DNC: Day Four, Obama addresses the nation


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  1. I don’t want to be a hater, but I thought the speech was weak. He spent way, way too much time talking tough and talking about war. He spent way too much time going into an exhaustive list of his policy positions. He has taken the bait laid for him by Hillary and the Republicans by abandoning his unique ability to inspire, and turning into a war mongering policy wonk. After great speeches by Michelle and even Hillary and Bill, this was a huge letdown.

  2. zeitgeist9000

    Almost in tears. Almost.

    My faith has been renewed.

    God bless y’all and God bless America.

    Now let’s win.

  3. zeitgeist9000

    I saw a return to the 2004 Barack: the Barack who wanted the petty partisan politics of character attacks to stop.

    I think Barack turned to kitchen table issues like the economy and the war.

    I give him and A because he balanced Barack the centrist with Barack the post-partisan.

  4. Angie

    I think his video tribute was weak. I even think that the beginning of his speech was watered down, glittering generalizations. But after about 15 minutes, the brotha pulled out the punches. He got it going.
    Yes, I think that he could have been a bit more specific in outlining his plan on how he plans to do the things he wished to do. But all in all, he did well tonight. He did well.

    Speaking about how this effort, this campaign is about the people (us) and not about him was great. Speaking about the differences between him and JM was also good.

    However, I brace myself for the type of garbage that they will slam towards him tonight, tomorrow, and the days to come. They are not going to be playing with him after tonight’s speech.

  5. Angie

    I loved the way he said that he doesn’t think that JM doesn’t care, but that he doesn’t know. That was wonderful! Now who’s the damn uppity one? How can they answer that question now?

    JM doesn’t get it!
    You got that right.

  6. Rick

    I liked the speech. I’m very proud of Obama and what he has been able to accomplish. He’s been an inspiration for how to face adversity, and overcome it, with dignity and grace.

  7. Angie

    My mama told me that Eisenhower’s granddaughter suit was very nice.

    All my friend Alicia told me was that she did not like what Michelle had on tonight.

  8. Angie

    Hey Rick!
    I’ve been missing you this week. A few times, I wished that we could here your insightful, wise words.
    I’m glad that you came by to say something.

  9. Ok Angie,

    Michelle- purplish paisley configuration. hard to describe. Not giving it justice. Shows up well in photographs, as I’ve been searching the net for pics. Whole family coordinated. Obama’s tie is in the same color palette.
    Malia – lighter pink, pale-ish paisely. the bottom half of her dress is covered with lace, which covers it, and comes down just a bit more than the dress hemline, so that you’ll notice the lace. Has a beautiful satin deep pink sash around her waist. hair – blow dried straight and flowing.
    Sasha – simple, deep pink A-line dress to just above the knee. sophisticated, but age appropriate. Hair, in curls, but once again, pulled up. Both girls in black flats.

  10. About Michelle’s dress. I feel about it the same way I felt about the dress in North Carolina – hated it, until I saw it on Newspaper covers. Realized then why she chose it. I think this is going to be the same way, once the pic of the family is on the cover of the newspapers.

  11. njc

    As I heard someone comment, the speech to be carved in granite is probably for the inauguration.

    I thought this was a very good speech though. Definitely not a disapointment.

  12. Hey, I’ll take specific policy points anyday over empty platitudes. This was sooo much better than the 2004 speech. Al Gore broke it down perfectly, too. In fact, these were the two best political speeches I’ve seen in maybe forever, and both on the same night. Every once in a long while Pat Buchanan is right.

  13. Addy

    Isn’t it unfortunate that our country is on the brink of making the biggest elective decision in decades, and there is a conversation focused on the coordinating outfits of Obama’s family? Stick to the real issues so we don’t miss something important and wind up with Bush #3. Who cares how the man or his family dress? Focus on details like these allow for everyone to get distracted from the actual politician and their policies

  14. Angie

    First of all, Addy, the reason why Rikyrah was taking the time to describe how everyone looked is because I don’t have the benefit that many of you have to see what they looked like. We are not being superficial and shallow. Rikyrah is actually being polite to a blind person, offering a perspective that I was involuntarily locked out of having myself.
    If how someone looks is not important, then close your eyes and never take a look at how anyone looks ever again.

