RNC Day four: McCain accepts nomination


Sen. John McCain by NewsHour.

I didn’t see it all, but I would recommend it as a sleep aid.  What say you?

45 thoughts on “RNC Day four: McCain accepts nomination

  1. Angie

    Skep, that speech could have put a raging bull to sleep. I started off watching; the next thing I knew, I was dreaming. The only reason why I saw the end was because my mother woke me up.

  2. Didn’t see it but read about it on the blogs. Apparently the only note of interest was the protesters that managed to slip through the rent-a-gestapos. Check it out:

    Check the suit on the lower left of the photo who is pointing while exclaiming, “Look! Someone is telling the truth…GET HIM!!!”

    Also this…

    The missing McSame biography photo
    (of the wife he dumped).

  3. The only real highlight during the whole 4 day duckandrunfromyourrecordathon was during McAint’s rambling political epitaph tonight:

    Check the rent-a-gestapo suit at the lower left pointing and screaming “Look someone is here telling the truth…GET HIM!!!”

  4. Don’t feel bad Angie. I think McAbeSimpson himself fell asleep about halfway through the damn thing. Then again, it didn’t make much of a difference and I doubt anyone noticed.

  5. Rick

    Ernesto, I bet you’ll appreciate this as much as I do.

    It’s in the news today that Iraq wants to buy thirty-six F-16 fighter jets at $100 million a pop.

    (sorta reminds me of some sophisticated arms sales we made to Iran in ’79…um, right before the overthrow of the Shah)

    It was only very recently we were having trouble training the Iraqis soldiers not to abandon their positions on the ground during fire-fights with hostiles. Now we’re expecting them to fly these multi-milltion dollar planes like top gun pilots?

    (Lockheed Martin makes the F-16)

  6. gorjis1

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who fell asleep on McBush’s clone speech about the change that Obama already spoke about. I thought McBush would keel over any minute. The Repugs have no originality whatsoever!

  7. zeitgeist9000

    Roberta McCain is sexy!

    She’s McCain’s only real asset.

    He should just campaign with her.

    Because that’s the only way he’d get the votes he needs…

  8. Rick, the colony of Iraq is the latest playground of the MIC. I wish the MSM would refer to the companies and politicians that brought us this fiasco what they are: looters and murderers. On a grand scale. But wait, it gets better (worse), the MSM can’t do that because they are part and parcel of the whole operation:


    This is the version of “democracy and freedom” we want to export all over the world.

  9. rikyrah


    I’m waiting for your commentary about the fall of Mayor Trifling.

    I turned down the volume on McAncient, but I couldn’t stop laughing until they got rid of the green background. When it turned to blue, I switched channels.

  10. SB, I say that while it was pretty much snoozeville, at least he wasn’t as hateful as that beyotch Palin was in her speech. Sooooo obvious they’re grooming her to be the “pit bull” she so loving compared herself to (as a hockey mom), but with lipstick. Ms Palin, I work at an animal hospital and you should BE so lucky as to be as intelligent and high class as ANY dog is, let alone a pit bull. Don’t go giving those pits a bad name–they have MUCH better manners than you do. Personally, I’m a bit concerned Palin might have gone a bit rabid already…just wait for the drooling at the mouth…it’s next. And might I PUH-LEASE talk to you Ms Palin, about spaying and neutering. 😉

    Am love, love, LOVING that the Dems are starting to hit back today. The past few days of the RNC had me feeling like I was in the same surreal world we’ve all been living in under these horrific GWB years–that feeling of this all not possibly being real, and folks not possibly buying into the BS. I mean for the RNC speakers, especially Palin, to mock the all-too-important community work that Barack has done, how it affects the very people that ALL politicians should be aiming to assist…ugh, just disgusted me. Thankfully, I’m FINALLY starting to feel again the excitement and hope that I previously had with the Obama/Biden ticket, now that the RNC is done and the truth about the out-and-out lies and half-lies the Repubs spewed forth at the RNC are being debunked by not only Dems, but impartial folks as well.

