Sarah Palin: John McCain’s Right-Wing Covergirl


The selection of the “easy, breezy, beautiful” Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is the boldest act of political jujitsu seen in decades. I told y’all that Barack Obama should have chosen a woman to close the opening that this selection runs right through. Machiavelli would be proud.

You’ve heard the Republican talking points about John McCain’s right-wing covergirl. She’s a hockey mom, political reformer, and female trailblazer that has served as a city councilwoman, Mayor, State Oil and Gas Commissioner and Governor. This post is about what you may not know or haven’t considered.

While the Democratic establishment is widely panning the selection of an untested and unknown Governor Palin, I think that most are missing the bigger picture. They have panned this choice as a nakedly illogical pander to white women, which is certainly true, but politics is not about what’s logical, it is about what people really feel and will never say. The most diehard Hillarycrats and PUMA activists have already pledged their support to John McSame, a rigidly pro-life conservative opposed to women’s reproductive rights, feminism and the concept of equal pay for equal work. Hillarycrats have panned Barack Obama as an empty suit and unqualified usurper who screwed Hillary Clinton out of her divine right to become the Democratic nominee.

As Tim Wise has written, the various excuses thrown out by Hillarycrats, like gender solidarity, blaming Barack for Hillary’s sexist manhandling by the media and Obama’s qualifications, conveniently masks Hillarycrats undercover racial resistance to the idea of electing a black president. He writes:

How is it that you have managed to hold your nose all these years, just like a lot of us on the left, and vote for Democrats who we knew were horribly inadequate–Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dukakis, right on down the uninspiring line–and yet, apparently can’t bring yourself to vote for Barack Obama? A man who, for all of his shortcomings (and there are several, as with all candidates put up by either of the two major corporate parties) is surely more progressive than any of those just mentioned.

And how are we to understand that refusal–this sudden line in the proverbial sand–other than as a racist slap at a black man? You will vote for white men year after year after year–and are threatening to vote for another one just to make a point–but can’t bring yourself to vote for a black man, whose political views come much closer to your own, in all likelihood, than do the views of any of the white men you’ve supported before. How, other than as an act of racism, or perhaps as evidence of political insanity, is one to interpret such a thing

Karl Rove underscores the purpose of this pick for the uninitiated:

“It(s)… a clear sign from the McCain campaign that they were going to be making a very strong bid for the women whom they see up for grabs — both the traditional, swing independent suburbanites and then the Hillary Clinton supporters who remain disillusioned.”

McSame’s power move echoes the third law of power in Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.

Law 3

Conceal your Intentions

Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.

Governor Palin’s selection represents McCain scraping the bottom of a very shallow conservative barrel.

The Nation’s Christopher Hayes sights an Associated Press blurb from 1999:

Pat Buchanan brought his conservative message of a smaller government and an America First foreign policy to Fairbanks and Wasilla on Friday as he continued a campaign swing through Alaska. Buchanan’s strong message championing states rights resonated with the roughly 85 people gathered for an Interior Republican luncheon in Fairbanks. … Among those sporting Buchanan buttons were Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin and state Sen. Jerry Ward, R-Anchorage.”

Anybody who supported any of Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns is a hard-right troglodyte obsessed with immigration, “states rights,” the ever-increasing numbers of colored folks in America, and the religious right’s scorched earth culture war against abortion, homosexuality and the civil rights of the GLBT community.

Governor Palin opposes abortion rights—period. No exceptions. And the Governor is also a lifetime member of the gun nut NRA. She is a cynical sop to the hard right and to fanatical feminist dead-enders who refuse to listen to the entreaties of Hillary Clinton to vote for Barack Obama.


The conservative woman with the ideal resume to break the glass ceiling in Republican politics was New Mexico’s Heather Wilson. With a resume that reads like a political consultant’s wet dream, Congresswoman Wilson, the first female Air Force academy graduate elected to congress, is a Rhodes Scholar possessing a doctorate in international relations and an extensive background in military intelligence. Wilson served on the President’s National Security Council before her election to five terms in congress.

As a member of congress, Mrs. Wilson serves on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. The congresswoman has a couple of problems though. First, she is a nominally pro-choice Republican who supports stem cell research that is anathema to the pro-life lobby. Second, she sat on the House Page Board and claimed to know nothing about Congressman Mark Foley’s sick trolling for male pages. Additionally, she covered up incriminating case files detailing an investigation of her husband for playing grab ass with a teenage boy.

That was clearly not going to work. However, there were certainly others to whom McSame could turn.


Every senior Republican woman on Capitol Hill is more qualified than Sarah Palin—every woman. Maine Senator Olympia Snowe—the senior woman Republican on Capitol Hill, has served in congress for 30 years, longer than John McCain. She sits on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has been in the Senate for 15 years having first served as a state legislator and state Treasurer. Miss Kay is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and serves on both the Defense and Military Construction subcommittees.

Maine Senator Susan Collins, Joe Lieberman’s Republican concubine, has been on the Hill for 20+ years. Collins served as chief of staff for her Senate predecessor and was subsequently elected to office in her own right. A senator for 12 years, she is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and chaired the Senate Committee on Homeland Security in the last congress.

Every single one of these woman is nominally pro-choice and neither would have solved McSame’s problems with the reactionary base of the Republican Party. In no way is this a choice based on the merits—it’s hardball politics calculated to woo white voters, especially women, wary of electing a black man to the highest office in the land.

Don’t sleep on John McCain’s right-wing covergirl. Palin defeated the incumbent Governor of her own party and the state’s last Democratic Governor to assume power in the incestuous cesspool that is Alaska politics. Her personality and forthright demeanor are her greatest asset and are the single biggest reason for her 80% approval rating. She can appeal to disaffected Hillarycrats without doing much of anything. PUMA’s Darragh Murhpy described her selection as, “Bold and Brave” on tonight’s Hardball.

In my estimation, this selection confirms the Machiavellian genuflection to Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos and is an ominous symbol that the GOP is still wedded to the exploitation of race as wedge issue. So much for Obama’s attempts to be post-racial.

92 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: John McCain’s Right-Wing Covergirl

  1. Sarah Unger

    Dear Skeptical,
    You are right on every count. I’m totally amazed by McCain’s cynical choice, especially with, as you point out, so many qualified Republican women all over the country. Of course, I’m also hoping that this proves to be a miscalculation of such massive, unprecedented proportion that the diehards in favor of a candidate solely for her gender eventually arrive at the truth that the two people in the race who truly have the best interests of women — and, therefore, the nation as a whole — in mind are Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

    Love your Cover Girl sendup, by the way. The gov wears way too much makeup to look serious.

  2. The more you read about her the scarier it gets. She wants to teach creationsim in schools, as if our workforce (and electorate) isn’t dumb enough in science education already. Her environmental record is actually to the right of the Bush administration (!) and her hubby works for an oil company while she is completely owned by that omnipotent special interest. She wants the repeal of affirmative action, which benefits white women the most. There are some pretty troubling things being uncovered in the investigation so far. Suffice it to say that she is at least as ethically challenged as the current gang of malcontents at the top of the GOP.

    Any Hillarycrats bitter enough to vote Republican will reap a pretty ill wind. The sad part is, so will we.

  3. kaddie

    Wow – this is such a blatant insult to women that only someone from McCain’s generation (or a misogynist) could think of this as an equal replacement for an intelligent running mate.

    Not only does is Palin just another BIG OIL crony in a party plagued by such accusations, but she hasn’t even displayed the same level of intellectualism or drive that we expect from men. She’s not pushed herself to achieve so that she could go to the best schools. She could have at least earned the grades to go to a Harvard, Yale, or Columbia even if she declined later on.

    And her exposure to the world is limited to a town of 9,000 people, and a state with one of the lowest population levels in the country?!? If this were a male candidate would he stand a chance of becoming President? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! And Huckabee’s loss during this Presidential season helped prove that.

    Obama has represented hundreds of thousands for 2 terms as a State Senator and millions as US Senator.

