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I’ve been a little pre-occupied by the deluge of B.S. cascading from the McCain camp in a blatantly racist attempt to smear Obama.  I’ll have more to say about that later.  Somebody asked about Kwame Kilpatrick and I was quietly rejoicing about that until McCain came along and stole my joy.  I might have something to say on that next week when the Nigra goes to jail.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back on my game tomorrow.  Consider this an open thread and tell me what’s on your mind-especially what you thought of this:

52 thoughts on “Friday Thread

  1. Renee

    “you can actually see Russia”…oy vey I cannot continue, and “what we gotta do”????? What??? This is who will represent the US??? ayayaa.

  2. rikyrah

    I came to post about the ‘ You can actually see Russia’.


    Call me Uppity if you want, but she’s a stupid piece of White Trash who wouldn’t be able to hold her own in a room full of Skeptical Brotha readers.

    Yes, I find it offensive that they even pretend this piece of White Mediocrity is being perpetrated as a credible candidate.

    She didn’t even know what the BUSH DOCTRINE WAS.

    The thing that has cost us 4000 lives
    maimed tens of thousands more
    is chugging close to 1 TRILLION DOLLARS
    putting us in hock to the Chinese
    destroyed our standing in the world

    And this stupid woman doesn’t know what it is.

    I didn’t even get to the whole ‘war with Russia’ nonsense.

  3. renee

    Rikyrah: maybe she can hit them with her hockey stick. This is total trailer trash city, my God had it been anyone else she would have been fed to the wolves she so gleefully likes to shoot from a freaking helicopter! How did we get here? I have women in my office saying out loud I might add, “I am voting for her”!!! What?! Did I miss something about that would make world leaders take her and us seriously???
    By the way SB: check out the link.

  4. Brown Girl

    I think McCain was very smart to choose her. She doesn’t need to be ready or competent or capable. That’s not why she was brought in.

    She is the all-American girl that ‘every woman’ can relate to and I believe that she can carry the female vote because at the end of the day American politics has rarely been about ready, competent or capable leadership otherwise the national discourse wouldn’t be hijacked by the irrelevant lipstick on a pig comment.

    Sitting on the outside and watch the theatre of the presidential race, I just wonder how such a rich and powerful country could cultivate and produce such ignorant people.

    There are so many things that are wonderful about America but at it’s core there is something frightening and diseased.

  5. akech

    Competence was not the rationale behind her being pick. folks!

    Remember the those “those hardworking white Americans” that were referenced during the Democratic primaries and their counterparts, (those people Mr. Obama spent years with in the Southside of Chicago)! THIS IS THE THEME Republicans are going to repeat to their base until they win. Republicans do not win speaking about economic issues, unless it is taxes. They win on wedge issues (race/ethnicity, abortion, religion, guns and patriotism).

    Call Sara Palin what you may. However, she is McCain’s “Trump card ” for creating chaos so that real issues, including her lack of experience to be a heartbeat away from presidency, are not discussed. There are real “pittbulls without lipsticks” around her to ensure that the discussion stays on her and not McCain!!!

  6. akech

    Brown Girl,

    Couldn’t this be the reason why education is not affordable to majority of Americans in this rich country?

    Couldn’t this be the reason why those middle class kids, who are trying very hard to get college education, are left with mountains of debts from college loan predatory lenders ?

    Couldn’t this be the reason why thousands of hard working Americans became the victims of subprime predatory lenders who are now laughing their ways to some offshore banks while tax payers, many of who are losing their jobs and savings, are forced to foot their mismanagement bills?
    Majority of the people who lost their homes did not understand that they were being hoodwinked while filling the loan applications and lost their American dreams.

  7. Even when you try to form a rational thought, you can’t. I simply just cannot understand how people are falling for it. Again, it all goes back to Bush in 2004, who do you want to have a beer with. Still it amazes me, and if one person can honestly list last night’s interview with Gibson as a plus for her, I may throw my swingline stapler at their head.

  8. RisingTide

    Women ain’t fallin for McCain Palin. Particularly the

    McCain is up in the polls, but down in the college. He’s gonna flunk out, mark my words.

    OTOH, he did just give us the same election we’ve been fighting the past three elections.

    Urban West, Midwest, and Scrapin the bottom of the Northeast (McCain up 5 in WV! just five! — Virginia too)

  9. zeitgeist9000

    Yeah, folks, the Electoral College is what counts and Obama has a drop-dead, rock bottom base of 273 EVs: the states John Kerry won plus Iowa, New Mexico, and Colorado.

    And he’s pretty much got that sealed up.

