O.J. Simpson: guilty of stupidity


Hat Tip: By Linda Deutsch, Associated Press

Las Vegas, NV – O.J. Simpson, who went from American sports idol to celebrity-in-exile after he was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and a friend, was found guilty Friday of robbing two sports-memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.

The 61-year-old former football star could spend the rest of his life in prison after he is sentenced Dec. 5.

A weary and somber Simpson released a heavy sigh as the charges were read in rapid fire by the clerk in Clark County District Court. He was immediately taken into custody.

The Hall of Fame football star was found guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery and 10 other charges for gathering up five men a year ago and storming into a room at hotel-casino, where the group seized several game balls, plaques and photos. Prosecutors said two of the men with him were armed; one of them said he brought a gun at Simpson’s request.

Simpson’s co-defendant, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, 54, also was found guilty on all charges and taken into custody.

Simpson showed little emotion as officers handcuffed him and walked him out of the courtroom.

His sister, Carmelita Durio, sobbed behind him in the arms of Simpson’s friend, Tom Scotto. As spectators left the courtroom, Durio collapsed and paramedics were called, according to court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer.

The jurors made no eye contact with the defendants as the entered and each of them answered firmly when asked if “this was their individual verdict.”

Judge Jackie Glass made no comment other than to thank the jury for its service and to deny motions for the defendants to be released on bail.

She refused to give the lawyers extended time to file a motion for new trial, which under Nevada law must be filed within seven days.

The attorneys said they needed time to submit a voluminous record, but she rejected that.

“I’ve sat through the trial,” Glass said. “If you want a motion for new trial, send me something.”

The verdict came 13 years after Simpson was cleared of murder in Los Angeles in one of the most sensational trials of the 20th century.

From the beginning, Simpson and lawyers argued the incident in Las Vegas was not a robbery; instead, they said, he was trying to reclaim mementos that had been stolen from him. He said he did not ask anyone to bring a gun and did not see any guns.

The defense portrayed Simpson as a victim of shady characters who wanted to make a buck off his famous name, and police officers who saw his arrest as an opportunity to “get” him and avenge his acquittal.

Prosecutors said Simpson’s ownership of the memorabilia was irrelevant; it was still a crime to try to take things by force.

“When they went into that room and forced the victims to the far side of the room, pulling out guns and yelling, `Don’t let anybody out of here!’ — six very large people detaining these two victims in the room with the intent to take property through force or violence from them — that’s kidnapping,” prosecutor David Roger said.

Kidnapping is punishable by five years to life in prison. Armed robbery carries a mandatory sentence of at least two years behind bars, and could bring as much as 30 years.

Simpson, who now lives in Miami, did not testify, but was heard on a recording of the confrontation, screaming that the dealers had stolen his property.

“Don’t let nobody out of this room,” he declared and told the other men to scoop up his items, which included a photo of Simpson with former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Four other men initially charged in the case struck plea bargains that saved them from potential prison sentences in return for their testimony. Some of them had criminal records or were compromised in some way. One, for example, was an alleged pimp who testified he had a revelation from God telling him to take a plea bargain.

Memorabilia dealer Thomas Riccio, who arranged and secretly recorded the confrontation in the hotel room, said he netted $210,000 on the tapes from the media. He received immunity, and his recordings became the heart of the prosecution case.

Similarly, minutes after the Sept. 13, 2007, confrontation, one of the alleged victims, sports-memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley, was calling news outlets, and the other, Bruce Fromong, spoke of getting “big money” from the incident.

Simpson’s past haunted the case. Las Vegas police officers were heard in the recordings chuckling over Simpson’s misfortune and crowing that if Los Angeles couldn’t “get” him, they would. And the judge told jurors they had to put aside Simpson’s earlier case.

Simpson’s lawyers also expressed fears during jury selection that people who believed he got away with murder a decade ago might see this case as a chance to right a wrong.

As a result, an usually large pool of 500 potential jurors was called, and they were given a 26-page questionnaire. Half were almost instantly eliminated after expressing strong feelings that he should have been convicted of murder.


33 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson: guilty of stupidity

  1. I keep hearing the phase it was an “all-white jury”. Not having any African Americans on a jury does not make it all white. Hint: There is one minority ethnic group that is a larger % of the population than African Americans. There are also these people called Asian, Arab, etc. The African American population in this county is 3%, so this “where were all the black people” shit is just that.

