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Joe Biden’s ponderous Washington speak is nothing but a hinderance in reaching out to the American people.  There is nothing about the man that evokes change in the mind of the average American voter.  Bringing up dead fossils like Mike Mansfield and Jesse Helms just underscores that.   That being said, there is no doubt that Sarah Palin is out of her league as a Vice Presidential contender.   She continues to ramble her way through questions she clearly doesn’t know the answers to and no matter how charming and perky she comes across on television, her lack of depth is unmistakable.   I give her points for remembering most of her talking points, but she clearly coulda used more time to cram.



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  1. She did fine. Expectations from her were so low, that she would have had to say “fuck you” in order for her performance to seem poor. That being said, she rarely answered the questions and she continued to tell lies that have been debunked by the media. Biden was much better than Palin but that was the expectation. My guess is that this debate will have no impact on the election.

  2. TripLBee,

    Her serious lack of depth, despite remembering her talking points and attack lines are a real liability. She is clearly not qualified to be Vice President. Period. While little substantive changed tonight, she clearly is not really better off than she was before. She is out of her league.

  3. Skep,

    It’s been apparent for a long time that she is out of her league. What was interesting tonight is that people got to see the enormous contrast between her and Biden. If the purpose of these debates is to appear prepared and presidential, then Biden performed better than Palin, McCain or Obama. She also really blew it when she refused to offer some sympathy when he choked up talking about the tragic death of his wife and daughter, and instead returned to her robotic talking points. Her sole political asset is her ability to inspire empathy and she couldn’t even muster that up tonight. But dodging questions, repeating the same talking points and staring into the camera like a robot were still huge improvements over her disasterous performance with Katie Couric so the right wing lunies are probably happy tonight.

  4. TripLBee,

    I missed Biden’s choking up. I must have been in the restroom. I watch for that later. I disagree that he was better than McCain or Obama. Obama was superior to all of them with his fluency in foreign and domestic policy and his ability to be factual, likeable and relevant.

  5. tabt

    I kept asking myself why Gwen Ifill, as moderator of the debate, and such a seasoned and respected journalist, didn’t outright tell Palin she wasn’t answering the questions being asked and then why Ms.Ifill didn’t just cut Palin off after she even bragged about not answering the questions the moderator was asking.

    I know that this is not debate in it’s strict form, but if one of the participants simply rambles on about anything that she pleases, this is no debate at all. It is merely a photo op. As a photo op, Palin comes out the winner. Everyone knows she’s not qualified, but the repugs wanted her to do exactly what she did. What she did was stick to the talking points, get folksy for the idiots and show that she could bully the “liberal” media.

    Later, I googled Gwen Ifill and read about the repug charges, just prior to the debate, regarding her book and her inability to be an impartial moderator. It’s garbage of course, but it looks to me like it caused just enough controversy, at the network level, to prevent Ms. Ifill from conducting the “debate” as she otherwise would have. Maybe this won’t hurt Obama, but it certainly didn’t help him.

  6. She would be good as vice president of the PTA. Of the USA…not so much. Frankly, I’ve seen enough of this woman to last me several years already. Please, please let he coast back into oblivion along with Gramps after November 4th.

    Some good news…the McSame campaign is quitting Michigan. So I don’t have to listen to their constant lying TV ads anymore. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus.

  7. Angie

    I already knew that Palin was CLEARLY out of her league. But tonight’s debate only further reinforced how ridiculously unprepared this woman is. I know this race is not about Palin. But I just can’t get her out of my mind. She makes me sick!

    While watching the debate, I bounced from the sofa, to the floor, to the recliner, to the floor, and back to the sofa. I took deep breaths. I lost my breath. I moaned, sighed, and even let out a muffled scream a couple of times. I just couldn’t believe how stupid this chick is.

    I thought that JB was great. I thought he was clear, smart, and connected to the larger picture, which would be the American people. But your girl, Sarah, was a damn mess.

    Her disrespect of the moderator was unacceptable. Her dodging the questions, just so that she could ramble the lines from her script was out of line. I’m like Trip. Her performance was like a damn robot. Except, in my opinion, the damn robot had flipped out and started rambling sh** in the wrong cues.

    After the debate, I was sickened by all of the praise that this damn woman got. But I guess if the damn bar was placed two inches from the floor, it wasn’t too hard to leap over it.

    So, congratulations to Sarah for not falling on her damn face.
    Congratulations for remembering the lines in your script.
    Congratulations for not totally freezing up.
    Congratulations for taking the debate questions hostage and demanding an entire different set of talking points.
    Congratulations for connecting with the hockey moms (whoever they are) and Joe Six-Pack (certainly not me).
    Congratulations for getting on my damn nerves.