    If he had Palin’s extremely limited knowledge and educational background, he never would have made it on ANY parties ticket less known been nominated to potentially become the next Commander and Chief.

    At least we now know that Republicans DO believe in Affirmative Action. But they only believe in it for unqualified low level beauty queens.

    Worse yet, apparently, her supporters expect that Biden will have a difficult time debating her because he may be overly forceful with her. LOL!!! There’s a very realistic chance that she may become President and she will have to deal with world leaders who will most certainly treat her roughly. If she wants to play the weakling woman then she has NO PLACE in politics and certainly no PLACE IN WORLD politics.

    What a pathetic choice!!!

    Her only real drive has been to have 5 kids and to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies even though this is a democracy.

    This is a resuscitated version of that unqualified idiot Qualye all over again, except this time it has Nazi women overtones.

    Welcome to the Republican version of the Nazi Female leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink. Another ‘cute’ woman who happened to be a good speaker and the epitome of backwards thinking for both women and democracy.

    The only ones impressed are the Press that continues to trumpet this woman as if she’s the 2nd coming of Christ.

    Oh…wait that’s right most of the television commentators focusing on this woman ad nauseum are in that top 5% of income earners that would be affected by having to pay the same percentage in taxes that the 95% below them do.

    No conflict of interest there 😉

  4. I love your photo. I have to laugh. Is McCain smoking crack? Sarah Palin is a homophobic, anti-abortion, anti-environment, gun slinging MILF. WTF?

    Do I sound sexist? Maybe. I’m a chick and I’ll be damned if I want her to run our country. I hope America gets it right and votes for Obama.

  5. that was a great video of Chris Matthews and the Hillary for Mccain supporters. I’m so glad the lady at the end expressed her feelings – I loved what she had to so! Go Obama!

  6. As a woman, I’m offended. Offended that someone so obviously unqualified got the job. This reminds me of Clarence Thomas. There were a number of HIGHLY QUALIFIED, INTELLECTUAL BLACK REPUBICAN JUDGES that Bush 41 could have chosen. He chose that clown Thomas.

    Same here.

    You forgot Christine Todd Whitman – governor, cabinet member, but who resigned based on PRINCIPLE.

    I agree with some of these women, disagree on a lot, but they were all qualified – you could make the case they were.

    All I’ve heard is that she has ‘ executive experience’. She’s been running Alaska for one month longer than Obama’s been running for President. And she already has two investigations going on her?


  7. Mstate

    When intervied by the press later, Debra Bar….., the woman in the 2nd video who said she was now going to vote for McShame, admitted that she didn’t know he was ANTI-CHOICE, until after she’d made the clip.
    Rikyarh mentions Christine Todd Whitman, former NJ governor and head of the EPA under Bush for a while. (Whitman was the one who assured all the rescue and recovery workers at Ground Zero that the air was Ok. NOT!) I think the Whitman who’s name was being mentioned as a possible running mate for Mc was Meg Whitman, former CEO of EBay.
    Palin had said back in March that she could not endorse Hillary becase she whined too much. Yet today, she gives her all kinds of credit. I don’t think this will help switch women voters to McShame except for the most die hard PUMAs and Hillraisers. Essentially, it was a slap in the face to women, except for those first few women Chris Matthews was trying to talk to in the first video.
    I’m 64 WASP woman and what the young woman at the end of the Matthews interview was trying to say, is why I am voting for OBAMA. So today I went on line and sent his campaign another $100.

  8. zeitgeist9000

    Eloquent as always, SB!

    The “Hillarycrats” making the jump to Palin: maybe the Republican-leaning independents who follow her, but not self-identifying Democrats. I just don’t see it.

    I’m still reeling from the pick.

    This is either going to work for them or fail miserably.

    And does Palin get her own opportunity to run in 2012? Don’t think so!

  9. I know that the Whitman rumored was Meg of ebay.

    BUt, someone else brought up Christine Todd-Whitman, who has just the background that would have pleased a lot of these suburban women.

    Palin is Huckabee in a dress.
    Strident Pro-Life
    Anti-Climate change
    Oil stooge

  10. rikyrah,

    Girlfriend is an unqualified wingnut who looks to be more qualified to fill one of Fox News’s Stepford Anchor positions, than become Vice President of the United States. There is a Youtube from a few months back where she says she doesn’t even know what the Vice President does.

    Help, Jesus!!!!

  11. That youtube video needs to be made into a TV commercial tout suite, along with all her wingnuttery positions on the issues. McCain has lost (what was left of) his damn mind!

  12. Angie

    All of this more crazy than I ever thought it would be. I don’t know why in the hell JM would pick that woman. It makes no sense.
    All I can say is that the other woman such as KBH, must’ve told him no. That’s the only reason why I think he would go for someone like her.

  13. Rick

    Will be very interesting when Biden (Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair over the last 6 years) and Palin debate issues related to dealing with a resurgent Russia, Iran, and security issues more generally (loose nukes, Iraq, etc).

    But then again, Alaska is not that far from Russia. Maybe that’s what McCain was thinking of.

  14. Change

    Why do all these media folks assume all of Hilary supporters are pro choice or women. HRC had lots of men and pro life Dems who were supporting her. And some of us don’t care too much about one issue abortion. Some of us are done with kids and there are more important issues we are interested in. I am pro choice but certainly like Mccain pick of Sarah Palin.

    She had the largest budget in the history of Alaska and she made the largest budget cuts. Sarah palin has done what Barack Obama claims he will do. We don’t want a talker we want a doer.

    Sarah Palin is CIC of the Alaska Naional Guard and she is the only one in this race with executive experience. She knows about energy issues and is a fiscal conservative.

    I know HRC is happy because she will get a chance to run in 2012 when Obama lose this November.

    Only a maverick could understand you just cannot ignore the voices of 18 million Americans.

    It was ok For Joe Biden to be sworn in to the Senate at the hospital bed of his hurt sons when faced with the tragedy of his wife and daughter who were killed in a car accident. But John roberts finds a problem with Sarah Palin because she chose to accept the VP position even though she just had a kid with special needs.

    I am really getting tired of these sexist liberal men.

    Obama pick will go down in history as the greatest political blunder!!!

    Palin Vs CLinton 2012

  15. Skeptical, I don’t agree. While of course the selection of Palin is meant to shore up McCain’s conservative creds, you’re imputing to him a clevernesss I don’t think he posesses.

    This move reeks of desperation. Shouldn’t he have sewed up the christianist base already? It isn’t 1988, 1992 or even 2004. I don’t think the Republicans can win just by mobilizing their base this time around.

    And of course, as many have pointed out, MCain undercuts the whole “experience” argument, pretty much the best one he had against Obama.

    He may pick up a few deranged Hillaristas, but not that many.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb!

  16. Cheryl

    I was planning to vote Democrat earlier in the primaries. As I saw the media bias and Obama’s subtle insults towards women and just working people in general, it became very clear that there is no way I would vote for an arrogant socialist. Obama surrounds himself around people who are not patriotic and do not believe in the American Dream. He refers to himself as an “African America”. I thought you could not be a dual citizen to be a US President. Not referring to oneself as an American, particularly if you are running for Commander and Chief is rather disturbing. Obama, the media and the Obama campaign often referred to Hillary as “she” or “Hillary” instead of Senator. I am curious how they will speak of Gov. Palin.

    I have to say I am impressed by McCain’s choice. Palin is a sharp woman who takes on corruption and appears to make clear and direct decision…I am sure she would not vote Present if she were a senator, at least not 95% of the time as Obama does. She has been working as a Gov. making change..can Obama say that.

    Women should not be offended by the pick, but encouraged by the opportunity McCain has given. He has helped the women issue…giving the DNC something to think about next time they try to insult women. I still think the world of Hillary and believe she would make the best President. I don’t quite understand what the DNC was thinking. But I have no respect for Pelosi, or Dean and do not want them to have anymore power than they have right now.

    My vote is for McCain.


  17. BigSister

    You clam to be tired of sexist liberal men but I think you would rather support a white woman than to support a black man. Do you honestly believe this woman should be POTUS.