    And for those of you who have felt like you might be the only ones with the common sense to see the hypocrisy that IS the GOP, you MUST see one of Jon Stewart’s BEST videos ever! I posted it on my blog if you haven’t seen it yet. How absolutely delicious a piece of work it is. 🙂 Speak to the truth, Jon, speak to the truth–and show it to us in footage!

  11. Chesapeake

    I think the McCain and the republicans did a good job by highlighting and “drilling” their bumper sticker themes. Even though most, but not all, of the speakers were boring and dishonest, there are millions of people who enjoyed it and were impressed with the vitriol and dazzled by the good cop/bad cop display put on by the McCain/Palin team.

    Part of the reason McCain and the republicans were so boring is that they refuse to give details. So, while the insiders and the wary clearly understood the nuances of their platform, we get frustrated and angry because the speeches and hyperbole have the substance of helium.

    One of the many things that sticks out to me is the theme of “honor and integrity.” McCain and the republicans have draped him in that theme knowing full well he is not a man of honor. While they have run amuck by “drilling” this persona of McCain to the unwary, it appears Obama and we are stuck comparing Palin’s (VP candidate) experience and qualifications to Obama’s (prez candidate).

    This is one of those times where I get frustrated with Obama. McCain and the republicans know McCain’s history. So does mainstream media.
    I was hoping that on yesterday, after McCain and the republicans finished all that concerted lying, that Obama would blast McCain by exposing to McCain’s transition from his first marriage to Carol to his second marriage to Cindy. The story of how he cheated on his once “lovely”, but then disabled and deteriorated wife for money, status, and a trophy wife shows he is everything opposite a man of honor and integrity.

    The Obama campaign could stop cold the madness of McCain and kill the momentum coming from the convention. I love and support Obama, but I cannot stand that he will not take advantage of the openings his opponents give him. The convention put McCain’s full history, not just the heroics, in play. His infidelity and the full story behind it is fair game. McCain’s momentum shouldh’ve been dead when he checked-out of the hotel in Minnesota.

    If McCain can bring up the lies about heirs, then Obama can dig up and exploit the truth about John and Carol and STILL maintain the high road!

  12. Chesapeake,

    You can’t maintain the high road by attacking someone’s marriage. What Obama could and should do is remind folks that McCain was almost indicted for the Keating Five scandal. Bribery is still frowned upon in most quarters.

  13. Mstate

    Wasn’t one of McCain’s sons recentlt forced to step down from a bank position he held in AZ?
    I believe that there’s an investigation going on, although it wil probably be covered up.

    Two friends sent me the following quote:
    “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor.”
    One friend had attibuted to a comment in the NYT from a person in Michigan. The other said it was on a bumper sticker in TX. No matter what, i like it.

  14. Angie

    Yes, I agree that bringing up the marriage issues will not score any points for Obama. However, there are plenty other facts about JM’s political record that must be put on blast by the Obama campaign.

  15. Rick

    Ernesto, that link was deep. at the end of the day, word, just follow the money trail.

    Separately, bringing up marriage is issues is out, but I do believe that going in front of your church and saying the Iraq War is a “task from God” as Gov Palin did is fair game…

  16. “Back in those days, a nickel had a picture of a bumblebee on it. Gimme five bees for a quarter we used to say.”

    That’s about the extent of Grandpa’s knowledge of the economy.

  17. akech

    **********STOP PRESS************

    The Republican Women, demanding that Sarah Palin appear on Oprah Show, are threatening total boycott anything to do with Oprah and her show.

    They do not care that Hillary Clinton did not appear on Oprah Show during her run for president. The Republican women are insinuating that Sarah Palin’s pick by McCain or her appearance on national scene is more important than Hillary’s run for president.

    They are attempting to sabotage Oprah the same way the Bush administration brought down the “DIXIE CHICKS” by saying INVITE SARA PALIN OR ELSE YOUR SHOW WILL BE HISTORTY!!