    Moving on: Speaking of blindness and disability…
    Like I said on the other thread, I was glad that Governor Paterson repped for us African Americans with significant disabilities, especially blindness.
    I am also glad that President Clinton, Presidential Candidate Obama, and some of the others included people with disabilities in their list of all those who should have a right to equality, access, and so on.
    It’s so good to be counted, noticed, and considered.

  15. Cliff

    Yessss, SB is back, back again. If Obama were to have a conversation with Satan it would probably go something like this.

    Satan: I’ve provided a platform which has made one party compete with the other, yet the winner of either one, makes my agenda their “number one objective.” I don’t think that you would try to interfere with this, since it has a long, successful history.

    Obama: I’ve grappled with this thought many times over. You’ve given this country many options, which my not be a part of the set of options that I would choose. My campaign has been consistent with the concerns of many Americans, in fact the majority America. Your agenda may conflict with what will truly be an alternative solution to closing the gap between the rich and poor.

    Satan: There have been those who have tried to ascend beyond the limits that we’ve set. I think you would know that we only offer two options. A smart man would not threaten us. We’ve made examples out of those who have threatened us before, correct?

    As far as the rich and the poor, not only will we provide for you but also we will not stop the flow of wealth coming through the hands of your family, which includes generation by generation.

    Obama: You make a very impressive offer. I know I have been groomed for a healthy engagement with your affairs. Your economic policy is impressive.

    Your political system with ready-made speakers that you’ve previously financed has been astonishing. Your policy on our foreign shores has been like a monumental landmark in the eyes of the world.

    The leaders that you’ve financed, I must say, live an extravagant lifestyle. Their families, never seem to go hungry. Like I said before, I have groomed to obey you. If I reject, or resist, like my predecessors, I know what my fate could be.

    My resistance would not just be conducive of my thoughts, but the thoughts of majority of my peers.

    I will close this gap of ours, because I know that an economic collapse is not very far, if I do not act immediately.

    Satan: Tell them, promise them all the wishes that they desire. We know all of their dreams. They have no way of obtaining them, they only die off with their goals and desires, as animal who seeks it’s prey and perishes before it sinks it’s teeth.

    It has not be easy containing them. They often think that we don’t provide. We provide to those who hold fast to our ideas, then spread our psychology. This “economic gap,” you say, may make my economy collapse. I don’t think you really have our idea in mind, you really don’t understand, and you are starting to formulate your own agenda.

    I have already collapsed this economy, and I am in control of it. We just need for those who realize this, and to become favorable with our mind. Once you become favorable, we may allow you to join our family of hosts.

    As I’ve told you before, resistance is not an option. You have a beautiful wife and daughters, why would you endanger their future?

    Obama: I think that this discussion has made me realize that there is a higher power. I see a world of peace, happiness, and contentment. There have only been a few people who have achieved this in your world.

    You encourage them to dream, and hide the agenda to prevent from fulfilling it. I don’t see why actually helping them fulfill their dreams would seem threatening to you. I need to stop this process.

    It can’t go on, without massed resistance to your plans, ideas, and psychology. If you have already collapsed this economy, I want to help rebuild it. It will be easy for me succumb to your agenda, but I have greater ambitions in mind.

    As far as my wife and daughters, I need no outer source to provide for them, they are of my concern, and they have a bright future, bright ideas that they can fulfill, even without the support of Satan.



  16. From The New Republic Blogs:

    –The most powerful moment for this viewer was midway through the speech when the camera cut away (once again) to Michelle Obama gazing up at her husband. She did not look in awe of the man at the podium, nor did she seem to be acting for the camera. Rather, she looked extraordinarily proud of her husband and life partner, and the expression on her face radiated all of the ups and downs of what must be an exhausting stage in their life together. Her face reminded me, more than anything else, of the look Ingrid Berman gives Paul Henreid in Casablanca after he demands that the band at Rick’s play La Marseillaise. Tonight’s moment only lasted a few seconds, but the evening was worthwhile for it alone.