    I didn’t think he had a path absent Ohio, but he’s taking those Upper Southern hicks out of the equation all together and relying on a Western strategy that can’t be beat.

    I’m ecstatic.

    I’ll be going to New Mexico the first weekend in November to help GOTV efforts…

  10. Ki-Licious, rikyrah

    I’m with y’all. The heifer is a loon and she could barely remember the talking points they drilled into her empty head. I wasn’t impressed at all and was surprised that she wasn’t able to fake it. I gave McCain’s right-wing covergirl credit for intellect she clearly doesn’t have.

  11. I also thought that Palin was smart. I was mistaken. In actuality she is more like Ronald Reagan: a very effective communicator if she’s given a script that doesn’t require her to answer any questions. She was an embarrassment during the ABC interview and came off as a buffoon.

  12. rikyrah

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again; the reason why she’s so offensive is that she is simply UNQUALIFIED.


    I’d be upset for a whole other set of reasons if McCain had chosen a QUALIFIED GOP Woman to run with them.

    It goes all the way back to the fact that this mofo gets to run as a ‘honorable’ man.


    Mofo threw away the wife who waited for his ass for FIVE FUCKING YEARS, for the sweet, rich, hot young thing.

    Where’s the HONOR in that

    He pimps the POW thing like Tyrone would his best HO.

    And yet, look at his RECORD on actually HELPING the common service man and woman. You know, the ones who didn’t have Daddy and Granddaddys as Admirals.


    I don’t mean it leaves something to be desired. IT SUCKS. His entire record towards them has been the middle finger, and yet, he continues to be allowed to pimp that military thing.

    He’s 72-fucking-years old; has had cancer FOUR TIMES that we know of; add in the injuries he got while a POW. ….and this mofo has the nerve to pick this unqualified woman after a 15 minute interview?

    I spend more than 15 minutes everytime I go to BORDERS.

    Yeah. I’m offended. He doesn’t give a SHIT about this country.

  13. tabt

    “at it’s core there is something frightening and diseased”

    Thank you Brown Girl for articulating so well the feeling that I have been having more and more since Palin was picked.

    How much more blatantly contemptutous of the American people could the Republican party be than to select a v.p. candidate who isn’t qualified to run a moose hunt in the wilderness, much less a global super power, and then use her as a novelty to divert attention away from the real issues? She was, of course, thoroughly programmed by the Repugs with their standard strategy of, “If you can’t answer a question, just pretend that it was never asked, talk over the interviewer, and return to the 10 word script we gave you.” If McCain still had a few working brain cells, even he would feel insulted, because the message being sent via the endless coverage of Palin is that he’s sick and old and will probably die soon. Techically Palin may be the v.p. candidate, but in reality she is being sold as the next president.

    I have no confidence in the accuracy of polls and the MSM, but if people really are responding positively to Palin, then even the last eight years of the havoc and destruction wrought by Bush-Cheney-Rove, et. al. have taught them nothing. If this is true and the Palin-McCain ticket wins, I have no more hope for this country. If a majority of voters are stupid and/or ignorant and/or racist enough to “relate” to Palin, then I am in the wrong country and I would leave it if I could.

  14. rikyrah,

    This choice reveals him to be unprincipled and unscrupulous which is the antithesis of HONORABLE.

    His handlers have turned this campaign into a racist referendum on who will best defend the tattered banner of white womanhood. It is grotesque and brilliant. Machiavelli would be sooooooooooooo proud.

    Any talk of the issues would automatically lead to his defeat, so we discuss the non-issue of sexist maltreatment and slap the hand of the uppity nigger who doesn’t know his damn place.

  15. Sandra

    SB, my mom and I feel the same way. We’re not worried because we believe he will win, like it’s guaranteed. It’s a calm feeling we get.

  16. rikyrah

    You know what bites, SB?

    Their trolls show up here questioning OUR patriotism?

    Ain’t that about a bitch.

    Barack Obama and his family have been under DEATH THREATS since the moment he announced he would run…

    And folks question his patriotism.

    The folks here at SB and elsewhere actually CARE about this country and it’s future.

    I quoted Barbara Jordan in the Open Thread today:

    Earlier today, we heard the beginning of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States, “We, the people.” It is a very eloquent beginning. But when the document was completed on the seventeenth of September 1787 I was not included in that “We, the people.” I felt somehow for many years that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton just left me out by mistake. But through the process of amendment, interpretation and court decision I have finally been included in “We, the people.”