    This pick is outrageous on so many different levels. I do not agree with republican platform but ther are too many rep. women who are qualified to step into the roll.I am highly insulted that JM would pick this woman. Our country is in to much trouble for him to do such a irresponsible thing. How dare he give us this choice. How dare he say to us this woman is the one to sit down with heads of state around the world, that this woman is the one to fight the war on terror, that this woman is the one to hunt down Bin-Laden, that this woman is the one to deal with rogue nations, that this woman is the one to deal with nuclear proliferation. Then with a straight face say to us that his judgement is better than Obamas.

    Women must be the ones who speak out against this dangerous choice. We have to speak loud and strong. I dont think any of us would have a problem had he chose any of the women that are listed on the blog. We may not agree with their politics but we agree the are qualified to answer that 3 a.m. phone call.

  18. Cheryl

    By the Way, skepticalbrotha, the “Cover Girl” symbolism is sexism in it’s best form…just because she is a woman. I don’t see anyone displaying Obama as GQ.

    Palin is a smart woman who obviously has insight and know how. For someone with little experience, she certainly is not afraid to take on the establishment and win….can Obama say that? Curiously, Biden, McCain and Palin have all taken on the establishment, but Obama only speaks of doing it. What does that ell us.

  19. Cheryl

    By the Way, skepticalbrotha, the “Cover Girl” symbolism is sexism in it’s best form…just because she is a woman. I don’t see anyone displaying Obama as GQ.

    Palin is a smart woman who obviously has insight and know how. For someone with little experience, she certainly is not afraid to take on the establishment and win….can Obama say that? Curiously, Biden, McCain and Palin have all taken on the establishment, but Obama only speaks of doing it. What does that tell us.

  20. Akech

    What really stunned me in the McCain’s VP pick is his ability to take a 44-year old lady with her 5-month old infant with a down syndrome and subject them into rigorous campaign trips instead of letting her bond with that infant.

    Those of you women with children know the healing process a mother needs after having a baby. You must therefore understand the ultimate lack of respect and courtesy being exhibited here by McCain and his advisors towards this woman and women in general. This must be seen as “trying to win a political contest at all costs”. If the Republican can treat those women with whom they claim to share values in such a manner, imagine what they have in store for an average woman who is not professed in their school of thought!

    Should McCain win this election, the unelected “alpha dog advisors” working in the background will be emboldened. These are the same people who took the country to the war in Iraq, raided the USA treasury, robbed ordinary people and college students using sub-prime and college loan predatory lending. These people have ruined the economy for people all over the world and are laughing to offshore banks and properties where no law can touch them. They are above all prevailing laws in the United States

  21. Cheryl,

    Palin is the governor of a state with only 500,000 people and huge natural gas and oil reserves, that are selling at historic highs. Like EVERY governor of Alaska, she is running a budget surplus. If you know anything about Alaska, you’ll know that residents there typically get substantial tax rebates from the state government and that the state often pays for people to move there because they have more work than they have workers. To give Palin credit for the unique economic circumstances in Alaska is a bit silly. Do you seriously think she can do the same for the federal budget?

  22. Rick

    On this day after, I wonder what one person in particular is thinking right now: Axelrod – Obama Strategist. He’s one really smart dude.

    I’d bet he knows McCain’s move was made to:

    a. try to neutralize Obama’s primary line of attack (“8 is enough”) that a vote for McCain is an extension of the Bush Administration. After all, with this VP pick, McCain is trying to show that he is a maverick and willing to run with someone very far from Washington. Even stands up to Washington.

    Even more ingenious…

    b. an attempt to capitalize on the Obama campaign’s perceived weakness in being able to a attack a woman candidate forcefully without having that attack backfire on Obama’s campaign. (In my opinion, this is even more important to McCain than any appeal Paylin has to women voters in and of herself because there are other more qualified women candidates who are arguably much more appealing than Paylin).

    This point gets back to BigSister’s remark above that: “Women must be the ones who speak out against this dangerous choice.” I agree on this. And, in my opinion, Hillary’s stock value just rose substantially. If she (Hillary) helps Obama out in debunking Paylin’s qualifications to be Vice Pres, you best believe Obama would owe Hillary a tremendous debt — figuratively (and literally too). Let me add a dimension that is especially cunning as it relates to McCain’s gambit.

    Don’t sleep: McCain knows his good friend Biden very well. All McCain/Palin need are a couple of slips of the tounge, angry outbursts, insensitive gaffes — which is NOT beyond the realm of possibility with Biden — in a 1-on-1 debate or otherwise public showdown between Biden and Paylin and we can have another Hampshire moment where white women come to Palin’s defense for perceived (or actual) slight. How Democrats react will be critical. If Hillary puts the smackdown, then it’s a different story.

    If I were Axelrod, I’d be having a talk with Biden especially to be cool for the next 10 weeks as it relates to Paylin. And to not fall into any TRAPS. Folks, this is classic Corporate America BS. Ain’t nothing different about it. I’ve learned there’s a way to handle things; and then there’s a way to handle things that get you into TROUBLE even if you have a just cause…

    Bottom line: McCain will be counting on Obama/Biden to make a mistake. You can examine military warefare and see great armies were utterly destroyed by a few soldiers because a new trojan horse tactic was put into the field of battle and the other side did not know how to react.

    I’m not worried as much because Obama has smart people around him who know all this I’m sure (I hope).

  23. Rick

    I also wonder what Maureen Dowd, femimist columnist (and early Hillary Supporter) for NYTimes, is thinking right now about this VP selection. If she’s not on vacation, she’ll have a column there tomorrow.

    I’m willing to bet the house that Maureen Dowd will be very INSULTED by this ruse by the McCain campaign to use Palin to attract white woman voters.

    I’m not a woman, but I can only imagine she feels like how I would feel if McCain selected an unqualified black conservative candidate — who no one ever heard of — to appeal to black democratic voters if Obama didnt win the nomination. I’d be pretty steamed that anyone would dare insult my intelligence like that.

    I’m willing to bet that Maureen feels like I would.

    I’m willing to bet anything that this choice blows up in McCains face.

    (that is, assuming Biden can keep from becoming red faced)

  24. Rick,

    YOu make a good point about HIllary Clinton’s rising stock value. Now she has to hit the campaign trail forcefully and remind people that Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

  25. “Cheryl” (who is probably a man) says: “For someone with little experience, she certainly is not afraid to take on the establishment and win”

    The establishment in Alaska is the oil industry. She didn’t take them on she gave them everything they wanted. Are you looking forward to 8 dollar a gallon gas?

    And the job cut she is most famous for is firing a state employee who refused to fire her brother-in-law.

    I’m also curious as to how you can support a woman who wants to dictate your reproductive rights and who wants Creationsim taught in schools?

  26. Rick

    “…and remind people that Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.”

    and, ironically, also argue the position that although Obama and Biden are men, women’s interests would be better served under this democratic ticket, regardless of its gender composition, and irrespective of the fact that the other ticket has a woman on it.

    Yes, this will be a very juicy next ten weeks. Part of me will be a little sad that this long campaign turned soap opera will be coming to an end. (just part lol)

  27. Chesapeake

    It’s pretty clear that the major reason Gov. Palin was selected was to compete vigorously for the female vote. I never paid attention to Palin, but from what I’ve read since yesterday, she’s as scary as a Robertson, Buchanan, or a Gingrich.

    However, while I Sen. McCain’s move explodes, I have a feeling that it will keep the race tight through election day, and it has the potential to push him over the top because 1) those angry Clinton supporters who were not convinced to vote for Obama now have an even stronger outlet; 2) McCain now has less to no resistance from within the party from the extremists and revisionists; 3) whereas Senator Obama was crushing McCain by getting more free news and media play, McCain and Palin can compete with Obama for media attention and play; 4) whereas McCain’s family is not nearly as attractive as Obama’s, Palin’s family portrait is probably at least comparable.