  8. Angie,

    YOu’re giving Palin too much credit. She didn’t remember the lines in her script. She was reading them off of cue cards. There were long periods during the debate when she didn’t even look at the camera because she was reading form her notes, script or whatever you want to call it. Remarkably, this represented an improvement for her.

  9. akech

    The Governor of Alaska, Sarah “Joe Six Pack” Palin, is being promoted by the same group of creeps who brought George W. Bush to power.

    These are the same people who brought Idi Amin to power. Amin did not know anything about Uganda beyond the army barracks where he learned the most effective ways to kill humans.

    The characters promoting people like Idi Amin are interested in people with little or no knowlege, but are very good at regurgitating words/orders given to them. October 2, 2008 Vice Presidential debate gave the inner working of such a person in Sarah Palin.

  10. Angie

    Trip, now you know that your girl didn’t have the benefit of sight to know that Palin was reading from her cue cards and her script. I assumed that she had memorized that stuff. I learned early this morning from a friend that she was indeed reading a great deal of the debate.

  11. zeitgeist9000

    Biden won. The vaunted Republican base would be in a feverish panic if Palin had gotten caught in the headlights, ingenue that she is. So the race basically goes back to Obama hovering at about 50% and a near-landslide in the Electoral College. I agree with TripLBee, Palin did fine for the expectations bar being buried beneath the floor and all. I missed Biden’s choking up–over a kid, I heard? Someone called me, and I was happy to mute the debate because Governor Flailin’s bromides were making me sick.

    I also agree with akech. The scariest thing about Palin is her continued sly, racist, xenophobic coda re: Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms. No one I know plays hockey (a formidable task in 100-degree October LA weather). The six pack in one sitting I’ve seen, but that’s a girl I know. So basically Palin wants drunks and stick-wielding, lipsticked bulldogs voting for her. At least she’s telling us what she wants. We’re at least getting that out of her.

  12. sixseven

    There is an insincere frivolity about her that strikes me as a steet peddler, a used car salesman’s quality in this woman who thinks that a wink and a smile could camouflage the shoddy quality of the goods she is peddling.

    She seems to think that “many” words are synonymous with “substantive” words and any response to a question beats none.

    Her phony, deigning politeness is as annoying as her caterwauling voice and her glib responses to serious questions betrays her unreadiness for the all important VP post.

    Sadly, some of the gullible electorate have drunk the kool aid and are still swayed by folksy charm and crammed preparedness rather than real substantive readiness.

  13. imhotep

    Can we just be straight here for a moment…The Palin move was brilliant! In the sense that she is talking to the base of her party. That base will not vote for a African-American period. So they prop up the lower to middle class America’s ideal of the perfect woman. You know… The head of the PTA everyone hates, the girl scout mom none of the other moms like because she rules with an iron fist and a friendly smile, the housing association president in your cul-de-sac that writes the letters when your grass reaches a certain height. Couple her with a war hero and its no way for them to lose, right?

    The Republicans are very shrewd. Everyone knows the republican party doesn’t care one iota for the people that support them. GOP is about big money, unfortunately they manipulate their followers because they aren’t very bright. That’s why they repeat talking points like mantras, they talk tax cuts and bullsh*t the specifics of anything. Because they know their base, those lower to middle income whites that didn’t go to college don’t understand all that fancy talk, but they vote for people they can have a beer with, regardless of what and how the policies of their beer buddies totally destroy their lives. Very similar as to how Black Folks used to support the DEM party no matter what. Hidden inside the codes words, Country First, and McCain will fight for you is…(loud and clear I might add) TRUE AMERICANS CAN”T VOTE FOR A N-WORD. AS BAD AS IT IS IN AMERICA, DON”T VOTE FOR THE N-WORD. DO YOU WANT A SMART-ASS N-WORD AS YOUR PRESIDENT? VOTE WAR HERO & BEAUTY QUEEN! AMERICA’S LAST CHANCE AT WHITENESS. That’s it! All the rest of that smart “stuff” doesn’t matter to these people. Believe it or not the dumb people of this country out number the intelligent 10 to 1. There are a lot of dummies out there, killing animals and driving big trucks and chanting “Drill Baby Drill” Palin is their poster babe. Facts don’t matter, truth doesn’t matter, the state of the country doesn’t matter. That’s how Bush got in White House in the first place, poor white folks getting tricked again and again. Sending their sons to die on the lies of their party, of their new beer buddies of their church social committee chairperson. If your a republican still, either you are rich or very stupid, or both. Palin is a worse than Bush, you notice how they talk very similar to each other, mixing metaphors, jumbling the language, stuff that would totally discredit Obama, they just mangle the language and they get the intellectual pass. Now you know why. Dumb white people rule this country always have. This is the first time stupidity has been challenged in long time, I would suggest Obama throw in a couple of “dangs” and “yeehaas” in his next debate, maybe even spit some tobacco into the audience.

