracking for those who have so much at stake (all players who invest their lives in this charade).

    So I am not dark. The lack of intelligence of my people is what is dark.

    We can assess the convention as practitioners but we should lose the “Amen Corner” to our people who are older and who know no better about their responsibility in needing to be smarter. We turn our need for romanticism into what we hope materializes into real substance and that is where we always get it twisted. One speech is not service. Stroking me is not service.

    All of this is an objective. I don’t have to receive it like most people.

    We have to be smarter. It’s not dark.

    Well…is being smart dark. I do feel like no one wants to see the light through the prism I have to show them of reality. They like the manufactured pictures sold to them.

    Barack will have a mesmerizing speech tonight and it will be like the second-coming. I’ll be in my bed when Barack arrives out of the sky tonight watching “V for Vendetta”. I’ll read about him in the paper tomorrow. See…he’s not coming to save me. (I might have to save him though)

  22. RisingTide

    You might have to save him.

    I like that. We’re all in this together, and we get to keep our leaders on the straight and narrow.

    I don’t own no stinkin’ TV, so I’m gettin my news offa you guys.

    Glad you liked Bill’s game — i’m glad he still has one, after what the docs did to him (see: pumphead)

  23. Bob H

    1st, hello & thanks for your site & everyone’s comments. Once I learned of it & read it, it went directly onto my favorites list. Just a short intro for context’s sake – I’m a 56 y/o white guy, lawyer, rural N. Tx, veteran of many losing campaigns, but too stubborn to roll over just yet.

    Hutchison occurred to me too a while back as being maybe a tactically smart pick for JM. As much $$ as they’ve sunk into trying to peel off HRC supporters already, it sure wouldn’t shock me to hear she got picked. About as exciting as milk, but safe & female. If the powers, though, won’t let JM pick anyone but another white male – and I think that’s very likely, for the reasons y’all have already stated – then I’d bet on Huckabee, and I think Huckabee would sell off his phony populism in a skinny minute for the VP slot. There’s something really “flexible” about these Arkansas governors…

    But our side has to win this time. It’s a gotta, for too many reasons to mention. Or so I think, anyhow.

  24. TripLBee

    Bob H,

    As I mentioned before, I really think that McCain has few good options for a VP. Certainly Huckabee would appeal to the core of the GOP that still mistrusts McCain. And Huckabee is funny and charming. I actually enjoyed listening to him debate. But it would take about two minutes of opposition research to uncover his fringe lunacy regarding religion and the role of government. This is a man who seriously believes that we should eliminate the IRS and individual income tax (okay, that might be a popular position, but it’s fracking crazy.). To say that his views on religion and the role of women are far to the right would be an understatement. (Can you hear the rush of Clinton supporters to the Obama camp?) He has been the featured speaker at a well known white supremacist organization. Huckabee would simply ruin McCain’s improving appeal to Independents. I’m not suggesting that you are wrong. I’m just suggesting that I would celebrate the choice because it would make Obama’s path to the White House that much smoother.

  25. Angie

    You know, I am too proud. Stevie Wonder and David Paterson showcased this week at this historic convention… For the first time in my life… (Do I sound like Michelle?) I’m proud to be a Black, blind American. **smile**
    All kidding aside, I’m proud that two disabled folks, two blind individuals, to be specific, were invited to play large roles this week at the convention. And the fact that both of these men are accomplished, well respected men, who have definitely beat the odds makes me feel great. Trust me, black and blind ain’t a easy road to travel.

    And of course, I’m looking forward to Senator Obama’s speech. I’ll comment later.


  26. BobH


    No argument from me with the thesis that Huckabee is fringe city, charm notwithstanding. If I could be confident that his being on the ticket would run off more votes than it would attract, I’d feel better. After ’04, though – heck, after ’80 & ’84! – I just don’t know about the US electorate. I know it’s a different electorate every 4 years, and that this one is potentially far different from the one which (narrowly, granted) gave W a 2nd term. But… my faith in that potential is not as strong as I wish it were. A little doubletalk, a good deal of airbrushing around the edges, some distractions and plain lies, and I fear even Huck could start to appear far too palatable to far too many who haven’t been paying attention and just catch some ads and TV news. I devoutly hope that I’m too pessimistic on this. On the merits, on the facts, picking Huckabee should clinch it for BO & JB, and like you, I don’t see that JM has any really great VP prospects. But I also thought that the nomination of Reagan, with his wacko record and (to me, anyway) strictly cornball pitch, would give Carter a 2nd term, and 24 years later I thought that surely, with the facts then readily available, BushCheneyCo would be tossed. I reckon all we can do is work like hell, donate as we can, and stay determined. We definitely have a candidate who takes nothing for granted & has learned volumes from all those lost chances in the past. That gives me more hope than I might otherwise have.

  27. Bob H,

    Trust me, I’m not getting over confident here. I just think that if McCain messes up the VP pick, he’ll take some pressure off of Obama. My fear is that he’ll do the smart thing and pick Pawlenty. In any event, I’m really soaking up the convention tonight. Jennifer Hudson was remarkable. (I’m proud to be from the southside of Chicago!) I can’t wait for Obama’s speech!

  28. Al

    As an Obama supporter I am quite sad, frustrated and disappointed that Barack got nomination by way of a deal.

    I wanted to see and hear a full roll call. I mean state by state. What we got was Hillary handing the nomination by suspending the rules, and not allowing him to fully receive he had earned fairly and squarely. This put her in the position of being 1) a “king maker” and 2) a recipient of praise for being so gracious, thus putting her in position to deflect the heat that should have been on her tail for her comments and actions during the campaign season.

  29. Angie

    I think what Clinton did was an act to move us to a place of healing. She should be commended for that.
    yes, I know that some may view it as her pride and her unwillingness to hear all those states declare their support to BO. But I see it as otherwise… I think that she sincerely did it because it was the right thing to do.

  30. Cliff

    “We Blacks are so easily sold on pomp. It’s our addiction to religiosity. And Bill Clinton is a hustling preacher. Bill Clinton is the same Bill Clinton from the 90’s and he was never and has never been our friend. Just because people play nice, it does not mean they like you.”


    Andrea, don’t you dare say anything about that man. He has always been a good massa’. He danced with us. He smiled at us. He always waved at us. He played those good songs while he gave us all those good jobs.

    “But for all it’s worth, it was watching live tyranny these past few months with this ceremonial crowning ritual that inaugurates the official new order of recolonization.”

    Hush yo’ mouth.

    It’s slaves like you, who always wanna mess it up for the rest of us. I like being sold on pomp. I like being recolonized. I like being here, and I’ve been happy, even more than a first time.

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