    I’ll add this: The problem with her being inexperienced will get played out. McCain and everybody else in the universe knows that Biden has superior experience. But if experience was the supreme factor in selecting the democratic nominee, Obama might not be the nominee. The argument can be made that both tickets are balanced with a sage and a reformist. Head-to-head, Palin makes such a good presentation that in the one and only debate, she will hold her ground and be at least presentable against Biden (remember Bush/Gore debate number 1).

    Don’t get me wrong, I think McCain is patronizing women, but Palin knows exactly what her role is, and she willingly accepts it (special needs infant and all). We should not underestimate this pick! I’m concerned. No doubt in my mind that Obama supporters must get focused and fit to remain intense over the next two months or so.

  28. If the Sarah Palin choice says anything about John McCain, outside of his utter contempt for the American people, it is that he has become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT.

    This choice means that he has become ‘ their boy’ without hesitation.

    If this were about choosing a Republican WOMAN, there were plenty other choices of GOP women.

    But, this wasn’t about that.

    This was about selling out to the Religious Right, because Palin is THEIR GIRL.

    John McCain does not have the money of Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama has been out organizing McCain in every state that will be fought over in this election. It was announced only a couple of weeks ago that the McCain Campaign was BEGINNING to form a ground game. But, ground games take money. Money McCain doesn’t have.

    The ground game for the GOP, in the last 2 election cycles, has been done through The Religious Right. He had no way of getting them to come out and work for him.


    In choosing Palin, he is once again, giving into the GOP base.

    In choosing Palin, he is in bed, up to his neck, with the Dobsons, the Pat Robertsons, and all the rest of them.

    Maverick my ass.

    He’s even more of a pawn of the Religious Right than Dubya, and I didn’t think that was possible.

  29. Anne

    Chesapeake August 30, 2008 at 12:42 pm-

    Yes! I agree with every point in your post. This VP pick is a move right out of the Karl Rove guide to dirty politics.

    I’m worried this play will actually work.

    I know women who will vote for any woman that could break that glass ceiling; they just want it done. McCain will pick those voters up now. It worries me.

    I sent more money to Obama. We need to focus and work harder these last 60+ days. Whatever it takes.

    After Obama is in, we need to turn right around and work on pushing others forward. I always hoped Deval Patrick would be our first black president. Obama has magic for sure, but Deval has the resume/experience.

    If Obama is destined to be first, let’s make Deval second!

  30. Akech

    Folks, take time and look at/read the two links below. The people promoting McCain presidency are very determined to have him win this election. They will leave no stone unturned to do so. I do not believe the “alpha dogs” behind this ticket give a god damn thing about the economic situation in this country or anywhere else. Otherwise they will have considered other VP personalities that can restrain John McCain.


  31. Hmmmm....

    Comments of a few bloggers on Sarah Palin:

    “who looks to be more qualified to fill one of Fox News’s Stepford Anchor positions”

    “The gov wears way too much makeup to look serious.”

    Umm…have any of you learned anything from the sexist rants hurled at Senator Clinton from the MSM, as well as some of the other candidates, during the democratic primary?


    It seems as though the expressions of Hillary women’s anguish and frustration about sexism was not learned…fell on dead ears…and now we will have to endure it all over again with the nomination of Palin to the GOP VP.

    I believe McCain’s choice was a bold pick – the right pick. He easily upstaged Obama…who decided to not choose a woman and instead nominate Biden, a Washington insider of 30+ years. Palin was 8 years old when Biden first entered the Senate.

    Is that change we can believe in? Not really. But Obama is sure trying to message Biden into his brand. (I can hardly bear to hear one more time about how Biden takes the train home from DC every night as justification that he is not a typical politician…)

    It’s obvious that McCain is interested in winning…and with this pick he has put himself back in the game. Suddenly Conservatives are jubilant about their opportunity to make history, too.

    More than anything, by virtue of this pick, I think we are learning and will learn more things about the person McCain is than we will learn about Palin.

    He actually is that maverick we’ve heard about…he isn’t afraid to buck conventional thought…he isn’t afraid to go against conventional wisdom…at the end of the day, he is his own man.

    Listening to Obama’s speech on Thursday, I recall a line (i’m paraphrasing) that went something like, “It’s not that McCain doesn’t care, it’s just that he doesn’t get it.”

    McCain’s VP pick – I think – suggests the opposite. He does get what’s going on…the warring factions in the democratic party…the unspoken need of his party members to get energized about their ticket…what it takes to win…

    everyone is quick to underestimate the man, but i think we all should take a step back and realize a game has just been set here.

  32. Hmmmm....

    Rick –

    I am a Hillary supporter…and I can tell you with 100% certainty that Maureen Dowd of the New York Times is not a Hillary supporter and has not been a Hillary supporter since at least December ’07.

    I only say this because that woman tears Hillary apart every single time she gets an opportunity to speak about this election (which is often). I think she should be fired from the New York Times because I believe that no one should be able to spew such hate in any media publication.

    I just don’t consider any woman who seeks out the opportunity to tear another woman down as a feminist. Period.

    Google her most recent articles that mention Hillary and you’ll easily see what i’m talking about.

    If you want the perspective of a white, woman feminist, Maureen Dowd is not the one and there are many other women who fit that demographic and would serve as a better reference.

  33. “…at the end of the day, he is his own man.”

    Are you actually telling us that by picking a Creationist, and a shill of the oil companies to boot, he is “his own man”? John McCain the Maverick just bent over backwards TWICE to kiss the asses of the most repugnant sections of the Republican Party. The very two sections, I might add, that he has railed against in his past incarnation as a maverick.

    I know Republicans have been living way out of the reality-based community the last 8 years but you are really going too too far now.

  34. Oops I was remiss to mention, he also throws a bone to the NRA gun nuts that want to stockpile assault weapons. That’s three, not two, of the most repugnant sections of the GOP.

  35. Hmmm….

    You are nothing more than a disingenuous, right-wing mouthpiece that has the intellectual depth of a Stepford wife. Your support of both Hillary and Palin is nonsensical and delusional. They have little in common ideologically. Stop with the sexism crap. I called for Obama to choose a qualified woman. Just tell the truth and admit that you can’t deal with the idea of a black president.

  36. Hmmmm....


    that’s not what i meant…any politician of the GOP that he could have picked would have in one way or another brought to the ticket some kind of association/relationship with the NRA, Creationist ideologues, Oil Company, etc…that’s just how the GOP rolls!

    what I’m saying, though, is that not McCain’s advisors, not GOP political operatives like Rove…none of them had Palin on their short list for McCain.

    He didn’t cede to party preference. He did his own thing.

    So, yeah…at the end of the day, he was his own man.

  37. Hmmm….
    So let me ask you a straightforward question: “Do you think Sarah Palin is more qualified to be the President of the United States than Barack Obama?”

  38. Hmmmm…go back and read this thread carefully. There were several names mentioned that wouldn’t have that baggage, including Christine Todd Whitman. She would have been a choice that was much, much closer to the man John McCain USED to be. This was an incredibly cynical move on his part. You have it exactly backwards. He had a chance to be his own man and he failed miserbaly with this pick.

  39. I think this statement sums up what I think about McStain’s choice for VP:

    “Just cause he added a vagina to the ticket doesn’t mean he cares about YOURS.”

    Alaskan Barbie proves it. I told y’all months ago to pay attention to who McStain chose as his VP and that we should be very afraid and mobilize to make sure this ancient SOB doesn’t get the White House because if he should croak in his 1st term, Alaskan Barbie will be the one with the itchy trigger finger on the button.

    She is worse than Dick Cheney with a uterus…and I didn’t think that was possible.

  40. Hmmmm....


    Personal attacks are a fallacy of logic. Political ideology aside, sexism is never okay. And her being a gun-toting, whatever you called her, is never justification for sexism.

    My criticism transcends political party and ideology. It is a human issue which dictates that we value the ideals of both men and women.

  41. Chesapeake

    SB wrote in response to Hmmmm: “Your support of both Hillary and Palin is nonsensical and delusional. They have little in common ideologically.”