    –Isaac Chotiner

  17. Found this in the comments section at Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog:

    Looking at the scene with Barack, Michelle and the girls waving to the crowd, I was touched. As a black man, a husband and a father. And when he turned from the crowd to give his boo a squeeze he whispered something to her and she sort of swooned. I hope he said, “Girl, you betta stop playin’ and have those chirren in bed by the time I get back to the hotel. Don’t be fakin’ like you sleep, neither. I’m the Commander-in-Chief up in herre, and, baby, don’t forget the pumps.” LOL.



  18. Chesapeake

    Senator Obama’s speech was very good. He tried to address just about every criticism made against him, including the complaint that he lacks substance.

    I did not like the fact that parts of his presentation reminded me of Ronald Reagan. For understandable reasons, he crossed over into western cowboy territory. Tough talk to the point of near bluster is not necessary. Just buss ’em in the mouth if it warrants.

    Also, I was disappointed that I did not hear Obama’s plan regarding justice, incarceration, and detention, although I realize he could not have possibly hit on every issue.

    Finally, I think the production was not the best for him. They made that stage too large. I am sure that Obama would have had another gear for us if the crowd was physically about 20 feet closer to him all around.

    In total though, he delivered, BIG TYME!

  19. Chesapeake

    … oh, I forgot. I don’t know how y’all felt about it, but I thought it was a show of respect that the Clintons weren’t there. It was Obama’s night, leaving the Bidens, the Obama’s, and the delegates for the cameras to pan.

  20. Befree

    My biggest problem with the historic coverage was it didn’t cover our history. The Civil Rights Movement was not the beginning of Africans struggles in America. Not one mention of slavery, BE CLEAR I AM NOT SAYING OBAMA SHOULD HAVE SAID IT IN HIS SPEECH. I am speaking about the news coverage around this “historic” moment. I saw this “rewriting ” of American history. I am a historian. I found this odd and disappointing. Yes I am well aware that Obama is not the descendant of enslaved Africans in America, but no one really gave the real REASON why it was historic.

  21. Rick

    thanks for the kind words, Angie.

    As most (all?) of us have felt at least at one point during this campaign, it could be pretty exhausting. To that end, this campaign, not much unlike life, can be a marathon.

    But as we all know, Brotha Obama has Kenyan blood that flows through his blood. Anyone who knows anything about Kenya also knows that they are great distance runners. that connection should not be lost during this 18+mos run. And like our Kenyan brotha who just this past Sunday brought home the gold, like some of you, I see Obama hitting his stride as we enter in the final leg of the campaign.

    Life too is so like a marathon. I find the strength of our people’s great distance runners — both to the east and here in the west — to be the greatest source of inspiration imaginable. The same blood flows through my veins. In all of our veins.

    We have the strength to run our marathons to.

  22. Rick

    post script:

    In the year that I was born, a wise man wrote the following:

    “If a nation has strayed far from the centre of her true greatness, the task is not to make her forget her past, but to remind her of the true meaning of her deepest inspirations and her highest dreams.” – Kurt Singer

    It’s been a very long time in coming. And in my estimate: more than a generation.

    Thank you Brotha Obama for that reminder…

  23. To be clear I thought the convention was wonderful. I loved the speech by Michelle and was moved by the tale of her upbringing. Hillary and Bill (in that order) were also strong. I got goose bumps listening to Jennifer Hudson sing the National Anthem. For once it felt as if it was my anthem too. And I can’t begin to describe how strange and wonderful it feels to see such a beautiful black family on the precipice of entering the White House.

    I strongly support Obama. I’ve knocked on doors for him. I’ve raised money for him. I’ve contributed money for him. I desperately want the man to win.