  14. Just Ice


    Initially I thought that the Palin pick was clever, for many of the reasons you laid out. But the pick is backfiring dramatically. Coupled with McCain’s hopeless dishonesty and wildly vacillating positions, independents are flocking to Obama in droves. He is farther ahead in the polls now than he was before the Palin pick and he has picked up approximately 100 electoral college votes since she was picked. In defense of McCain–probably the only defense of him I will ever offer—there were no good picks available to him. He had to do something to shake up a race that was moving away from him. He accomplished that….for about a week. It’s now careening off of the tracks for him. It will be interesting, and ugly, to see what he comes up with next.

  15. Akech

    Republican Party is racist based party and it has never diverted it attention from that narrow focus. The party always focuses on racial/ethnic diversities in everything they do like a laser beam. This is referred to as divide and rule for good.

    Picking Sarah “Joe Six Pack” Palin by McCain was done to rally rural/suburban white folks. These are the same white folks who will tell a black student on some elite college campus, “I have never met a black person before”. Bill and Hillary referred this brand of white folks as “hardworking Americans”. Just a week ago, a Republican representative from Texas was shamelessly trying to split hair by trying to make distinction about homeowners who were taken to the cleaners. According to him, there were (a) bad debts (b) bad borrowers. It is quite amazing that a lender could give a loan to someone known to be a bad borrower. According to him, not everyone can be a homeowner…..! These bad borrowers happen to be the same people whose kids were slapped with predatory college loans under the assumption that not everyone, no matter how intelligent s (he) is, deserves a decent college education, thus, a good job.

    This is an overt Republican philosophy. I have always wondered how blacks who are ardent supporters of the Republican Party have been able to carve a corner in which to feel comfortable. Do not get me wrong there folks in the Democratic Party with same attitude.

  16. Akech

    To imhotep,
    It is also ironic that most of those “joe six pack” Sarah is courting, with loaded racial overtones, were also victimized by subprime predatory lenders. Their jobs were also outsourced to China. Their debts are being refered as bad debts. The bad borrowers could be the n-word people. These creeps are able to screw both camps blue, come back two/four years later and ask for their votes.

  17. The Debate was a fucking joke.
    The Winks
    The Shoutout


    As a woman, I was like, ‘bitch, please’.


    What would have happened if Barack Obama said, ‘ SOUTH SIDE IN THE HOUSE’

    Come on.

    She didn’t answer one fucking question.

    But, the moment of truth was right after Biden gave his emotional talk about his family. What was her response? Bullshit about being ‘Mavericks’. That NON-response was noticed by women. Men may have been clueless, but women weren’t.

    I’ve said before: women know women like Palin. And, they sure in hell aren’t going to vote for her.

    For those who believe this woman is going to be a GOP standard bearer:

    I don’t see it. I simply don’t.

    Mainly because there are so many ambitious GOPers out there that have no intentions of bowing down to the likes of Caribou Barbie. They defend her now, because the WH is their only shot at remaining in power, but once McCaint loses, he’ll be a pariah. And, they’ll blame the rest of it on her. You already see it being spun: she doesn’t help McCain with White Women the way she’s supposed to.

    That’s because every woman has met a woman like Sarah Palin, and we know she has no business being in that position. We all know nasty bitches like Sarah Palin, and no, we’re not going to vote for one that’s unqualified.

    You mean, all those folks who ran this time and gonna bow down to THAT woman?


    Senator Country Last will become a has-been. He’ll become the GOP’s ‘Jimmy Carter’, because he would have gone a place where no White Man has gone before – as a loser to a BLACK MAN.

    Shrub just made the possibility of Barack Obama.

    Mr. Morton would have actually LOST to him- BIG DIFFERENCE.

    And, all those who are covering her ass right now in Alaska? They have no loyalty to that woman.

    A poster over at JJP has been making these points:

    Back in Alaska, before all this, she was pretty much settling in to run a fiefdom, and that’s what she did.

    The national spotlight did one thing – it brought all her cockroaches to light. At this point, the only thing keeping it all together is the McCain people they planted in Alaska.

    You can’t unring the bell. She’s going to have to deal with the stuff that’s been brought up. They can bully folks, but bottom line: only the crazy are willing to risk jail time for her, hence the woman who changed her entire story in Troopergate, once she had to put her hand on that Bible and be personally liable under the law for what she said.

    I’m not getting that there are all these people ready to go to jail for Sarah Palin.

    So, when she goes back to Alaska, she’s going to have to try and close back Pandora’a box, and you can never close Pandora’s box. And, she’ll have no national help, like I said, because too many of them have no intentions of helping her.

    That’s why I’m not seeing all this ‘ bright Alaskan future’ as some see it.