  2. Jane doe,

    According to the Census, the African American population of Clark County is 10%. The Latino population is nearly one third. In other words, more than 40% of the population of Clark County is black or brown and O.J. miraculously pulled an all-white jury. Grow up, Jane. Be honest with yourself. You know damn good and well what this case was really about. The racial payback is clear as day. Stop insulting the intelligence of the readers on this site.

  3. I guess you fail to see that an all-white jury would, be definition, be ALL-WHITE.
    It was not, as I stated above.
    Your definition of racial payback= when a black man gets await with murder 13 years ago and isn’t allowed to commit crimes the rest of his life without consequence.
    The aquital of OJ in the first trial was “racial payback” from the Afrikkkan American KKKommunity.
    I know what this case is about- black people acting like white people circa Alabama 1940.
    Insulting the intellegence of your readers? hahaha. If your readers are intelligent they won’t cry like a little baby when someone introduces facts they don’t want to acknowledge, the way you do. Really, man up.

  4. I’m probably the only black person in America that thought OJ was guilty of murder 13 years ago. This time, ironically, the evidence against him was pretty thin. The star witnesses against him didn’t even implicate him in the crime. It’s pretty clear that if he wasn’t OJ Simpson—reputed murderer—he wouldn’t have been convicted. That being said, he is a dumb ass and a lunatic.

  5. Jane,

    Point taken about the all-white part. However, a jury of Ten Whites and two Hispanics is deliberately un-representative. The prosecution struck two African American females from the venire for racially pre-textual reasons and the Judge back up the prosecution’s bullshit. We know why they were struck and so do you.

    It is unfortunate that the Hispanic jurors couldn’t see through the prosecution’s bullshit, but I bear no grudge. We know who pressured whom to do what in the face of contradictory testimony that nobody could seriously convict on.

  6. Jane Doe,

    Yes he got away with murder 13 years ago, but it was hardly because, as you say “black people (were) acting like white people in Alabama circa 1940.” (Clearly you’re not from Alabama as you would have more accurately replaced 1940 with 2008.) Anyway,blacks were a minority of the jury at OJ’s murder trial. It’s hard to figure how the verdict in that case could have been some sort of black conspiracy to lash out at white people. The case really boiled down to the fact that the prosecutors were stupid and the defense team was brilliant. The prosecution team didn’t vet their star witness. It was the defense team that discovered tape recorded conversations where he admitted planting drugs on, as he put it, “niggers”. Given the fact that LA had only recently suffered the Rodney King disturbances, the jury was susceptible to the racial conspiracy themes developed by Johnny Cochran. The dumb ass prosecutors were no match.

  7. SB,



    The man killed 2 White people and got away with it.

    Had a six figure income that nobody could touch.

    And his dumb ass STILL went and did this mess.

    You wanna know who I’m REALLY pissed with…the stupid mofos that went down with him. What could make someone go, ‘ yeah, OJ, I’m going to arm myself and go burglar with you’. In what world does no one connect the dots to see that MAYBE, that’s not a smart idea.

  8. Duane

    Thirteen is not OJ’s lucky number, that being said, this conviction on this evidence and the possible time he could get for this is unbelievable. I watched that trial from start to finish and to see the clowns the prosecution called as “wirnesses” was more than a joke. There is no doubt in my mind this verdict is payback for the LA case, which some may like, but it is wrong.
    McClinton stodd up and showed the jury how he had his gun, at his vest, close to his chest and “never pointed it”. The other clown witnesses all said he was waving the gun around. Someone tell me how this jury could miss this. Also Det. Cauldwell managed to slip a comment when on the stand about Scotto’s wife getting kicked out of the prelim due to “witness tamperinmg” which never happened but Judge Glass allowed the jury to hear and there is more and how the jury missed this is beyond me or they probably didn’t care seeing they had their minds made up because it was OJ Simpson. To me this jury’s makeup had alot to do with his conviction.
    Did OJ do a dumb ass thing? Yes. Should he go away for possibly life for this? No.
    The racial payback is quite evident in this case.

  9. I’ll try to be unlike my usual wordy self, and on this topic keep it brief. We all know damn well that the judicial system is rarely fair, and since I’m one of those that believes OJ LITERALLY got away with murder so many years ago (and that the man has done one stupid thing after another), I have but one word for him…KARMA!

