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The triangulating liar-in-chief visited the ladies of The View .   It was such a momentous occasion that even Whoopi Goldberg put on a dress and some heels to receive a hug and kiss from Bubba, something she’d never done for Barack, Michelle, or McSame.  The body language was really interesting.  Barbara Walters seemed repulsed by Slick Willie and the greeting was beyond awkward. Whoopi, on the other hand, played her usual role of happy darkie and looked like she would be thrilled to play Sally Hemmings to his Thomas Jefferson.

After the President commented on Whoopi’s dress and ugly plastic shoes, Barbara got right down to business and asked the man from Hope whether the Queen of Triangulation really wanted to be Obama’s Vice.  His answer was less than convincing.  What was your impression?

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  1. Chi

    Agree with you Rikyrah…I was so furious!! The View, then David Letterman…

    Someone wrote this on Huffington Post:

    Paul Slansky

    Posted September 23, 2008 | 07:02 PM (EST)

    A Note to Bill Clinton

    Given that we would never have had the odious George W. Bush in the White House in the first place if it wasn’t for your blow jobs, Bill, it seems obvious that you owe it to the people of this country, and especially to the parents whose kids died in the Iraq War that Gore would never have started, and to all the parents whose kids would be killed in the WarFest that would be a McCain/Palin — sorry, Palin/McCain administration — to do everything in your power to get Barack Obama elected.

    But that’s not what you’re doing, Bill, and it’s not going unnoticed. We see your rage, Bill, it’s too huge to hide. We see that — as Chris Rock so brilliantly pointed out — it pains you to even speak Obama’s name. We see you petulantly rooting against him even as you go through the motions of doing the barest minimum on his behalf to avoid being blamed if he loses.

    You’re not fooling anyone, Bill. You’ve gotten so caught up in yesterday that you’ve stopped thinking about tomorrow. You have the power to influence millions of voters and you’re spitefully sitting on it. Surely you’ve noticed what’s going on in the country. Surely you’re aware of what’s at stake on November 4th. This is not a game that you can afford to take your ball and go home with if you don’t get to play the position you want. An Obama loss will most certainly be part of your legacy.

    There’s still time to fix it. How about this for an October surprise? Bill Clinton gets on the road and spends every day until the election sincerely and wholeheartedly communicating the urgency of electing Obama. You’re the greatest politician of your generation, Bill. Surely you can fake enthusiasm for a month.

    Oh, and stop talking about how much you like Senator McCain. Have you forgotten the vile joke he told a decade ago at your wife’s and daughter’s expense? Let me remind you: “Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? She’s the child of Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton.” Are you saying, Bill, that you can forgive McCain for calling Chelsea “ugly” but you can’t forgive Obama for defeating Hillary?

    If Obama loses a close election — one in which even one state where you could have made a difference goes for McCain because you sat home and pouted — it will be on you. We will remember that you couldn’t be bothered to rise above your petty resentments for something as trivial as saving your country from the enemies of everything you profess to believe in. We forgave you for Monica, Bill, but we won’t forgive you for this.

  2. Chesapeake

    I didn’t see The View or Letterman and I could only take about 6 minutes of the first clip you posted. However, based on that 6 minutes on The View and the comments and emails I’ve heard and seen about Monday’s appearances, people are unconvinced that President Clinton was honest in his speech at the DNC.

    rikyrah, I heard Chris Rock was rightfully indignant when he came on after Clinton. … Mad love for Rock for that!

  3. akech

    The “Black Prez” has been enabled by black elites, elected back officials and corrupt/misguided black African leaders, including Nelson Mandela, to claim that he cares about blacks people. That is why Clinton’s Global initiative is directed towards African. One thing about Bill Clinton is that he knows how to use black people to his advantage and to the advantages of the people in his school of thought. To him and his inner circles, black elites everywhere are useful idiots.

    The Clintons will not shed a tear is Mr. Obama loses the election because they are working very hard to see to it that he does not win. The Clintons, through their surrogates in the media, have been very critical of Mr. Obama at the time they should be giving him support. I have not heard similar critisism directed towards McCain from the Republican Party despite his trying to run away from their usual platform.

    Should Mr. Obama lose the election, I am sure many of Clinton’s cheerleaders in the Black Community, like the those who wanted to cut Obama’s nuts, will be out in full swing campaigning for Hillary in 2012. Many of these Hillary’s black supporters are very silent now!

  4. Akech

    McCain is trying to preempt the Friday Presidential debate. He said he will be suspend his campaign tomorrow and return to Washington after visiting Clinton’s Global Initiative! What would McCain be talking to Clinton about in a tight presidential campaign like this one? THE CLINTONS ARE BACKSTABBERs!!

  5. rikyrah


    nobody here trusts The Clintons one damn bit.

    neither does Barack Obama.

    like I said, Chris Rock spoke for me.

  6. Angie

    Hi Rikyrah! Did you get my message to you on the other thread? If not, I wanted to make sure that y ou know that I did read your concern for my safety. Thanks for looking out for your girl.
    I’m okay. I’ve just been without electrical power. That means that my ability to check e-mail, get on line, or write for that matter was rudely halted by Ike. But now I’m back, ready to roll.
    Again, thanks for thinking of me during that awful storm and the aftermath of the storm.

  7. rikyrah


    I’m so happy to see you back. Glad you and the family made it through. They didn’t tell us how things were going down there, so we had to live with secondhand reports.

  8. Angie

    Rikyrah, I just wrote you a long rant. For some reason, my computer browser just ate it up and did not post it. I’m drained now. Perhaps I will rewrite what I wrote later tonight.
    So, be on the look out for it.