  18. zeitgeist9000

    Oprah doesn’t want to help Palin the same way she helped George W. when he came on the show in October 2000.

  19. akech

    Keith Olberman and Chris Mathews are taken off their anchor positions. They are accused of being biased against the Republicans. Oprah is being threatened by Repulican women for refusing to invite Sarah Palin to her show. May be her show is going to be taken off by FCC.

    Why do’n’t they reignin on FIX news at FOX NEWS where Sean Hanity has been damaging Democrats since 2000?

    The campaign against Keith and Mathews also included mentions of some complaints of how Hillary was supposedly treated. Could this a tag team effort by the Clintons and McCain campaign?

  20. I say let her come on Oprah, and let Oprah bring on the state employee that she fired and they can talk about ethics in government. Also bring on the friend of her hubby’s that she got busy with and bring on the National Enquirer reporters and they can talk about family values. Also bring on the doctor that delivered the baby last April and they can talk about insurance fraud. Be careful what you wish for Republican women.

  21. zeitgeist9000

    akech, I think that the perceived bias at MSNBC will and should have repercussions!

    But if we’re going to continue the Hillary bashing even after she has endorsed Barack multiple times, what’s the point of even attempting party unity?

  22. akech


    I know Hillary is campaigning for Obama now. However, her supportive messages on the campaign trails can be undone by merely running those negative ads she had used against Obama during the primaries wherever she stumps for Mr. Obama.

    You must understand that those “those hard working white Americans” Hillary was routing for during the primaries do not see themselves as the same people Mr. Obama was organizing in Chicago Southside. That is why they were being referred to as zeros (0) when Gulliani was poking jokes about Obama as a “Community Organizer”. The mocking of Obama at the Republican convention was overloaded with coded words.

    I am not bashing Hillary, this is merely a factual observation.

  23. rikyrah


    I’m going to reserve the right to believe the rumors…why doesn’t she release her medical records? Hmmmmmmmm

  24. Angie

    Skep: Who do you use to track your visitor stats on your blog? I like yours. Most other stat counters do not read with the speech that blind people use. So, since yours is accessible, I would like to add it to my blog. Thanks!

    I’ve been missing you. What’s up?

  25. Chi


    I saw the chairwoman of the Florida Republican women’s group threatening Oprah tonight on television…

    I was appalled! Is this what it’s come to?! Strong arming Oprah, yet refusing to allow other media access to said Sarah Palin?!

    They want Oprah to host the media-shy Sarah Palin…are you kidding me??!!

    Well thanks to them and their threats, I just subscribed for the first time to the Oprah magazine…so for everyone of them (I doubt very much these women ever did subscribe anyway) who cancels their bloody subscription, there’ll be one more who subscribes for the first time!

    Funny that Oprah who’s promoted & enriched more white men and women on her show is now being threatened by that same demographic because she rightfully as an American, declared for a candidate; a choice that incidentally didn’t coincide with theirs…

    But ultimately, it will be this same demographic that will feel the loss of this show in the end…Where on earth are they going to go to promote themselves and their stuff…?

    Certainly not on Dr. Phil or on Rachel Ray…direct beneficiaries of Oprah’s largesse by the way…

  26. njc

    Sep 10, 2008, and Ugh, the McCain campaign tactics are now virtually indistinguishable from the worst political slime. “I approve this message. -John McCain.” WE KNOW.

    How can he even talk about honor or integrity at this point?

    God, I wish not for the courteous dismissal of just politics as usual, but somebody get in his face and shame him in a loud voice for what he is representing.

  27. SB, I know you recommended McSame’s speech as a sleep aid, but damn, did you watch it over and over and over and over again, and have nodded off since then? 😉 Where are you? We miss your insightful commentary. And we are SOOOO due for one of your infamous ‘change the words to a famous song around to mock the idiots’ blog posting…or maybe I’m just due for one from ya. I mean, come on, this whole McSame/Failin’ campaign is just one long, bad SNL skit, giving you TONS to work with. I’m waiting….(taps fingers on desk) 😉

    And TripleBee, thanks for the compliment!