  10. SoCa Muchacha,

    Be that as it may, hon. The point of this post is to question whether any jury composed as this one was of whites-10 to be exact, could ever be trusted to render a verdict on conflicting testimony in this keystone cops affair believing as they did that OJ committed murder 14 years ago. Think about that and let it sink in. Jury questionaires revealed that impaneled jurors believed that he was guilty of murder but could supposedly set that aside. It wasn’t set aside and the prosecution insured that both blacks in the venire, two women, were struck for pretextual reasons that sound specious.

    Under these circumstances, OJ was NEVER going to get a fair trial.

  11. SB, are you actually ASKING me to be my usual wordy self? 😉

    It’s actually hard for me to try and be concise on this issue since there are so many tangents one could go off on; jury selection practices, payback, the evidence in this case, institutional racism, OJ’s history/behavior/choices, and so on. I think what strikes me most about the theme of your responses is that skin color is assumed to be what determines how one thinks and acts. I don’t buy that just because someone is white they’re going to tow the “white line”–I’m white, I don’t. Am I the exception, not the rule? Maybe, because we sure do have stereotypes and categories which seem to be how folks rationalize the behavior of others. In the OJ murder trial did I think he was guilty? Damn straight, and that hasn’t a darn thing to do with me being white. (Mind you, none of you know me personally, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.)

    Now do I have on my Pollyanna glasses regarding folks doing the right thing, regardless of skin color? Perhaps, but if I don’t assume that people WILL do what their moral compass tells them is right, regardless of pigmentation (won’t even get started on economic standing, sexual orientation, religious beliefs…), then I really don’t have much to hope for. Did EVERYONE involved in THIS OJ case do what was morally right? I highly doubt so and do believe payback came into play along the line. But in regard to the jury, the legal system has spoken (as has the jury who says it relied more on video/documented evidence than witness testimony–http://www.mlive.com/newsflash/index.ssf?/base/national-111/1223258349100160.xml&storylist=national) and it’s that legal system that will allow for OJ to file motions against the verdict.

    I also need to add that folks can say whatever they want on a questionaire, be it the truth, a lie, or anything in the middle–especially in a high-profile case such as this where there might be money to be made off of future interviews/books or whatever else greed-mongerers opt for. My only time being on a jury was close to 20 years ago on a rape trial. I remember the questions they asked about not only my opinions, but the jobs my family has had (some police and military), and how all of that could/would affect my ability to render a fair and impartial verdict. There were also questions about whether I would be able to base my decision on the words from the translator and not the suspects and victim (all hispanic), since I speak Spanish, and the translators words are what the other jurors would base their decision on. The reason I mention all this is that in a perfect world everyone WOULD be honest, would answer the questionaires honestly, and behave in an honest and impartial manner while serving on a jury. But the reality is that people are just that–people. They are swayed this way or that for whatever reason, and no one is going to fit nicely and neatly in ANY box/stereotype, each and every time.

    Okay, I’ve rambled, but I blame you, SB…I tried to keep it short and to the point earlier, but you just went ahead and twisted my long arm. 😉 You’ve drained me of my brain cells for the night, so now I must head off to watch Amazing Race. (Yes, I love that show. Heck, it’s the only traveling this chica can afford!)

    I’ll sum up as I tried to earlier today. Sorry, but I AM still bitter about what I feel was OJ getting off scott-free for the murders years ago, so all I can ask him now is my version of a Dr. Phil classic: “So how’s karma working for ya, OJ?”

  12. zeitgeist9000

    Nevadans take another opportunity to prove how much better their common-sense conservativism and eye-for-an-eye Western justice is than that of loony Californians. I was surprised by this, but then again I wasn’t. Apparently, the jurors convicted not on the testimony of the witnesses, which would have obviously made them look as whackball as they actually are, but instead on the audiotape of the robbery itself. OJ should have gotten his spiritual shit together years ago. He may or may not have done the murders, but he does know who did, and it’s high time he made peace with his personal demons. If this conviction helps him to do that, then so be it.

    But the conviction may not stand up on appeal because the whole trial had a “fixed” feeling to it….