  9. Skep,

    I’m not suggesting that Lieberman would be a better president than Clinton. Rather, I think that Lieberman’s ego and attendant party affiliations are more straightforward and honest than Bill Clinton’s at this point. All of the economic prosperity that accrued under Clinton have been squandered by GWB. If Clinton had a shred of decency he would support Obama if only to resurrect some of the better parts of his own legacy.

  10. akech

    It was rumored that Clinton wanted to campaign for Obama in those areas where it would be helpful for him to repair his relationship with the Black people, meaning, he wanted to be sent to campaign in black neighborhoods!

    African Americans and Africans support is very important for Clinton’s Global Initiatives, particularly in Sub-Saharan African where Clinton is promoting what they call “micro lending”. In micro lending, poor Africans use their land as co-signatures for the loans. Should they fail to pay these loans, they will lose their lands and head for the slums dwellings or end up in refugee’s camps to be fed by UN World Food Programs, that is, if they are lucky.

    Micro lending, from Bill Clinton’s point of view, would make subprime or college predatory lending here in America look like child play. In USA, people have voices to protests like they are doing now over this “bloody $700 billions bailout with no questions asked”. In Sub-Saharan African, however, folks get burried alive if they complain because all Sub-Saharan African leaders are working for foreign investors in exchange for bribes and guns to kill the poor people they are suppose to be protecting!!!!

    I was taken aback when 90th birthday celebration for Nelson Mandela was held in London instead of Johannesburg. I asked myself why the British would erect Nelson Mandela’s stature at Trafalgar Square in London after being jailed for over a quarter century (27 years). While this was being done, Mandela was on the terrorists’ list here in United States until April this year?

    For some reason, McCain, Bill Clinton and George W. are doing everything in their power to sabotage Barack’s candidacy. The three men who do not agree with one another have converged.


  11. sall

    Good points akech, this initiative is all about money and repairing his legacy, but why does he need the support of African Americans/Africans? He appears to not need them for anything, except to be the object of abuse. It is clear that he’d prefer that Obama didn’t win. He is trying to make his initiative more important that being President, now that his wife isn’t in the running. This initiative helps to obscure the race baiting campaign, shady business dealings and contributions, and years of lies and philandering. Bill doesn’t care about “repairing” his image in the black community. Just look at how he looks at blacks now. It’s about using blacks to repair his image with whites.

  12. akech

    Clinton, I mean, Bill, was on MEET THE PRESS with Tom Brokaw this morning. The “Black Pres” heaped a lot of praise on McCain and what George Bush is doing in Africa with HIV/AIDS.

    What he failed to mention about this PEPFAR (HIV/AIDS)initiative is that drug stores are being opened everywhere, particularly in Kenya, staffed with people with little or no education to dispense over the counter medications, leave alone HIV/AIDS drugs. Some of these stores are dispensing fake HIV/AIDS drugs on street corners to those infected with HIV/AIDS and do not want anybody to know they are HIV positive(the disease is still a big taboo few people want to talk about). These drug stores are for profit to those with connection with the corrupt government officials to dispense then.

    I do not understand how a guy capable of executing a retarded African American in Arkansas in order to win an election, did nothing to stop the Rwanda genocide in which 800,000 innocent Africa (men, women and children) were massacred, while he was the president, in a matter of 100 days can claim he is passionate about Africans with HIV/AIDS.

    Why have they not done mention the other genocide in Democratic Republic of Congo where 80% of the mineral called COLTAN has killed over millions of Congolese?

    The following are the reasons:


    Foreign Corporate exploitation
    Although the countries mentioned above directly exploit coltan, foreign multi-national corporations have been deeply involved in the exploitation of coltan in the Congo. The coltan mined by rebels and foreign forces is sold to foreign corporations. Although, the United Nations in its reports on the Congo do not directly blame the multi-national corporations for the conflict in the Congo, the United Nations does say that these companies serve as “the engine of the conflict in the DRC.”

    Major United States players include:
    Cabot Corporation, Boston, MA
    OM Group, Cleveland, Ohio
    AVX, Myrtle Beach, SC
    Eagle Wings Resources International, Ohio
    Trinitech International, Ohio
    Kemet Electronics Corporation, Greenville, SC
    Vishay Sprague. Malvern, PA

    Corporations from other countries have been a part of the coltan exploitation chain. These companies include but are not limited to Germany’s HC Starc and EPCOS, China’s Nigncxia, and Belgium’s George Forrest International.

    Once the coltan is processed and converted to capacitors, it is then sold to companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Compaq, Alcatel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lucent, Ericsson and Sony for use in a wide assortment of everyday products ranging from cell phones to computer chips and game consoles.

    What are some of the uses of coltan in modern society?
    • Laptop computers
    • Cellular phones
    • Jet engines
    • Rockets
    • Cutting tools
    • Camera lenses
    • X-ray film
    • Ink jet printers
    • Hearing aids
    • Pacemakers
    • Airbag protection systems
    • Ignition and motor control modules, GPS, ABS systems in automobiles
    • Game consoles such as playstation, xbox and nintendo
    • Video cameras
    • Digital still cameras
    • Sputtering targets
    • Chemical process equipment
    • Cathodic protection systems for steel structures such as bridges, water tanks
    • Prosthetic devices for humans – hips, plates in the skull, also mesh to repair bone removed after damage by cancer
    • Suture clips
    • Corrosion resistant fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
    • High temperature furnace parts.
    • High temperature alloys for air and land based turbines




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