    But that doesn’t mean that he is above criticism. If you listened to what he said last night, he said that he will deploy from one colony (Iraq) to occupy another colony (Afghanistan). Anyone who knows the history of Afghanistan understands what a terrible mistake this would be. Afghanistan is the empire killer. Alexander the Great was defeated there. The Soviet Union died there. Obama is crazy to ramp up U.S. involvement there. More to the point, he should know better than to whip his supporters into a bloodlust. Once it is turned on, it can be difficult to turn off. I hold Obama to a higher standard than other politicians because I think he possesses a decency uncommon in politics. I did not see that decency in his speech. It saddens me.

  24. TripLBee

    Oh no. John McCain appears to be smarter than I’d given him credit for. Great VP pick. The most popular governor in America and a woman who evangelicals can live with. I’ll be holding my breath for the next 67 days.

  25. Michael

    Agree Trip…what a great pick. its going to be interesting for sure.

    I thought the Obama speech was only OK. Beautifully delivered, but sort of the same old stuff. Over produced. Actually, I think Michelle is the better speaker!

  26. She is the governor of Alaska which means one thing: she is a corrupt pawn of the oil companies.

    Also, she is already under investigation for improper use of power:


    And for someone who would stand a better than average chance of succeeding to the presidency in the next four years, she has less experience than just about anyone picked for the VP spot in decades. I think the right wingers have just abandoned the experience meme for good in this election.

    But again, I think this choice goes back to the oil companies. They aren’t about to give up their death grip on our national government without a struggle.

  27. Oh, and she is a creationist, which means this is also an attempt to get out the evangelical troglodyte vote that was so important in screwing the country for 4 more years in 2004.

  28. Michael

    The problem here is that she has more experience than Obama..this will be a interesting couple of months.

    And we have already come out with some ignorant statements about her:

    -being from a small town (isn’t that was we say is the backbone of this nation)

    – Snarkly remarks about her as a woman (not good when we totally dissed Hillary)

    This could backfire on Democrats in a big way. Just wish our fellow dems in Washington were not so tone deaf

  29. Bob H

    I didn’t hear a lot new in O’s speech, nor did he say some things I would have liked to hear. nor did what he said always coincide with my views. But, I suspect that he was looking at the speech as perhaps his 1st one to a lot of the electorate, and regarded in that light I thought it was superb. We don’t have TV at my house so we just caught the audio – but that was plenty. I feel very lucky to have lived long enough to witness the moment. My only regret is that my mom didn’t – she passed last week, and as a political junkie since FDR she would have been cheering to the rafters. I’d like to think she was anyway.

    Palin strikes me as a better pick than several JM might have made, all right, but over the long haul it seems to me it’ll be a 9 days’ wonder. I think it’ll increasingly appear to be what I think it was – a strictly tactical pander. Not to be morbid, but it seems to me that JM’s VP pick stands a significantly higher chance of succeeding to the presidency than does BO’s, and I’m not sure that the GOP will succeed in convincing folks that they took that fully into account.

    Be all that as it may – onward.

  30. zeitgeist9000

    Hi Rick, it’s nice being on the same side now! 🙂

    The Palin pick was inspired.

    She’s really a fresh breeze for the GOP right now.

    But this is a Hail Mary pass; a politically desperate move which will result in Obama winning states (read: the South) that were off the table yesterday.

  31. Not A Fan

    I think hes a coward for not asking Hillary to be his running mate. Or possible afraid of being up staged by a class act. The best times in recent memory is when the Clintons were in the White House and the economy rolled along well making everyone better off. Well kiss that memory good bye, because No one running has a clue what to do except to continuing to screw every thing up. GROW A SET >>> OBAMA

  32. Angie

    I got the call when I was in the mall. I gasped at the thought. Although I thought I had prepared myself for a strong attempt from the Rethuglicans to overcome Obama, I guess I really hadn’t braced myself for what is to come. I realized then, when my sister’s voice alerted me of the VP pick, that this race is getting ready to get heated.
    I will tell you this though… I think that JM could have done better with KBH. So, I’m kind of glad that he has this women. I think she is not established and known enough to really grap a lot of attention. Plus, many Americans do not consider the value and contribution of Alaska. So, I think that a woman from Texas would’ve had the effect he was looking for in having a woman.
    I’m so glad that KBH wants to be governor of Texas before she retires her political career. Although I would hate to see her be our governor (Sick of the Republicans running Texas…), I would’ve been T-totally through if she was vice president to JM.