    Today, I am an inquisitor; I believe hyperbole would not be fictional and would not overstate the solemnness that I feel right now. My faith in the Constitution is whole, it is complete, it is total. I am not going to sit here and be an idle spectator to the diminution, the subversion, the destruction of the Constitution

    Black folk might not all be as eloquent, but she cut to the chase as to thrust of our patriotism. We know, better than anyone, that The Constitution is a flawed document. But, it’s brilliance is that, it always aspired to something better. And, at nearly every point in time when this document got better – Black folk were right there. Aspiring to something higher.

    Until this bunch of criminal mofos. They are evil, I tell you. Evil.

  17. rikyrah

    1. Ike is now just one mile short of a Hurricane LEVEL THREE.


    no jokes, folks.

    Found this at Booman Tribune:

    Some 25-30% of US oil refinery capacity is between Houston/Galveston and Port Arthur to the east. It’s all right in the path of the storm surge. It’s going to get swamped. A full quarter of our country’s refining capacity is gonna be down until further notice, guys.

    “Catastrophic” isn’t going to begin to describe this.

    3. Pray for everyone in its path.

  18. Paradoxically, it is up to people of color to save our country from the anachronisms and bizarre reasoning which grips the majority of white voters every four years. Obviously there is a substantial portion of white voters who are not fooled by Republican buffoonery, but the majority of white Americans routinely vote for the likes of Nixon, Reagan and GW Bush. Given what all of us have gone through the past eight years, I am simply dumbstruck that nearly 60% of white Americans are planning on voting for McCain. Are they so afraid of Obama’s skin color that 60% of them are willing to metaphorically slit their economic throats? Christ, we get to hear white pundits incessantly ask what’s wrong with our community. What the hell is wrong with their community?

  19. I cannot stand the possibility that this country will elect the Nightmare Ticket of McCain/Palin….

    Is Democracy the election of the most decrepit of candidates?

    The elevation of the lowest common denominator?

  20. Rick

    “If this is true and the Palin-McCain ticket wins, I have no more hope for this country. If a majority of voters are stupid and/or ignorant and/or racist enough to “relate” to Palin, then I am in the wrong country and I would leave it if I could.” tabt

    oh i intend to stay, but exactly like a U.S. multinational corporation, i’ll keep my base of operations here but shift my resources overseas. will keep just enough in U.S. dollars to cover every day expenses, and 6 month contingencies, but in terms of INVESTMENTS for the long-term, the United States — at a minimum — will represent a smaller part of my overall asset allocation. I’m not saying this isn’t without cost. Europe is having its problems, and has experienced lower growth (germany, france, etc).

    But at least they would have sensible leadership at the heads of state and of government. That would not be the case with McCain/Palin who would COMPLETE the process started under Bush of turning our economy into a Banana Republic.

  21. Love, love, LOVE what rikyrah wrote since it pretty much sums up how I feel about Palin, “Call me Uppity if you want, but she’s a stupid piece of White Trash who wouldn’t be able to hold her own in a room full of Skeptical Brotha readers.” Uppity, you aren’t, dead-on, you are.

    Couldn’t bring myself to watch the video since I truly am on ‘stupidity overload’ right now. It’s as if I want to take the mental midgets who continue to feed into the BS the McSame/Failin’ is feeding them, and grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them. I don’t get it, I TRULY don’t get it. How can people who I “assume” are somewhat sane and logical in ‘normal life’ become such idiots the minute the GOP machine trots out the flag, terrorism, and a female? Someone needs to ‘splain it to this here Lucy…sigh.

    Thankfully there are intelligent, insightful folks (like to think WE are among them ;)) doing their level best to get the word out, as did Eve Ensler (playwright, “Vagina Monologues”) who wrote an EXCEPTIONAL and thought-provoking piece I posted on my blog (click my name to read it) as soon as I read it elsewhere. My personal beliefs and values have me nodding my head emphatically when reading not only the entire piece, but especially these two portions:

    “But everything Sarah Palin believes in and practices is antithetical to Feminism which for me is part of one story — connected to saving the earth, ending racism, empowering women, giving young girls options, opening our minds, deepening tolerance, and ending violence and war.”

    “But when God and Guns come together in the public sector, when war is declared in God’s name, when the rights of women are denied in his name, that is the end of separation of church and state and the undoing of everything America has ever tried to be.”

    PS Glad to have you back, SB. 🙂

  22. Also meant to ask for folks to please keep the victims of the Metrolink crash in Chatsworth (Los Angeles area) in their thoughts. I know we’re all focused on Ike and politics, but some extreme devastation fell upon my beloved SoCal yesterday and it just breaks my heart. At this point there are 18 confirmed dead, but crews are still working (crash was around 4:30PM PST yesterday) to gingerly removed the twisted metal outsides of the main passenger car, to get inside to the where the engine was pushed back by the freight car which crashed into it. Horrible, horrible, horrible carnage and loss.