    Hmmmm, you ignored that. They are worlds apart. Obama and Clinton are virtually and statistically (probably 85% in agreement) parallel in ideology. There is no sensical and sane way you can square supporting Hillary and McCain/Palin, ideologically. The near 180 degree shift in voting behavior HAS TO BE either sex- or race-based.

  42. In some ways Palin’s selection is reflective of the incredibly weak candidates that the GOP has fielded for this election. McCain won by default rather than by acclamation. But look who he was competing against. Rudy Giuliani, and man whose personal life makes Bill Clinton look like a trapist monk, whose primary claim to fame is that he was governor for two months following the Sept. 11 attacks. Mitt Romney, who, as McCain famously said, switches positions on years ending in even numbers. Mike Huckabee, who, while funny and charming, can count as his life’s primary accomplishment the fact that he recently lost 200 pounds. Given the down year that the GOP is having, and the absolute mediocrity of John McCain, it should not be surprising that Palin is his pick. It should not be….but it still is.

  43. Chesapeake

    SB wrote in response to Hmmmm: “Your support of both Hillary and Palin is nonsensical and delusional. They have little in common ideologically.”

    Hmmmm, you ignored that. They are worlds apart. Obama and Clinton are virtually and statistically (probably 85% in agreement) parallel in ideology. There is no sensical and sane way you can square supporting Hillary and McCain/Palin, ideologically. The near 180 degree shift in voting behavior HAS TO BE either, or both, sex- or race-based.

    It is difficult to address this new and fluid voting block on real issues. One of the reasons is that to them this election IS about race and Hillary, whether or not they admit it.

    Since no one can coherently argue that Obama is sexist, sexism is not an issue among the candidates. Sexism is a trumped up and transparent cover for the deep, abiding, and personal opposition this black man presiding over the world.

  44. If McCain’s most ridiculous and nonsensical choice of Palin as his running mate didn’t just hand the Democrats the election on a silver platter, I don’t know what would have. It’s such an obvious attempt to reach the right-wing, conservative, gun-toting, anti-choice folks that have removed themselves from the circle of John McCain, and stinks to high heave of hypocrisy since McCain’s campaign has chosen the battle cry of ‘inexperience’ to attack Obama. As one of the commentators on Countdown said last night (paraphrasing), “If Palin is experience, then Obama is starting to look like John Adams.” (Sorry, probably butchered that, but I’m sure you get the idea. :))

    My initial reaction upon hearing McCain had chosen Palin was that he was gunning for the supposed disgruntled Hillary supporters (a group whose numbers I truly believe to be FAR fewer than the media and the McCain supporting PUMA’s would like you to believe), but pretty much ALL of Palin’s positions are diametrically opposed to those of Hillary…and one would assume her supporters.

    Nope, this choice is about as transparent as you can get, and the scary, scary thought of this woman being one heartbeat away from the Presidency should keep ANY logical thinking person from voting that ticket. Bad choice, John, bad choice.

    SB, great to head back over here after far too long away, and have that trademark SB writing remind me to not be a stranger. 🙂

    PS Folks, here’s a link to some points about Palin. And yes, just start shaking your head now. Goodness knows we’ve had enough experience doing that over the past 8 years. 😉

  45. Sandra

    She is just there to get McCain elected, so they think. I believe the idea is to get McCain elected then she resigns because of family issues and then McCain can pick the VP he really wants.

  46. Rick


    re: regarding Mauren Dowd i should have emphasized the keyword ‘early’ Clinton supporter, as in she clearly turned on Hillary after the NewHampshire primary, but Maureen was clearly anti-Obama/pro-Hillary for all of 2007. there may be other women who present another view you’d like me to consider. pls feel free to name some. thx,

  47. Well I hate to get into gossip, but the rumor mill is claiming that this Palin heffa faked having a baby to cover up for her teenage daughter. If any family is creepy enough to try something like this, well, it’s this one.

    I see a kickass Maury Povich show coming up with the Veeptress front and center.

  48. Hmmmm....

    Chesapeake –

    I didn’t ignore what SB pointed out – that Hillary and Palin are worlds apart on the political spectrum.

    Anyone (myself included) can easily understand that their political beliefs are not aligned. Hillary even issued a statement congratulating Palin and McCain on the historic pick but underlining that she DOES NOT support Palin’s political beliefs.

    Reread my postings. I haven’t written anything that explicitly states that I support Palin. Everyone just assumed that.

    I have suggested that some of these comments on this blog about Palin highlight discrimination or devaluation based on her sex and/or traditional stereotypes of sexual roles. So, in a way I stuck up for her (which maybe people then perceived that I was supporting her politically) but I did so because I don’t believe in allowing any offense against women to occur – on either aisle of the political spectrum – whether she be Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton – whether she live in a blue state or a red state – whether she be gun-toting or flower-carrying. It’s that simple.

    You all are right. Hillary and Palin have no political ideology in common. BUT what they do have in common is that they are both women. As I wrote earlier, my criticism transcended political party and ideology.

    I am uncomfortable, also, with these accusations of racism. That somehow my inability to join the lynch mob means that I can’t handle a black president. Aside from the fact that this is an unfounded argument, it really just comes across as a desperate attempt to make disparaging remarks at whatever cost.

    In the light of a major historical advancement (nominating Barack Obama as the first African American presidential nominee on the democratic ticket), it’s truly unfortunate that some of us continue to cling to and harbor the fostering of racism…

  49. Chesapeake

    Granted, Hmmmm. However, if you wanted Senator Clinton to be the nominee and Obama is closer to her on the issues than any republican or independent candidate left, how do you abstain from voting or vote for any candidate other than Obama?

    If neither McCain, Barr, McKinney, Paul, nor Obama is being charged as sexist, then sexism can’t be the basis for jumping over Obama from Clinton, right?

    If we eliminate the 1) the real issues and 2) sexism, what’s left for you to jump skip Obama and EVEN CONSIDER another candidate. Aside from something personal (race), it’s a no brainer!

  50. GDAWG

    McCain’s choice of the female Alaskan Governor as his running mate, makes the quintessential case for the real, and, most numerous beneficiaries the American version of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION; white women and, expectantly, white families. And in this case one even gets an angle for ‘reparations’. In this instance, being that the Governor’s husband is a “native” Alaskan, and, as such, he gets reparation payments from a 1971 law granting “native” Alaskans such.
    Does anyone thing this will become an issue? I feel it want because they’re obviously not Black. So, Reparations and Affirmative Action, is not a problem or issue.

  51. GDAWG….excellent points! There is a sickening double standard at work, perpetuated by racism and reflected in coverage by the mainstream media on the issues of affirmative action and reparations. I don’t see this changing any time soon, but pointing out these facts is a good first step.

  52. akech

    The wedge and feminine issues being discussed with regards to this McCain’s VP pick have absolutely nothing to with why this beauty queen, who seems not to know the functions of the US Vice President, was picked.

    Looking back, this appointment may offer some explanation as to why (a) Alberto Gonzales became US Attorney General (b) John Yoo, a US naturalized citizen from North Korea, became the sole expert in Unites States to have authored of the “America Torture Laws/memos” and “Unitary Power of the President” accorded to George W. Bush. The two characters have been blamed for all the legal woes in the Justice Department despite the fact that people whose ideas were implemented in these documents were not their signatories.

    Should McCain/Palin win this election, Americans should be concern about the so called “experts” pushing President McCain’s policy buttons. Voters should be concerned about these faceless ideologues, like David Addington in current the W administration, operating behind the scene. These experts are neither elected nor do they go through confirmation process that would let public know what they are up to!!! Americans must be weary about having “Figureheads“operating under the direction of un-elected think tanks who do not owe their allegiance to voters.

    A government that cannot stop the flow of drugs which are rendering majority of its citizens useless should not embark on enforcing religious/moral issues. These issues must be addressed in churches, mosques and temples where work of redemption must be taught. If the preachers of moral values have failed in their work of converting their flocks to practice morality, they cannot use the government to substitute for their failures.