  13. mary young

    Southern California had its first unshiney day in forever Saturday. Mr. Galanter asked them to look deep into their heart of hearts. What hearts? They couldn’t even look at OJ and CJ. If the jurers would have got to wear white sheets and hats and covered their face they would have looked. Their eyes were the only thing they could hide Friday. Just like on here. Spilling out hatred then hiding behind a fake name.
    I am still praying for OJ and CJ. However, it appears there are tons and tons of people, the ones with the hate, way worse off than them. The real judge sees all. I can tell you He does not play. Hell is a real place worse than you can imagine and it’s eternal. The truth is most people are going to hell. He said He will be telling people He never knew them. And to depart. There’s only 1 other place to go. In hell there is no light it is completly dark, no life, you will be completely alone and no love, eternal separation from God who is love. It’s easy to spot love when you’re connected to the source. Hate hides.
    Get ready for eternity folks. Seek 1st the kingdom of God. You’re not guarenteed even the next second. I thought I was out of space. By the way, I am a white woman, 58, never married by choice. Everyone faces God alone when they die. I’m ready.
    Did anyone see Glass’ face as she last spoke Friday? Please respond. When she ruled against Galanter, right before she walked out for the last time Friday after everything. She looked straight at him. I was watching on KTLA channel 5 Los Angeles. Please tell me what you saw or where I can watch that again. Just want to make sure I saw what I saw.
    I watched the public lynching of a black man in 1995 on TV. Then I watched the public lynching of 2 black men in 2008 over the internet. God was also watching and listening. You can find out about God in the bible. It’s a living book. Start in John chapter 3. The John that’s after Luke. Pray for OJ & CJ folks. Goodnite.

  14. sall

    Half of Hispanics consider themselves white. In other words they can pass, or are functionally white. So, yes the jury was all-white.

  15. OJ Sims,

    Thanks for the shout out. I apologize that my facts were not entirely correct, but more importantly I apologize that you were, alas, unable to comprehend my underlying point. I thought the point was rather obvious, but let me spell it out for you in plain English. Here it goes: since the jury pool in OJ’s murder trial was not ENTIRELY BLACK (this is the crux of the matter, write me back if you don’t get it) some folks who WERE NOT BLACK (this is also an important point, again write me back if you need further explanation) agreed that he was not guilty. Therefore, it would be hard to make the argument, as Jane Doe attempted to make, that the verdict represented a black conspiracy. I know that this logic is somewhat subtle and that I am an idiot, but if you are having difficulty grasping the nuance here, print out this statement and show it to one of your friends. They may be able to break this down for you in simple words that you understand. Thank you so much for your post.

  16. Apollo Holmes

    I watched the OJ trial an this is direct payback for the 95 acquital.When do you get life in prison for recovering stolen property?It’s funny all blacks can say is “dat nigga stupid” or “he should have known better”.Instead of dealing with the true problem of injustice an racism.This is some real rosewood stuff forreal.But Emment Till’s mother died waiting for justice for her slain son.Meanwhile some 80 year old redneck get to tell his grandson about the good ol days.Was Emment Till stupid?Should he have known better?No it’s just wrong an criminal.My message to black people is don’t think it can’t be you.While you sit in the comfort of your home jugding an channel surfuring.Watching OJ,Mike Vick,Wesley Snipes,Ti,or whoever they choose to do “THE VOICE OVER JOB” ON.Just know it can be you,an then it won’t be entertainment.It will be yo ass!

  17. Guilty of being a dumb nigger you mean.

    While this whole thing was foul, I can’t feel sorry for OJ. OJ has never cared about black people. I think we gave him enough care the first time around.

  18. Chesapeake

    Apollo Holmes,

    Thanks. The point is how crooked the system is rather than how stupid the defendant was. Good job!

  19. The legal system is all screwed up and OJ found out about it this time. I am unhappy about the legal system, but I find it hard to work up much sympathy for somebody like OJ. I’ve read many stories by noted black sportwriter Ralph Wiley about exactly what type of person O.J. was, and I’m really not a fan.

  20. Apollo Holmes

    Chesapeake, Your welcome.I’m glad too see somebody gets the point.If blacks were just as persistant in our quest for justice an equality.AS they were in their quest to lock up OJ.I think alot of our fallen leaders dreams would be fulfilled.