  23. akech

    a) There is an AD being aired by McCain that Obama is being DISRESPECTFUL towards Palin or Palin/MaCcain ticket because his campaign is highlighting areas of disagreement. I also heard the same complaint during the primaries: “I want the people who voted for me to be RESPECTED!”

    Since when is it DISRESPECTFUL for a given candidate to point out areas of disagreement with an opponent? Why is respect being demanded from Mr. Obama by his opponents?

    (c) The republicans are attempting to disenfranchise those voters who have lost their homes due to subprime predatory lending scandal. These people may not be allowed to vote if the republicans have their way

    (d) Mr. Obama’s campaign must not assume that New Jersey is safe because the atmosphere is eerie calm.

  24. Rick

    is it really true that Republicans in Michigan are trying to disenfranchise voters who have lost their house due to foreclosure. pls say it ain’t so, regardless of what I have read…say it ain’t so.

  25. Michelle


    At this point negative hand-wringing feeds the beast. It does. Now’s the time to act, however you are able to.

    What actions can you take to contribute to an Obama win? is a good place to start if you aren’t already signed up.

    Channel your energy and feelings into action.

    Post about fear some other time when action isn’t so crucial.

    I assume you are part of “this country” that is making the decision you have fears about.

    Do you part, whatever that is. Please. You are one of many and action is necessary right now.

  26. Rick, whenever you hear something that sounds really bad concerning Republicans…believe it. In fact, the truth tends to be worse than anything you can even imagine.

    Michigan has turned solid Democratic in the last 10 years, mostly because the Republicans have presided over an economic catastrophe in this state. This election will be close, but I think Obama will win Michigan, even with the dirty tricks they got planned here.

  27. Rick

    I remember we were all up in here during the dark days of the democratic primaries. Hillary and Bill were saying just nasty things, and I, as well as a couple of others, were demanding — vehemently utterly demanding — that Obama hit them back with their style of play.

    Obama didn’t. He fought back, but he kept his integrity without bringing up stuff about the Clintons that he so easily could have. And you know what? He won.

    I like when Obama said recently that he will fight McCain back, but he won’t resort to lying.

    I know. Some are saying, “well, this time it’s the Republican attack machine.” well, mark these words and this post.

    God is Still on the Throne…

  28. Rick,

    Three points:

    1. There is no comparison between people who vote in Democratic primaries and the overall American electorate;

    2. By the time Hillary really went nuclear she had just lost 12 contests in a row and had–in spite of what we heard in the media—been mathematically eliminated.

    3. Obama doesn’t need to lie. He has plenty of truthful fodder with which to mangle McCain’s honor. He should use all of it. Every bit of it. He should leave absolutely nothing on the table.

  29. Rick


    I do not agree with you. Integrity in a democratic primary lends itself to integrity in a general election.

    And not only does Obama need not lie, but he need not resort to some of the unsavory tactics that have been offered in recent days in order to win either.

    He can go that route (and he has backers pushing him in that direction). But I personally see that strategy ultimately ending in dismal failure.

  30. Rick

    “Michigan has turned solid Democratic in the last 10 years, mostly because the Republicans have presided over an economic catastrophe in this state. This election will be close, but I think Obama will win Michigan, even with the dirty tricks they got planned here.” — Ernesto

    And an economic hurricane is making its way through New York as we speak. I’m sorry, but at times like this, I don’t care to hear about one politician’s dirty laundry from 10 years ago. I want to know what the plan is to get us OUT of this mess we’re in. And I’m just ignorant enough to believe that I’m not the only american who feels that way.

    The Republicans don’t have an economic agenda, which is why they want to fight a culture (i.e. race/gender/religious) war because that’s a fight they are most comfortable in.

    The best advice I heard today, which I would second, is that Obama needs to connect with the American people ON the Camaign Trail on economic issues. He needs to continue what he did in Denver, but more recently has gotten away from.

    He has to fight HIS fight.

  31. Chi

    Hi SB-

    I tried to share a link to a really fantastic and revealing interview with American soldiers on BBC Newsnight; but it didn’t post…

    It’s so worth watching!…Go to BBC Newsnight
    and watch the video “US troops anger on Iraq duty”-
    It’s quite illuminating…

  32. Rick,

    I respectfully disagree. The candidates who have campaigned with honor—Adlai Stevenson, Jimmy Carter, George McGovern, Al Gore, John Kerry—have always lost. The stakes are too high this time. Obama needs to get in the gutter.