  28. Angie

    “SB, I know you recommended McSame’s speech as a sleep aid, but damn, did you watch it over and over and over and over again, and have nodded off since then?”

    Too funny…

    Yes Skep, your guests miss you.

    I hope you are well.

  29. akech

    Democratic candidate Barack Obama must keep many thousands miles away from the hockey mom from Alaska because there is a coordinated effort by McCain campaign and the media to monitor anything the Obama/Biden team says and turn it into “jalapeño” that is too hot for those “hardworking white Americans”.

    Observing what has happened since the day Sarah Palin appeared into the national political scene August 29, 2008:

    (a) The attacks on the media against raising any legitimate question about the qualifications of Governor of Alaska’s to be a heartbeat away from calling shots as a US President have been fierce. The line has been drawn in the sand by McCain’s campaign: “DO NOT GO THERE OR YOU RISK BEING CALLED SEXIST”!

    (b) The removal of Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman from political coverage left those news men/women who are cheering McCain at MSNBC. This also leaves CNN and FOX which are very favorable to McCain’s. There is an escalation of criticism as to the way Obama’s campaign is being handled by all commentators in all media outlets.

    (c) The threat against Oprah Winfrey by Republican women for not allowing Sarah Palin on her show

    (d) Attack on British Prime Minister for appearing to have favorable views about Obama. This has been interpreted McCain’s people to mean Gordon Brown was endorsing Obama.

    (e) The mocking of Mr. Obama as a community organizer by Giuliani and Palin during the Republican convention and the concentration on giving lavish praise to the personal traits of the Governor of Alaska as a mother that appeals to those “hardworking white Americans”, unlike the people organized by Obama in Chicago. Who were referred as bunch of zeros.

    (f) The linking of Mr. Obama to the disgraced Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick by McCain’s ads in Michigan.

    (g) The daring of Mr. Obama to hit back and how to do it by the media outlets.

    Prior to these events, McCain’s campaign tried to mock Obama for the large crowd attending his campaign rallies, including that German crowd, by comparing him to Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears. Those efforts failed to work! It is very ironic that McCain is now very happy about the number of people coming to his rallies because of the Palin factor. Nobody is using “Rock Star” vocabulary to describe her crown. Nobody is focusing on the number of people showing up in Obama/Biden rallies. The focus is on what Obama or Biden says and how to make “jalapeno” out of that.

  30. We knew this was coming. It’s only going to get worse. Obama was naive to try to put a lid on favorable 527s. He needs to unleash them and allow them to be as contemptible and dishonest as the Republicans, since dishonesty and a lack of honor seem to be what win elections in this country.

    This is nothing new. JFK got Mayor Daley to dig up bodies for him on election day in 1960. Richard Nixon spied on his opponents and was a religious liar. Ronald Reagan kicked off his 1980 run for the presidency in Philadelphia, MS and gave a speech about “state’s rights.” (For black Americans this was indeed a scary moment in American political history.) George HW Bush trooped out Willie Horton, and made it seem as if he was the best man and Michael Dukakisis’s wedding. George W Bush and his brother Jeb illegally dropped thousands of black folks from the voting rolls in FL, set up road blocks in black neighborhoods on election day, and still were forced to out and out steal the election. What McCain is doing—so far—is tame by comparison.

    You cannot win elections in this country through honor and integrity. Ask Adalai Stevenson, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and John Kerry. Obama has to get off of his high horse and get dirty. Remind Americans that McCain was almost indicted for the Keating Five scandal. Encourage a 527 to look into the rumors about McCain’s affair with a lobbyist and Palin’s affair with a family friend. Get a 527 to detail the disgraceful manner in which McCain cheated on his disabled wife and then dumped her for a beer heiress young enough to be his daughter. Get a 527 to remind voters that Cindy McCain stole drugs from a nonprofit she ran in order to feed her drug addiction. Highlight the most insane deliverances of Palin’s crazy pastor. And on and on and on. Kerry missed his chance to cast himself as a war hero running against an AWOL alcoholic, drug addict. Shame on him. Never again.