    E: I do think that this pick is about oil as well. And she is a creationist? TBN is going to love this one. I’m sure that Roberton and the 700 Club are in hog heaven on this.

  33. imhotep

    First of all the Obama speech was spectacular, he filled a stadium to the brim. The man has winner written all over him. It must be difficult to find reasons not to support him, especially for some of those angry or racist voters who seem to think Hillary was such a fantastic option, or for those who discredit the power of charisma, charm and believability. The best leaders inspire because they motivate the greatness inside of you, JMc and Hilldog just don’t have the personality to tap into that. Class and style, coupled with insight and compassion is hard to beat, white, black or polka dot. “The Man” as I will now refer to Obama, is the Michael Jordan of politics, the Tiger Woods of presidential candidates, really. Remember when Jordan was a NBA rookie, remember his first all-star game? Remember how all the older NBA all-stars kind of dissed this young, brash, wait-your-turn “ball hog”. They didn’t know at the time they were witnessing a game changer at the highest level, they really didn’t know what was to come, “is he really that much better than everyone else?” YES! Did Jordan have character flaws, yes. Did that stop him from scoring 60 on Boston, no.

    McCain’s recent VP is smart, but it won’t work. McCain was a POW which in most cases would be good enough to sell the country on his presidency
    easy. But McCain has the unfortunate luck of running against Jackie Tiger Ali Jordan. When your president can hit a 3 during an interview. He’s the man. When his wife can deliver a speech as good as he can, he’s the man. When it is clear from observation that this man really loves his wife and his family and they really love him. We are not going to have to worry about him succumbing to a Monica situation, because we know he knows better. As great as people think the Clintons are, they are a disfunctional family fakin’ it as hard as they can, for the chance at power and glory. Is that proper motivation?

    Only the hardcore simple-minded can refuse an opportunity to step outside the box, just to see what this brotha can do. As a Black man, deep in my heart, with knowledge of the NWO, Illuminati, that the Dems and GOP work for the same people and its all illusion and the coming of every terrible thing that they will try trip this man up with, I want this man to win, I want this man to be my president for whatever its worth. But more than that I want this man to do one thing that only he can do in this position… finally and forever, in the minds of Black people and everyone else. I want this man to kill the word NIGGER for good. I want him to kill that whole mentality in minds hearts and soul of everyone. NIGGER no longer applies , it never did, but it is now an archaic word that is losing its meaning everyday “The Man” hits an intellectual 3 point play and shrugs as if he can’t believe it himself. That’s greatness before people fully recognize what greatness is, before time has had a chance to frame it properly.

    McCain and Barack in a debate will be like Ali vs Sonny Liston. He’s too fast, too many moves, too pretty, McCain arms are too short to box with “the Man”. McCain will try to work’em in the corner and rough him up. But Obama will dance, dance, do the ropa dope, tired McCain out with his balance and skill, piss him off with a steady stream of “same ole, same ole” jabs. Infuriating JMc, making him lash out and wildly swing at Obama. But Obama is too quick, too articulate and he’ll catch McCain reaching… BAM, BAM, BAM hitting JMc as he falls to the canvas in the second debate. Shocking the world with his tremendous skill. BARAK BOOMBAYAE, BARAK BOOMBAYAE!

  34. Angie

    It’s times like these when I get so upset that my Christian beliefs and values are questioned by those who feel that they have the market on so called “real” Christian values cornered. I hate it that this race is going to start taking that Christian right turn. **rolling of the eyes**
    I hate it that the Republicans think they are the only one’s who have God at the top of their list of priorities.
    And guess what… This time, this election, I’m absolutely not standing for it. I will not allow those crooks to act like they are the only one who loves God and wishes to uphold Godly standards.

    I may not believe in the “creation” story. But I do believe that God rules and governs this world, from start to finish.