    Now even from the religious wingnuts, because bottom line, if they had to choose between a good Christian MAN like Huckabee, and HER?

    My money’s on The Huckster.

    A nasty ass civil war is about to erupt in the GOP.

    I’m about to get ‘elitist’ in here.

    I’m not feeling that the GOP would have, as its standard bearer, this piece of White Trash, because that’s what she is. When I watch and listen to her, it’s like an episode of My Name Is Earl, Politics-Style.

  18. and no, I don’t believe she EVER graduated from college. The whole 5 or 6 college thing never passed the smell test with me. Transferring credits is a bitch. So, no, I don’t believe she’s an actual college graduate.

  19. Akech

    During the debate, Sarah “Joe six-pack” Palin said the Vice President should have power equal to or greater than Dick Cheney’s.

    This must be worrisome to law abiding Americans in view of what has gone on in the Bush-Cheney justice department. Additionally, the fact that Sarah and her husband are already ignoring the subpoena issued for their testimonies in the trooper-gate investigation in Alaska must send some chilling red flags about potential McCain/Palin administration and their respect for the Unites States laws. ARE THEY ABOVE THE LAWS? If yes, who are these laws meant for and why?

  20. Chi

    Spot on Rikyrah!!!
    I too remain extremely suspicious of her eventual acquisition of a University of Idaho “journalism degree”-
    Apparently, nobody seems to remember her…not even the professors…

    And still I remain extremely cautious of these republicans..and racist white America – They are not to be underestimated…

    The other night I happened across the last few minutes of Jay Leno with Dennis Miller on;

    According to Dennis Miller, Mccain gave 5 years of his life for the US, and so America owes Mccain at least a 4 year term as president!!! Are you kidding me!!!

    The audience even applauded this most ridiculous of arguments…I was stunned!!

    Is the office of president of the U.S now the consolation prize for an appallingly inept soldier who gets captured by, get this, innocent civilians of a poor third world country he was unsuccesful at bombing…?!

    Like Chris Rock stressed, Mccain is no hero – not by a stretch!! He’s a bloody incompetent, dithering fool who got captured and has milked his revisionist POW story for what its been worth and more-


  21. Well things just got a lot more hilarious. Winkie the Dimwit has now been given the the task of trying to rescue Daddy Warbuck’s trainwreck of a campaign by going super duper negative. So instead of answering questions under oath about certain ethical lapses in Alaska she is now charged with catapluting the racist meme of Obama as a scaaaaary, dangerous foreign Negro. The cool thing about this is that she is absolutely zero credibility with anyone besides the very dumbest wingnuts so her attempts are destined to end up with a lot more shit sticking to herself and Grandpa than anyone else.

    The sad part is watching John McCain, who actually once had some integrity, sell his soul to win an election that Bush lost for him a long time ago. I did not imagine him turning into this. Absolutely tragic.

  22. Well things just got a lot more hilarious. Winkie the Dimwit has now been given the the task of trying to rescue Daddy Warbuck’s trainwreck of a campaign by going super duper negative. So instead of answering questions under oath about certain ethical lapses in Alaska she is now charged with catapluting the racist meme of Obama as a scaaaaary, dangerous foreign Negro. The cool thing about this is that she is absolutely zero credibility with anyone besides the very dumbest wingnuts so her attempts are destined to end up with a lot more shit sticking to herself and Grandpa than anyone else.

    About Ayers- Obama was EIGHT YEARS OLD.

    The man paid his debt to society.

    Now, either we believe in rehabilitation or we don’t.

    Ayers knows The Mayor and Governor. That’s how it rolls. Of course, if his name had been Leroy Jenkins, he’d STILL be IN JAIL, but I digress.

    Palin’s married to a mofo who belonged to a SECESSIONIST GROUP FOR 7 YEARS…



  23. Rick

    i noticed an interesting pattern whose texture has has become fully weaved heading into the last month of the campaign:

    If Biden were to admonish Palin strongly, he’s a male chauvanist and sexist.

    If Ifel as moderator would have made Palin answer the questions, or challenged her when she did not, then she’s playing favorites (and oh by the way, “who is this angry black woman to dare step out of her place?”)

    If you pride your self intellectual pursuits, and a struck with horror at the prospects of Sarah’s mumblings being translated into policy, than in the words of John McCain: you are one of those “Georgetown cocktail party types”.

    And as for anyone critiquing her for not having a passport until last year, She is not one of “those people” who had time to do “that kind of stuff.” Favorite Books? Reading materials? Hey, what’s that?

    But it passes. All passes, in silence. If you don’t look like her, then who wants to be the one seen as strongly attacking a “victim”? More silence.

    And so, all we have left are those who look like her to poke light fun of her, live on Saturday night.

    Heaven help this country should the right wing republican guards put this female puppet in office in 2012. Heaven help us.

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