Why do you come here


Why do you come here?  What is it that I’m saying or doing that keeps you coming back and what would you like me to do more of.   Consider this an open thread.


18 thoughts on “Why do you come here

  1. BigSister

    I am a person who loves the written word. You have a great gift. You make the words leap off the page. I love reading the pieces you write. They touch me. They move me. I don’t always agree but they never fail to exercise my mind. I like the fact that you are black and you let me hear your voice. That is why I come here. When you don’t post I truly feel the silence.

    With much love

  2. zeitgeist9000

    You use Star Wars metaphors to decimate your political enemies.

    You’re kinda left of the Democratic Party, but that’s as good a place to come from as any!

    Also, I like getting the goats of your other regulars.

    While I find all of your commentaries refreshing and eminently enjoyable, I don’t necessarily subscribe to your racialist (or aggressively counter-racist) politics. I think that for me–again, for me–you come from such a radical perspective on some points and ideals that I need to hear your opinions again and again to counter-balance my incessant need for centrism. Also, there is always the concern that I’m not being black enough. When I see you unapologetically assert your beliefs time and again, it actually gives me greater courage–as long as I stay true to my upbringing and core beliefs–not to really care what others think!

  3. rikyrah

    I come here for:
    1. Good writing.
    2. Brutally honest commentary
    3. Very interesting conversation in the threads most times
    4. Your wicked humor
    5. You keep it real- brutally so sometimes.

    You were the first Black political blog that I found where I was going HELL YEAH. It was like being in grad school all over again – that was the level of discourse, and I was having it with mostly Black folk. It was and continues to be a joy.

    PS- still awaiting Kwame Kilpatrick’s eulogy.

  4. -intelligence
    -a strong perspective which might open my eyes to something new, or reiterate in eloquent terms what I already feel
    -humor (miss your comedic twists on songs, or YOUR version of what the dialogue should be/could be!)
    -always interesting comments by enlightened readers (yes, I’m talking about you…and you…and you over there! ;))

    I honestly don’t know how I found my way over here about a year ago, SB, and until the last few weeks I hadn’t been in the blogosphere much for months, but I knew yours was one of a handful of blogs I just HAD to get back to…truly missed it! As Big Sister said, when you don’t post the silence IS felt.

  5. rikyrah

    You use Star Wars metaphors to decimate your political enemies

    Have to co-sign and testify.

    The second thing I ever read on this blog, and the reason I knew I would continue to do so was you calling Harold Ford, Jr. – The Dark Sith.

    I will NEVER forget that post.

  6. I come here for the skepticality!

    Or is it skepticalaciousness?

    And the hilarious send ups of issues that no one else would even think of touching. The perfect example of this was the post on “Hillary’s Emancipation Proclamation”. Pure satirical gold!

  7. Proud Memphian

    You are a bad brotha. You spit truth- whether we want to hear it or not, whether it is safe, or whether it is popular. You are brilliant. You are real. You are oh so black.

    Hav mercy.

  8. This is the only blog that I regularly read. I don’t always agree with Skep’s point of view, but he presents his views with respect, clarity and intelligence. At those times when I disagree with Skep, I am forced to think through my own positions because his logic is always sound. I also like the fact that he debates the message rather than the message. That is, Skep allows you to disagree with him without reducing you to an “idiot” or a “sell out” as happens with so many other editorialists.

    Also, Skep is just a damn good writer. I love good writing.

    Finally, I really enjoy the commentary of the regulars on this blog.

    This is a great community Skep. Keep it up brother.

  9. Chesapeake

    1. Your analysis, prose, and transparency;
    2. Your and the regulars’ black pride, personal humility, honesty, and courtesy. We don’t get strings of links, here. Instead, I get the benefit of reading y’all’s thoughts and feeling;
    3. The authenticity of your entries and, even, the time you take to rest and reflect before you post an entry – evidence of pride in, and desire to master, your work; and
    4. The transcripts (ie: Laura and Cindy on day 1 of the RNC) and historical documents (ie: Emancipation Proclamation). 🙂

    It’s tight, bro!

  10. RisingTide

    Reading you makes my life richer. More colorful too!

    Clinton was all on-board with the bailout. Obama is not, he’ll support clawbacks. This is what my vote bought, and I’m pleased as punch.

    Wall Street thought they had it all sewn up, because McCain and Hillary were all onboard with their skurillous ideas.

    Pity Barack’s gonna get elected, ain’t it ol chum?

  11. Tyren McGruder

    You give me the realla 1st thing in morning. Unwatered. Your satires are dead on. I also don’t agree with everything BO is saying/doing. You, Field Negro and Angry Independent are a few who call him on it. Like your respondents, Rikyrah & Ernesto. Wheres TPJ?
    Keep on keeping on.

  12. In the quest to find my own blog voice in all this madness, I found a kindred voice in your articles. You are not left-leaning or right-leaning. You are black-leaning and I get down with that. In addition, you have the kind of eye for journalistic seriousness that’s missing from some of the other fanatical blog sites.

  13. Cliff

    Okay, I will answer the question.

    I love a Brotha who has courage and who is willing to write with metaphorical bombs attached. I love the fact that black people have a forum to vent their true feelings.
    I love that you give your honest opinions about the stories you write. I love that everyone is watching and can’t, understand the Negra opinion. 🙂

  14. You don’t mince words — whether it is regarding a trifling politician or a scathing song parody — SB, you always bring your insight and wisdom with cold hard facts and wit.

    Yours is a needed voice during these topsy turvy times.

  15. Mark

    I am mostly a lurker on here. I might have commented once. But this is one of my favorite blogs because it is thought-provoking.

  16. RM3 Frisker FTN

    Was trying to find who Maxine Water’s opponent in the coming election is. Google dumped me to your website. Your prose catches my attention.

    Why was I looking for Maxine Water’s opponent? Watch this 9-min YouTube Video of Congressional Hearings in 2004-ish. Those burying their heads in the sand belong to one party. Those raising the alarm belong to another party. Link here … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs … has to be pretty embarrassing to those appearing today.

    Strange but true, neither party really ‘controlled’ the Senate because you need 60+ votes to break a filibuster. Without the votes, many bills in the Senate will often die right out of committee as happened with the Dole, Hagel, McCain bill to reform Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

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