    I believe that life actually begins before conception. So, I certainly believe that life, as we know it, begins when a woman conceives. But I do feel that a woman should have the right to choose.

    I also believe that adults should have a right to decide who they want to be joined together in a romantic partnership Who am I to tell adults what is right for them?

    God gives us the right to choose or reject him. Therefore, I feel that our obligatory response to the gift of choice that God has given us should be to give others the choice to live and make decisions that determines their personal paths and well being.

  35. Befree

    I think Democrats don’t know anything about Republicans. Nothing. The media keeps telling us McCain has no base, but he’s neck & neck with Obama, so who is supporting him?

  36. Michael,

    If you want to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket that is your choice. But let’s desist from the type of fantasy that you see wont to propagate on the pages of this blog. If you think that Palin’s city council and mayoral experience in a town with less residents than my block, and a year and a half as governor, counts as more experience than Obama’s 12 years as a statewide rep and US Senator, then I have a subprime mortgage I’d like to sell you. By your definition a long serving school board member in Dinwiddie, Virginia has more experience than Obama.

  37. Michael

    TripLbee, This has been a civil string of conversation…I tolerate your common, prediictable views and haven’t ask that you desist from insulting my intelligence with them. This is a critical election, if you don’t have the stomach for discussion when, god forbid, if differs from your own totally-bought-in thinking, then perhaps this is not the blog for you. Many people are working through many questions as they finalize thier decison on who to vote for. As for me, I’ll continue to grind through the issues of the day, enjoy reading the comments on both sides as SB presents them and carry on.

  38. Michael,

    I’m just asking you to get your facts straight for God’s sake. You claimed that Delaware had no connection to the Confederacy (it was in fact a slave state that rested below the Mason-Dixon line), that Obama would need a majority of white voters to win the presidency (no Democratic president has won the majority of white votes since 1964) Now you’re claiming that a city council member and mayor of a tiny town who has been governor for a year and a half has more political experience than Obama. I mean there are plenty of talking points for conservatives that include facts. I’m merely suggesting that you use some of them. It’s far too easy to debunk your myths. It’s kind of boring actually. I’m rooting for you to challenge me a little bit.

  39. “I’ll continue to grind through the issues of the day…”

    Lawd Hammercy, Michael, what more do you need to “grind through” before you realize that John McCain has sold his soul to be elected prez?

    Seriously, do you not see the cynicism of of it all? Picking a woman opposed to affirmative action, just because she is a woman!?

    Haven’t we had enough deficit spending, corporate tax loopholes, petroleum price gouging, and no-bid contract cronyism in the last 8 years?
    And finally, do you actually want Creationism taught in your schools?

    You still have to grind through what, exactly?

  40. Michael

    Challenging you? You think I give one hoot about challenging you? Not to pop your bloated head, but my vote is all about me….not you! My conclusions, my thought process, all me. Perhaps you and Ernesto should go start a blog where all the answers are given, no independent thought allowed, people are told how to feel, think and act…..might be a great exercise for the two of you! What a nice, but creepy little world that would be. I’m amazed at your attitudes because a blogger is not ready to jump up and down with an Obama sign. You dare ask me what I need to grind through? Let me ask you…why are you here? You’re clearly nothing but a cheerleader. Me and millions upon millions like me, are not yet in your happy little place. You truly need to get over yourselves.

  41. Come on Mikey. Loosen up a bit. This is a debate. We’re just trying to give you some talking points since you seem to be struggling to come up with anything based upon actual facts. Have some fun brother. It’s the weekend.

  42. Nice dodge, Michael. You pretty much just admitted there isn’t a single issue out there that McThusela/Paleolithic are on the correct side of.

  43. ownwomon

    Just to set the record straight for all you folks who keep mentioning how Palin is being attacked and how those “attacks” are gender-based and “similar to how Hillary was attacked”. Get over it! Palin has! Here in her own words, she “respectfully” states that if your in politics, male or female, then you got to be tough.

    Now that’s been said… Time to Get It On !

    Obama/Biden 2008!

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