  53. GDAWG

    Akech, you are absolutely correct about the “faceless ideologues” that have caused major havoc in the current administration and world. But we, Black Americans, have an interest in most wedge and feminist issues as well because it relates to some aspect of our interest, too. You’ll note that in the discussion on these issues, the racial aspect, as it is related to Blacks, is often used as the reason to eliminate this or that program. It’s never argued from a gender perspective because of the obvious implication as it relates to the MAIN beneficiaries. And yet there is not one kneegrow politician in DC who connect the dots and call the efforts to make Black Americans “whole” citizens in various ways and means, what it is. Pure. Unadulterated. Ethnic hatred. So much so, that it is to the point of being virtual genocide, when one examines the demographic data. And I don’t think most Americans are weary enough of wing-nut rule, which is why I think they’ll elect McCain. And to that I say- If we can take Reagon Bush 1&2, among other sociological calamities,we can surely take 4 yrs of McCain. The question is- Can They?

  54. GDAWG

    Akech, you are absolutely correct about the “faceless ideologues” that have caused major havoc in the current administration and world. But we, Black Americans, have an interest in most wedge and feminist issues as well because it relates to some aspect of our interest, too. You’ll note that in the discussion on these issues, the racial aspect, as it is related to Blacks, is often used as the reason to eliminate this or that program. It’s never argued from a gender perspective because of the obvious implication as it relates to the MAIN beneficiaries. And yet there is not one kneegrow politician in DC who connect the dots and call the blockers of the efforts to make Black Americans “whole” citizens in various ways and means, what it is. Pure. Unadulterated. Ethnic hatred. So much so, that it is to the point of being virtual genocide, when one examines the demographic data. And I don’t think most Americans are weary enough of wing-nut rule, which is why I think they’ll elect McCain. And to that I say- If we can take Reagon Bush 1&2, among other sociological calamities,we can surely take 4 yrs of McCain. The question is- Can They?

  55. GDAWG,

    Virtual genocide? Come on. Let’s not get carried away. The black American population is growing at a much faster clip than the white American population. There’s a big difference between indifference and outright hostility and genocide.

  56. GDAWG

    TLB, I begged to differ my friend. When 1 0f 2 pregnancies in Black women end in an elective abortion when in white women it’s 1 in 7, our population rates are not out pacing whites to any significant degree. OTH, Hispanic and Asians have rates of growth far out pacing Blacks and whites, and the of growth for Blacks barely reaches the radar blip. In fact, we are below the replacement level of 2.1 children. That is, below the number of children it takes to replace the population. If not for the high birth rates of poor Black women and, increasingly, continental Africans, I shutter to think what our population data would look like. There are 4.0 million white babies born per year compared ~.6million or less of Black babies. In terms of death rates look at the life expectancy data, especially for Black males. And to your last point, I agree with hostility and genocide aspect.

  57. GDAWG,

    I don’t know where your getting your information about our population growth, but while the white American population is dropping dramatically, the % black Americans is holding steady at between 12-14% of the overall population, even though the number of Americans is exploding (mostly due to immigration). And while the abortion rates among black women are troubling and complicated and worthy of more attention, our aggregate population is steadily increasing. If people are inclined to look at population data by ethnic group, then it’s white Americans who should be worried. During my lifetime it’s likely that the white American population will drop from around 70% of the population to closer to 40%.

  58. Chi

    I think many miss something here…

    For Hillary Clinton and many of her supporters, it wasn’t about “a” woman president, but Hillary Clinton as “THE” first female president of the United States –

    The idea that Ms. Palin potentially gets to be the first female V.P and will most certainly go on to run for President; (she is certainly going to want to go all the way…and I know the republicans have suggested that their party might yet be the one to install the first woman and black man as president…go figure!) – This idea in itself is freaking Hillary Clinton out!

    Hillary Clinton’s run has never been about breaking the proverbial glass ceiling for other women…it’s always been about Hillary Clinton, first female president of the United States…

    She hasn’t fought this hard for that title for any other woman but herself…anyone who thinks otherwise is seriously joking-

  59. Alexis

    The fact that McCain picked her is such obvious pandering to the Hillary supporters it’s painful. It also pisses me off because if McCain happens to die, we’ll have to deal with a woman with almost zero experience facing down dictators, deal with two wars, and healing a failing economy. Great.

  60. Chi

    Oh and for those who hail this as a “brilliant” pick…

    This was nothing short of a short-sighted, cynical and dangerous play by John McCain and his cronies…

    With America at war and the rest of the world rapidly advancing ahead of us technologically, economically etc.; the republicans continue to play low-level russian roulette; pandering to the very lowest of lows…This is not meant to insult but ultimately will, the low information crowd that make up a huge percentage of the American voting public and who seem to elect our presidents year after year inspite of the real issues that face us not only domestically but globally-

    These are really different times and while we’ve allowed the republicans to successfully argue against intelligence, wit and diplomacy in dealing with said rapidly changing world (Barack Obama); many have bought into this delusion and the well-worn pedestrian idea that America remains firmly on top and cannot be displaced even though we’ve spent and borrowed to fight wars on foreign soil while our biggest challengers continue to invest in themselves-

    The United States is now like the brilliant doctor who lost his mind and now trolls the marketplace still wearing his filthy, tattered overcoat and his rusty, broken sthethoscope slung about his neck. As he pushes a cart full of of odds and ends, he mutters endlessly to himself some of what’s left of his once brilliant diagnoses and stops every once in a while to beat his chest and point to the sky. He still thnks he’s a doctor, but sadly everybody else knows he’s just another mad man.

    It simply amazes me when I hear people even attempt to compare Barack Obama to this Sarah Palin …

    It ought to insult every thinking person’s intelligence that the idea that this woman who somehow rose to be the governor of Alaska in spite of her qualifications somehow even makes for a comparison.

    Not even McCain with all the POW talk can hold a candle!

    But in an America where military service, no matter how unexemplary or contrived, somehow now trumps viable and real ability to effectively lead a people as diverse and once dynamic as Americans; and in the world as we live today, it is simply mindboggling that many of our fellow citizens simply don’t get it!

    There is a huge world about us and they are no longer in awe of us nor are they waiting for us to catch up. Instead they watch with much amusement and thrill as we steadily implode and continue to expose our mindblowing ignorance and idiocy…

    This selection of Sarah Palin as nominee for V.P of the United States of America in my opinion, simply reinforces the rapid and continuing dumbing down of America…

    And only the Republican party can effectively argue (and with straight faces too!) that a “nice” PTA member turned former mayor of a small town who by some fluke ascended to governor of an atypical State is well qualified to sit a stone throne away from the U.S presidency. The fact that they included her run for Ms. Alaska in her resume sums it all up-

    But then again, we are talking about a country where Arnold Schwartznegger and Jesse Ventura are touted as infinitely better qualified for elected office than a man of Barack Obama’s intellect-

    To hear them tell it, one would think Barack Obama was some random taco vendor who suddenly abandoned his push cart on the sidewalk and had the nerve to pursue this highest of offices.

    And we wonder why this country is in the shape it is…..?

    Ultimately as the wise person said; this country and is electorate will get the president it truly deserves.

  61. Mstate

    Josh Marshall on listed one name on a blog piece the other day. “Eagleton?”
    Sen. Thomas Eagleton had been picked as Sen. George McGovern’s running mate in 1972. During the campaign it was revealed that Eagelton had not been forthcoming about a history of depression and the fact that he twice had received shock treatments. (A taboo subject in those days.)Eagleton ended up stepping down and Sargent Shriver (JFK’s brother-in-law) was quickly enlisted to take his place. Sen. McGovern went on to win only Massachusetts.
    It’s been suggested else where, and not by me, that McShame may be pulling and “Eagleton.” That something is going to come out about Palin and she’ll have to step aside, and then McShame can pick who he really wants-Traitor Joe. Oops, I mean Sen. Lieberman.