  21. Renee

    No, TripLee sorry you are not the only Black person that thinks OJ killed his ex-wife and her friend. Does not make you special. However, OJ was convicted because he is OJ. I watched the trial and all the white co-defendants got deals…hhhhmmmmm

  22. imhotep

    I’ll keep this real short. My dad used to have a saying… “don’t give people a handle to grab you with” OJ didn’t follow that advice. He doesn’t seem to be very bright. The only solution he could come up with to retrieve his stuff is to bumrush the hotel room? Why did he even have to be there, STUPID! OJ is going back to jail for one reason only …HE”S STUPID! What’s the real lesson here? As my gramdma (madear) would say “leave those blonde hussies alone they ain’t nuthin’ but trouble.” You heard of Black Snake Moan, well OJ’s suffering from the White Woman Groan. Now he’ll probably end up just like his dad, a cross-dressing homosexual, with breasts. Sad. This is the fate of brothers who don’t follow Madears’ advice, ask Harold Ford Jr. about it, I doubt he has learned his lesson either.

  23. imhotep,

    So we should expect Harold Ford and every other black man in America married to a blonde white woman to start butchering people and stealing sports memorabilia?

  24. imhotep


    No not butchering that’s an extreme example, but expect drama at a much higher level. Expect societal repercussions. In short expect grief, pain and suffering. The more attractive she is the more drama you can expect. Not being racial here just recognizing the truth about American morays, that we post civil rights black folks tend to rankle under. Facts that were clear to our elders, not the most politically correct, but true none the less. Look what it cost Harold Ford Jr., it produces bad judgement, and a heightened degree of emotional instability in both parties. Hey I’m speaking from experience here, so the stone I’m throwing is hitting me square in the eye too, fortunately i recognized some red flag issues before they took me totally under.

  25. TripLBee


    I leave it to people to choose their own partners. Love is a stronger bond than ethnicity, which, in any event, is a completely false concept.

  26. ApprxAm

    Guilty way too damn late. Someone give this jackass one more serving chicken and waffles, because he’s about to become black once again.

  27. dvcv

    I am white and knew OJ was guilty in 95′ but must admit I was happy when he was aquitted. After reading his book ” If I did it ” confirms my assumptions. Nicole was leading him on for awhile and convincing OJ she wanted to get back together while screwing up his new relationship. At the end he just snapped after seeing her with other men and basically committing a crime of passion murder which strangly enough would have only landed him 24 months or so in the pen. Oh well the juice is spoiled now.

  28. Wow dvcv, you’re a white man who is happy when a black man gets away with murdering a white women- you ARE a progressive. Hopefully some black woman will murder you. All of us white women will show our black sister support just to show how not-racist we are.
    Not only did you see Nicole as having brought his anger apon herself through her actions, you did so based on the story as told by OJ. Did it ever occur to you that the murderer kinda tries to deflect blame? I’m sure the KKK, if they wrote a book about their, uh exploits, would also tell it in a way that made them seem more human and make their victim seem less innocent.

  29. imhitep- you said “As my gramdma (madear) would say “leave those blonde hussies alone they ain’t nuthin’ but trouble.”
    Funny, my grandmother told me “leave those black race card hustlers alone they aint nuthin but trouble.”
    Considering how many white women are victimized by black men and how few black men are victimized by white women, my grandmother is no doubt the correct party.

    ps- Nicole did not cause OJ problems any more than lynchee caused the KKK’s problems. His inability to control himself and sense of entitlement did.

  30. Alabanana

    As an Alabamian myself, I am curious to know how you have such insight into Alabama that your generalization is anything besides stereotyping.

    That being said, you are probably right. (And like it or not, stereotypes only become stereotypes because of a basis in truth, whether it be past or current truth.) There is still a lot of racism here, but it is dying out gradually. The thing is, after growing up in the South and always hearing in the media how racist we are here, and then traveling to other areas of the country as an adult, I don’t see any less racism in most other cities than in Birmingham.

    But back to O.J.
    As Jane Doe pointed out, it was his oft-demonstrated lack of self-control that almost got him 13 years earlier, and did get him this time. We all know about the numerous times before the murders that O.J. beat and abused Nicole. We all know he eventually killed her and Ron. We know about the other scrapes he has been in since then, and damn if he didn’t end up finally doing something else that was serious enough, and provable enough, to put his violent, self-absorbed ass in jail.
    Big surprise.

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