  33. Rick,

    One more thought…..Hillary started her dirty tricks campaign in earnest just before the Ohio and Texas contests. At that point she had already lost. Any sane analyst or layperson with a calculator could see that it was mathematically impossible for her to win. So Obama didn’t need to go negative. He had already won. That is not the case now.

  34. Trip, Obama cannot go negative because he will play right into the hands of the Repuke’s painting him as an “angry black man”. It’s up to Biden and the 527s to do that job.

  35. Chesapeake

    (Mac and Mae need us to rescue them + Lehman bankrupt + AIG failing + Merrill Lynch potentially bought) / (this all happened within a few days) = Astronomical, galactical, exponential amounts of money lost, missing, or stolen = We cannot afford to have McCain elected as president to continue operating the current laissez-faire, unregulated economy!

    The money from these huge failings cannot be simply “lost.” Surely the money is not disintegrated, bio-degraded, or get electronically wiped out by some virus. I mean, really, so we have to be concerned now with the security of our life insurance policies at AIG and Lehman and Merrill subs? Who has the “lost” money? Who’s conducting the criminal investigations? Why did McCain repeat again today that “the fundamentals of the economy are strong?” What do he, Bush, and the republican leaders know (or think they know) that we don’t?

    What about the economy, the markets, and the regulations are he and Palin going to “change” or “reform?” NOTHING!!

    Rick and Ernesto, Obama does not have to lie, resort to unsavory tactics, or be angry to burst McCain/Palin’s aura of honesty, integrity, and reform. He and Biden should, though, paint a negative BUT TRUE picture of a McCain/Palin rule. There’s enough TODAY to paint that picture. Also, there is an undercurrent in the press about McCain’s flat out lies in ads and presentations about Obama’s past and policies. Obama can maintain integrity and poise by saying McCain is lying without calling him a liar, can’t he? These tactics help him make the case that he is the antithesis to the last 8 years and to a future McCain/Palin rule.

  36. Ernesto,

    That’s what I mean…Obviously Obama himself cannot attack McCain. But he should unleash the 527s and let them get down to business. In an act of foolhardy naivete and optimism, Obama essentially shut down the 527s last summer. My oh my. Bad move. If it’s not too late he needs to get them to bare their fangs.

  37. Cliff

    Yes Angie, where are You?

    And Andrea, where are You?

    This is not a SB Blogsphere without you all.

    Crazy Cliff sends his Love. 🙂

  38. Rick

    one of the things i like most about this forum is the opportunity to exchange ideas and at times to respectfully disagree.

    I will say this though: I just heard on the radio this morning that the economy has re-emerged as Priority number 1 for americans, and this has corresponded, according to this survey, with Obama re-emerging with a lead over McCain.

    I guess we’ll see.

    By the way, did anyone get the licence plate number of that truck that just wrecked our financial markets? holy cow…

  39. Angie

    Rikyrah and Cliff: Thanks for looking out for a sistah! Yes, Ike came through Houston and disrupted many of our lives. I thank God that my family didn’t suffer any loss of life and personal property. However, we were one of the millions in the Houston and surrounding areas that were and still without power.
    Life without electrical power was really a challenge. Yes, electrical power is a luxury, but the conveniences and benefits that electricity in your home brings cannot be understood until you are without it.

    We were without power for 11 days. And the sad thing is that there are still about a million in the Houston/Galveston/Beaumont area that do not have electricity in their homes. And the saddest thing is that the folks in inner Houston (our people) are going to be one of the last to get power. Many schools in the hood have been suspended indefinitely. My heart goes out to all of the children that is being impacted by this massive power outage.

    Without lights, I wasn’t able to use my computer or watch television for a week and a half. From what I gather, the news media has not properly covered the crisis that Houston/Galveston/Beaumont is still in. I’m going to blog about this and other ridiculous things on my blog in the coming days. For instance, the FEMA response was ridiculous. There were no provisions and efforts made to bring hurricane relief to the elderly and the disabled.

    Again, thank you so much for thinking about me. I’m back, and I’m good. These eleven days without power has taught me many valuable lessons. Nope, being in the dark was not one of them. **wink** But there were many, many others. I’m sure that the lessons that I gained over the last week and a half will leak out on my blog and even here on Skep’s blog.

    I got mad love for y’all. And by the way, Skep. I’m so excited to see you writing again.

    Back with power,

    Angie B.

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