  62. GDAWG

    TLB, these data are from the CDC, US census, and the US Health Statistics Center. And the number you quote 70% to 40% decline in the non Hispanic white population is very misleading because, as was pointed out in the NY Times by Sam roberts ~ 80% Hispanics declare themselves as white. And even in states like Texas, Mexicans are classified as whites. So the number you state is misleading. Oh yeah, it seems the repug VP pick is a grandmother. How nice. Hahaha

  63. Chesapeake

    Act I: Russia invades South Ossetia and Georgia. McCain immediately jumps out in front of both Bush and Obama and grabs, temporarily, the baton of leadership;

    Act II: The Democratic Convention delivers a compilation of some of the most inspiring and motivating speeches and images you can find these days in one place. Obama and Biden got NOOO bump in the polls;

    Act III: Hurricane Gustav is approaching the country. McCain and Palin, whose pictures are plastered all over the news, make their move to the Gulf Coast. McCain works in conjunction with the Republican Convention and Bush to make madly publicized adjustments. McCain, in leadership mode, declares the “mistakes of Hurricane Katrina will not be repeated.”

    Meanwhile, Obama squeezes in the news that he can motivate many of his supporters to help in Gulf Coast. Don’t see much news and images of Obama in the mainstream.

    Hurricane Gustav is serious and nothing with which to be played. But the McCain, albeit naturally because of the timing with the convention, is tactically hogging the news with Palin stuck by his side.

    Has Obama maxed out? There’s much work to be done on behalf of Obama.

  64. lunchcountersitin

    James Fallows, who writes for Atlantic magazine, made the following comment about McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for VP:

    The Palin pick is not like the choice of Dan Quayle. But it is exactly like the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. That is, an unbelievably obvious but potentially effective attempt to jiu-jitsu the standard identity politics of the moment in a way that flummoxes the Democrats. I would spell out the logic but I think it’s obvious and am at a computer for only sixty seconds.

    …the comparison should be with Clarence Thomas — with this one interesting difference. Thomas was a shrewd choice not simply because his race made it more complicated for Democrats to oppose him but also because, once confirmed, all evidence suggested to conservatives that he’d be the kind of Justice they were looking for. In Palin’s case, this seems to be a choice that looks forward to Election Day, and not one day beyond that.

  65. lunchcountersitin

    RE: The pick as helping McCain, and Gustav.

    All of this has helped to take the spotlight off Obama. For now.

    But here’s the thing. Obama ended the Convention on a high. He DID get a brief bounce.

    The GOP’s main campaign tactic has been to attack Obama. The negative campaigning has been overshadowed by Palin and Gustav. That’s a plus for Obama.

    My view of public opinion on Palin is, most (non-Republicans) fear she is not qualified. The GOP will need to devote (media)resources to prop up her image. Time that could have been used to go after Obama.

    Bottom line is, McCain is getting a lot of coverage. But I don’t think Palin raises McCain’s positive rating (among non-GOP) voters, it is probably neutral. Meanwhile, it is having no effect on Obama’s positives or negatives (at least, none that I’ve seen yet).

    Meanwhile, in the battleground states, the ads and GOTV efforts are occurring, some under the radar of the media.

    Bottom line: I don’t think Palin helps McCain or hurts Obama. But the pressure is on her: if she gaffes, stumbles, or looks bad in the debate, it will reinforce the perception she’s not ready.

    I think the reward is much less than McCain envisioned, while the risk is much greater than he expected.

  66. lunchcountersitin

    Obama’s convention bounce:

    Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama jumped to his biggest lead since late July in public opinion polls, after his Aug. 28 speech to more than 75,000 people in a Denver football stadium when he accepted the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

    How long Obama holds the lead is open to question, as voters react to John McCain’s surprise selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate and Republicans begin their nominating convention tomorrow in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Obama leads McCain 49-41 percent in the most recent Gallup Poll daily tracking survey, which measured voter sentiment during a three-day period ending Aug. 28. The presidential contenders had been tied at 45 percent in the last Gallup tracking results before the Democrats started their Colorado convention. A separate tracking poll by Rasmussen Reports put Obama’s advantage at 3 percentage points.

    The 8 percentage-point lead in the Gallup survey almost matches Obama’s biggest margin of the campaign, a 9-point bulge in tracking polls conducted July 24-26, Gallup said.

  67. She’s going to be Grandma, if she isn’t already.

    What family values.

    Now, flip the script. What would they be saying if this were Malia or Sasha Obama?

    Uh huh

  68. rikyrah,

    Malia or Sasha–OMIGOD!!!!!!!!!!!! The racist diatribes questioning their values would be off the chain…but then, they already are and there are no skeletons to speak of. Never mind.

  69. ‘Country First’? -James.Dobson.In.A.Dress. says NOPE

    From Marc Ambinder:

    Palin And The Alaska Independence Party
    01 Sep 2008 07:53 pm

    The Alaska Independence Party calls itself the third largest organization in the United States. Its platform calls for the defense of “states rights,” to “seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution.”

    Basically, the AIP wants a vote on secession. According to the organizations’ website. “[T]hough it is widely thought to be a secessionist movement, the Party makes great effort to emphasize that its primary goal is merely a vote on secession, something that Party advocates say Alaskans were denied during the founding of the state.”

    The rest of the post and the accompanying videos can be found at the link.

    Country first, John McCain?

    Uh huh.

    Now remember Obama was all of EIGHT YEARS OLD when Ayers did his mess, and they’re STILL trying to attach it to him.

    James.Dobson.In.A.Dress. gave them an address LAST YEAR


  70. Kecia

    I’m not sure of the aurthor’s idenity; this is an e-mail that is being circulated.

    Sent: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 1:36 am
    Subject: Sarah Palin

    To everyone I know:
    Regardless of who you are planning to vote for, please read this email I received from a good friend. Please share this with as many people as possible.

    This is from a Bryn Mawr college grad to her fellow alums

    Dear classmates –
    As an Alaskan, I am writing to give all of you some information on Sarah Palin, Senator McCain’s choice for VP. As an Alaska voter, I know more than most of you about her and, frankly, I am horrified that he picked her.

    The most accurate description of her is red neck. Her husband works in the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay and races sno w mobiles. She is a life time member of the NRA and has worked tirelessly to allow indiscriminate hunting of wildlife in Alaska, particularly wolves and bears. She has spent millions of Alaska state dollars on aerial hunting of these predators from helicopters and airplanes, dollars that should have been spent, for example, on Alaska’s failing school system.We have the lowest rate of high school graduation in the country. Not all of you may think aerial predator hunting is so bad, but how anyone (other than Alaska wolf-haters, of which there are20many, most without teeth), could think this use of funds is appropriate is beyond me. If you want to know more about the aerial hunting travesty, let me know and I will send some links to informative web sites.

    She has been a strong supporter of increased use of fossil fuels, yet the McCain campaign has the nerve to say she has “green” policies. The only thing green about Sarah Palin is her lack of experience. She has consistently supported drilling in ANWR, use of coal-burning power plants (as I write this, a new coal plant is being built in her home town of Wasilla), strip mining, and almost anything else that will unnecessarily exploit the diminishing resources of Alaska and destroy its environment.

    Prior to her one year as governor of Alaska, she was mayor of Wasilla, a small red neck town outside Anchorage.The average maximum education level of parents of junior high school kids in Wasilla is 10th grade. Unfortunately, I ha ve to go to Wasilla every week to get groceries and other supplies, so I have continual contact with the people who put Palin in office in the first place. I know what I’m talking about.

    These people don’t have a concept of the world around them or of the serious issues facing the US. Furthermore, they don’t care. So long as they can go out and hunt their moose every fall, kill wolves and bears and drive their snow mobiles and ATVs through every corner of the wilderness, they’re happy. I wish I were exaggerating.

    0ASarah Palin is currently involved in a political corruption scandal. She fired an individual in law enforcement here because she didn’t like how he treated one of her relatives during a divorce. The man’s performance and ability weren’t considered; it was a totally personal firing and is currently under investigation. While the issue isn’t close to the scandal of Ted Steven’s corruption, it shows that Palin isn’t “squeaky clean” and causes me to think there may be more issues that could come to light. Clearly McCain doesn’t care.