    Obama himself can’t do these things, but he can make sure that they get done. If the Republicans want to play hardball against a squeaky clean candidate like Obama, then he should play even harder. He has a lot of material to work with here.

  31. Chesapeake

    akech, I see it. Check this out: here at home, Obama is being blasted for yesterday visiting a school during school hours. Everything he says and does is twisted to being “wrong” or “jalepeno,” as you put it.

    Trip, bruh, I’m feeling you.

  32. Cliff

    “Obama himself can’t do these things, but he can make sure that they get done. If the Republicans want to play hardball against a squeaky clean candidate like Obama, then he should play even harder.”

    TLB, how about them playin like this,

    Obama and Satan

    Interview Continued…

    Satan: We’ve given your people many opportunities. We’ve been the architects behind the scenes. We’ve allowed welfare for them to flood the grocery stores so they can feed their families. We donate to educational institutions through our stipends.

    For example, we gave Five Thousand Dollars to the United Negra College Fund. Since they, themselves are tired of their youth gang banging problems, we’ve inserted special para-military operatives to assist them with cleaning up their neighborhoods, by giving them aid in ethnic cleansing. If they can’t find employment, we give them many opportunities in prison, where we provide them with clothes, shelter, and equal opportunity.

    We even employ people in prison who think like this:

    Slavemaster: Boooy you damn right we ethicly cleanse y’all in prison, we gotta of system of them committin suicide. When they come in, one officer holds one leg, the other officer holds the other, one officier holds one arm, the other officer holds the other, one officer holds his club to the boy’s neck, then he commits suicide. If that ain’t way to commit suicide, I don’t know another.

    If we had that OOOOLD South back, there ain’t no way a boy could come to prison and not commit suicide.

    By the way, booooy you still haven’t denounced that Negra Wife of yours for only being proud of this country for the first time…

    Satan: Okay, Slavemaster that is enough.

    Also, if they cry aloud, we furnish them loans for their worthy. We feed them, educate them, clothe them, assist them with cleansing their useless.

    I don’t see why you do not recognize our beautiful work in the community??

    Obama: I think, if you take the venom out of a snake, it is still a snake. You have provided them with impoverishment, yet you think that you a giving them excellent opportunities. You love to set up a system that you know will result in debt, depression, and an early death, and then you hide your hands as if the community are willing participants in all of this. Your economy has not worked.

    Your philanthropic donations are like throwing bones at pets. Your military operatives have not only caused major bloodshed in Iraq, but they have created chaos within the inner city. Your prisons are not the answer to making a better economy. When opportunities for employment are scarce, quite naturally crime increases, and you think that you can make more of a profit containing their dreams, ambitions and desires.

    You encourage them to commit crime, just to make a buck off of the conditions of the people, and to, get rid of the useless, and to, as you say, “clean up the neighborhood”.

    Ethic cleansing of the inner city is not the answer. Populutating our prison system is not the answer.

    This process is going to stop.
    This is why my campaign is seeking to change this process.

    Satan: I am more than a critic. I am an advisor. I only give advice to those who wish to reap the benefits of security, and finance.

    Concerning yourself with the condition of them is not proper for someone who has reached such high goals. Only a few break the glass, for sure, but since you are near me, should you look back? Looking back would only make you my competitor, since you know it is my job to contain them. You are smarter at making decisions, as to being one who turns his head, correct?

    Obama: WRONG!!!! You know, an effective democracy is one that, gives opportunity to the people. You’ve designed a democracy that only gives opportunity to the rich. You say that, you give opportunities to the poor, and the middle class, and have no real, huuuh, effective program for them to obtain their goals. When it comes to, me turning my head toward them.

    You are the one who doesn’t really understand, they are this country, and they are the future.
    I seriously doubt that if I, indeed, am elected to be President that I will not only turn my head, but I would to turn this country over to them.


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