    When you line Palin up with Biden, the comparison would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Sarah Palin knows nothing of economics (admittedly a weak area for McCain), or of international affairs, knows nothing of national government, Social Security, unemployment, health care systems – you name it. The idea of her meeting with heads of foreign governments around the world truly frightens me. In an increasingly danger ous world, with the economy in shambles in the US, Sarah Palin is uniquely UNqualified to be vice president. John McCain is not a young man. Should something happen to him such that the vice president had to step in, it would destroy our country and possibly the world to have someone as inexperienced and inappropriate as Sarah Palin. The choice of Palin is a cheap shot by McCain to try to get Hillary supporters to vote for him. when McCain introduced her today, Palin had the nerve to compare herself with Hillary and Geraldine Ferraro. Sarah Palin, you are no Hillary Clinton.

    To those of you who, like me, supported Hillary and were upset that she did not get the nomination, please don’t think that Sarah Palin is a worthy substitute. If you supported Hillary, regardless of what you think the media and the democratic party may have done to undermine her campaign, the person to support now is Obama, not Sarah Palin. To those of you who are independent or undecided, don’t let the choice of Palin sway you in favor of McCain. Choosing her shows how unqualified McCain is to be president. To those of you who are conservative, I guess you have no choice for president. But please try to see how the poor choice of Palin tells us a great deal about McCain’s judgment. While the political posturing inherent in the choice of Palin is obvious, the more serious issue is the fact that the VP is, literally, a heartbeat away from the presidency. Sar ah Palin is totally and unequivocally unqualified to be vice president, let alone president.

    I know this is a lengthy and emotional email, but the stakes are high. I thought it might help for all of you, regardless of political affiliation, to know something about Palin from someone who has to live with her administration in Alaska on a daily basis.

    Here’s some basic background from

    * She was elected Alaska’s governor a little over a year and a half ago. Her previo us office was mayor of Wasilla, a small town outside Anchorage.1
    * Palin is strongly anti-choice, opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest.2
    * She supported right-wing extremist Pat Buchanan for president in 2000. 3
    * Palin thinks creationism should be taught in public schools.4
    * She’s doesn’t think humans are the cause of climate change.5
    * She’s solidly in line with John McCain’s “Big Oil first” energy policy. She’s pushed hard for more oil drilling and says renewables won’t be ready for years. She also sued the Bush administration for listing polar bears as an endangered species—she was worried it would interfere with more oil drilling in Alaska.6

    Here’s a sample of Alaskan’s responses:

    She is really just a mayor from a small town outside Anchorage who has been a governor for only 1.5 years, and has ZERO national and international experience. I shudder to think that she could be the person taking that 3AM call on the White House hotline, and the one who could potentially be charged with leading the US in the volatile international scene that exists today. —Rose M., Fairbanks, AK

    She is VERY, VERY conservative, and far from perfect. She’s a hunter and fisherwoman, but votes against the environment again and again. She ran on ethics reform, but is currently under investigation for several charges involving hiring and firing of state officials. She has NO experience beyond Alaska. —Christine B., Denali Park, AK

    As an Alaskan and a feminist, I am beyond words at this announcement. Palin is not a feminist, and she is not the reformer she claims to be. —Karen L., Anchorage, AK

    Alaskans, collectively, are just as stunned as the rest of the nation. She is doing well running our State, but is totally inexperienced on the national level, and very much unequipped to run the nation, if it came to that. She is as far right as one can get, which has already been communicated on the news. In our office of thirty employees (dems, republicans, and nonpartisans), not one person feels she is ready for the V.P. position.—Sherry C., Anchorage, AK

    She’s vehemently anti-choice and doesn’t care about protecting our natural resources, even though she has worked as a fisherman. McCain chose her to pick up the Hillary voters, but Palin is no Hillary. —Marina L., Juneau, AK

    I think she’s far too inexperience d to be in this position. I’m all for a woman in the White House, but not one who hasn’t done anything to deserve it. There are far many other women who have worked their way up and have much more experience that would have been better choices. This is a patronizing decision on John McCain’s part- and insulting to females everywhere that he would assume he’ll get our vote by putting “A Woman” in that position.—Jennifer M., Anchorage, AK

    Please forward this to everyone you know!

  71. Alice

    Shame on the religous right making a white unwed teen mother an example of a good girl when those same people complain about black unwed teen mothers? This woman uses her children. We have all got to get out and VOTE!

  72. Elliot

    hehehe. What is that smell…..fear? hehehe

    I’ve been to this site many times before to keep up with what all the haters are talking about. I hope you guys are ready for all the “trolls” that are soon to come your way.

    The next President & VP. Sounds good doesn’t it??
    Conservatives will be climbing all over themselves to vote for this ticket now!

  73. GDAWG

    Personally, Elliot, I hope ‘your folks’ do win in November. But win not for the reasons you people espoused. I think it be great if they could continue Bush’s wonderful two terms. The economy. disappearing Jobs. Home foreclosures. More war(s).

  74. GDAWG

    Mayor of meth capital of Alaska?
    Troopers dub Mat-Su area the meth capital of Alaska
    Troopers dub Mat-Su area the meth capital of Alaska
    WASILLA – The Matanuska-Susitna area is the methamphetamine capital of Alaska, according to Alaska State Troopers.

    In 2003, authorities uncovered nine meth labs in the area. Last year, the number increased to 42, said Kyle Young, an investigator with the troopers who works with the Mat-Su narcotics team.

    Officials with the Office of Children’s Services in Wasilla said the problem affects children. The office receives about 40 calls a month from people reporting abuse or neglect involving some aspect of the highly addictive drug.

    In late February, the Mat-Su narcotics unit arrested a couple at their Willow home. Michelle Motta said for years she tried to warn authorities that her three young nieces lived in the midst of a methamphetamine operation run by their parents, Phillip Dean and Laura Jackson.

    Alaska State Troopers reported finding a “large active meth lab” in a detached garage shop. The house was a frigid mess, with piles of dirty dishes, clothes everywhere and frozen pipes, investigators said.

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    Through a hatch in the shop floor, the team found an underground room with a meth lab in one corner, as well as old marijuana root balls and lights from a past pot-growing operation.

    An investigator said the team didn’t find the children at home but saw signs of them there. Motta said the girls – ages 14, 8 and 6 – at times slept in the garage with the lab.

    A year ago, the oldest girl detailed the household’s rampant drug problems and squalid living conditions in a handwritten letter to a judge.

    “My parents grow marijuana and crystal the(y) did the drugs that they bought in front of (my sisters),” the letter begins. “They spent most money on them instead of food or doing laundry. I got left home with nobody there I got left home with drug(g)ies…”

    Motta now has custody of her three nieces. The Jacksons are jailed at Mat-Su Pre-Trial Facility in Palmer.

    Children sharing homes with meth labs face the risk of contamination, fire, explosion, neglect and hazardous living conditions. Caseworkers report little children complaining of breathing problems from toxic fumes rising off chemicals such as acetone, ammonia and hydrochloric acid.

    When authorities surrounded a converted bus housing a meth operation in Big Lake in January, a 13-year-old boy who answered the door bragged that his mom cooked the best meth in the valley, according to the troopers.

    During a 2003 bust at a house outside Wasilla, officers discovered five children living inside, all younger than 8 years old.

    The calls about meth to children’s services in Wasilla accounts for as many as 40 percent of the agency’s total monthly child protection calls.

    The troopers are aggressively going after meth labs, said Capt. Ed Harrington, the supervisor of the state’s drug and alcohol enforcement unit.

    “It’s just not a simple process,” Harrington said. “Just because somebody calls in and says ‘So and so’s cooking meth’ doesn’t mean we’re going to kick the door in the next night.”

  75. “What is that smell…..fear?”

    Hmmm…check your upper lip. I’m thinking it smells like a certain old man’s nuts.

    Seriously though, are you hoping for Creationism to be taught in school? You know we are already the laughingstock of the world thanks to Dick and Bush.

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